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Digah Company Brand DGC013 Designs of Walk in Wardrobes DGC013 Factory 1
Digah Company Brand DGC013 Designs of Walk in Wardrobes DGC013 Factory 2
Digah Company Brand DGC013 Designs of Walk in Wardrobes DGC013 Factory 1
Digah Company Brand DGC013 Designs of Walk in Wardrobes DGC013 Factory 2

Digah Company Brand DGC013 Designs of Walk in Wardrobes DGC013 Factory

CarcassMDF/PlywoodWood veneer/Solid wood/Lacquer/customize1 SetColorWhite/Black/Wood Grain/CustomizeThickness18mm/20mmHardwareBlum hinges/sliders...
Guangzhou,Shenzhen etc.
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7-15 days after sales confirmation
Plastic Foam+Strong Carton
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Walk in Wardrobes
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1 Set



Wood veneer/Solid wood/Lacquer/customize

1 Set


White/Black/Wood Grain/Customize




Blum hinges/sliders with soft closing system

Accessories (optional)

Cloth hanger,tie box, pant rack, shoe rack, sliding mirrors,customize

product description
Digah -Find Manufacture About Customized Different Designs Wardrobes

The era when a walk in wardrobes exclusively belonged in a mansion has ended with the development of customization. Walk in wardrobes have always been a symbol of luxury with beautiful appearance and various functions .We have some of the most functional and beautiful wardrobes ideas to help you create an impeccable organized dressing area.
We can offer walk-in wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, fitted and free standing cabinets and many more of your design.
To create and design a perfect wardrobe,we could start with these three practical steps:
1.Select a walk in wardrobe shape:
There are three general shapes in closet designs:
“L” shaped closet:Occupy two of the walls of the room leaving you space to move.
“U”shaped closet:Occupy three walls for maximum storage
Straight walk in closet:Allows for your sides and works well in smaller area.
2.Add good storage:
Having dedicated storage for all clothing and accessories makes it easier and less stressful to find the items when you need them.The right organization plan consisting of shelving,hanging space,drawers and cabinets keeps a closet looking neat and uncluttered.
3.Choosing a style:
Contemporary or traditional shaker style and many finish: Satin Painted, High gloss, Stained, Lacquered or oil finish.

product Advantages

Digah -Find Manufacture About Customized Different Designs Wardrobes-1                

1.More room for your belongs:a place to put all of your clothing, outerwear and personal gear.

Digah -Find Manufacture About Customized Different Designs Wardrobes-2                

2.Save and use space smartly:organizing neatly your items so that you can easily get it whenever you need something with helpful storage accessories as following:
Light fixtures
Bins and Baskets

Digah -Find Manufacture About Customized Different Designs Wardrobes-3                

3.Can be used as the ideal dressing room: a lovely place to sit, get dressed and prepare for your day

Digah -Find Manufacture About Customized Different Designs Wardrobes-4                

4. Increase Home Value

Company Advantages

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Company Features

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Application of the Product

Digah House Company's Designs of Walk in Wardrobes can be applied to different fields and scenes, which enables us to meet different requirements.

Digah House Company is able to meet customers' needs to the greatest extent by providing customers with one-stop and high-quality solutions.

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