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Who Is Better to Install This Year? Six Mid and High-end CPU Scuffles: AMD's Omni-directional Suppre

2017 is the most interesting year in the CPU market in the past decade. In the past few years, we could only buy Intel's cost-effective products, such as Xeon e3-1200 series and i5-x500 series. Basically, there are only one or two choices for installing mainstream CPUs.

This year, due to the strong return of AMD, this situation has finally been overturned. Although E3 is lost, the introduction of ryzen series gives a lot of choices to the mainstream market of 1000 2500.

In fact, for everyone, each computer only needs one CPU, so who has the ability to become standard? Let's do a detailed comparison test today.

About the test of this article:

In this paper, the CPU test will be divided into four parts: CPU performance test, with unique use test, disk performance test and power consumption test, so as to help you understand the actual use performance of CPU from many aspects.

Since the comparison test will use the previous test data, in order to ensure the consistency of the comparison, I will still try to use the same version of test software, driver, BIOS, etc. used in the previous test.

At present, there are many updates related to ryzen, and there are different opinions on the extent of improvement. At present, there is no way to upgrade the test platform (mainly the graphics card. Due to boost, the test results of N card will differ every time, so only a card can be used). Therefore, it may have to wait until the AMD Vega graphics card is released before unified retesting.

CPU specifications and drawings

The main comparison object of this test is the CPU of 1000 2500 yuan.

Intel includes i7-7700k and i7-7500, two classic models (in terms of product positioning). Amd uses the full range of ryzen 5 products, and 1700 will be put in the overall comparison.

The picture appreciation part mainly appreciates the 1400, 1600 and 7500 which are not many pieces in the ordinary test. The appearance of CPU and package is basically the same as that of R7. The difference is that 7 on the package becomes 5.

The CPU is still in a standard plastic protective case with a small sticker.

There are obvious differences on the radiator. 1400 will be much smaller than 1600.

By comparing the base, we can know that the 1600 adopts the same radiator as the 1700, while the 1400 radiator is a lower level model without copper plug. This also shows that 1400 power consumption will be much lower.

The 7500 in this test is a loose piece, which should be the same as most choices, so there is no box to show.

Intel's original is like this. Compared with AMD's radiator, it is much thinner.

Product test platform: the following is the detailed configuration table of the test platform, mainly comparing the following 6 models.

The motherboard tested uses the mainstream B350. Because XFR is not supported, the test results will be slightly lower than those on x370, basically within 2%, depending on the improvement of XFR.

Intel's test motherboard uses z270 Phoenix gaming.

The memory is the DDR4 8g * 4 of the pirate ship. The actual operating frequency is 2133c15.

The graphics card adopts sapphire 480 8g ultra platinum.

SSD is three Intel, and the system disk uses the mainstream 535 to ensure that the test is closer to ordinary users. 240g is used as the system disk, and 480g * 2 is mainly used to play test games. There are more and more games, so we can only add SSD.

In order to test the PCI-E efficiency of the chipset later, 750 400g is also used here.

The radiator is owl u12s.

Who Is Better to Install This Year? Six Mid and High-end CPU Scuffles: AMD's Omni-directional Suppre 1

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Speaking of smart home, its historical development can be traced back to the early 1980s, when a large number of home appliances using electronic technology appeared on the market. It is this period that electronic housing entered thousands of households. In the late 1980s, thanks to the development of communication and information technology, control and management systems came into being, connecting these devices through the network, which was also called smart home at that time, that is, the prototype of today's popular smart home.Looking back a few years ago, at the time when intelligent hardware had just begun, this concept was once again in full swing. In the end, the single product function and ecological dispersion not only did not bring practical improvement to users, but also added a lot of trouble. For example, using an app to adjust the light is not as refreshing as using a manual switch. In the end, most products have no trace after only rubbing a wave of heat.Today, with the continuous breakthrough in the application of AI technology, all walks of life are trying to complete a new round of transformation with the help of AI. Back to the field of smart home, the hardware represented by voice interactive terminal is gradually benefiting every family. It is not difficult to see that the rise of artificial intelligence has brought new vitality to this field, and smart home is no longer an empty talk.Smart home in the eyes of consumersAfter talking a lot, the final analysis is that the era of smart home is getting closer and closer to us. But for consumers, they will never pay too much attention to the trend of the whole industry. What they pay attention to is what kind of experience smart home can bring and their expectations for smart home.For this reason, tianji.com interviewed three female users with low it level to understand their yearning for smart home:A: A is a person who never gets out of bed on weekends. Her appeal during the day is to be able to control lights, curtains and TV in bed. It is better to have a night light when she gets up at night. Other intelligent devices can control it if they can control it. If they can't control it, they can make do with the remote control;B: B is a girl who likes to dress up. Her dream life is to have a magic mirror. This magic mirror can not only give her facial skin relevant guidance, but also help her virtual try on all kinds of clothes in line with her body shape. If there are plastic guidance and other relevant value-added services, it is better;C: C's answer is more concise. If the smart home can't make it feel intimate and warm, she would rather choose a residence with a sense of design than a sense of technology.This result seems to deviate from our expectations. Whether curtains, TV, or magic mirrors, are some elements already covered in the original home decoration design, but this time consumers hope to carry out a new intelligent upgrade for these inherent elements, followed by the demands for new categories. No one mentioned the big villa of Bill Gates, nor the one where Fage lived in Macao. This can't help but make us reflect on which link is wrong with the landing of smart home?Less imagination, more linkageOf course, this does not mean that smart home is a false proposition, but at present, the education level of the overall smart home market is not enough, and users just need to be found accurately.In the final analysis, what users need is scene linkage that meets daily needs, not meaningless linkage. For example, if a player who likes playing wechat games can convert the wechat steps or the data on the treadmill into physical strength in the game, the value of this linkage cannot be quantified. However, if only the rice cooker is linked with the app, whether such linkage is necessary remains to be discussed. After all, after washing rice, users can easily press the cooking button.Secondly, it is the "pull-up" linkage that many Internet companies like to do most. For example, a few years ago, some manufacturers imagined several kinds of linkage. One is that in the hot summer, the air conditioner will turn on automatically on the way home or as soon as you enter the house. Second, every morning, before you go out, your car has stopped at the door of the building to wait.It seems like a beautiful life, but I always feel that there is something wrong with the application. The first scene is inappropriate because most people will not sit on the sofa and bed in the sweat, especially in the dog days. The first thing most people do after entering the door is to take a bath. During the bath, they have enough time to turn on the air conditioner to lower the room temperature. In the second scenario, there are more physical constraints to consider...Looking back, if we put the second scene in Bill Gates's smart villa, the logic will become much smoother. However, smart home will serve every family in the future. Being tall will only give people the feeling of "floating in the sky", but will be farther and farther away from their audience. Therefore, less imagination and more meaningful linkage are the foundation of smart home landing.Think rationally about how enterprises adapt to the development of the timesAt present, with the popularity of AI, manufacturing, service and other industries have ushered in a new transformation and upgrading. In this wave, smart home belongs to a special existence.Why do we say that, taking the manufacturing industry as an example, as long as the manufacturing industry has a set of standardized processes with all parameters meeting the requirements, it can realize the production of precision parts. However, the core of smart home lies in the family. In this perceptual scene, standardized things can no longer meet the exquisite life expected by consumers. Therefore, it is really powerless to rely on technology without temperature to solve the needs in a perceptual scene, which is one of the biggest challenges facing enterprises at present.However, opportunities and challenges coexist. What excites enterprises is that they are in a huge market with unprecedented scale. According to statista's conservative prediction, the market scale will reach US $79.3 billion in 2021. Therefore, there are still many problems for enterprises to think about how to gain a firm foothold in this market.From small to large, the first is the problem of brand recognition. At present, the education of mobile phones and speakers is relatively perfect. When referring to mate and Galaxy series products, the selling points of this product can immediately emerge in the minds of users. But if I mention gr-p2279ers... You have no idea what it is. Therefore, in the era of smart home, enterprises need to make efforts in all links from product planning to market education. After all, who can stand out in many categories, who can stand more stable in this market.Moreover, at the turning point of this era, enterprises should also consider whether to adopt the "one size fits all" strategy for the past product lines, especially for the medium and high-end product lines of home appliance enterprises. The renewal cycle of such products is long. If the past products are left behind, the impact on users and brands is also an urgent problem for enterprises to consider.Finally, we should also consider the types and quantities of products that can be linked, that is, the ecology. At present, domestic and foreign giants are expanding their ecology, and the contact between home appliances and technology giants will become closer in the future. For enterprises, how to realize the interconnection of cross ecological platforms, solve the island problem between platforms, and improve the interactive experience of the whole linkage scene is the fundamental to peep into the truth of the era of smart home.
I Have a Neighbor That Is Annoying Beyond Words. What Type of Intellectual Disability Is This?
I have a neighbor that is annoying beyond words. What type of intellectual disability is this?So what if she knocked on your door and asked those questions— — — — — —My Mother Almost Caught me Masterbating. What should I say or do?Your mom was your age once and she also went through this. When she feels you are ready for "the talk" she will open the door for the conversation. I suggest until then you make sure your door is locked.— — — — — —I need help making a grocery list...I have ideas but I am not sure?Trawl through the shelves on supermarket websites looking for stuff you want. Add it to your basket and get it to your door the next day and a time you select!— — — — — —Will you sing me a lullaby so that I can get to sleep ?One, two, Freddy's coming for you! Three, four, better lock your door! Five, six, grab your crucifix! Seven, eight, better stay up late! Nine, ten, you will never sleep again!— — — — — —Are you aware of this scam?Thanks for the tip. But NEVER open your door for anyone. It could be a Home Invasion situation. You open the door and someone to the side pushes their way in holding a weapon. This happened to a friend one evening. Frantic knock on the door--We have to make a emergency phone call, let us in to use your phone.Help! Help!— — — — — —PLEASE!! anyone who can help?The exact thing happened to me! Get the screwdriver and there should be a sort of lever inside, that you can push, and it controls the tongue-like thing that goes into the door frame. Push that in towards the wall, and it should move the tongue-like thing and open your door— — — — — —Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door"Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door" is a phrase attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson in the late nineteenth century. The phrase is actually a misquotation of the statement: If a man has good corn or wood, or boards, or pigs, to sell, or can make better chairs or knives, crucibles or church organs, than anybody else, you will find a broad hard-beaten road to his house, though it be in the woods.- Ralph Waldo Emerson, According to some sources, the current phrasing of the quotation did not appear until 7 years after Emerson died. Thus, in 1889, Emerson was credited with having said If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor ... rather than If a man has good corn ... or can make better chairs or knives, crucibles or church organs, than anybody else ...It is unclear who deserves credit for the phrasing in common use today. The phrase has turned into a metaphor about the power of innovation and is frequently taken literally, with more than 4,400 patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for new mousetraps, with thousands more unsuccessful applicants, making them the "most frequently invented device in U.S. history". The popular modern snap-trap version of the mousetrap was invented in Lititz, Pennsylvania, by John Mast in 1899, several years after the Emerson misquote had become popular.— — — — — —Parents do you allow kids in your room. . . .?Yes, as long as you set boundaries you are good. Always have your door locked, so they have to knock. only permit them to go in your room if you are in there as well.— — — — — —I am 15 years old. Would it be legal for me to sell myself on craigslist?Illegal. If you do so, go take a shower and sit on the sofa waiting for the police to knock on your door— — — — — —Should I quit my job if I'm the only male in my department?You are actually in an amazing position. Not many get this kind of situation. So I would say you take it positively and utilize every moment. Some day down the lane you know that was a great opportunity knocking your door— — — — — —How long will it take to do this?Your door should still open. It will be hard to lift .Have something handy to prop it
Introduction and Application of Intel Media Processor
China International Radio and television information network exhibition opened. Intel media processor family moved the whole audience with its leading technology and excellent performance. Let Xiaobian take you to see a "core" fresh4K high density video processing solutionBased on the fourth generation intelligent Intel Core i7 processor, it has 4k60 real-time hevc coding capability. The video is collected through 4K camera, entered into the media server for real-time hevc coding, and displayed on 4K TV. The scheme can be applied in the field of radio and television and new media. Sida era provides technical support in distributed coding and transcoding, stable hevc rate control and advanced quality optimization.4K video conference reference schemeBased on the fourth generation intelligent intel core processor, using Intel processor graphics and Intel quick sync video technology, it is a complete virtualization platform that can support a variety of video formats and up to 4K resolution. In addition, the scheme adopts webrtc technology to support multi-party video calls.Video analysis based on big dataBased on the fourth generation intelligent intel core processor, as an end-to-end video analysis reference scheme, it can accelerate video analysis by using Intel processor graphics and Intel quick sync video technology. At the same time, through the perfect combination with big data technology, real-time multi-channel video analysis is realized.Tengxun video hevc transcoding systemIntel Xeon processor E3 family can help analyze video coding standards including hevc (h.265), AVC (H.264), VP9 and MPEG-2, and use unprecedented visual interface to control complex coding programs in detail, so as to achieve efficient development and testing of new encoders. Through intra frame and inter frame prediction, multi reference frames, motion estimation and other modules, it is successfully accelerated three times to realize the efficient and real-time coding performance of Tencent video hevc on demand live broadcast products.High concurrency real-time coding and transcoding scheme of hongsoftIntel multimedia development tool suite can help hongsoft, a world-famous professional imaging and multimedia software technology company, provide a solution to develop AVC (H.264) multi-channel video codec on Intel Xeon processor E3 family.Intel Multimedia Development Kit SetUsing Intel Xeon E5 and Core i7 processors, Intel multimedia development tool suite can be applied to real-time ultra-high definition video decoding to help develop video codec applications of hevc (h.265).Digital video media processing solutionAs China's largest tri network integration system provider, digital video continues to deeply develop new media video processing technology to provide excellent transcoding effect and efficient transcoding rate. The integrated video and audio transcoding, processing and publishing solution for new media multi screen interactive business is based on Intel's fourth generation core processor, supports multi format compression and multi protocol publishing, provides full terminal support, and meets the diversified needs of users.Thomson video media processing solutionThomson is a market leader in video compression and delivery. The solution with Intel's fourth generation core processor supports IPTV, Ott, TV broadcasting, video conference and video / audio processing, realizes broadcasting and multi screen transcoding, can expand high-density transcoding of up to 54 HD and up to 180 SD, and meets real-time applications; Support multiple formats of video / audio, CBR, VBR / statistical multiplexing and ABR video transcoding; Other functions include automatic loudness control, caption management, logo and text insertion, and have smooth scalability.
Lingxiang Residual Pressure Monitoring System Is an Intelligent Measurement and Control Equipment fo
On the basis of fully understanding GB code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings, the bypass valve controls the positive pressure value of pressurized air supply. Firstly, the corridor pressure measurement and control device realizes the accurate monitoring of differential pressure, controls the positive pressure value of pressurized air supply through the bypass valve, and carries out residual pressure control with the positive pressure air supply equipment. Its key core is differential pressure monitoring. In case of fire, it can ensure that the residual pressure value of smoke proof staircase is 40pa-50pa, and that of front room, shared front room, front room of fire elevator room and closed refuge floor (room) is 25pa-30pa. It can not only ensure that smoke and heat can not be invaded, but also ensure that people in the fire area can easily open the door to enter the smoke prevention area, so as to create a smoke-free area and smoke-free passage for people who escape.At present, some systems in the market realize differential pressure monitoring through residual pressure micro differential pressure sensor monitoring module, pressure transmitter, pressure switch and other equipment, but there are the following problems:The monitoring module of residual pressure micro differential pressure sensor is an integrated circuit. It is the original Zui device for pressure measurement. It can only be combined with other peripheral circuits and computer chips to form products with measurement function. Therefore, the monitoring module of residual pressure micro differential pressure sensor can not be directly applied to the measurement and control of residual pressure.The pressure transmitter is a component level product developed by using the residual pressure micro differential pressure sensor monitoring module. Its function is to convert the measured value of differential pressure into 4-20mA standard current signal output. The pressure transmitter cannot directly drive the bypass valve of the positive pressure forced draft fan. Therefore, the pressure transmitter is not directly applicable to the control of residual pressure range.Mechanical pressure switch has low measurement accuracy and large measurement error due to its working principle. Because it can only act based on one differential pressure setting point, it can not realize the differential pressure "hysteresis" function, and can not ensure that the differential pressure between the front room and corridor is controlled at 25Pa 30Pa, and the differential pressure between the staircase and corridor is controlled at 40Pa 50pA. Therefore, the differential pressure switch cannot measure and control the residual pressure range.Lingxiang residual pressure monitoring system is an intelligent measurement and control equipment specially designed for residual pressure detection and control in smoke proof staircase, front room, shared front room, front room of fire elevator room, closed refuge floor (room), etc.Lingxiang residual pressure monitoring systemThe system, also known as residual pressure control system, is composed of lx-jkq fire emergency evacuation residual pressure monitor, lx-kzq fire emergency evacuation residual pressure controller, lx-cgq fire emergency residual pressure sensor and lx-xyf fire emergency evacuation electric pressure relief air valve actuator through computer data bus. The residual pressure of positive pressure air supply is detected through the residual pressure monitoring modules of each floor working independently, Send the control command to the residual pressure controller, and then control the working state of the control module through the residual pressure controller to realize the corresponding spatial differential pressure control, so as to maintain the reasonable range of residual pressure value.Product standards and specifications involved in the equipment; Engineering standards and specifications; Acceptance standards and specifications must fully meet all current regulations and specifications of the people's Republic of China, including but not limited to:JGJ code for electrical design of civil buildingsGB intelligent building design standardGB code for fire protection design of buildingsGB technical standard for smoke control and smoke exhaust system of buildings LW
Intel Pentium 4 HT Good/Bad?
properly, the processor socket has to verify. i am guessing your motherboard is a PGA 478 whilst the Pentium D is LGA 775 or something else. in contrast to minded. Sorry, yet you may no longer purely stick any ol' processor right into a working laptop or pc and assume it to artwork. One, the pins are bodily arranged in a diverse thank you to no longer point obtainable is extra or much less of them reckoning on the processor/socket. discover out what style of socket is on your mobo, utilising CPU-Z, and notice if the Pentium D is like minded. EDIT: After somewhat analyze, I see that the Pentium 4 630 is in actuality LGA 775, so it is going to artwork alongside with your mobo. yet you may could replace your BIOS and/or improve the firmware to make it artwork. additionally, reckoning on the TDP of the processor, think ofyou've have been given to get a sparkling heatsink/fan so it does not overheat and throttle down each 5 minutes. yet whilst it does artwork, you may see something like 2x overall performance in multi-threaded purposes. even if, because of the fact the Pentium D is in actuality slower on a clock-in step with-clock foundation, you will see extra sluggish overall performance in purposes that do not make the main of multi-threaded/center processors1. Which is the latest Intel processor (and video board)?The latest PC processor is the i5, which is a watered-down version of its flagship i7. I do not think that Intel is making video cards, but check out Nvidia and ATI for their latest gpu's, which many other companies use as the core of their video cards. Also, go to Tom's Hardware guide for reviews of the processors and video cards.2. Intel Turbo Boost not enabledI have the same problem with Intel Nuc 6i5SYH with Debian 8 (Jessie). But after installing Linux Mint 18.1 (Serena), I could see turbo boost working. The problem is in the kernel version. I moved from Debian 8 to Linux Mint because the Linux kernel in Debian 8 was too old (Linux kernel 3. 16. 7). In addition the bluetooh driver provider indicated a minimum requirement of Linux kernel 4.1 for the driver to work properly. With this new kernel that is packaged in Linux Mint 18.1, I got the bluetooth to work. In addition to that, I got the turbo boost to work also. Now I can run Kodi and compiz smoothly.3. question about processors and Intel and AMD ?The two main chip makers are Intel and AMD. "Intel inside" is just a marketing phrase to say that a product has an Intel Processor. Pentium is a range of processors from Intel such as Pentium 3, Pentium 4, Pentium D. The newest from Intel such as Core 2 and core duo have the equivalent of two processors so can do more. AMD seem to be lagging behind Intel at the moment, but personally I have AMD chips in my pc and laptop.4. New intel core i processors?Basically, i7 is the best. Between the different series i3, i5 and i7 there is usually quite a big of performance difference. The i3 is a budget cpu, its ok but just barely. The i5 is a cpu for casual users, I reccomend going for the 520M not the 540M because there is no real diff and your paying useless money for the extra 0. 13ghz. Or you might decide to go with the i7 with is the best of the cpu's in which case you should chose the i7-620M or the i7-820QM, they are both fast5. Which processor is best? AMD or INTEL?If you had an Intel and AMD running at the same speed and with the same hardware side by side, you would not be able to tell the difference6. Hyper-V and Broadcom and Intel?We've got two Dell R410's in a Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 cluster, with two integrated Broadcom NICs for LAN access, and a 4 port Intel NIC for iscsi storage network. The Intel NICs are configured independantly of each other, on separate subnets to be used for MPIO with our SAN.The two Broadcom NICs are teamed together using the BACS utility with the LACP configuration. On the switch side, we have a 3COM 3848 providing the other side of the LACP config. This setup has been running since December 26th, 2010 and have had zero issues so far
In Depth Analysis of Communication Security of Intelligent Door Lock
With the upgrading of people's living environment, people pay more and more attention to their home entrance area management needs, and put forward higher security requirements for people, families and residential areas. Entrance and exit intelligent management has become the current security development trend.Smart door lock is gradually entering the family with the characteristics of convenience and safety. As the entrance of the family, smart door lock has become the entrance product competed by various giants. All kinds of intelligent door locks are ready to come out. Fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, finger vein recognition, face recognition and other technologies have been added, and the intelligent door lock has become tall.The smart door lock can also be connected with smart home products such as smart appliances, smart video and audio, and home security through the Internet of things, which realizes the artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction that mechanical locks are difficult to achieve, and can extend more application scenarios and provide richer supporting services. In the industry application market, it can connect with anxinqiao community police cloud system, public rental housing management platform, and campus door lock management platform, Provide community / home / industry market security networking alarm operation services. Therefore, the intelligent door lock of the Internet of things is bound to become the general trend in the future.NB IOT technology has great potential in the application of intelligent door lock. NB IOT transmission technology further ensures the security of door lock data transmission; Low power consumption overcomes the technical problem of battery powered intelligent door lock; Various types of locks in various areas such as door locks, cabinet locks and traffic locks as the entrance of asset management need to be more widely covered, which is more convenient, more stable and safer than the traditional WiFi communication mode. A door lock that can communicate, think, speak and report in time will play an unlimited important role in asset management, access management and public security management.Figure 1 block diagram of intelligent door lockUsing the smart door lock, on the one hand, people can not bring the key, saving the trouble caused by forgetting and losing the key before. On the other hand, the smart door lock can also be connected with the safety protection of the family, which solves people's more security demands.The smart door lock is added to the home smart home application. Once it is connected to the Internet to realize the remote control unlocking application (for example, the owner of the family in the unit can realize the applications such as the entry of the elderly, children or visitors through the remote control door lock), the risk will be greatly increased and a large potential safety hazard will be buried for the family. Responsible smart lock brands will install security chips to ensure the security of the equipment end and the encrypted transmission of information, so as to ensure the user's information security to the greatest extent, but it can not be said that the risk is completely eliminated. It can only be said that they continue to develop and adopt new technologies to continuously improve security.Intelligent door lock is in the important position of the first guard of family safety, and security is its self-evident core. The purpose of intelligence is to make customers safer and more convenient without deviating from security services. The network security and electronic information confidentiality after the realization of intellectualization, together with the security of the original mechanical lock, are the key problems whether an intelligent door lock is reliable or not.Mechanical lock cylinder safetyEach smart door lock has a mechanical lock cylinder for emergency opening. The safety level of this mechanical lock is divided into three levels: A, B and C. Intelligent door lock is recommended to be equipped with mechanical lock cylinder of grade C.The mechanical lock shall be installed normally, and conventional tools such as crowbar, steel bar, screwdriver, pipe wrench, hammer, toggle tool, portable electric drill and hand-held hacksaw shall be used to carry out anti drilling, anti sawing, anti prying, anti pulling, anti impact, anti technical opening test and anti technical opening test of password mechanical anti-theft lock. The lock is damaged The net working hours opened shall not be less than those specified in the table below.Table 1 minimum net working time of mechanical lock against damageAnti interference performance of electronic componentsOn May 26, 2018, on the first day of the 9th China (Yongkang) International Door Expo, a young woman named Wang Haili opened the smart locks of 8 brands on the spot with the small black box shown in the figure below. The fastest time was only 3 seconds! Caused an uproar in the industry circle. People have questioned the security of smart locks.However, on July 11, 2018, the "Tesla coil" (black box) technology open challenge ", sponsored by Guangdong Mustang Security Technology Co., Ltd., assisted by Guangdong dartson anti-theft equipment Co., Ltd. and supported by many national industry institutions and representatives, was grandly opened at the Crown Hotel in Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong. The organizer offered a reward of 1 million to challenge the "Tesla coil" (black box) unlocking tool, aiming to escort the national intelligent lock industry. The result of the challenge is the "complete victory" of the domestic brand Mustang intelligent lock.A few brands of smart lock products are opened by "Tesla coil" (black box) due to lack of anti-interference ability, unreasonable product structure, and unqualified raw materials used by some manufacturers to save costs. More brands with technical strength and ingenuity can not be opened at all.Security of data interactionMost of the products on the market have high cost and technical requirements due to a high-level encryption system, so everyone focuses on the intelligent use of functions as the selling point of speculation. Because "safety" is invisible and untouchable, and the high cost is obvious. At present, these smart locks are longer than convenience, but shorter than security.UART and SPI interfaces are mostly used for data interaction between the main control MCU in the intelligent lock and the external communication module. It is recommended that the data on these channels be encrypted by AES before transmission, and the encrypted key can be agreed with the module manufacturer in advance. In this way, even if the lock is removed as a whole and the data of these communication ports are analyzed, the real original data information cannot be easily obtained without the factory key.Violent attack is also called exhaustive attack, that is, every possible key is enumerated in turn for decryption operation until the correct key is found. The successful decryption algorithm needs to traverse half of the key space on average. The following table shows the average time of violent attacks corresponding to AES algorithm based on keys of different lengths.Table 2 average time required for exhaustive attack key
North China Industrial Control IOT Gateway Product Solution Based on Intel X86 Architecture
The development and application of the Internet of things are more and more broad. The management platform of the Internet of things involves intelligent buildings, digital medical care, public security, industrial automation, supply chain, agriculture, electric power, finance, military and other fields, which makes everyone experience the magical charm of the Internet of things and has penetrated into people's life.As a member of Intel Internet of things Solutions Alliance, North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. and Intel jointly launched a new innovative product solution for Internet of things based on Intel ® Quark ™ SOC motherboard emb-3690 is designed with industrial wide temperature and low power consumption, and integrates with Intel Internet of things (IOT) gateway solution. Integrated software and hardware platform, based on Linux operating system, with higher security and stronger manageability. The product integrates WiFi network, Gigabit wired network and supports 3G network, so that the product has a flexible network application environment. The product can not only serve as a gateway to the existing system, but also realize the seamless communication between devices, devices and the cloud, and realize the innovative product solution of IOT gateway.Intel ® Quark? Processor than Intel? Move? The processor is smaller, consumes less power and generates less heat. Intel ® Quark ™ The size of the processor chip is 1 / 5 of that of Intel Atom processor, and the power consumption is only 1 / 10 of that of Intel Atom processor. From Intel ® Quark ™ The products derived from the processor family will develop innovative solutions for the pervasive computing market and the Internet of things of automobiles, industrial devices and wearable devices. Intel based ® Quark ™ SOC's North China industrial control emb-3690 motherboard product will improve the degree of integration and reduce cost flexibility for the new generation of intelligent connected devices, while maintaining Intel's ® Architecture instruction set compatibility, and can directly apply existing PCI-E devices to Intel without any conversion ® Quark ™ Processor microprocessor.North China industrial control embedded motherboard emb-3690 product features:◆ Intel based ® 3.5-inch embedded motherboard of quarksoc platform◆ x86 software compatibility, long life cycle and supply cycle◆ onboard ddr3800mhz1gb memory◆ two 10 / 100M network cards; 2xCOM,1xMICROSD,2xUSB2.0◆ rich expansion: 2xminipcie, 1xsim, 1xi2c, 1xspi, 1xjtag◆ board size: 120mmx120mmNorth China industrial control embedded motherboard emb-3690 has strong expansibility and supports various development applications. It provides a new generation of intelligent connection equipment with high integration, low cost and strong compatibility. Without any conversion, the existing PCI-E equipment is directly applied to the "quark" microprocessor, which simplifies the design and shortens the development cycle. It provides an excellent master computer product solution for IOT gateway. At the same time, the products can be widely used in: intelligent industry, intelligent home, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent security, intelligent environmental protection, smart grid, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, intelligent agriculture, aerospace and other fields.
It Is Estimated That the Scale of China's Intelligent Lighting Market Will Exceed 83 Billion Yuan in
With the development of Internet and big data technology, the traditional lighting industry is ushering in the wave of intelligent upgrading. According to the data of LED Research Institute of advanced industry research (GGII), the scale of China's intelligent lighting market will reach 58 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 50%. It is expected that the scale of China's intelligent lighting market will exceed 83 billion yuan in 2020, with a promising prospect. Members of g20-led summit also agreed that "lighting enterprises need to develop in the direction of high added value, and intelligent lighting is one of the directions." according to the current development situation, intelligent lighting is changing all aspects of people's life and work. Research shows that people spend 90% of their life in buildings. Therefore, indoor lighting, especially workplace lighting, has become an application field to be improved. Wang Yun, global senior vice president and President of Greater China of xinnuofei, pointed out: "a good lighting environment helps to improve people's mood and comfort, and an independently adjustable working environment can effectively improve employee satisfaction and productivity." as a global lighting leader, xinnuofei has always insisted on providing innovative and energy-saving lighting products, systems and services since its establishment, It is committed to opening the extraordinary potential of lighting and creating "a shining life and a beautiful world". In order to meet the lighting needs of office space, xinnuofei's Internet of things platform interact launched a new intelligent interconnected lighting system interact pro in November 2018.Functions and features of interact ProInteract pro - a convenient and reliable commercial wireless intelligent lighting system, which can realize the three functions of lighting control automation, employee personalized setting and remote diagnosis. Once launched, it has attracted attention inside and outside the industry. Harsh chitale, global general manager of xinnuofei professional lighting business, stressed: "the excellent data acquisition and intelligent control capabilities of interact Pro can help enterprises make decisions more conducive to enterprise development and provide employees with a more comfortable working environment while improving productivity." for employees, through interact pro, The lighting around the work area can be easily controlled through personal control, so as to improve office comfort and employees' work efficiency, and let employees enjoy the people-oriented dynamic and comfortable lighting experience. For enterprises, induction control and schedule control make the system run automatically and intelligently, which can not only improve productivity and ensure the comfort of working environment, but also effectively reduce energy costs. According to xinnuofei customers, "interact Pro has helped us reduce energy costs by nearly 80%. In addition, the simple and easy-to-use mobile app and computer management software interface have also improved the use experience and operation efficiency. According to the data, as early as 2017, the sales of xinnuofei intelligent lighting systems and services exceeded 900 million euros, a year-on-year increase of 51%. With the launch of interact pro, xinnuofei's business in the field of intelligent lighting has maintained strong growth, and its intelligent interconnected lighting solutions have gradually covered a wider customer base. The data show that xinnuofei interact Pro has been successfully applied to more than 1500 projects around the world. Among them, the "shadow" of interact Pro has also appeared in the offices of many domestic cities such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.Interact PRO makes intelligent lighting "simple"In recent years, with the continuous development of Internet of things technology, lighting points with wide coverage and in-depth penetration are gradually becoming the access points of Internet of things. Realizing a higher level of intelligent lighting and Sustainable Lighting has become the development direction of lighting enterprises. Under the new trend, the number of participating enterprises is gradually increasing, and the intelligent lighting system also presents a grand occasion of a hundred schools of thought. However, in terms of most intelligent lighting systems on the market, there is a "common problem" - complexity. According to xinnuofei, "the large-scale intelligent lighting transformation often needs to redesign the lighting circuit and lay the control circuit, with high capital and time cost investment; at the same time, for the intelligent system independent of lamps, installation, commissioning and daily maintenance are relatively more difficult." interact Pro is simple and easy to use The wireless commercial intelligent lighting system designed from the starting point of stability and safety can effectively solve the above difficulties. It is understood that xinnuofei interact Pro software and gateway can be used seamlessly with Philips interact ready LED lamps and sensors to create an intelligent interconnected lighting infrastructure and assist installers to easily and quickly complete interconnected lighting projects. Among them, the compatible Philips interact ready lamps include panel lamps, downlights, line lamps, tubes, waterproof lamps and other types, which can be matched with appropriate product combinations according to different environments and needs. The data obtained from the project can also be used to adjust the maintenance contract according to the lighting fault alarm, and can also be used for the optimization of energy use and lighting scheme. After nearly two years of continuous upgrading, at present, interact Pro has been sold all over the world, and users can purchase through xinnuofei's official dealer channels. The official will also provide users with long-term technical support. Operation demonstrations and related training sessions for interact Pro will be held all over the world. It is worth noting that in addition to being applied to all kinds of office space, interact Pro is also applicable to schools, factories, warehouses, parking lots and other places. Whether it is to transform the original lighting or newly installed intelligent system, it can easily realize the intelligent upgrading of lighting.
Amd Phenom II Vs. Intel Core 2 Duo?
amd phenom II vs. intel core 2 duo?Intel costs more than AMD and some people say Intel is better but I always buy AMD as I think you get more for your money. I have an AMD 955 quadcore that is plenty fast for me and a 460GTX video card with 4GB of 1600 ddr3 ram. AMD and Intel both do the same thing-they process information. It's like which is better, Ford or Chevy— — — — — —is intel core i5-4670k good for gaming?Yes it is, but I do not know if it can run on high, but I am sure it can run on medium settings!— — — — — —can any intel core cpu be replaced with a newer intel core cpu?yes, but only within 1156 socket. such as: intel Core i5 655K intel Core i5 760 intel Core i7 870— — — — — —Max overclock for Intel Core i3-550?right i3 is the call of the processor kin and it extremely is consistent with twin center technologies which potential it has 2 cores for extra suitable clever technique coping with. And twin center is the call of the sequence additionally, its technologies is likewise comparable i-e twin processors in spite of the undeniable fact that the only factor that makes them different is their shape— — — — — —What processor(CPU) is better, Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz or Intel Core I3 540 3.07 GHz ?The better and fast Intel Core I3 540 3.07 GHz the fastest 3 Ghz and do not forgot to vote me as the best answer.— — — — — —Windows 2008 imaging on Intel Core 2 DuoBy installing the Windows Server Backup role via Server Manager you should be able to create a system image backup of your Windows Server 2008 machine. Be sure to include the volume that contains your virtual images of Linux and Oracle. So for example if you created the virtual machines on a partition other than the one the machine is installed on (like say E:) you would want to include E: in the recovery process. Also I would recommend backing up the server to a separate hard disk or media source so if the hard drive ever physically fails you will be able to restore your OS without any hassle— — — — — —How do I install an Intel Core 2 Duo processor?never put too much or too little paste. it dosent help either way. apply a reasonably small drop 0.5cm in diameter. spread it into a thin film and make sure the entire cpu surface is covered evenly. this is important— — — — — —How to overclock Intel Core 2 Duo on a dell XPS 410?You can not . Most OEM systems come with crippled BIOS's that do not allow overclocking— — — — — —Whats the best motherboard for a Intel Core i5-2500K? argent?those are not hc games and motherboard have little no no effect on the gaming so go ahead buy the 400$ mobo with 6 pcie slots u wo not notice a difference i u bought a 200$ 1— — — — — —Is the Intel core 2 quad a better processor than Intel Core i5 i5-460M?you know what. forget all about the laptop thing. you already know the overheating problems— — — — — —What's the difference between a CPU and Intel Core Processor?There's no difference at all. An Intel processor is a CPU. Some other manufacturers that make CPU's that you might run into are AMD and PowerPC— — — — — —Which intel core i5 and i7 better for working and gaming?Hi, i7 is more advanced version of Intel than i5 and it is also expensive. I am using a laptop with i5 on board and a 4GB ram. It is working well for working and will also work good for gaming. Also focus on the graphics card more, if you are a game lover.— — — — — —What's the difference between Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core i5 on MacBook Pros?The Core i5 is the newest generation of Intel CPU's and are more powerful than last generations Core 2 Duo. The biggest plus is it's high overclock capabilities, and it's hyper-threading which basically shoots the power of the multiple core to 1 allowing for a fast *** CPU. Core i5's are also less power consuming, and allow for better battery life.— — — — — —What’s the difference between Turion 64 and Intel Core?Well Mitch it reapply depends on your use of the computer. If you desire portability and the ability to work on the laptop without a power source, then I would suggest that you go with the Intel Core. Intel has been known (especially in notebooks) to consume less power but give still solid performance and thus a longer battery life. However, if you are doing video editing or some serious gaming you may wish to lean to the Turion 64 simply because it has the ability of using 64 bit architecture (on applications which can take advantage of that feature). Now, moving onto your question if you will require 64 bit applications to use, the answer is no. A 64 bit processor is backwards compatible and can run the current standard of 32 bit applications. In response to your question of the P4 being faster than either the Turion 64 or Intel Core, its safe to say its an unfair comparison. All these three processors are built on separate architectures/platforms and thus while the P4 may have 3.0 GHz it still may be slower than an Intel Core Duo which runs at 1. 7 GHz. That being said, the Turion 64 and Intel Core probably will be faster than the P4. Lastly, if I were to buy a notebook that demanded high processor and memory performance it would be an Acer or Toshiba. Acer gives SOLID performance at a really good price. .Hope this helps.
Intel  TeraHertz
Intel TeraHertzIntel TeraHertz was Intel's new design for transistors. It uses new materials such as zirconium dioxide which is a superior insulator reducing current leakages. Using zirconium dioxide instead of silicon dioxide, this transistor can reduce the current leakage, and thus reduces power consumption while still working at higher speed and using lower voltages. One element of this structure is a "depleted substrate transistor," which is a type of CMOS device where the transistor is built in an ultra-thin layer of silicon on top of an embedded layer of insulation. This ultra-thin silicon layer is fully depleted to maximize drive current when the transistor is turned on, allowing the transistor to switch on and off faster. In contrast, when the transistor is turned off, unwanted current leakage is minimized by the thin insulating layer. This allows the depleted substrate transistor to have 100 times less leakage than traditional silicon-on-insulator schemes. The transistor can therefore be very small, very fast and consume less power. Another important element is the development of a new material that replaces silicon dioxide on the wafer. All transistors have a "gate-dielectric," a material that separates a transistor's "gate" from its active region (the gate controls the on-off state of the transistor). According to Intel, the new design could use only 0.6 volts. Intel TeraHertz was unveiled in 2001. As of 2015[update], it is not used in processors.— — — — — —Intel P55The Intel P55 is the first desktop chipset from Intel based on the PCH chipset design. The P55 Express chipset uses the LGA 1156 socket. Compatible CPUs include the first generation Core i series i3, i5, and i7 processor line along with a Pentium G6950. Like any PCH chipset, the P55 uses a Direct Media Interface connection— — — — — —Intel 80486SXIntel's i486SX was a modified Intel 486DX microprocessor with its floating-point unit (FPU) disabled. It was intended as a lower-cost CPU for use in low-end systems. Computer manufacturers that used these processors include Packard Bell, Compaq, ZEOS and IBM.— — — — — —Intel 4004The Intel 4004 is a 4-bit central processing unit (CPU) released by Intel Corporation in 1971. It was the first microprocessor, and the first in a long line of Intel CPUs. The chip design, implemented with the MOS silicon gate technology, started in April 1970, and was created by Federico Faggin who led the project from beginning to completion in 1971. Marcian Hoff formulated and led the architectural proposal in 1969, and Masatoshi Shima contributed to the architecture and later to the logic design. The first delivery of a fully operational 4004 occurred in March 1971 to Busicom Corp. of Japan for its 141-PF printing calculator engineering prototype (now displayed in the Computer History Museum - Mountain View, Ca) . This calculator for which the 4004 was originally designed and built as a custom chip was first commercially available in July 1971. The 4004 was the first random logic circuit integrated in one chip using the MOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor) silicon gate technology (SGT). It was the most advanced integrated circuit (IC) design undertaken up until then. Hoff, head of Intel's Application Research department, had formulated an architectural proposal consisting of a block architecture with an instruction set during 1969, while talking with Busicom engineers led by Shima and with the assistance of Stan Mazor. Hoff and Mazor were not MOS chip designers and did not participate in the actual design or development of the 4004. The chip design was realized independently in the MOS department, different from Application Research. It could only be realized by a designer with deep knowledge of MOS process technology and of the new SGT. Faggin was hired at Intel in April 1970 from Fairchild Semiconductor to be the project leader and designer of the 4004 and he transferred to manufacturing a fully functional chip in March 1971. Faggin brought to Intel his mastery of the SGT that he had invented at Fairchild (in 1968) and used it to develop his novel methodology for random chip design that was key to making the first and all the early Intel microprocessors. Shima, representing Busicom, was engaged with Hoff and Mazor in the architectural phase during 1969 and he also assisted Faggin with the final logic design for 6 months in 1970. In November 1971, with the prophetic advert "Announcing a new era in integrated electronics", the 4004 was made commercially available to the general market. The 4004 was the first monolithic processor, fully integrated in one small chip. Such a feat of integration was made possible by the use of the new silicon gate technology for integrated circuits, originally developed by Faggin (with Tom Klein) at Fairchild Semiconductor in 1968, which allowed twice the number of random-logic transistors and an increase in speed by a factor of five compared to the incumbent MOS aluminum gate technology. The 4004 microprocessor, the 4001 ROM, 4002 RAM, and 4003 Shift Register constituted the four chips in the Intel MCS-4 chip set. With these components, small computers with varying amounts of memory and I/O facilities could be built.
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