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Yingweiteng, Liu Jidong: Frequency Converter Technology Leads the High-end Market

In recent years, there have been changes in the field of domestic frequency converters. On the one hand, due to the expanding demand of market segments and the breaking of the monopoly ice of multinational enterprises in this field, domestic frequency converter manufacturers have sprung up in the market. On the other hand, new enterprises have various uncertainties in theory.

Objectively, some domestic enterprises lack in-depth consideration of their own long-term development, resulting in uneven product quality and mixed market brands, which makes users confused. However, when the waves wash away the sand, gold always shines. Yingweiteng, the leading enterprise of domestic frequency converter, has made a strong voice of local enterprises in the industry and set an example in the industry. Previous industrial fairs have been the stage for many well-known enterprises at home and abroad to show their strengths. At this year's industrial fair, our reporter also took this exhibition platform to communicate with Mr. Liu Jidong, director and deputy general manager of yingweiteng.

Technology leading force high-end market

Goodrive300 frequency converter launched by NVIDIA this year shows a series of key technologies of NVIDIA, including speed sensorless vector control technology of permanent magnet synchronous motor, static self-learning technology of permanent magnet synchronous motor, static self-learning technology of asynchronous motor, V / F low-frequency oscillation suppression technology, V / f dynamic torque promotion technology and PROFIBUS and Ethernet communication technology.

In this regard, Mr. Liu Jidong's interpretation appears modest and cautious. He pointed out: "Although domestic inverter enterprises are developing at a high speed, they are still in the initial stage compared with international brands. Enterprises such as NVIDIA have to gradually come out through bit by bit accumulation. As for a series of technological breakthroughs, it is the characteristic application of NVIDIA in different industries that summarizes the technical gap between domestic inverter and foreign advanced brands, makes long-term exploration and organizes resources Finally, it broke the technological monopoly of foreign enterprises and filled the technological gap of domestic enterprises. " "At present, the products launched by NVIDIA are basically at the same level as the corresponding products of foreign well-known brands. For example, the static self-learning function of NVIDIA frequency converter is a technology that brings great convenience to customers' application in equipment commissioning. Few domestic enterprises can do it, and even the product effect of previous versions of NVIDIA is still not perfect. In this link, NVIDIA Weiteng's newly released goodrive300 product has overcome various technical difficulties and achieved breakthroughs, and these achievements are gradually accumulated, "Mr. Liu Jidong said to the point.

Firm faith to build the NVIDIA model

Referring to several acquisition cases in the domestic frequency converter industry, Mr. Liu Jidong said: "It may not be good to be acquired, and it may not be bad to refuse M & A. There are obvious differences in the development path between NVIDIA and other well-known domestic frequency converter manufacturers. For example, some domestic frequency converter brands that entered this market earlier have experienced a relatively brilliant period. However, the path chosen by everyone is different. NVIDIA was officially established in 2002, and it is not too early to start At present, it has been listed in China, and the company's business is in a period of rapid development. For the key to the success of yingweiteng, I summarize it into three points: the first is the sharing mechanism, the second is to pay attention to R & D investment, and the third is the establishment of an appropriate sales model. "

At the beginning of its establishment, yingweiteng was also a small-scale operation of the original ecology, but its founder's courage, respect for talents and strong desire and pursuit to attract talents have attracted countless excellent talents to join yingweiteng continuously, which is the biggest reason for yingweiteng's rapid rise. Mr. Liu Jidong said that its so-called successful enterprise mechanism is sharing and making people eager to be in the inverter industry Those who have made some achievements can join the stage of NVIDIA and realize themselves.

It is this sharing culture that permeates into the enterprise construction of NVIDIA and creates the strong cohesion and creativity of NVIDIA today. Will a good company be acquired? Liu Jidong does not avoid this problem. He revealed to reporters that opportunities have indeed appeared, especially in 2006 and 2007. Moreover, some quotations were attractive enough at that time. But in the end Yingweiteng has walked out of its own way, and faith has played a role.

The founders of inveterate hope to realize themselves and achieve a career. Cash out is obviously not the first choice under this concept. It is also because of this belief that inveterate has maintained independent operation and rapid development today.

Unity of knowledge and practice to promote enterprise development

Mr. Liu Jidong said that inveterate is now in a stage of climbing to a higher level. While taking a long and far view and entering the high-end market, it should also pay more attention to consolidating its advantages in the middle and low-end market. Inveterate emphasizes active service, and its growing technical support service team also provides a practical basis for this concept. Emphasizing service will involve customer satisfaction The demand for manufactured products, especially in areas with high technical requirements, is often difficult or unwilling to respond by many other brands.

Yingweiteng resolutely seized this opportunity. With its strong strength in technology and R & D, yingweiteng can decisively innovate in cooperation projects with Hong Kong Machinery, metallurgy and other industries, provide products that meet customers' real needs, and establish its own competitive advantage. It is this rapid response to customers' needs that provides yingweiteng with a competitive advantage in metallurgy, ports, elevators and machine tools, Energy and other fields have won many major business opportunities.

Inveterate's vision is to become the world's leading and respected supplier of products and services in the fields of electrical transmission, industrial control and new energy. This vision is obviously much broader than that of frequency converters. Therefore, inveterate's layout is in full swing, and relevant new product lines or commercial mergers and acquisitions are still continuing.

Liu Jidong said: "there is a saying that 'when a train gets on the track, it can run by itself'. It should be said that yingweiteng has entered a benign and basically a track of rapid development. Then, it is difficult for yingweiteng to stop if it maintains a high growth rate." However, Liu Jidong also objectively said that there must be many problems in the rapid development of enterprises, such as human resources and management system construction, which may produce many new problems. However, "under the guidance of the company's medium and long-term planning, we will practice while playing, or improve while playing." Mr. Liu Jidong told reporters optimistically.

Obviously, in the field of frequency converter, inverton has always been practicing true knowledge and integrating knowledge with practice. As long as it adheres to the company's philosophy and spirit, all problems encountered will be solved.

Yingweiteng, Liu Jidong: Frequency Converter Technology Leads the High-end Market 1

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