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DGD025 Digah Company Brand Traditional Oak Front Doors Supplier 1
DGD025 Digah Company Brand Traditional Oak Front Doors Supplier 2
DGD025 Digah Company Brand Traditional Oak Front Doors Supplier 1
DGD025 Digah Company Brand Traditional Oak Front Doors Supplier 2

DGD025 Digah Company Brand Traditional Oak Front Doors Supplier

MaterialMDF Board+PVC FilmsFrameNatural wood grain with clear textureStyleClassic Style, rural style, western style ...
Guangzhou,Shenzhen etc.
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Plastic Foam+Paper Package
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PVC Door
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MDF Board+PVC Films


Natural wood grain with clear texture


Classic Style, rural style, western style ,Chinese style etc.

Standard Size




Accessories (optional)

Handles, hinges, peephole, latches, etc


Dampproof,easy to Install,stable performance,long service life

product description
Digah -Best Laminate Coated Composite Veneer Flush Pvc Door Digah
More and more consumers favor the PVC door, not only because it is environmentally friendly and in a certain extent to saves manpower, time and costs for no painting process which causes the price more economical and practical. More importantly, its manufacturing process and the quality is good. It naturally takes the place of other kinds of wooden doors in the minds of consumers for its good quality,cost saving and environmental protection.
product Advantages

Company Advantages

1. Digah Company pre made cupboards is manufactured complying to the regulations for bathroom products. From sizing formula preparation, moulding by grouting, rough shaping, drying, glaze spraying, to the firing stage, it is done in line with specific requirements.

2. The quality inspection for Digah Company domestic aluminium windows covers several parts. It will be scrutinized for its strength, anti-bending capability, fineness, color aberration, and thermal stability.

3. The design of Digah Company maple kitchen cabinets price is market-oriented. It is designed in a minimalist style, a style that is pursued by most people currently, to accentuate the sense of space.

4. The workmanship of Digah Company cabinet refacing cost mainly includes several aspects: mold filling, glaze spraying, sintering, cooling, and inspection which will be respectively conducted by professional technicians.

5. The manufacturing technologies used in the production of Digah Company steel door are mature and advanced. The product will be crafted using the unique carve mold technology and treated with anti-yellowing and burnishing technology.

6. This product is designed in many different installation specifications, such as flush mounted, recessed and suspended. Thus, its versatility makes it easy and convenient to be installed.

7. Unlike the traditional bulbs, the product is supplied with a low voltage to ensure users" safety. Thus, the inductance is developed as small as possible to ensure high peak current which produces enough brightness.

8. With superior optical lens and imported reflective materials, the product features accurate light distribution and less optical loss. Besides, its built-in constant current driver features high-quality and stable.

9. The product has a low harmonic rate. The product is produced according to the international index on Electro-Magnetic Interference(EMI), and it has low electric energy losses to the electric supply line and zero pollution to the power grid.

10. It has passed the high-voltage insulation test. In order to prevent leakage current that causes injury to users, all LED lights must undergo voltage and insulation test.

11. The product helps reduce environmental pollution. Any hazardous or toxic substances can be prevented from leaking to the air, water source, and land.

12. Our customers say no matter if the machine is running or stopped, no leakage occurs. The product also reduces the burden on maintenance workers.

13. The product is extensively applied in a variety of conditions, including high-temperature, low-temperature, strong corrosion, high speed, and other harsh conditions.

14. The product does not need to be adjusted regularly, saving people much on maintenance cost as well as maintenance time.

15. Our customers say once it is installed, they do not have to constantly adjust it, which makes it suitable for continuous and automated operation.

Company Features

The Digah Company brand is always good at making high-tech cellular phones. With the high-end technology, Digah Company has won wide recognition from customers with the exquisite cellular phones. The Digah Company brand has always been good at producing first-class cellular phones.

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The ultimate goal of Guangzhou House Empire Construction&Furnishing Co.,Ltd is to achieve continuous improvement in product quality and service. Digah Company adheres to excellent quality and professional service. High and stable quality is what Guangzhou House Empire Construction&Furnishing Co.,Ltd aims to bring to customers.

Application of the Product

The traditional oak front doors of Digah House Company can be used in many industries.

In addition to creating excellent Digah House Company is also able to provide comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

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