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Hand carved exterior solid wood front doors 1
Hand carved exterior solid wood front doors 2
Hand carved exterior solid wood front doors 1
Hand carved exterior solid wood front doors 2

Hand carved exterior solid wood front doors

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Solid Wood Door
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    Whole door use one wood to produce, include leaf, frame, molding and architrave, and the door design is veneered by hand or computer sculpture or embossed

    Raw Material

    walnut, teak, golden teak, rosewood, beli, sapele, American red oak, American ash, Balsamo, cedar

    Surface finish

    Surface paint finishing is processed by six layers quality paint coating.


    Diversified colors available

    Standard Single Door Size

    2000*800/700/600*40mm (customized)

    Standard Double Door Size

    2000*1600*45mm (customized)

    Accessories (optional)

     lock, handle, hinge, rubber strip


    Suitable for residential house, home, villa, school, hospital, apartment and entrance.

    product description
    Digah -Professional Wood Door Manufacturers Hardwood Doors Manufacture
    The base material used in the solid wood door is entirely pure wood material. No matter from which surface to observe,the wood grain of pure log is coherent after drying process, and then it is made scientifically by the process of cutting, shaving, tenon, sticking, and high speed milling,etc. Most of the solid wood doors are valuable timber, and the prices vary according to the different materials and manufacturing processes. But its biggest drawback is easy to crack and deform which is not easy to repair, this is the characteristic of wood itself.
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    Solid wood doors have clear grain texture and natural color, which is undoubtedly the best choice for families who advocate returning to natural decoration style. Solid wood doors have experienced a kind of warmth since ancient times, it is not only with gorgeous appearance and exquisite carving, but also can be made into a variety of styles.
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    It has good sound absorption performance, simple and elegant appearance, natural warmth, smooth sculpt, and it is natural heat insulation and cold proof material, which can help to preserve heat and save energy, it also has good sound insulation performance.
    product Advantages

    How to measure door size?

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