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What Kind of Hamster Cages Are the Best?

Plastic is best..Critter Trail or Critter Homes are really the best, the wheels will not sqeak anytime soon..wire makes the hamster feel insecure like you are neglecting it when you really are not ..Ps. you should give your hamster yogurt chips if you are not already it makes them happier and more cheerful!.

What Kind of Hamster Cages Are the Best? 1

1. Poll: Paper or Plastic?

Plastic. They are useful when I sift the kitty litter each day

2. how do you make really bad cramps go away?

Ok panadol and pain killers should help,placing a hot water bottle on your stomach will help too if you dont have one just get a plastic bottle fill it up with hot water and place a tea towel around it and place it on your stomach.Warm milk will help and makes you more relaxed,take a hot bath will help or shower and massaging soothing body lotion on your lower stomach and lower back will help,takecare

What Kind of Hamster Cages Are the Best? 2

3. where do i start to make jewelry rings?

ok are you talking about becoming a jeweler?....goldsmith?..im confused i have never seen jewelry with wood and plastic glued to it. if you are talking about working with precious metals then there are a few schools you can attend to become a jeweler. its not that easy you cant just buy the supplies and make things, it takes alot of training and practice, and can be dangerous because you are working with a torch. many jewelers started working in a jewelry store and become apprentices to the jeweler. perhaps you should find a private jewelry store in your area and try to get a job there, it might take a while but the jeweler may apprentice you or at least give you guidance and you can watch how its done. but trust me its hard to start out because jewelers are crazy, i swear, I am not crazy but most are really weird

4. What are you doing to help the environment?

I recycle, plastic, paper, glass and cans. I turn off everything from the wall when im not using it and i walk most places and get the bus xxx

5. Paper or plastic?

I personally prefer plastic!

6. I recently caught a speckled king-snake, about 1 1/2 ft long. Is it okay to put it in a 4 foot long aquarium?

It wo not die from having too much space!! Imagine snakes in the wild, we would not have any at all if this happened would we, with them having the whole world to roam in lol As a loose guide, you should provide living space that is at least the width of half the snakes length. So your aquarium is definitely big enough for now, but look into how big your snake will grow. What material is your aquarium? If it is glass or plastic I definitely recommend investing in a proper wooden vivarium. Ensure it has tightly fitting doors or lid, to avoid any Houdini attempts! Hidey places are ESSENTIAL. Snakes are private creatures, and like to have somewhere to hide to feel safe. My snakes have hides either bought (exoterra caves, ebay) or made from plantpots, fruitbowls etc, with entrances cut out and smoothly finished. I also put shredded newspaper inside too. They love it! Also my vivs are decorated with logs (bleached to within an inch of their life to avoid mites or any other nasty inhabitants & bacteria!! then well dired out and sanded!!) stapled into place (with huge staples, get these staple guns from hardware shops they are inexpensive) and plastic plants and vines, these can be stapled into place too. Also pebbles (cleaned thoroughly!!) and the standard snakey things i.e. heat source and water bowl. Snakes regulate their own body temperature, so have a warm end of your viv with your heat source and thermometer, and a hide, and also a cold end, typically with the water bowl, and another hide. Check what temp you need to keep your snake healthy. If you feel your snake is unhappy with the size of the viv, try keeping him in a plastic tupperware container **with air holes cut in, I used a heated nail** I used to do this with my baby corn, she's a yearling now tho and has full run of her 4ft viv. Good luck hope your snake stays healthy & happy!x

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Saying No to Disposable Chopsticks
Over dinner the other night with a group of friends, I was talking about the excessive use of plastic bags in the world. I told them I easily recalled 20 years back, when traveling in Europe, it was just a given that you brought your own bag to the supermarket and shopping with you. Now, plastic bags are everywhere, but I like to re-use them.Curiously, some vendors have told me I shouldnt do that because of fewer bactries.Which I find even odder considering they dont think its pas hyginique to rip open a clementine with their teeth, then hand over the sections for customers to taste.Things are changing in Europe, like everywhere else, but when I told my friends that I used to bring my own chopsticks out to dinner with me in San Francisco, they looked at me like I was nuts.I didnt have the statistics in my head at the time but later read that Japan uses 25 billion pairs a year and China uses 45 billion pairs. And other countries go through their fair share as well. But no matter where you live, the fact remains that disposable chopsticks are made by clear-cutting forests for the wood, causing irreparable harm to the environment.Do you really think one person bringing their own chopsticks will make a difference? I was asked.So I decided that Im going to bringing my own chopsticks with me when going out to eat again. And Im posing the question to you: What do you think?Do you think its odd to bring your own chopsticks instead of using the disposable ones?Does anyone else out their bring their own?Do you think you might start?.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are the alternatives to plastic carry bags, plastic products, plastic & thermocol cutlery, plastic bottles, one time usable plastic products, etc.?Reusable Bags :Most supermarkets offer plastic bag alternatives today. Some of it have patterns and some reusable packaging are printed with the establishmentu2019s reusable bags come in canvas, cotton, Jute etcEco u2013 FriendlyMade from natural fibers. Quirky OriginalDesigns Sourced from Eco-conscious designers in 16 countries.DurableBags that are designed to be sturdy and long lasting.Ethically ManufacturedAudited for ethical, social, legal and environmental compliance. ReusableHighest quality bags that can be reused thousands of times.Innovative FabricsProprietary ecofriendly fabrics woven especially for EcoRight.Visit: EcoRight: eco-friendly bags, ethically manufactured - buy onlineWhat are the alternatives to plastic carry bags, plastic products, plastic & thermocol cutlery, plastic bottles, one time usable plastic products, etc. ?.
Is Bottled Water Bad Because of the Plastic?
Is bottled water bad because of the plastic?No, the plastic is perfectly okay. However, in creating that plastic, energy has been created by burning cal and the carbon dioxide given off by that process pollutes the atmosphere. Do not you have a water tap at home? Tap water is amongst the best waters in the world. Its cleanliness and purity is maintained all the time. Keep a jugful in the fridge and add ice blocks for a wonderful drink of water.— — — — — —How to make plastic less shiny?There is a product called Dullcote, available at many RC, model train, and other hobby shops. It is a spray on lacquer. A related product is Glosscote, same manufacturer, which adds gloss to the plastic. Be careful when using either, as the fumes can be hazardous. Always use in a well-ventilated space.— — — — — —How can I cut a plastic hole?use a 4 inch hole saw. if the surface is too uneven, make what you call a doughnut. run the saw through a piece of wood then use that when you saw the plastic. gives it a guide— — — — — —How to use plastic more sustainably in the labUnfortunately, one of plastic's most lauded properties - it's durability, is also one of the reasons it is such a problem. Plastic is so durable it can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. A plastic bottle, for example, takes roughly 450 years. Then there's the issue with disposing all the plastic we use. Lots of it ends up in landfill sites, or in our oceans, where it is ingested by marine life and ends up in the food chain. We do not yet know how this affects human health. The materials used to produce some types of plastic can also be an environmental problem because plastic is often made from hydrocarbon molecules that are derived from petrochemicals. These figures show the staggering amount of waste plastic produces: • produced to date is estimated to be 8.3 billion tonnes. By 2015, plastic had already generated 6.3 billion tonnes of waste and 79% of this is now in landfill sites or the natural environment • 10 million tonnes of plastic is estimated to end up in the oceans • None A survey by Plymouth University estimated plastic is found in a third of fish caught in the UK, including widely eaten species such as cod, haddock and mackerel. • found that if current trends continue, plastic will outweigh the amount of fish in the ocean by 2050. It takes two litres of water to produce the plastic for a one litre bottle. Scientific research contributes a significant amount of this plastic waste. Globally, it is estimated to produce five and a half million tonnes of plastic. Bio-scientific research alone is thought to be responsible for 1.8 per cent of total global plastic production. Plastic has a number of properties that make it useful in the lab like being shatterproof, durable and lightweight. Widely used lab equipment such as multi-well plates, pipettes, bottles, flasks, vials and culture plates are all commonly made of plastic. To reduce the impact this is having on the environment, it is worth taking the following steps. Using plastic sustainably starts when you make the decision about what to buy and who to buy it from. It is therefore worth spending some time doing research into how your suppliers produce their plastic. Do they try to minimise the carbon footprint of their manufacturing process by taking steps like reducing their energy consumption and not using harmful chemicals? You can also ask your supplier to cut down on unnecessary plastic packaging when they deliver your products. Some suppliers also have recycling programmes you can use when disposing your plastic. Also consider what the plastic is made from. Polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials are widely used for lab equipment and are recyclable. Be sure to opt for lab grade plastic which does not contain additives like plasticizers which can leach out.— — — — — —how could i cut plastic?If you are trying to cut rigid plastic, like for a window, and you have a Skillsaw, put a plywood blade in BACKWARDS and proceed to cut. By doing that, the plastic will have a nice clean cut with no chipping. There are many good people that are willing to take the time to help you out
My Son Is Turning 1 This Saturday the 12th and I Need Some Ideas His Cake??
I did two balloons for my son's first birthday. Its easy two round cakes (small as you want) and some candy string. Also you can usually rent cake pans if you want to make a train. In Canada you can rent them at Bulk Barn. If you are not up for fancy icing just dust with icing sugar or cocoa. You can even use a stencil. You can also write the message on plastic or similar that is not edible. Or I find writing on chocolate easier to fix mistakes. You can even do individual letters on chocolate squares (cut to size from a sheet you make yourself). Most bulk stores have precoloured coloured melting chocolate.1. Do you like the new Ruger 10/22 Rifles being made now or are the older ones made better & would you recommend?The older 10/22's have nicer details. More metal parts instead of plastic. (Barrel band, triggerguard etc.) Ruger claims that these new polymer parts are tougher, more consistent...We all know that it is cost cutting that really drove the change! If you buy a new 10/22, look for the Deluxe Sporter. It has a nicer stock than standard, better wood. (Checkered walnut instead of beech.) The Sporter also does away with the unsightly plastic barrel band that comes on newer 10/22's. (No barrel band at all.) I have one of these that I bought new in the 90's. It does not cost that much more, making me wonder why anyone would even bother with the base 10/22? (Unless they were going to put an aftermarket stock on anyways.)2. Paper or Plastic grocery bags and if you recycle what do u use them for?Plastic & I have an over abundance of them. I use them as trash bags in the small kitchen containers. Those I do not use I take them back to Wal-Mart to be recycled.3. Gardeners, what should we do about our tea bags? –We've all become aware of the need to reduce our use of plastics and think carefully about how we dispose of them - and when we garden, being out with nature trying to get the best from our environment, we are probably more aware of this than most. When we are gardening we try to reuse plastic pots and recycle packaging where we can and, of course, compost. Composting is one of life's little pleasures. Garden and green kitchen waste can be thrown on a heap and, with very little input from us, rich brown soil-improving compost results and we've done the environment a good turn too. But, with all the publicity surrounding the damage plastic pollution does to our environment, if you compost your teabags you will be concerned to hear that they might contain plastic. Most tea bags use polypropylene to strengthen and seal the bags. In terms of composting, though the plastic is not biodegradable, it usually would isappears' into the soil - and at worst you are sometimes left with a white mesh after a year or so. But not everyone is comfortable introducing any plastic into the environment and considering there are billions of teabags sold across the UK every year, that's a lot of plastic. Not all teabags contain polypropylene. More expensive brands such as Teapigs and Pukka Tea are plastic free. And some mainstream brands have started offering plastic-free versions. Twinings' pyramid tea bags and 'string and tag' teabags from Clipper are polypropylene free and the Co-op launched a fully biodegradable paper tea bag in February. And things have changed significantly over the past decade. A Which? Gardening investigation in 2010 found that just one small manufacturer was producing polypropylene-free tea bags and concluded that: 'the full recyclability of tea bags is not high on many companies' agendas'. So we are heading in the right direction, but what is stopping all manufacturers from cutting out the plastic? The alternatives clearly exist. Heath & Heather, whose tea bags also contain no plastic, explained how a polypropylene-free bag is made. They said: '[our] tea bags are natural, recyclable and compostable; made from soft woods, hard woods and long fibre such as Manila hemp. Instead of using a traditional 'heat-sealing process' like many everyday tea bags [our] tea bags are sealed by being folded and sewn with string.' But until this catches on across the board, if you want to have an environmentally friendly cuppa without any microplastics you would best look for a tea bag with a string and a tag - or better still treat yourself to some loose leaf tea. And if you do not want to change your brand of tea, Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) still recommends composting or popping them into your food recycling bin is still the best way to dispose of tea bags. Did you know your tea bags might contain plastic? Will it stop you adding them to your compost? And how worried are you about adding plastic to the environment?
Is a Successful Facial Plastic Surgery Possible in India? Approximately How Does It Cost in Delhi /M
Yes, it is all possible & perfect to have successful facial plastic surgery in India but only if you choose the board-certified plastic surgeon. It is now all common and prominent to have plastic surgery in India and facial plastic surgery is one of them. But, one must consider only first-tier cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, or Chennai to have facial plastic surgery. There are a number of surgeons, clinics, or centers provide plastic cosmetic surgery, including facial surgery and one must cautious while choosing them as everyone cannot assure you the best outcomes.One must notice the following points of concern while choosing facial plastic surgery in India: -The expert board-certified plastic Surgeon: While choosing the surgeon, it is very important to choose the only expert board-certified plastic surgeons. One shouldnu2019t go by hearing & say as it requires much attention to confirm the credibility of the performing surgeon. It works great if the surgeon is a recognized member of ASPS, ISAPS, APSI, IAAPS, etc.The dexterity of surgeon and their aesthetic understanding: The facial plastic surgery is considered as one of the most sophisticated tasks in the plastic surgery fraternity requires utmost precision, aesthetic understanding, dexterity as well as the speculation ability on the part of the surgeon to meet the desired outcomes.The Accredited & Certified Cosmetic Clinic: One must give prime focus on choosing the accredited centre or hospital for having plastic & cosmetic surgery. The centre must adhere to standard facilities measure and safety concern with the assurance of safe and result-driven plastic surgery. The NABH-accredited centre and ISO-certified centre should be considered primarily for having facial plastic surgery.The cutting-edge technology uses in the practice: With knowledge power outsourcing every expert surgeon is much flair and interested in using the modern technology to perform the cosmetic job and one must crosscheck the things via a physical consultation. Being a patient, it is your responsibility to visit the cosmetic surgery clinic and confirm as they are using the advanced technology or they have expertise in doing the same.Nowadays, India is on the top position in providing plastic & cosmetic surgery, including facial plastic surgery as it has now become a global hub to have an affordable service with the best aesthetic outcome.However, it is always needed to be assured about the qualification & expertise of the surgeon as well as the reputation of the centre/clinic before finalizing them as a final choice. As far as the cost is concerned, it is just one-fourth to the cost applicable in Western world countries such as the USA, UK, or UAE. It is better to have a consultation to know the exact cost as every individual is different and the cost would be different according to the patientsu2019 facial profile,, state of the problem, and to some extent influenced by the anatomical and physiological state of the prospective patients.Click the below link and get the virtual consultation today and the cost of the surgery of your concern:Virtual Consultations - AllureMedSpaIs a successful facial plastic surgery possible in India? Approximately how does it cost in Delhi /Mumbai?.• Other Related Knowledge offacial plastic surgery— — — — — —what do you think about having a Facial Plastic Surgery?There is no reason to have facial plastic surgery unless there has been a disease or accident which has caused disfigurement. Have a facial once a week. Give yourself a daily facial with products that nurture you skin. Drink lots or water, try to eat your veggies, get enough calcium, take vitamins, get a little fresh air and sunshine. Why have surgery which has so many costs and risks, when one could simply take care of oneself— — — — — —JAMA Facial Plastic SurgeryJAMA Facial Plastic Surgery was a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Medical Association. It was established in 1999 as the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. The title was changed in 2013 in concert with founding of the JAMA Network and rebranding of associated specialty journals. Its content included all aspects of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the head and neck. Through the end of 2019, it was an official journal of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, and the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies. The editor-in-chief was John S. Rhee (Medical College of Wisconsin). According to Journal Citation Reports, the journal received a 2019 impact factor of 3.787, placing it in the upper echelon of titles covering aesthetic, cranial, facial, maxillofacial, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. Effective February 2020, the journal was superseded by Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Plastic Bag Ban
Plastic bag banIn July 2010, Fred Meyer announced that effective August 1, it would no longer offer plastic bags at any of its 10 Portland stores, due to their negative environmental impacts. Until the City of Portland banned the use of plastic bags in grocery and certain big box stores in October 2011, Fred Meyer was the largest retail chain in the Portland metropolitan area to adopt such a policy. A spokesperson indicated that an increasing number of the chain's customers have been choosing to use reusable bags, noting that Fred Meyer's own sales of such bags at its check stands had increased 30 percent from 2008 to 2009. .— — — — — —Why does my cat keep trying to pee in a plastic bag?Cats peeing on plastic bags is very common. Just make sure the litter box is clean and you do not leave any plastic bags lying around— — — — — —are plastic bags recyclable?Well, plastic bags are made from petrolium, which is found in gasoline too. It's not really good for the enviornent. It will take a million years for them to decompose. The way I recycle plastic is to use it for doggie poo or lunch. At my work, some people bring their used plastic bags and reuse them. Also, you can put your lunch there too. Basically, reuse your plastic bags, but do not burn them because the chemical they release into the atmosphere is horrible for the atmosphere.— — — — — —Best Quality non plastic bag - Alibaba.comAlibaba.com introduces some of the finest quality, durable and self-adhesive non plastic bag that are convenient to use and perform hosts of packaging purposes. These sturdy and disposable non plastic bag are available in distinct variations and are sustainable against all wear and tear caused due to daily usage. These non plastic bag are made from optimal quality PE and LDPE plastics for maximum endurance and can withstand immense amounts of weight while carrying. The non plastic bag available on the site having higher load-bearing capacities are used in all kinds of commercial sectors and are one of the most selling products. These non plastic bag are eco-friendly and do not comprise of any harmful ingredients that might hamper your health or the environment. These sturdy products are tested, verified, and certified to prove the recyclability and environmental friendliness. These non plastic bag are made with Gravure and customizable printing methods and come with Gravure surface treatment procedures. Alibaba.com offers a broader collection of non plastic bag that are available based on individual sizes, shapes, prints, load capacities, and material qualities. These non plastic bag come with traits such as self-adhesive quality, oxygen resistance, moisture-proof ability, zip-locks, waterproof texture, and are available as per custom requirements. Some of the uses, these non plastic bag have are carrying fruits, packaging items, shopping, packaging films, garment carriages, and many more. Browse through the numerous non plastic bag ranges at Alibaba.com and buy these products in accordance with your budget. These products are available as OEM orders on bulk purchases. You can also go for customized packaging of these ISO, CE, SGS certified products.— — — — — —Is it safe to play ghost with a plastic bag?what if your little brother tried it on because he got the idea from you? the risk is, it can suffocate him especially he is too young. just do not use a plastic bag to prevent it from happening— — — — — —Plastic Bag FeeStarting October 1, 2020, all stores in Howard County who provide customers a disposable plastic bag at the point of sale are required to charge 5 cents per bag. Customers cannot be charged if they use their own bag for their purchases. The bag fee is in place to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags and the costs incurred with removing them from the environment. The bag fee will also raise awareness about single-use plastics and their associated environmental impacts. Plastic bags are a significant source of litter. They often get stuck in trees and are also commonly found during local stream cleanups, roadside cleanups, and in the Chesapeake Bay. Many animals accidentally ingest plastic bags or pieces of shredded plastic bags, which is almost always fatal. Based on other jurisdictions' data after having a bag fee for multiple years, bag fees lead to a reduced use of disposable plastic bags which in turn leads to a reduction in litter and pollution in our waterways and forests. Stopping a pollutant at the source is always more effective and cost efficient than cleaning it up later. What Will the Money Be Used For? Businesses will keep one cent from every five-cent fee to cover their administrative costs. Money collected from the bag fee by Howard County Government are kept separate from general funds and put into a Disposable Plastics Reduction Fund. One of the approved uses of the fund is to provide reusable bags "predominantly to vulnerable individuals." So far, Howard County has provided 900 reusable bags to customers of the county's Roving Radish meal kit program and 1600 reusable bags to the Howard County Food Bank and will continue to partner with non-profit groups to supply bags to those in need. Funds may also be used for Howard County to administer the fee and for environmental purposes including providing grants to local groups with projects and programs that will reduce litter, increase environmental education and awareness, and improve water and environmental quality of our communities. Howard County Office of Community Sustainability began a new grant program in 2021 for Plastics Reduction and Environmental Protection (PREP). The grant program accepted applications until 13th, 2021 and agreements between Howard County and the grant recipients are underway. Details on the 2021 application, requirements and eligibility are found in the following link to the application. Below are links to the Howard County legislation and the state enabling legislation that contains some of the definitions referred to by the Howard County Council when they wrote the bill. The state legislation that enabled Howard County to implement a bag fee (link above) includes the following definitions: • Store - "a retail establishment that provides disposable bags to customers as a result of the sale of a product." • Disposable bag - "a plastic bag provided by a store to a customer at the point of sale." • Disposable bag does not include - "a durable plastic bag with handles that is at least 2.25 mils thick and is designed and manufactured for multiple reuse." Other exemptions such as meat and produce thin plastic bags, bulk item bags, and pharmacy bags are also listed. See the complete list here. As of October 1, 2020, consumers will be charged five cents per disposable plastic bag used "when the customer pays for the products placed in the disposable bag." • If you choose to use a disposable plastic bag provided by the store, the cashier will charge you five cents per bag used. • You will be charged five cents per disposable plastic bag provided with your curbside, phone and/or internet order. • Self-service customers using disposable plastic bags must still pay five cents per bag at self-service checkouts. • You will NOT be charged if you use reusable bags at the store cashier checkout or self-checkout. • Thin plastic produce and meat bags will still be available at no charge. • Paper bags are not charged a fee. Other bags are exempt according to Section 13-1001 of the Maryland Code. Sturdy reusable bags are the best way to get your groceries home safely and conveniently. Once consumers get into the habit of using them, they find that groceries are easier to carry than in multiple thin disposable bags which may rip and do not hold their shape. Periodic washing, cleaning, or disinfecting with wipes or spray cleaners will reduce or eliminate any bacteria build up in the bags. One way to reduce contamination is by utilizing a certain bag for a certain type of food each time you shop, i.e. having one bag for meats, one bag for produce, one bag for dairy, etc. and utilizing the same bags for the same items each time you shop. Always separate raw foods from other food products and follow food safety practices no matter which type of bag you use. The new Howard County bag fee program requires stores to: • Document on every receipt the number of plastic bags provided and the total amount charged for the bags. There is no requirement for specific wording on the customer's receipt, but Howard County recommends "Howard County Plastic Bag Fee" "Disposable Plastic Bag Fee" or "Bag Fee" as space permits. • Retain one cent out of every five cents collected per bag to cover administrative costs. • Work with the Howard County Finance department to report quarterly the number of bags provided to customers and remit the fees (4 out of every 5 cents collected). The Howard County Finance Department has more details about how to remit fees on their webpage. • Display signage where carts are given out and at cashier points of sale. Howard County has designed suggested signs and cards (downloadable versions below). Stores may create their own signs if they meet the guidelines outlined in the law. The Department of Finance is responsible for enforcing retail establishments' compliance with respect to reporting and submission of payments. Please email any questions to .
New Aluminum Bottles for Hair Care Brand Eva NYC
If Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Eva NYC had any doubts about making a switch from plastic to aluminum packaging for its full line of masstige hair care products, the 100% spike in orders in just the first two weeks of the new packaging's launch must have reassured the company of the wisdom of its decision. Introduced in February 2021, the new packaging includes several sizes of a custom-shaped aluminum bottle, decorated with vibrant, shiny pastel graphics in billowing, abstract patterns. Topped with a range of matching pastel plastic caps, dispensing fitments, and trigger sprayers, the cans make a bright and spirited statement. "Eva NYC is a brand of beauty lovers based in Brooklyn with wild imaginations and an obsession with hair," says company Brand Vice President Jane Moran. "We make products and tools with powerful ingredients and innovative technologies that deliver seriously proven results." Despite its playful packaging appearance however, Eva NYC is all business when it comes to its company philosophy, ingredients, and packaging. Its consumable products, which include shampoos, conditioners, primers, hair and body mists, and other styling products, use powerful, plant-based ingredients that are certified vegan and GMO-free, certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, and free of harmful ingredients. "Effective products are key for us, and we always strive to give our customers a good hair day every day, while keeping out harsh chemicals across our entire lineup," Moran says. According to the company, its decision to make a change in its packaging was based on the mounting issues around beauty care packaging. Citing 2020 insights from Marketing Tech, Eva NYC says that non-recyclable packaging is the biggest issue in sustainable beauty, with more than 120 billion packaging units produced annually on a global level. "With so many beauty products produced every year, mostly in plastic, we knew we had to do something about it," the company says. "Only 9% of plastics actually get recycled, and we wanted to provide our customers an option to stop purchasing virgin plastics as they are the hardest to recycle. "[According to a report from marketing intelligence firm WGSN], 88% of consumers said they wanted brands to help them be more sustainable and ethical in their day-to-day lives, and yet 43% said that brands are actually making it harder for them. In fact, the report showed that high prices were the most common barrier for consumers to being more sustainable. Plus, our own consumer research showed that our customers are looking for products that are free of harmful ingredients, cruelty-free, and made with sustainable packaging-as long as those products will still be effective and give her a good hair day, every day" Eva NYC selected aluminum because of its recyclability and due to consumer perceptions of aluminum versus plastic. "We chose aluminum because it is 100% recyclable, forever," says the company. "Forever means aluminum is infinitely recyclable. This product can continue to be recycled, over and over and over again. It also takes the least amount of energy to recycle aluminum. In fact, aluminum is the easiest material to recycle in the U.S., as all curbside recycling facilities take aluminum. In as few as 60 days, the aluminum container you recycled can be back on the shelf, living its next life. "[According to a study from Boston Consulting Group], aluminum was also perceived by consumers as two-times more eco-friendly and 1.4-times more recyclable than plastic, with plastic having the highest negative perceptions." The new bottles are made from 100% aluminum, with some formats containing an amount of recycled material. Eva NYC worked with Trivium Packaging to create adjustments to the supplier's stock molds to create packaging unique to the brand, customizing the artwork, base, finish, and neck for each SKU. Says Moran, it was also a priority for Eva NYC that the packaging forego plastic labels that could harm the environment, so the bottles are direct litho-printed. The custom gradients used in the artwork, which was designed by Eva NYC's in-house creative studio, use between five to eight colors, depending on the SKU. With the change, 93% of Eva NYC's packaging is now plastic free, with the balance comprising complex closures, such as caps and triggers, made from polypropylene. Says Moran, "We are in the process of researching and identifying alternative pump materials, as our goal is to move away from plastic components entirely." In the meantime, however, the company has partnered with TerraCycle, so that consumers can recycle their pumps, caps, and triggers, as well as older Eva NYC plastic packaging, for free. Although it's easier for consumers to recycle the aluminum through their own curbside recycling system, they can also choose to send the entire package-aluminum bottle and pump-to TerraCycle as well for recycling. Of the news of a shortage of aluminum cans resulting from the pandemic, Moran says the company is aware of the supply chain issues, but through careful demand planning and close communication with its supplier, the company is confident its inventory is not at risk. "We are continually monitoring the situation to make sure we can secure enough aluminum to meet our demand," she says. And, the demand is high, as noted, with a huge boost in orders upon the introduction of the cans last February. "Our customers have communicated to us how thrilled they are with our new 100% recyclable packaging and Eva NYC's commitment to sustainability and the environment," says Moran. "We've received an influx of positive feedback on social and through customer service, praising the switch to aluminum packaging and the ease of recycling, the fun and playful new design, and the ease of understanding our key benefits on packaging front and center." Eva NYC's complete line of products is available nationwide at Target Ulta Beauty, Sally Beauty Supply, and some other mass merchandisers, and is sold online on its own site and on its partner sites.1. Questions about a Epiphone G400 Electric Guitar?1. It's an excellent guitar for a beginner or intermediate player. Yes they sound like an electric guitar as a couple of humbuckers are always going to have more oomph than a single coil pickup or two. 2. The Korean versions are reckoned to be as good as the Gibson equivalent and the later Chinese ones are not too shabby either. You can tell where they are made from the serial number. 3. Use one of these at a gig and you would not embarrass yourself. You could always erase the Epiphone logo to spare your blushes as the bit of plastic above the nut says Gibson. 4. Hmm tricky one. The machine heads are sort of so so. If you find you are retuning too regularly for your liking then replace the stock machine heads with some decent quality lockable machine heads such as Schaller. I would recommend using Gibson Vintage Re-Issue (Gibson VR) 9 thou strings as they are pretty stable once they've been "played in". The G400 is available at prices below the price on the link you gave so shop around a bit more. It's also worth looking at second hand ones, you are more likely to get a Korean one that way.2. Why is vespa so expensive?iF YOU'RE COMPARING THE CHINESE SCOOTERS TO THE VESPA, DON'T. The Vespa has been in production for many years and has proven to be a great scooter. The used ones bring stupid money because of a yuppie cult following that takes great pride in the restoration of these STEEL beauties. The other scooters are made with a plastic shell. It's very much the same as the terrific Japanese motorcycles in comparison to the Harley Davidsons. The fenders and side covers on the imports are mostly plastic. The Harleys are steel. I like 'em all! Plastic is strong and light and cheaper. Steel is ..,well Steel! The first answerer suggested the Vino for the Vespa look without the Vespa price. HE's right. The Vino is a fine scooter But, like a Harley, the Vespa will command a higher resale price. So, in summation, buy the Vespa or Yamaha. The Chinese scooters are in the minor leagues, (but getting better)3. What would be the best airbrush paint to use on a video game console?Airbrush Paint For Plastic
Plastic  Explosive
Plastic explosivePlastic explosive is a soft and hand-moldable solid form of explosive material. Within the field of explosives engineering, plastic explosives are also known as putty explosives. Plastic explosives are especially suited for explosive demolition. Common plastic explosives include Semtex and C-4. The first manufactured plastic explosive was gelignite in 1875, invented by Alfred Nobel.— — — — — —Cosmetic plastic surgeryWhile the majority of pediatric plastic surgery procedures done are reconstructive; there are those performed for cosmetic purposes. The most common procedures done for cosmetic benefit in children include: Breast augmentation Male breast reduction Ear surgery as a result of microtia RhinoplastyOut of all procedures, nose reshaping generally has the most cases on an annual basis (4,313 procedures in 1996). However, children make up only 9% of the total caseload for all nose reshaping. On the opposite end of the spectrum, children requiring ear surgery accounted for 2,470 procedures in 1996, a total of 34% of all total ear surgeries. While many of these procedures are done for purely cosmetic benefit, many plastic surgeons work on these features (giving them a more normal appearance), while performing a surgery to improve function as the result of a congenital deformity.— — — — — —Plastic LittlePlastic Little (, Purasuchikku Ritoru) is a Japanese original video animation series created by Satoshi Urushihara. It was released in North America on VHS by ADV Films in July 1994. It was released on DVD in February 2002. Like much of Urushihara's work, Plastic Little provides significant amounts of fan service, and along with Burn-Up Excess, is one of two ADV titles to include the trademarked "Jiggle Counter". .— — — — — —Silverstone (plastic)SilverStone is a non-stick plastic coating made by DuPont. Released in 1976, this three-coat (primer/midcoat/topcoat) fluoropolymer system formulated with PTFE and PFA produces a more durable finish than Teflon coating. As of 1980 Dupont required that the pans carrying the brand be a heavier weight than others on the market. After the coating was applied the cookware was subsequently "baked" in a 700-800 degree oven to affix the coating. The process for creating Silverstone cookware begins by sandblasting the products which creates an uneven surface that encourages adherence. Then a primer layer of Teflon is sprayed on and after it is baked at high heat to "a secure mechanical grip." Gizmodo reported in 2014 that one or two more additional layers were applied after the initial layer.— — — — — —Types of artificial plastic teethTypes of artificial plastic teeth (known in the industry as Pontics) Wash-through Pontic (also known as hygienic pontic or sanitary pontic) Dome Pontic (also known as bullet or torpedo shaped) Ridge Lap Pontic (also known as Full Saddle Pontic) Modified Ridge-Lap Pontic Ovate PonticA pontic aims to restore aesthetics, give occlusal stability and improve function. Due to the poor aesthetics of this design it is most commonly employed to replace mandibular molars. Ridge lap and modified ridge lap pontics have superior aesthetics to the designs discussed previously, with the labial/buccal surface aiming to restore the appearance of a natural tooth from the incisal edge to the gingival margin. To minimise coverage of the soft tissues the lingual/palatal portion of the pontic is reduced to improve accessibility for maintaining good oral hygiene. It is commonly used in provisional bridges following extraction of teeth to improve the emergence profile and helps in shaping the gingiva around the future fixed prosthesis.— — — — — —Hong Kong plastic shopping bag environmental levy schemeThe Hong Kong plastic shopping bag environmental levy scheme is an environmental levy scheme designed to reduce the manufacture and distribution of plastic shopping bags (PSBs) in Hong Kong. PSBs are made of materials that are not easily degradable. The extensive disposal of PSBs is putting stringent pressure on the very limited landfill capacity, thereby causing severe waste problems in Hong Kong. On 7 July 2009, the Government of Hong Kong initiated the first Mandatory Producer Responsibility Scheme (MPRS) under the Producer Product Eco-Responsibility Ordinance. Registered retailers are bound to charge consumers 50 cents as an environmental levy for each plastic bag taken. The levy scheme aims to generate direct economic disincentives and encourage consumers to refrain from using PSBs indiscriminately. The ultimate goal is to cultivate a habit of "Bring your Own Bag" (BYOB) within society. The full implementation of PSB charging came into effect on 1 April 2015. All retailers are required to collect not less than HK$0.50 for each plastic bag distributed. To streamline the compliance mechanism and enhance the deterrent effect, a fixed-penalty notice of HK$2,000 was imposed on retailers who fail to comply with the legislation.
Plastic Dyes: Tips to Find the Right Suppliers Over the Internet
We have learned that dyes are colored substances that are applied to fibers, such as Nylon, Silk, Wool, etc. But then, there are different types of dyes, depending on their chemical properties and solubility.Basically, the bit we had learned many years ago was only a part of the information. The extended version didn’t get the air because we were too busy in our lives. However, the people dealing in plastic dyes and textile dyes would understand the differences clearly.Since the discussion is mainly about solvent dyes used to color the plastics, we would stick more to this topic and include a few other instances in the following.The internet is a great source to find information these days, much beyond the enormous libraries with gigantic halls. You’d know the suppliers if they were nearby, but the current competition is too high to make your judgment clear and concrete. Hence, we provide you some tips to find the right suppliers with the help of internet.The product takes you to the destinations. That’s true if you input the right keywords, for example, solvent dye(s). The top ranking websites feature on the Google’s top results because of their excellent SEO performance. You don’t need to cherry-pick if you have time.Ask for quotes and samples. You can do this, can’t you? Talk to the supplier over a variety of products they offer, whether it’s Vat dyes, solvents, or any other. They should effectively provide what you need.Compare. That’s the whole world says! Compare the quotes, information, etc. available from the suppliers. It would help you reach a logical and technical conclusion·RELATED QUESTIONHow long are catnip toys and dried catnip good for?Catnip is like any dried herb, it'll be good for longer if it's kept in an airtight container but it's really only going to keep for a maximum of 6 months even then.If you have a bright windowsill, or a balcony or garden, it is really easy to grow it from seed. The seeds are really cheap as well. The trick here is to sow a couple of new plants every couple of weeks so you get a constant supply, and keep them out of kitty's reach until they're mature enough to survive at least one good mauling.You can preserve catnip you've grown by drying it, in the same way you'd dry oregano, mint or thyme. Cut the leaves from the plant with plenty of stalk then tie them in bunches with string and hang them somewhere warm and dry that has decent air circulation. You could use a food drying machine or the oven, but I've tested neither so I can't give advice there. Once your catnip is dry, store it in an airtight jar and keep for up to 6 months.Catnip toys tend to last about a week for my kitties, without a refill or a respray. I try to keep the nip for special occasions so it doesn’t get boring.Hope this helps :-)
Do YOU Have a Dream?
Do YOU have a dream?to become a plastic surgeon and make money of rich hags— — — — — —How can I get a square face?Try squeezing it in to place. just kidding .see a plastic surgeon— — — — — —Plastic Surgery Question??that's unusual, yet original i like your question maybe you should make a phone call to a plastic surgeon in your home town check the phone book or the internet i bet they could answer your question after all, they are the experts— — — — — —Should I write a letter to my plastic surgeon who allmost ruined my life?Rather than write a letter, I think the idea of seeing a lawyer is much better. There should also be some sort of a doctors' registration board, or government agency that looks at complaints against doctors where you are. Again, a lawyer will know about them. It's not unusual for doctors to swap bits around during surgery, veins & arteries (usually taken from the leg), bone (often from the hip), bits of skin (from where-ever) and so on. However, they should not be leaving dirty big scars where the borrowed bits came from. This does suggest the guy was less than competent. How did you end up getting free surgery? Was it through a charity, did you win a contest, or??? Whoever arranged the surgery may also have had a legal obligation to ensure that the surgeon was competent. A lot of the time, when you buy products, the guarantee will say that it is limited - but that local law may over-ride it. Even if something does not mention the fact that applicable laws override the rights the manufacturer or, in your case, the service provider, gives you, the fact is that applicable local law does override the contract or the guarantee. So do not assume that you surrendered your rights. Chances are, you are not the only unhappy patient this guy has. There may even be grounds for a class action if there are a lot of unhappy patients out there. If, as one of the other answers has suggested, the guy is not qualified, or not qualified to perform the surgery he carried out on you, then there may be grounds for a criminal prosecution, as well as civil action. In your case, the civil action would be to get compensation for pain and suffering, and for loss of income that occurred as a result of his botched surgery. Do not feel bad about pursuing this. You have a right to have had the surgery carried out competently. Both the surgeon and whoever organised the surgery will have had liability insurance. So you are not going to be sending some innocent person broke. You may even be saving others from the same fate as you. Good luck.— — — — — —Hi, I'm 15, 5'3", 114 pounds with 32DDD/F (us) breasts and I need advice?i am 18 and wear a 44ddd I had back pain amd did physical therepy for a week. It didnt help so they referred me to a plastic surgeon . Just consult a doctor they will help. I found some supportive bras that reduced the back pain so I didnt have to do the surgery.hope this helped:)— — — — — —Software to play virtual plastic surgeon?This type of software isnt for free, it is very expensive. I will tell you what, you may go to any plastic surgeon for a consultation which would probably cost 200. Then you may have your pictures taken there and they will morph your face into your desired result, or the result which is possible and most fit for your features.— — — — — —I'm looking for the name of a good plastic surgeon in Thailand?Yanhee is the most famous.Everything from noses to sex changes. They also publish their prices which is useful. I know several people who have used them and those that survived had no complaints.— — — — — —What should i major in to become a successful plastic surgeon. I'm going to apply to stanford.?Biology and chemistry are really important classes to take just to understand the basics of the medical field that you will need for med school. A good major in college could be pre-med if Stanford offers that program, or biology, chemistry, or biochemistry. Good luck!
Mrice M1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review
Over the past few years there has been a huge emphasis on headphones. More recently, I have noticed the trend of bringing back the older style larger headphones just when I had gotten used to the small and sometimes ridiculously small headphones. The larger style gave us promise of a better sound quality versus just being loud, so I broke down and gave them a shot. Mrice's M1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones take a stylish approach to the larger headphone design that are so prevalent now. The M1 headphones still have a larger diameter speaker than an earbud, but are not big and bulky like a lot of the headphones on the market now. By using a solid piece of flexible plastic, Mrice ditched the huge cup design over the ears saving space and getting rid of the extra unneeded weight. There are several colors, but I got the red, which is shiny and definitely standout among other styles. The under side is black plastic for the top and a very soft pleather ear cushion. I have bigger ears and an over the ear speaker tends to get hot and sweaty after only a few minutes. Having an open ear while still maintaining sound quality is huge to me.The one real advantage of the M1 headphones is that it is Bluetooth capable. I have seen several larger headphones with a removable cord, but I really do not see why anybody would want a cord in this day in age. The added feature of Bluetooth is that I do not have to keep my phone in my hands. With a battery life of around 8 hours on a full charge, I can use the M1 headphones for pretty much the whole time that I would use them through out the time that I need them. The fact that it only takes about 3 hours to fully charge them is handy after a day of working late outside and then again early in the morning. Bluetooth also means that whenever listening to music and receiving a call the music will pause and resume when the call ends so you never have to miss your favorite part of a song.The only downside of the M1 headphones for me is the button situation. You have a power, two volume (up and down), and a call button. These are handy, useful, and all tucked away hidden from plain view, but there are not any buttons to skip songs. This means pulling out your phone or connected device to skip songs. This can be quite irritating while performing a task where your hands are not exactly free. With all of the other features this is still a small price to pay for a stylish, insanely loud headphone. BUY FROM AMAZON016How do i get rid of weeds?Cut them low and then cover them with black plastic so that they do not get light. They will eventually dieWhat is this black plastic-looking drain hole in my lawn?It is there to protect your backyard from flooding in case of heavy rains. The ground must be sloped towards the drain so that all the water flows in that direction and goes out to the front of the house (on the street) or straight to the drain11 Ways To Stay Warm When You Have No ShelterHave you noticed the skyrocketing rate of homelessness that keeps growing since Obamacare and other harmful systems drain jobs, money, and energy from the economy? Once the final blow comes that spells the beginning of large scale social collapse, the ability to find a shelter will be as scarce as food and water supplies. Many preppers think they will be able to get into the woods and build shelters or find some other means to avoid living exclusively outdoors. It will be even worse: a sheer number of problems might lead to illness and disability that will prevent you from building or effectively managing an existing shelter. You do not believe you may wind up homeless and disabled so you still need to know how to stay warm when you have no shelter and can not build much of a fire. When you know it is going to be cold, you may be tempted to wear the heaviest garments you can find, thinking that weight and dense fabric equate to warmth. On the other hand, the best way to keep heat close to your body is to have more air pockets that within the clothing itself. Wearing clothes in layers gives you better air pockets than wearing just one thick garment. When layering your garments, choose materials that wick moisture away from your body for the innermost layers. This will enable moisture to be pulled away from your skin, which will reduce the amount of cooling caused by sweat and evaporation from your skin. Materials in the outer layers should focus more on acting as windbreakers and moisture blocks. Plastics, vinyl, or other non-permeable materials will work well for the outermost layer. Make sure the outermost layers are large enough to leave some air space between each garment. Remember, you are aiming to keep warm trapped near your body, not simply press a bunch of garments together in order to mimic thicker fabric. No matter what you are doing, black, or dark materials will absorb heat and radiation while white or shiny ones will deflect it. Typically, when it is cold, wearing dark colors will enable the fabrics to absorb heat from the sun or any other source of heat that reaches you. As with layering your garments, the best way to keep your feet warm is to wear layers of socks. Once again, you will need to choose socks that wick better for the inner layers. This will reduce the risk of foot infections from excess moisture as well as help keep your feet warm and comfortable. Until you've walked several miles on a daily basis, you may not realize that bigger shoes truly are more comfortable than ones that seem to "fit just right". Always look for shoes that have a little extra room in the toes and around the widest part of your foot. Larger shoes give you more room to layer socks, and they will also reduce problems associated with callouses and foot cramps. If you find that you have too much room around your ankles, just go ahead and wrap them in some fabric and put a brace behind your heels. No matter how warm you manage to keep the core of your body, your arms, legs, hands, feet, and head are going to feel cold a lot faster. These are also the parts of your body that will develop frostbite fastest, so keep them as warm as possible. To keep temperatures more, slip something thin and flexible into your gloves and shoes that will retain heat. This may be as simple as tin foil or anything else that warms up quickly and can be reused with little effort. You can also use layers of fabric, plastic, or vinyl to keep heat in as much as possible. Just remember, though, for hands and feet, you may need to loosen the plastic from time to time in order to let moisture escape. 3 Second SEAL Test Will Tell You If You will Survive A SHTF Situation Keep Your Head Well Covered Fur and hair are both excellent insulators, but on the other hand, as an extremity, your head is also an area of your body where you will lose a lot of heat. Here are some inexpensive things you can do to prevent heat from escaping from your head and neck area in cold weather: Wear a hat with a face mask that you can tuck into the neck area of your innermost garments, to keep the heat close to your body and also help redistribute it if needed. You can easily knit or crochet a hat like this and make it custom fit for your needs. The outermost shell of your garments should have a hood that can be used as a wind breaker and water barrier. Make sure you can cover your nose and mouth to keep them as warm as possible. A black towel or anything else that will keep the cold out can be used for this purpose. You will need to leave some openings for ventilation, but you can still reduce heat loss by arranging the garment folds to keep most of the heat near your face. Use Plastic as an Insulator Anything from plastic grocery bags to trash bags and even plastic table cloths can all be used as insulators. When using plastic as an insulator against the cold remember to: Choose plastics that are as durable as possible. Even though smaller sized trash bags may be cheaper, the larger construction strength bags are almost as heavy as black plastic commonly used for killing weeds. Heavier plastic will last longer and develop fewer weak points created as you move around. Use black or other dark colored plastic as it will help retain heat from the sun or any other external source that you can find. Make sure that you can vent moisture easily from the plastic on a routine basis without losing heat. For example, if you have a flat sheet of plastic, arrange the layers so you can loosen different areas easily and let the moisture out from them without losing heat in other areas. Avoid using tape or anything else that will pull on the plastic or create holes when you have to loosen the plastic. If you do need to secure the plastic, use light weight rope or even yarn to form a seal between the plastic and your inner garments. Avoid using plastic right next to your body because water evaporation from your skin can spell disaster and lead to both skin infections and increased risk of frost bite. Even though wearing layers of garments can help with moisture control, you should also know what parts of your body are going to sweat the most and cause problems. For example, if you sweat a lot between your shoulder blades or tend to have sweaty feet, you must always pay extra attention to these areas. Among other things, you can try using an extra towel in these areas, and then change it out every few hours for a dry one. Avoid using chemical antiperspirants as they can easily irritate your skin even more. They also may not be easily replaced, which will leave you with another problem on your hands. If you are dealing with a social collapse or a scenario where you cannot buy something to replace what was used, chemicals like this will be a waste of time. When it comes to retaining heat, few materials absorb it or hold it as well as water. Therefore, hot water bottles offer a good way to retain heat near your body and also store any heat you can get from an external source. A hot water bottle can serve to keep you warm and also meet other needs. In particular, today, you can buy a batch of collapsible, clear plastic, flexible water bottles that can be used to store water and also purify it. All you have to do is leave the bottles in the sun and let them heat up. If the weather is especially cold, use a cardboard solar oven to increase heat capture. Once they are warm enough, simply insert them into different layers of clothes. Since you can buy different sized bottles, it is possible to find ones that will suit your needs. Balloons will also work in a pinch, however, you may not be able to get more than one or two uses from them. They also cannot be used for killing off bacteria in water because UV rays from the sun may not be able to get through the material as easily as they can through the clear plastic. If you have ever been on an extended hike or had to do a lot of physical work in one day, you also increased your caloric intake to meet those needs. Your body uses a tremendous amount of energy when you are out in cold temperatures. Choose foods that your body can turn into energy very quickly, as well as ones that will help you stay warm. This includes fatty foods as well as ones that are fried. If you are looking for the perfect excuse to eat some bacon, fried chicken, or anything else that is usually off the menu because of caloric concerns, being out in the cold with no shelter is a good excuse! Insofar as food stores, you can also store away foods high in carbohydrates and consume them at regular intervals. Along with high-calorie foods, drink plenty of water. Even if you are feeling cold or chilly, your body is still doing a lot of work to try and maintain a safe temperature, which means you will be using a lot of water, and also sweating more than you might expect. Keeping hydrated will prevent you from getting sick and also help you stay warmer as your body will be able to carry out necessary tasks as efficiently as possible. As simple as it may sound, traveling during night hours is a simple, cost-effective way to stay warm. Since temperatures are warmer during the day hours, you can use this time to sleep or rest, as the sun and other resources will give you some extra heat. This is also a good time to stay stationary and heat up water bottles or harness other heat sources that you happen to have come across in your travels. Chances are you already know that your body temperature drops when you are sleeping. If you are already out in the cold, this can spell disaster. On the other hand, when you are awake and moving around, your body produces more heat. Therefore, when you travel at night, you are producing more heat at a time when less is available from the sun. No matter how cold it may be, the sun will still rise and provide heat for a few hours each day. Here are two things you can adapt for your needs even if you do not have shelter: You can make a solar heater from tin cans and a few scraps of wood and glass. Simply substitute the wood and glass for lighter weight metal and clear plastic, and you will have a portable solar heater. Count on using about 15 - 20 empty cans. You can pipe warm water or warm air in as close to your body as possible. You can use flexible plastic airline tubing ( inch will work) in the layers of your clothes to transport both water and air, and a battery operated pump for more efficient circulation. If you are in one location during the day, this can truly be one of the most important pieces of equipment you have on hand. A cardboard box solar cooker. You can use this device to heat up everything from your dinner and water bottles to bricks and rocks that can be used to retain heat. When you cannot start a fire and have no shelter, it can be very dangerous for you to be out in the cold weather. While you may not want to think about being homeless or what will drive you to this situation, it is still very important to know how to stay warm without shelter and a fire. You can devote some of your survival budgets to a set of garments and gear that can be used to keep you as warm and comfortable as possible even when the temperatures are freezing and you have nothing else to work with. You will always find a way to survive if you have the will to practice your skills and prepare for survival!
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