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Latest design factory directly sales ABS wood door 1
Latest design factory directly sales ABS wood door 1

Latest design factory directly sales ABS wood door


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    Surface finish

    Natural wood grain with clear texture


    Wood Grain/Customize

    Standard Size

    2100*900*150mm (customized)

    Accessories (optional)

    lock, handle, hinge, rubber strip


    Flame retardant, damp proof , anti-craking , thermal insulator , sound proof, scratch resistant.

    product description
    Digah -Find Wood Front Entry Doors Wood Entry Doors From Digah Furniture
    ABS door is a door made of polymer materials. Polymer materials are composed of relatively high molecular compounds.In fact,there are many natural materials in our daily life that are usually made of polymer materials, such as natural rubber, cotton and so on. Artificial synthetic chemical fibers and plastic are also synthesized by polymer materials. Polymer is the form of life, branches of tree, animal skin, straw and other natural polymer materials are the first materials used by human or human like ancient organisms.
    Although the ABS door has few designs, its advantages are very obvious. It has good waterproof, fireproof and sound insulation effect, its characteristics are of high strength, high toughness and high elasticity.
    product Advantages

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