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Plastic Straws for You to Chew

He picked the paper straw from his iced tea. It felt like it melted between his teeth as he clamped down on it.Fucking State of California, he muttered, loud enough for his step-mother sitting next to him in the booth, not loud enough to be heard over the din of the restaurant by his half-sister and dad sitting across from them.

Whats that? She took the bait. She always took the bait.

Fucking stupid Government, we cant have plastic straws now. These things, he picked up the limp wad of paper on the table next to his plate and let it drop back into its sloppy messy self, ing suck.He stopped a hurrying waitress, hey, can I get a plastic straw?Uh, no? her tone proved her confusion. No one asked for a plastic straw anymore. Unless they were some kind of an asshole.Whatever, he turned back to the table and left the waitress knowing she was right. This guy is an asshole.

So because you cant get a plastic straw that gives you permission to be rude? His step-mother looked over his shoulder and smiled apologetically at the waitress who smiled and nodded her understanding, and sympathy, in return.What the do you need a plastic straw for anyway? Now she was getting into the bait box, way out of bounds as far as he was concerned.Nothing, he hoped shed shut the up. He wished hed kept his mouth shut now.

You dont understand the problem? She asked.The problem is our government is stupid.She didnt give him time to respond. You are correct, the people who are in government are undereducated. Its been the plan for a long time and weve watched it happen to other populations of the world, but now were seeing it in our own world and daily lives, and, it is affecting you. Specifically.

But the real problem you have is your own under-education. Youve not experienced the pollution others say these plastic straws contribute to in disastrous ways, so you dont care. And in order to actually be able to understand the problem and be empathetic to it, is to know it, to study it. To have learned about it during the years when you were still capable of giving a shit.Instead, your education was dumbed down. You went to a religious school, at your fathers insistence to continue his family tradition, where world history, as well as current events and future possibilities, were shaped by ancient, antiquated and fabricated religious beliefs and fears, regurgitated no less than 10 times throughout history, a history your very religion has worked for thousands of years to erase from human and world history. If everyone went to your religious school, theyd have been victorious a long time ago.

But people figured out how to dumb down public education too, by creating commerce of human flesh on the field, turning young boys into athletic machines with no other dream than to wear a uniform and catch a ball. Focusing taxpayer funds on sports, taking it away from teachers pay and classroom needs like textbooks, technology, and more teachers, left millions behind when it came to higher education and higher paying jobs. And of those who made it to those celebrated places, so many more were laid waste by the wayside, bodies, brains, and souls, broken.

And when that wasnt enough money was blatantly stolen from education to pay for programs that worked to further undermine the education of millions of people.This has been continuing for just enough generations, she continued. He could see she was on a roll, not about to stop. He wanted to put his fist in her face.

And now we are all paying the price for it. Youve got people in places of authority who not only dont know how to solve the problem, they have no idea what the real problem is.It was his turn to take the bait. And whats the real problem?You dont know what you dont know, and, you dont ing care. If you dont care, you wont be inclined to take action, like using a paper straw, that will help solve the problem, even if it is in a minute, singular way. Youd do it if you cared. You dont care, because youre ignorant of the problem, because you were never educated about it, you never learned about it, saw it, touched it, tasted it, felt it, smelled it, understood it, or even tried because no one ever told you it existed until it was too late. Too late because even though youve now been kind-of-sort-of-not-really educated about the problem, youve chosen to remain ignorant because now its too hard to care. Youre too old to care or change your mind. Its too uncomfortable to change. You dont like change. It makes you angry.Again, she didnt give him a chance to answer, not that he had anything to say. But hey, what the , right? Maybe you should go buy up all the plastic straws you can and just chew, chew, chew away because that wont be psychotic or anything.

I mean, God ing forbid you dont have something to grind your teeth on while having breakfast with your family.She paused as if shed asked him a question and was waiting for him to answer, which he didnt, couldnt. The anger building inside of him stopped all intelligent thought from taking place.

Seriously, she turned to his dad, and tapped the space between her eyes, this is where mental illness begins. In our inability to understand our own ignorance, and then channeling it into anger. She pointed at him, like that. You should see someone. Im worried about you.


Do you agree that plastic straw "problem" is small and doesn't impact the environment that much compared to plastic coming from fishing nets?

The only thing I agree is that the Plastic Industry (Koch Brothers, Putin, Saudi Arabia Murderous Assassin MBS etc) lobbied, that is, paid for the GOP or Republicans to bar any law that would force them to recycle plastic, that is, the lobbied such that us, the taxpayer and the environment would paid for their expanded profits.The reasoning is the following and applies to many industries:Company A has a product that is addictive and extremely profitable (e.g. plastic, tobacco, oxydin). Company A knows that tobacco will cause cancer and tremendous healthcare expenses and want to be shielded from them - while keeping all the profits. This means that they want to have the results of the sale to be excluded arbitrarily from the cost of doing business and toss those cost onto the public.Company B has a product (plastic, gasoline, coal, pesticides, oxycontin, etc) are extremely profitable but have nasty residual effects:Plastic will destroy the environment, make every fish unedible or dead, change our gender assignments randomly (plasticizers are endocrine disruptors that affect sexuality in the animal kingdom). They will also shrink your gonads and your sperm count. .Pesticides affect us by giving us cancers galore and pollinating bees by killing their colonies. It has been shown that they are neurotoxins that make the worker bees lazy and distracted - not caring for the pulps, which dooms the colony). They also affect the ability of bees to create internal maps of food source location - reducing food collecting productivity and pollinating. Plastics are the most evil. Turtles, Whales, Sharks, everything under the sea is being poisoned by plastic ingestion. Since we eat fish, we are also being poisoned - by the plastic bags we get for free at the supermarket, by the unnecessary straws we use to drink, disposable plastic cups, plastic everywhere.So, all these companies want to dump the cost of cleaning after their product onto the taxpayer. To achieve that, they buy out whole Parties. Currently, the ones in the Payroll are the Republicans but one should watch out for individual behavior. Ruthless Senators, Spineless Republicans are cheap to buy. Hence, we shouldn't be debating which one is the least evil of all evils.We should tackle the problem up front. The source of Evil is the Republican complicity with Oil (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Putin, Koch Brothers). That precludes tacking Humanity Threats such as Global Warming, Plastic Everywhere Pollution, Pesticides causing Cancer, Destroying Crops, Causing Famine. SOLVE ALL HUMANITY PROBLEMS BY VOTING TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF POWERDo you agree that plastic straw "problem" is small and doesn't impact the environment that much compared to plastic coming from fishing nets?

Plastic Straws for You to Chew 1

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