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About Digah? Look at our tips on kitchen cabinet


In decoration, the kitchen is a very personalized place,from the shape of the cupboard to the choice of hardware, it requires careful selection. Diagh has prepared this article for you, telling you about the details of the cabinet. As a necessary for the kitchen, the cabinets has obvious role in the home, and its function is huge, so the choice of the cabinet is particularly important. Facing the numerous cupboards in the market, how should we choose? In order to let more people know about Diagh, Diagh is offering you some tips as following:

Digah -About Digah Look at our tips on kitchen cabinet - Digah Furniture

NO.1: Knowing the size of the kitchen

Digah recommends that before choosing cabinets, first of all, we should have a clear idea of the size of the kitchen, choosing the appropriate cabinet size. Most of time, when choosing the cabinet, you may encounter a certain cupboard package from a certain businessman, although the price is cheap, the size of the package is not suitable in most cases,then it would only be a waste.

Rational judgment on the words of sales

Digah advices in the choice of cabinet board, please be sure to listen carefully to the sales introduction,we should have rational judgement on its material and other basic information.For example, the "solid wood kitchen cabinet" generally refers to solid wood door panels, and the materials of carcass are plywood.

NO.3:Be careful for the selection of hardware
    Diagh suggests not to look down on these small parts of hardware since accessories directly affect the service life of the cabinet, so we must be carefully when choosing the quality of hardware accessories.However,if choose Digah kitchen cabinets,there is no need to worry about the hardware since Digah only uses Blum hinges which is famous for its quality if customer has no special requirement for hardware.
NO.4:Ingenious usage of cabinet spaces

The cabinet will divide the kitchen space very well, but some space is very easy to be wasted, such as corner position,Digah suggests that this position could be made into corner cabinet or drawer as magic corner which can be fully used. In addition,we need to pay attention that drawers are more practical and useful than swinging doors.

NO.5: Simple and effective
   Choosing cupboards is so troublesome, isn't it more troublesome to decorate our home? It is better to choose a standardized home decoration and save it at one stop.Digah is to offer you the best equipped home decoration,you could furnish your home in one stop.


The above is Diagh’s tips on the kitchen cabinets, from the selection of cabinets to the use.Digah is a one stop for home decoration and whole house environmental protection with professional designers,it offer the enjoyment of intelligent experience and ultimate humanization. In order to let more people know about Digah, we firmly believes that the unity of knowing and doing to create the most perfect home decoration experience for customers.

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