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Video and Image Recognition Will Occupy the Largest Edge AI Software Market

Markets and markets, the world's second largest market research institution, recently released a report that the scale of the global edge artificial intelligence (AI) software market is US $356 million, which is expected to increase to US $1152 million by 2023, and the annual compound growth rate in the forecast period (2018-2023) is 26.5%.

The report points out that the increase in the workload of enterprises on the cloud and the rapid growth in the number of intelligent applications are the main driving forces driving the continuous growth of the global edge artificial intelligence (AI) software market. In addition, the increasing investment in data management strategies, the existence of the largest number of edge AI software suppliers and the increase in government spending on AI technology will contribute to the growth of edge AI software market in the forecast period.

Relevant data show that with the rapid development of the Internet of things and the advent of the era of data processing 2.0, edge computing has quickly become a popular technology. IDC data shows that in the future, more than 50% of the data needs to be analyzed, processed and stored at the edge of the network. The scale of the edge computing market will exceed trillion, becoming an emerging market equal to cloud computing. With the advent of the wave of artificial intelligence, edge computing AI has gradually become a hot topic in the market. After all, the combination of artificial intelligence and load integration will occur in the future edge computing system.

In this report, after investigating the marginal artificial intelligence (AI) software markets in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East Asia, markets and markets draw the following conclusions——

From the field of application, the application of autopilot will increase at the highest CAGR in the forecast period.

At present, the edge AI software market is widely used in automatic driving vehicles, access management, video surveillance, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, telemetry (location services), energy management, AR, VR and intelligent wearable devices. But in general, the demand for AI software is most urgent for self driving vehicles.

The edge AI software plays a vital role in the automatic driving vehicle. This is because the edge AI software provides the opportunity of digital conversion in the process of providing real-time analysis and direct analysis of more contextual information. The AI in an autopilot runs on the local processor and explains the virtual world model to determine the action taken on the car. With the help of AI based autopilot, automakers can analyze driving patterns and help improve roads to reduce accidents.

From the data source side,

According to different data sources, the edge AI software market can be divided into five markets: video and image recognition, speech recognition, biometric data, sensor data and mobile data. Driven by the new technology of artificial intelligence, the level of image recognition by machine began to exceed that of human beings, and began to be widely used on the edge side.

With the emergence of AI and machine learning (ML) in edge devices, users can now extract entities from videos and images and build applications to find information from videos. This has been widely implemented in the field of video surveillance.

Today, most suppliers in the market provide edge AI software for local analysis of images, video, gestures, sounds and actions on devices.

In the solution, the platform will grow at a high CAGR during the forecast period

Marketsandmarkets believes that according to different components, the current edge AI software market can be divided into two markets: solutions and services. The former includes software tools and platforms, and the latter includes training and consulting, system integration and testing, support and maintenance. According to the report, the edge AI platform provides users with AI applications to enable small devices to have intelligent and data processing functions. Users can extract actionable insights from edge generated data in real time and enhance the customer experience.

During the forecast period, it is estimated that North America will have the largest market scale in the edge AI software market

North America is expected to occupy the largest market size in the global edge AI software market, while the Asia Pacific region (APAC) is expected to grow at the highest compound annual growth rate during the forecast period.

In the Asia Pacific region, the highest growth rate may be due to the large investment made by the private and public sectors to enhance AI and ml technologies, resulting in increased demand for edge AI solutions for data security and privacy.

North America is expected to become a leading region in the adoption and development of edge artificial intelligence software.

Video and Image Recognition Will Occupy the Largest Edge AI Software Market 1

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but it seems the company has disappeared and you can only get it from other sites such as Canadian Content.It works on Windows 7 and due to the nature of the OSes, the same program does not run on Linux (it would need to be a different program of the same company maybe). It is available free of charge:Registration via email is optional, just uncheck the box at the end of the installation.It can monitor the Registry and the files changed during an installation. It does so by generating a snapshot before and after the installation. Disadvantages:I am not allowed to suggest programs I have no personal experience with, but you could google for "alternatives to InstallWatch" in order to find up-to-date versions with similar capabilities1. Drawing software for amateursKrita is an open source drawing application available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It features:It lacks a one-step option to clear the image:One caveat I should raise is that it is intended to support Digital Painters and, as such it's interface is rich enough to support complex workflows; much of it is not required by a light user.Less demanding users could hide all of the dockable panels (called "Dockers") except "Tool Options" and "Layers" and have a very productive and minimalist interface. Note right-clicking on the canvas will open a pop-up menu that allows brush and/or colour selection (shown below). It has full tablet support if you have one available but has plenty of pens/tools that do not require one if not.It has quiet good documentation including tutorials and a wiki manual.2. Software to manage Linux machinesIt sounds like you need chef:3. Software Engineering in McMaster or UofT?Mcmaster Software4. Character Relationship Mapping SoftwareI've used MindMeister.com for my story, and so far I have 17 characters connected in various ways. I personally use different colors for the type of connections/relations between the characters; Family=Green lines, Friends=Blue lines, and so on. IT'S FREE To my knowledge, it's only available as apps for mobile devices and as an online-version for pc and mac (do not know about Linux and other systems, but I assume it works there too. ) You can export PDFs of your 'maps' which is a nice feature I've used quite a bit5. Is "Public Domain Software" the same thing as "Open Source Software"?No, and it's not an opinion, it's a fact! Public domain means that the software is freely available to anyone to anything whatsoever with it. You can copy it, change it, claim it's your own, embed it in your devices, sell it, whatever! Open source has very specific licence requirements, which vary according to the licence. In general, you must make the source available, you may not sell it and you must retain copyright notices. Sometimes you have to share your own program if you use open source, and your progeam then becomes opensource (that's the GPL licence)6. What is a good editing software?look for Magix Video Deluxe 2.0 easy to use, user friendly interface! simply good!7. Video Editing Software That Zooms In?Sony Vegas is a steal at $45. It is fast and responsive even on older systems with low specs. It is the most stable of all the consumer level editors. It does "Ken Burns" effects on slideshows (automated zooming and panning). AND it will let you zoom or pan in a movie frame. It is the hands down best choice for consumer level video editing. They offer a free demo trial download. Give it a shot, and if the zoom instructions in HELP are not clear enough, here is a shot at explaining how to do it: Drop your clip on a timeline. Click on Track Motion. Click on Maintain Aspect Ratio. Click on Scale About Centre. Grab a corner and pull. if you want to reframe on a zoomed area, grab somewhere int he box and move it. If you screw it up, right-click and select Restore Box.8. Is there software for automating logic design?you can do what you are suggesting in VHDL or Verilog and you can get free and comprehensive development software to try from their website. I would personally recommend Altera's Quartus as the friendliest of them to try as a newcomer but they are all pretty straightforward once you've learnt a few basics.You can essentially Lego together existing logic blocks, although that naturally only gives you the functions that are already designed and available. I can not speak for Verilog but VHDL already has levels of abstraction away from logic gates so just designing in VHDL gives you some of what you describe.You obviously need to specify your design exactly so you would need to understand VHDL/Verilog well.You have not described your experience so far or detailed your expectations for the design software you would imagined, so it's hard to advise you further.
Millet TV 3S Tutorial: How to Install Software and Watch Live TV at 60 Inches
Following the launch of Xiaomi TV 3S 65 inch and 55 inch at the end of September this year, Xiaomi launched a new artificial intelligence TV - Xiaomi TV 3S 60 inch on October 18. Similar to the previous work, Xiaomi TV 3S 60 Inch adopts the original LG IPS screen with true 4K resolution. In terms of configuration, Xiaomi TV 3S 60 adopts four core 64 bit processor and 2GB memory, and fully supports Dolby and DTS hardware level dual decoding.Due to policy restrictions, Xiaomi TV 3S 60 inches needs to manually install a live broadcast software to realize the viewing demand of watching live TV. For new users who are ready to start Xiaomi TV 3S 60 inches, Xiaobian suggests that you first download a TV application market, install it on Xiaomi TV with USB flash disk, and then install other software from the application market. This installation method is a relatively convenient and fast way at present.Warm tip: for new users of Xiaomi TV, it is certainly impossible to install only the live broadcast software in the installation software. In order to facilitate the subsequent installation and operation, Xiaobian recommends that you first install the application software on Xiaomi TV with USB flash disk.Preparation tools: millet TV 3S 60 inches, a USB flash disk, and a networked computer.1、 Xiaomi TV 3S 60 Inch installation dangbei MarketOperation steps:Step 1: open "Xiaomi TV settings" → "account and security", and set "install applications from unknown sources" to allow.Step 2: download the "dangbei market" APK file, copy it to the U disk, and then insert the U disk into the USB interface of Xiaomi TV.Step 3: open Xiaomi TV, select "HD player", find the dangbei market APK in the USB flash drive, and click Install.Step 4: go here, when all the procedures of Beibei market have been completed. We can see the icon of dangbei market in the application. When you use it, you can directly click the icon to enter. After entering the market interface, we can see many application software, and the interface layout is very clear.Dangbei market interface is mainly divided into seven parts: boutique, video, game, application, classification, management and my application. Users can use the up, down, left and right keys to select, and the interface boundary is clear and clear, which is convenient for users to operate and use.2、 Dangbei market installs film and television fast search live broadcast softwareMillet TV 3S 60 Inch how to watch live TV? We use the installed dangbei market to download a live broadcast software from it, and we can watch TV immediately! There are all kinds of application software in dangbei market, because Xiaobian mainly focuses on the tutorial of watching TV live broadcast, so we choose a live broadcast software with rich resources, stable live broadcast and good reputation, that is, film and television quick search.Step 1: enter the dangbei market interface, click the search box, enter the film and television quick search initial "ysks", put the moving cursor on the film and television quick search icon, and click Install.Step 2: operate according to the prompt in the pop-up window, and select "download", "Install" and "open" in turn.Step 3: enter the film and television quick search software interface. The first display is the popular film and television recommendations and film and television topics.Step 4: on demand covers eight channels, including movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animation, children, MV, documentaries and sports, so as to meet the needs of a family of young and old without watching movies.Step 5: in the live broadcast, in addition to real-time synchronization of all CCTV and all satellite TV, there are also local stations, film and television dramas, fish fighting, LETV, movies and other characteristic channels.Step 6: of course, the ranking list is the ranking of popular dramas. There are four categories: films, TV dramas, variety shows and animation. Each category lists the top five film and television dramas.Millet TV 3S 60 inches how to watch live TV? Xiaobian summarizes the steps for you:1: U disk installation dangbei market;2: Install film and television quick search in dangbei market.After all, the way of installing software on USB flash disk is very troublesome. First install an application market software, and then the software installation can be solved directly in the application market.
RS Components Launches Free Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Software Package
RS components recently announced the launch of its free printed circuit board (PCB) design software package designspark PCB version 2. In cooperation with number one systems, the new features of designspark PCB include unique 3D visualization of PCB layout and improved database management function. New users can download the second version of the upgrade software for free at www.designspark.com/pcb, and the "Release Reminder" function in the tool will remind existing users to upgrade.Since the launch of designspark PCB 8 months ago, more than 50000 users have downloaded the software. The tool has proved to be one of the most popular free PCB design software packages available. Since the launch of the software, thousands of users have provided development opinions on the online community and information network designspark managed by RS for electronic design engineers. The second edition incorporates this information and provides users with enhanced features and functions.Designspark PCB has been strengthened in three key areas. By adding a 3D browser to the tool, engineers can see the 3D diagram of the circuit board at any stage of their design, so as to quickly evaluate the mechanical design requirements in their existing ECAD toolkit. The new database features and output graphics enable users to create and save new databases, move electronic components directly from design view to the database, and have more flexibility in reporting and printing options. Enhancements can be found in the Project menu, while new design management options include commands for angular displacement, copying, and lifting solutions. All these help users speed up design, testing and development.Mark cundle, RS Technical Marketing Manager, said: "After the first launch and successful application, we received real-time information and feedback from the designspark community about what engineers like and care about when using designspark PCB. This enabled us to quickly set priorities and develop the second version based on users' expectations of the world's most powerful free PCB design software."Martin Keenan, technical marketing engineer of designspark PCB, added: "free software tools are valued by engineers, which enables them not only to reduce costs, but also to shorten the launch time of new designs. With new 3D visualization, enhanced features and functions, designspark PCB can provide free and faster development and mobility, so as to meet the needs of our user community."
A Comprehensive Introduction to the Menu Bar Function and Usage of IAR Single Chip Microcomputer Pro
Single chip microcomputer programming software is an indispensable tool for single chip microcomputer programming. A good single chip microcomputer programming software can greatly improve the development efficiency. In this paper, we mainly introduce the menu bar of IAR MCU programming software to help you better understand this MCU programming software.I. write in frontIAR software has several series versions, such as MSP430, stm8, etc. However, in order to make the software "compatible", many series of software launched by IAR have similarities in many places, including the contents of IAR menu. Therefore, the content of this paper is also applicable to other series of IAR software.Because there are many menu contents, I divide them into two articles: "menu (I)" and "menu (II)". In order to simplify the content of the article, it is too simple, infrequently used and too complex to only briefly describe.II. Main menu contentThere are some differences in the main menu in different states. For example, there are differences in editing mode and debugging mode, and there are also differences in different simulation debuggers.1. Edit / debug mode differenceThere are 8 main menus in edit mode, and two menus of debug debugging and disassembly are added in debug mode.2. Differences between different simulation debuggersThere is a simulatoe menu option in the main menu above. In fact, this menu is changed according to the simulation debugger configured by your project.For example, differences under simulation, j-link and St link:III. File menuFile menu is a common menu, which mainly includes some common operations such as creating, opening, closing and printing files. It is exactly the same in editing and debugging modes.1. New: new file / workspace Ctrl n2. Open: open file / workspace Ctrl O3. Close: close the file4. Save workspace: save workspace5. Save workspace as: save workspace as6. Close workspace: close the workspace7. Save: save file Ctrl S8. Save as: save file as9. Save all: save all files / workspaces10. Page setup: print page setup11. Print: print Ctrl P12. Recent files: recently opened files13. Recent workspaces: recently opened workspaces14. Exit: exit the softwareâ…£. Edit menuThis menu is also the same in editing and debugging modes. It is often used and commonly used in editing.1. Undo: undo editing Ctrl Z2. Redo: redo editing Ctrl y3. Cut: cut Ctrl X4. Copy: copy Ctrl C5. Paste: paste Ctrl V6. Select all: select all Ctrl A7. Find and replace: find Ctrl FFind and replace "find next: find the next target F3Find and replace find previous: find previous target shift F3Find and replace find next (selected): find the next target in the selected object Ctrl F3Find and replace find previous (selected): find the previous target in the selected object Ctrl Shift F3Find and replace: replace Ctrl HFind and replace find in files: specify search criteria in the dialog boxFind and replace in files: specify conditional replacement in the dialog boxFind and replace incremental search: find the character Ctrl I in the dialog box8. Navigate to: go to the row Ctrl GNavigate toggle bookmark: Mark / cancel bookmark Ctrl F2Navigate previous bookmark: jump to previous bookmark Shift F2Navigate next bookmark: jump to the next bookmarkNavigate backward: jump to the previous step Alt left arrowNavigate forward: jump to next Alt right arrowNavigate go to definition: jump to F129. Code templates insert template: insert template Ctrl Alt VCode templates: edit templates10. Next error / tag: displays the next error / target F411. Previous error / tag: displays the previous error / target shift F412. Complete word: completion statement Ctrl Alt space13. Complete code: completion class / structure code Ctrl space14. Parameter hint: parameter prompt Ctrl Shift space15. Match brackets: brackets match16. Toggle all folders: fold / open face to face edit code Ctrl Alt F17. Auto indent: Auto indent (align) Ctrl T18. Block comment: block comment Ctrl k19. Block uncomment: block uncomment Ctrl Shift k20. Toggle breakpoint: Add / cancel breakpoint F921. Enable / disable breakpoint: enable / disable breakpoint Ctrl F9The above is a brief description of the contents of each sub menu (the part is the same as the toolbar button, which can be viewed by clicking the article link). Several common and important menus will be described in detail below.1. Insert / edit templateOften use the same piece of code, you can use this function. IAR has only if and for templates by default. We can add (Edit) templates ourselves, such as adding a while template. Click the "Edit template" menu to enter the editing status. The editing syntax is very simple. You can refer to the self-contained template.Insert / edit template animation effects:2. Completion statementI learned cloze in primary school. Here is equivalent to that meaning, that is to complete the words. For example, the complete code is USART_ Initializes. In fact, you only need to enter the USA letter to complete it.Animation effect of completion statement:3. Auto indentThis function is more practical. When your code is messy (that is, it is not correct), you can use this function to automatically align the code.Auto indent animation effect:V. View menuThis menu means to open or close the view window. For example, if our workspace window is missing, you can open it through this menu. Due to the addition of some view windows in debugging mode, there are some differences between the two modes.The content of this section is simple. It is easy to understand by referring to the animation effects below. The contents of the View menu are listed below.1. Messages build: compile messagesMessages find in files: find informationMessages tool output: tool informationMessages debug log: debug information2. Workspace: workspace window3. Source browser: source browserSource browser References: reference windowSource browser declarations: declaration windowSource browser call graph: call graph window4. Breakpoints: View Breakpoints window5. Disassembly: Disassembly window6. Memory: memory window7. Symbolic memory: memory mark window8. Register: register window9. Watch: variable / parameter view window10. Locals: local variable window11. Statics: static variables window12. Auto: automatically display the variable / parameter window13. Live Watch: real time monitoring window14. Quick Watch: quick view window15. Call stack: Call Stack window16. Stack: stack address window17. Terminal I / O: terminal window18. Images: picture window19. Cores: kernel status window20. Code coverage: Code utilization window21. Toolbars Main: main toolbarToolbars debug: debug toolbars22. Status bar: status barIn edit mode, briefly show the function of view: close all views and open common views step by step.View animation effects:Vi. Projcet Project menuThe Project menu is mainly aimed at the project, which is commonly used in practical use. There are some differences in the contents of the sub menu under the menu under the editing and debugging modes.1. Add files: add files2. Add group: add a group3. Import file list: import file list4. Add project connection: Add Project Link5. Edit configurations: edit configurations6. Remove: remove workspace project7. Create new project: create a new project8. Add existing project: add an existing project9. Options: target option configuration Alt F710. Version control system: version control system11. Make: compile project F712. Compile: compile file / group Ctrl F713. Rebuild all: recompile14. Clean: clear intermediate files such as compilation15. Batch build: build batch F816. C-stat static analysis17. Stop build: stop compiling Ctrl break18. Download and debug: Download and debug Ctrl D19. Debug without downloading: debugging (not downloading)20. Attach to running target21. Make & restart debugger: compile and re debug Ctrl R22. Restart debugger: re debug Ctrl Shift R23. Download: Download24. SFR setup: SFR setup25. Open device description file: open the device description file26. Save list of registers: save the register listVII. DescriptionIt is not recommended to memorize the content of this article. You need to be proficient in IAR software. To learn more about IAR or Keil, you can enter my WeChat official account or check the IAR help files.Source: 21IC
How Do I Improve Or Clean Up My Document Scans?
open the folder when ever you using the location and remove it other wice the documents are saved default location like temp folders go-start menu-run-%temp%-and press enter one new window will open remove all this like .pdf or scan related files• Related Questionswrite some uses of OCR?OCR is very useful. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Using such software we can scan the document and can store the important part from the document. Such softwares make it easy to store the needful data and leave the rest. It simplifies the Document Management process. There are many OCR scanning software provider such as Ephesoft ) Alfresco to name few.------ohh... dude... i want a antivirus or just a tool which can remove all viruses from my system.?there are incredibly some unfastened antivirus classes, yet they are not very stable. AVG is a properly-liked one-only google it-even with the undeniable fact that that's quite vulnerable. a extra suitable option could be NOD32-even with the undeniable fact that that's an ordeal version only. in case you like an extraordinarily stable antivirus application, purchase the approved version of Kaspersky-its good yet can sluggish your pc down------What is the best scanner and scanner software for the Mac?Why on earth might you prefer to take heed to people's telephone conversations, thats kinda unhappy truly. so as to accomplish that your computing device might prefer an aerial related to it on an identical time as working the suited utility, it probable exists someplace------I am thinking about buying a NeatDesk?As has been mentioned Linux does now not run windows packages but has tons of possible choices which might be most commonly free. As you require distinct windows software then it's first-rate to stick to home windows. You could, nevertheless run Microsoft office, photoshop and iTunes on linux through making use of crossover workplace for Linux (a paid for linux prog).------I am a novice. I am trying to scan and email a document, but it scans as a .jpg file. How do I tell it it is a?in case you decide on editable text fabric, you will need an optical character acceptance (OCR) software, which comprise Omnipage. some scanners come bundled with constrained character acceptance classes - you are able to verify the documentation you get carry of with your scanner. in case you basically decide on your percentto look on a notice website, import it into notice applying Insert | photograph | From document.------is there a WAY TO SCAN A DOCUMENT AND SAVE IT AS A PDF FILE?that's using fact the documents are pictures on the grounds which you scanned them in. So certainly a picture is going to be greater effective then purely ordinary textual content fabric. Now in case you typed out the checklist in say MS be conscious then the checklist could be textual content fabric and while converted to PDF it may be small.------How to automate Adobe Acrobat XI Standard to re-compress a lot of PDFs?You can Use AutoIt 3 to automate this.Use the included recorder. Start in File manager with the first file.Enter, sleep, altf... Last step altF4, to get back to the file manager. Then Cursor down, to get to the next file.If they are in different folders, use Windows search as the starting point.------How can I make a print of a painting on canvas?First you take photographs by a quality camera from your canvas in high resolution. Then simple upload your pictures on Canvas Design. Choose size and price from list and order them as per your requirement. They will send your printed canvas as soon as possible. For more details visit :------I want to copy my book on Microsoft word how do i do it?You need to configure your scanner to scan documents to Microsoft Word instead of Adobe Reader. How you would do this depends on your scanner. More often then not the scanner will have to support OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which most modern scanners should.------Do I need Microsoft office to scan a document or do I just need Adobe?Get a loose PDF printing application which includes stunning PDF or Nitro PDF. stunning installs as a printer in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it prints your to a .pdf record. Your scanner utility could mayalso test your your record to a pdf record.------How can i convert scan file to in MS word Format?Text in a PDF file is allready in a text format, but a scanners give you a bitmap picture. You most use a OCR (Optical Character Recognision) program if you want a scannned page as text. TextBridge are one off many such program. Software included with many scanners also included OCR functions------How do I scan a document and then type on it?you like OCR (Optical character Reader) software. i've got tried somewhat some loose ones and that they look ineffective. possibly a commercial one could be ok. have you ever acquire Microsft workplace? in that case goto initiate/ALllPrograms/Microsft workplace/Microsft workplace kit/Microsoft workplace rfile Imaging.------Is it possible to comvert my PC to MAC?there is not any thanks to covert computing device to Mac because the hardware help in Mac is thoroughly diverse than computing device. yet you should use the softwares like digital computing device and installation Mac utilizing it. it is going to nonetheless load living house windows yet through that application you are able to run Mac OS!!.------What type of software is needed to draft sewing patterns?Look into nearby colleges that may offer some fashion design classes. Drafting can be done manually with good math skills and proper drafting tools. I learned this method years ago. I know there are some computer assisted programs in use now, but you need to understand the process to make a successful pattern. This is where proper instruction comes in------Can't scan to exactly letter size (8.5x11) PDF?Ditto on the 'most scanners do it' reply. My scanner has a physical 0.125" gap between the scan area and two paper edges. I have to monkey with paper position if I want the full paper scanned. As for PDF creation, you can sometimes trim the software DPI settings - doing the math to move from 300dpi to 291dpi or whatever makes the PDF read as 8.5x11.0.------ how do i get rid of it ?Try this one, its free. SUPERAntiSpyware is the most thorough scanner on the market. Our Multi-Dimensional Scanning and Process Interrogation Technology will detect spyware that other products miss! SUPERAntiSpyware will remove ALL the Spyware, NOT just the easy ones! Easily remove over 100,000 pests such as SmitFraud, Vundo, WinFixer, SpyAxe, SpyFalcon, WinAntiVirus, AntiVermins and thousands more!------Is there a flatbed scanner with ADF which can produce heavily compressed PDF files?not nativley - but you can set up any scanner with a document feeder to save the files to any location and then use adobe acrobat to watch the folder and automatically convert any files to PDF, this actually works better as you can setup any PDF prefs as a template------How can I create a text pdf file with my scanner?truly advantageous taht maximum E-books are written manually, or they take the unique record that the e book substitute into printed from. greater to the element, books are copyright cloth and you need to not truly be re-allotting it without the author / bookmakers permission------Best protection for home computer?Windows used for Internet banking is a big mistake, no matter what defense you have, especially when you have known habits that are infectious. Dual boot Windows, and use Linux (Ubuntu is very easy to use) for those extremely delicate transactions.------I wrote a book but don't know how to get it on ebook?You can scan your book into PDF format just by using A-PDF Scan Paper. This software can help you to scan paper documents into PDF files while connected with scanners. And you can also add watermarks, security methods, do page setting for output PDF files. Get more information in below link:------what is the future of adobe flash platform development?FLASH is UNIVERSAL BECAUSE THAT WILL WORK WITH VC INTERNET BROWSERS. YOU CAN MAKE AN APPLICATION TO BE OPENED IN A WEB BROWSER AND Offiline BEING INSTALLED IN OWN MOBILE. WHAT CAN YOU DO IF THE TREND WORLD WALKS TO THE INTERNET OR LOCAL NETWORKS INTRANET.------Create copypastable PDFs from scansI personally use Adobe's Creative Cloud - All Apps subscription - cancel anytime. OCR - quality depends on the dots per inch scan.Readability and quality of scanned item.Pasteable text - yes. Editable original text - yes. Notation - YesUnfortunately I can not answer for the following:From my research Adobe will work on Linux.------I am trying to scan a document into my computer to make changes to it. It puts my doc. in Paint. Help!?You need to use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. By default your scanner/PC will save your document in an image format, assuming that all input from your scanner are photos. The most common brand of OCR software is Omnipage, you may have even received a OEM copy with your scanner.------WIA Driver for Windows 7?WIA (Windows Image Acquisition ) driver is included in Windows 7. "If your computer is having problems with a recently installed device or other hardware, try using the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to fix the problem. It checks for common issues and makes sure that any new device or hardware attached to your computer was installed correctly. " Instructions are included in the below cited source:------I need help ASAP converting documents to word format!! PLEEEEEASE :)?you could detect a application that scans records right into a distinctive format. Textbridge could test a record, and open into my default be conscious processor. do not comprehend if that is nevertheless obtainable, have not had it for approximately 8 years.------Software for scanning documents into pdf?you may test the report often as a pdf report and keep it on the computing device, then use an OCR utility to transform the scanned pdf to editable observe or text fabric format and edit pdf in observe. There are a number of internet site could make scanned pdf editable, Google information and OCR Terminal are good 2 loose online OCR utility, you grants them a attempt------urgent pls.want to convert .jpg to .doc file such that it is as if i can edit it. pls help me its urgent?you're able to desire to re-test the text textile and save as a text textile document which will import into maximum be conscious processing courses. Your jpg document wil import right into a be conscious processing rfile yet you will not have the potential to edit it in that type because it basically a image------Can the "Ion Book Saver Book Scanner" transfer books right into an e-reader format?According to their website, it produces searchable pdf files. If the OCR (optical character recognition) software is good enough, you can copy/paste the OCR into a word processor, proofread the text to ensure it is accurate, save as an html file, then import into Calibre to create a true ebook------Canon Image runner PHOTOCOPIER Scanner software?GIMP 2 is a great loose image enhancing application. it is going to resize a picture fairly a lot even though it might desire to be slightly extra complicated than you like while stable previous microsoft paint will resize a picture lol------how to be safe on your computer?1st line of protection is -get an Anti-virus software! get something like AVAST then get a spyware remover software like Spysweeper. Get yourself CCleaner use every few weeks which will clean up your computer from junks. Never download anything unless it's from a trusted website.------DO you know a scanner software that can edit documents.. ?you will possibly ought to choose directly to spend lots in case you circulate with errors-unfastened scans. all of them jumble your text textile quite. some application provides jumbles that would desire to't be deleted. Do an incredible form of learn and use the unfastened trials before you purchase some component. satisfied finding!------Scanned document to be editted in Word?Optical character recognition, usually abbreviated to OCR, is the mechanical or electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text (usually captured by a scanner) into machine-editable text. Your scanner may have come with basic software that can do this. If not there are software titles that can do this. There are probably free software titles out there but I have yet to try any of them myself.------free scanning software to replace the physical scanner?the software comes with the scanner, you still have to physically put the document some where to scan it? Update you scanner is an option they are becoming faster and with more options, unless you get a very high quality digital camera around 10 Megapixel and take pics? Disadvantage huge email attachment?------How can I change the size of pdf files I scan?you will possibly prefer to set your website length interior your unique rfile, yet a software alongside with stable Converter PDF will assist you customise the website length to be in spite of you want it to be and create your pdf by using printing to the classes PDF printer driving force------Is there a size difference between a .pdf and .jpeg?The PDF documents are optimally sized: While converting any existing format to PDF, the file automatically becomes highly optimized, i.e. it become much smaller in size without losing any quality. So, you can scan documents directly to PDF format, try A-PDF Scan Paper, this software is professional on converting paper documents directly to PDF format with connecting to any scanner. Get more information in below link:
Where Should I Ask Software Architecture / Design Questions? [duplicate]
Where should I ask software architecture / design questions? [duplicate]Software Engineering is the place for you.And if any one says otherwise tell them to read the on topic help section and that I sent you— — — — — —Software Architecture Group Decision MakingBoth practitioners and researchers recognize that software architecture decision-making is a group process that involves several stakeholders discussing, evaluating and shortlisting architectural decisions. Studies of practitioners found that though groups are ideally sized, a structured approach to decision-making is largely lacking. Specifically: There is a predominance of unstructured approach to decision-making. This limits the participation of group members. There is a lack of collaborative tool support to assist architects in the decision-making process. Architects often experience delays and omissions in the decision-making process due to lack a of a structured approach Architecting teams experience challenges including Groupthink and Group polarizationThese challenges provide good scope for experimentation and research for the software architecture community.— — — — — —Software architectureX uses a client-server model: an X server communicates with various client programs. The server accepts requests for graphical output (windows) and sends back user input (from keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen). The server may function as: an application displaying to a window of another display system a system program controlling the video output of a PC a dedicated piece of hardwareThis client-server terminology - the user's terminal being the server and the applications being the clients - often confuses new X users, because the terms appear reversed. But X takes the perspective of the application, rather than that of the end-user: X provides display and I/O services to applications, so it is a server; applications use these services, thus they are clients. The communication protocol between server and client operates network-transparently: the client and server may run on the same machine or on different ones, possibly with different architectures and operating systems. A client and server can even communicate securely over the Internet by tunneling the connection over an encrypted network session. An X client itself may emulate an X server by providing display services to other clients. This is known as "X nesting". Open-source clients such as Xnest and Xephyr support such X nesting. To use an X client application on a remote machine, the user may do the following: on the local machine, open a terminal window use ssh with the X forwarding argument to connect to the remote machine request local display/input service (e.g., export DISPLAY=[user's machine]:0 if not using SSH with X forwarding enabled)The remote X client application will then make a connection to the user's local X server, providing display and input to the user. Alternatively, the local machine may run a small program that connects to the remote machine and starts the client application. Practical examples of remote clients include: administering a remote machine graphically (similar to using remote desktop, but with single windows) using a client application to join with large numbers of other terminal users in collaborative workgroups running a computationally intensive simulation on a remote machine and displaying the results on a local desktop machine running graphical software on several machines at once, controlled by a single display, keyboard and mouse— — — — — —Software Architecture - From design to sucessful implementationDetermining if a project was implemented successfully is pretty easy - does it meet the business requirements and are the support costs low? Everything else (OOP, testing, documentation, guideline adherence, etc) are means to those ends.They are mighty important and incredibly useful means to the ends, but that does not make them the solution. As an architect you can follow all the rules and still fail spectacularly if you lose focus. I was going to add this as a 2nd answer, but I guess not.2 way communication is probably the most important tool an architect has. An isolated software architect who issues edicts but does not solicit and listen to feedback from the team (& from the business) is going to be ignored.— — — — — —In software architecture how underrated are the concepts of "not my problem" and "avoid premature generalization and/or optimization but never deliver a non-generalized/optimized product"?"Not my problem" is more important than people might realize. (Or, citing an old Polish saying, "Not my circus, not my monkeys.") In fact, along with the requirements, a project should have a list of "anti-requirements," explicitly describing either what the end project should not do, or subproblems that are to be assumed as "outside the scope of the project." This will ensure that you are not writing code to address things that are explicitly not required. (Another application of the YAGNI principle: "You Ai not Gonna Need It.")I've addressed elsewhere the issue of program optimization, in Amy Bowersox's answer to What are some things to consider when someone wants to improve the performance of a program undergoing development? In particular, note the Knuth quote: "Premature optimization is the root of all evil." Premature generalization, moreover, is another thing that goes against the YAGNI principle. In fact, as Tom Musgrove points out, generalization and/or optimization may not even be an issue for the particular project; it may be a "use once and throw away" kind of thing, or it may always operate on a sufficiently small input data set as to make optimization not worth the effort. Basically, you wind up with a situation similar to that outlined by Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler": You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away, and know when to run... Hat tip: Aryeh Friedman for the A2A.
I Am Told My Work Is 'excellent', but It Never Makes into a Final Product. How Can I Claim My Result
Do you have any evidence that your third and fourth paragraphs are true? Has your boss told you "I think you're excellent, but I never talk to anyone above me, they just have a list of who wrote which features and that's how they give the raises out?" If so, leave that company, it's insane. Your boss is repeatedly giving you assignments that will lead to never getting a raise, while telling you that you're doing fine. Your boss would also be abdicating one of the most important functions of a boss: monitoring and reviewing the all around value of every employee (including things like cultural fit, leadership, office ambience etc.)Or, is this just how you think it works? Just a set of assumptions? Here's what I suggest you do. Ask your boss (email or in person) for a 15 minute meeting. In the meeting, say something like this:I know this isn't my review and I'm not asking for this meeting to be my review. You've told me many times that my work is excellent, and I'm always glad to hear that. But as the date for my review approaches, I can't shake off a worry that my raise will be based strongly (or even entirely) on the revenue I bring to the company, meaning features that are in the product. Since in my case that's none, I'm scared I'll get no raise, or a bad review. I want to avoid that.Then wait. Let your boss tell you how reviews work in your company. You may hear any of:That last one is highly unlikely, but I have to consider the possibility you work in an insane company.If in fact raises are mechanically determined based on features or bug fixes in the live code, this conversation gives your boss time to adjust assignments or merge some of your code in or whatever. If, as is far more likely, things just aren't that cut and dried (after all, this is a place that paid you to write some great stuff and then left it lying around because there wasn't time to integrate it - I find it unlikely they have the tools to let someone who isn't your boss determine who wrote what and hand out raises accordingly) then you will get your reassurance.If this chat takes less than 15 minutes, you could also offer:Would you like me to investigate a strategy for getting more of my code into the product, by adding tests to other people's code for a while and paying down our technical debt? Perhaps that would help our overall quality?But in a way, that's a separate conversation, since it's not really about "hey boss, how do our reviews work anyway?" which appears to be your primary concern at the momentI work for a software company. I have been on a project for nine months, and I have always been reassured by my first-line manager of the fact that my software increments would have been integrated into the system on a regular basis.Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case: the company is only able to react to customer bugs and feature requests but does not really plan, nor forecast. As we are always in a "state of emergency", there is no time to integrate and regression test my increments.I have asked whether the problem was with my work, and they were searching for excuses not to deliver it to the customer, but I was told I am an "excellent software engineer", that "my work is valuable", that I am the only one making unit tests (I do this to convince people that my software is stable and robust to corner cases) and other cheerful commendations.But at the end of the day, middle management and HR are not aware of what I have done and until it makes into a final product, I cannot claim my results, for excellent they might be.I have no time to lose, a family to take care of, and my salary/title will be reviewed in three months. People that have only fixed bugs and hacked up poor quality software deliverables are more likely to get a pay rise or a promotion, because their work "brought money to the company".How can I increase my 'visibility' and cause my work to make it into the final product?
Do I Have to Come Up with the Coding to Become the CEO of a Software Company?
Do I have to come up with the coding to become the CEO of a software company?No, you just need to hire people to work on your idea. They will just be employees and will get salary, ownership of product will remain with you. Legal advice is highly recommended— — — — — —Should I take a pay cut to join a software company in Europe?Whether to take the job or not, is a personal decision and I will not try to advise you about.I do not think recruiters will be able to "low-ball" you just because of where you are. You will need to be aware of the market conditions as they are when you attempt to come back. Nobody wants to pay you more than they have to, and it's your job to know what you can get in the open market.The only risk you are really running as much as a pay cut is concerned, that if you are attempting to come back into an "employers' market" it will be tougher for you to retain the levels of income you left behind, as opposed to if you kept your job all this time— — — — — —Can someone work on side projects while at a software company?One point to add is to just talk to the powers that be at your company if it seems close to your non-compete.At a previous company, a colleague and I approached the SVP of Product about an idea we had, and we were met with awesome enthusiasm and he directed us to our company's partner program, urging us to register as partners and leverage the customer-base of our workplace.We could've just flown under the radar and skirted the edge, but why not just talk about it? It kept our jobs safe, and gave us a huge boost and motivation to go and do more.— — — — — —What is a good LMS system for a small software company looking to track learning and training progress of its junior developers?You should definitely look at Aaraat's vLearning. They have comprehensive features at affordable pricing (pay per learner)— — — — — —Selling software to a company? What copyright should I do?First of all, congratulations!You really need to talk to a trusted relative (because you are probably young, and that trusted relative will hopefully have more experience and be a second pair of eyes having your best interest in mind), and get an accountant and contract lawyer, because you need to decide whether to:Each has it's advantages and disadvantages.Also, an important question is whether they would expect you to maintain it for them, and how much they would pay you for such maintenance.(Changing subjects: I am dubious as to whether or not this is really on-topic for the Personal Finance & Money site. ).— — — — — —How can I find a salesperson for a software company, based on percent from every deal?Find a good recruiter/headhunter. My company does not do software sales, but there are several that do. It will cost you quite a bit, but the return on having a top notch commissioned sales rep will cover that very rapidly— — — — — —Is Java still the go-to language if you want to work in a large software company?I think the question is wrong. It should be Is Java the to Go-To for Large Enterprises, not large software companies.Internal software development at Enterprise and Government levels tend to use Java/J2EE more than anyone else. Thus collectively making Java so popular and in demand. The next question is why? . Well. honestly there wasn't any competition when J2EE hit the market. Java itself was slow and unstable, but it allowed for larger groups of developers to work pieces of an application at the same time thus making time to market 1000% better. .NET was 'trying" but required an even slower and more expensive Microsoft stack. Larger companies did not have Microsoft networks and servers thus not really making it an option.Now with the revolution of Javascript. Java is being replaced with JS based frameworks and a lot of that 20-year old Java stronghold is coming down. Add Python and you have a 1-2 punch right to the heart. Even mid-size companies are letting go of their .NET infrastructure for JS based solutions. Microsoft with their Azure cloud allows for people to use whatever they want and do not force . net solutions. PHP was the Go-To for many small/micro companies because of the low cost of entry and low overhead. Even for Indie developers you could setup development servers on your personal or spare computer and develop full applications. JS makes that even cheaper (Based on Setup time and portability). The speed gains from Frontend JS Frameworks like VueJS , Angular and React makes applications work 10x faster AND more fun to code.I think it would be safe to conclude that javascript is now the official Go-To language for Software Companies , Enterprise Companies, Small Companies, Startups, and Indies. Java, .NET and PHP are now officially in legacy mode. Is Java still the go-to language if you want to work in a large software company?
Finding New Software, Checking Their Security History?
Finding new software, checking their security history?Maybe not exactly what you are looking for but you could check if their software has a good or bad record in terms of vulnerabilities. Just google for software name and then "exploit" or "vulnerability". If something exists, you will be directed to links of corresponding CVEs or links on exploit DB or similar.— — — — — —Don't have the new 'Software' Store in Ubuntu 16.04 LTSHave you tipped the check box to download updates during install? If not try to make an update. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgradeBut normaly it should be installed, except the case of a beta build— — — — — —what could be the reason for my new software to block?Are you 9? I can barely understand what you are saying— — — — — —Is there a way I can update my iPhone 4S to the new software update without un-jail breaking it?I know two ways go on cydia and look up iOS 7 software or look up iOS 7 you might find something but the other way is to upset it and jailbrake it again— — — — — —can anyone tell from where can i get cool new softwares???Here you go! Happy hunting!— — — — — —How do I install new software?APT is the package manager under Debian, for Raspberry Pi or any other system. The command line tool curl is installed in this example. You need to be connected to the Internet. If you have not done so recently it is worth running, This updates the list of packages that are available to apt-get. Then use apt-cache to search for the package that you want to install, in this case, Every package name or description with the word 'curl' in it will be displayed in a list. This is useful in cases where you are not sure as to the exact name of the package that you want to install. Once you have the name of the package that you want, install it as follows, If you are not sure what you are looking for or just wish to browse through what is available, you can alternatively use the menu-driven tool Aptitude:— — — — — —Why are companies still actively developing new software in Java? It seems that there a better language is out there.Q: Why are companies still actively developing new software in Java? It seems that there a better language is out there.The main reasons are legacy and organizational inertia. There are a lot of systems written in Java and most development is not greenfield projects, but refinement of existing applications/infrastructure. If it works, do not fix it. It costs a lot to port software to a different programming language and its eco-system. COBOL is still used because there are a lof of systems developed in COBOL.Concerning organizational inertia, it takes time to get an organization to use new technology. As a rule of thumb, if the new technology does not give a magnitude better in some critical aspects (e.g., productivity, quality, etc.), then it is not significantly better in itself. Few technologies achieve this. For example, a company bought a new system, it cost 20000000. the organizational cost for learning this new system was initally 200000000 and it took one year— — — — — —How can i make my computer faster without new software or hardware?There is this little OS called linux. Ever heard of it?— — — — — —New software engineer: Should I seek new projects/employment if I am working with aging technology?Is this paranoia reasonable, and if so would it be wise to have a conversation with management about this concern? You want to tell your current boss you are afraid you wo not be attractive to other employers? I do not think that's a good idea...Or, if I would like to be able to work with companies using more modern technology in the future, would it be best to just keep my nose to the grindstone?I think you should keep trying out new technologies in your spare time. Pick up a small hobby project to work on one or two evenings a week, using a different platform or programming language. Feel free to abandon projects or stash them to try out yet another thing. The goal is not to master one particular second language, but to keep trying out new things every other month or so.Another option is to look on Meetup for events in your area. At least in my area, there's quite a few groups promoting their pet new language/platform and giving demos to people who want to give it a try. (It's probably also a good way to casually stay visible to potential new employers.)
Breaking Down IGo3Ds Decision to Use DigiFabsters 3D Printing Management Software
Breaking Down iGo3D’s Decision to Use DigiFabster’s 3D Printing Management SoftwareThe software-as-a-service company's 3D printing management software provides a cloud-based CRM and instant quotation solution, which allows its hundreds of 3D printing customers to build conversion rates and increase revenue. This empowers clients to turn leads into paying customers, while also helping them seamlessly manage order flow.DigiFabster is currently working with iGo3D, a German reseller of 3D printing equipment, accessories, software, and consumables. iGo3D is using DigiFabster's software to automate its sample request process and better serve its clients.John Hauer, the CEO of consultancy Get3DSmart, tells 3DPrint.com, "Essentially what DigiFabster is doing in this case, is allowing a reseller of 3D printing equipment to be more efficient in how they produce sample models, which in turn helps them compress sales cycles and sell 3D printing equipment more quickly and efficiently. "That's entirely different than the usual scenario where they help service bureaus manage quotes and orders."A little background — iGo3D was Germany's first 3D printing equipment provider to open a retail store. After starting out selling 3D printers directly to customers through the store and online, the company realized it could help other German companies sell 3D printing products, so it expanded and started to build up a reseller network. iGo3D kept growing, and opened a new business unit last year called Additive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), which is also a common brand with Grupo Sicnova 3D. AMS helps larger organizations and companies achieve their goals in specific markets with additive manufacturing. "This is a lot of work while trying to juggle multiple clients and resellers, which is why iGo3D called on DigiFabster. Its software tools help iGo3D accept sample requests online, putting them in a job management queue so the company can make sure every job is completed and returned on time. This saves iGo3D and its customers time and labor — the company can focus on the more important tasks, like producing and shipping samples, and let DigiFabster's software take care of receiving, inspecting, fixing, and writing up orders. "It seems every day more new companies are entering the 3D printing space, and basically there are four places to make a play — equipment, materials, software and services. As new equipment providers enter the scene, they have to make a choice. They can try to sell direct or work through resellers. Most have decided to work with resellers in one form or another. While some resellers have expertise in 3D printing, many are joining the fray because they already have customers and expertise in specific markets and want to expand their offerings," Hauer told 3DPrint.com"The challenge resellers face however, is that often they do not have the additive manufacturing industry and product expertise they need to validate the solutions they are selling. One big example has to do with making samples. Whether you are selling copiers or 3D printers, buyers want to see output. Not just demo files that are fine tuned for specific machines, but real live applications that customers are planning to produce with the equipment they are considering. "This creates a big problem for resellers in that many from outside the industry do not have a team of industrial designers who can review CAD files and make the necessary fixes needed for optimal output. Further, they do not have workflow processes in place to manage the onslaught of file requests. As a result, they sometimes end up delivering an inferior product and do not provide the turn time needed to keep sales cycles on track. "According to John Hauer, who is highly familiar with the 3D printing industry, other large resellers that do not have the industrial design skills to receive and process sample files have had similar issues in needing to prove to potential customers that their solutions work, or risk losing a sale."DigiFabster's core customers are service bureaus who intend to profit from every job they sell. They need the ability to quote online and manage orders automatically. Like everywhere else, eCommerce has the ability to save them time and money while simultaneously helping them generate new revenue. But for equipment resellers the stakes might even be higher. If they do not manage the sampling process effectively, all the money they spend in marketing and sales is likely wasted. To close the deal, you simply must be able to prove your solution," Hauer tells us."Therefore, what DigiFabster is doing with IGo3D is a completely different use case. IGo3D is using the software to automatically fix the files they receive, reducing the labor and expertise needed to make them 'print-ready. ' They are also using the software's order management capabilities to track requests and improve turn time. The end result is better quality samples, delivered more quickly. Instead of dreading the thought of producing them, iGo3D can leverage sampling as a unique competitive advantage. ""Further they are 'eating their own dog food.' Many customers are looking to monetize their investment in 3D printing equipment. Resellers who use workflow software as part of their own sales process are in a unique position to understand its benefits and share them with their clients. That's the definition of value add. They are not just trying to move boxes, they are able to offer a comprehensive solution that involves products, services, and expertise."iGo3D is not the only company looking to save on time and money while improving the customer experience — other 3D printing equipment providers and service bureaus are learning that software like DigiFabster's can give them a leg up over the competition.Originally published at 3dprint.com on March 20, 2018
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