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Would a Better Video Card Be Worth the Money If I Only Play World of Warcraft on My Computer?

your processer and ram are good, so yeah, a better video card would up the framerate. the graphics can not get better, but they will look a lot better because of the framerate

Would a Better Video Card Be Worth the Money If I Only Play World of Warcraft on My Computer? 1

1. Will A better Video Card With My AMD A64 3400 2.2ghz Make enough of a difference?

yes with 7900GS....or 7900GT (200 enough for GT) it will boost up performance of 3D games by 20 % at least..well best of all is you no longer got those lag from Raid or online. its worth it if you play any 3D games

2. Which is the better video card (I figure they're probably about the same)? ?

they are the exact same just different names

Would a Better Video Card Be Worth the Money If I Only Play World of Warcraft on My Computer? 2

3. Which one is better video card?

this isnt even a ligitimate comparison-- the 8400 is leeps and bounds past the 6600, were talking at a minimum gsteps. Although it seems you are deciding to go with onboard vid ? since the 8400 is a severely poor representation of the 8000 series of cards. the 8600 is one gstep above the 8500 and below-- so if you have the extra cash (not even that much) then i would at the very least get an 8600 if your going for an 8000 series. otherwise save the cash and get a 7600gtxxx

4. Is it more ram i need or a better video card?

I would start with an additional 1G of Ram. Your video card looks fine

5. Should i get a better video card or increase the ram?

Just increase the RAM. Go to "My Computer" and Click on "View System Information". Then Go to the "Advanced" Tab Look for "Performance" and click on settings. Go to the "Advanced" Tab the pops up and then to "Virtual Memory" Adjust the settings to your desire. With 3.2 GHZ You are doing fine. Hope This Helps!!! :)

6. Will a better video card help with editing pictures?

lol no. it doent help with the actuall editing of the picture. the card u have is standard

7. What's a better video card? nvidia geforce gt 540m or intel hd graphics 3000?

540m, as it's a dedicated card

8. Which is a better Video Card: the NVIDIA Geforce 8400M GS or ATI Radeon X1300?

For simple games like the ones you have mentioned the 8400M GS is indeed a whole better. The X1300 is very weak for current games, the 8400M GS is not meant for serious gaming either but out of the two the 8400M GS is better. The 8500 does not exist for laptops so you can compare it. For the record the 8400GM is better than the X1300. By the way you can not build a laptop those graphics cards are for laptops and come built in.

9. I need a better Video Card?

Better go and check for the system requirements and see if they meet. And another factor, since it's an MMORPG, it might a problem from your internet connection speed? So.. were you on wireless? Were you downloading other files? Was is the server's connection problem? How much speed do you get when downloading, how much did you buy, and is that speed fast enough to connect to the game server? PS: Hey I thought the game is not released yet?! Were you playing the beta or what?? Good luck :)

10. Which is a better video card for Gaming.. Intel Family Express Chipset G33/G31 or GeForce6 6600 256MB AGP?

The intel chipset is actually ingrained with your motherboard. The AGP card, however, is a separate video card which was meant for the sole purpose of graphics for games. Granted, however, that card is really old - and AGP has been long replaced with PCI-E in the computer world for some years now. But yah that geforce card is a much better choice.

11. Whats The Better Video Card?

Which Version of each card? This could make a BIG difference

12. Which is the better Video Card?

without understanding better about your pc this is no longer achieveable to assert what the finest improve course might want to be. A video card and pictures card are in basic terms diverse names for an similar element. Getting one will improve the performance of images on the computer yet no longer person-friendly performance. in case you pc is often very sluggish, then this is totally in all chance you want better RAM. Getting better RAM will likely furnish a larger improve than a pictures card although this is demanding to assert without understanding your contemporary pc specs

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