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Top 10 Apple and Android Smartphones You Can Buy for Under $300

With the arrival of foldables like the Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Fold, buying a premium smartphone has become more expensive than ever. However, if you are willing to live without cutting edge premium features like wireless charging, foldable displays or triple-lens cameras, it's not all that hard to find a decent smartphone on a budget. Saving money this way, might not leave you with the prettiest looking handset but, at the end of the day, it will still provide you with all the usual features and mobile connectivity you need to get through the day. If our round-up of the best Apple and Android smartphones you can find for under $700 and $600 was not cheap enough for you, here's our latest list of the top 10 best Android and Apple phones you can squeeze into a budget of under or around $300. The Motorola One Macro is a fast, clean and highly-usable phone with a nifty trademark feature and longer-than-average battery life. Under the hood, the One Macro comes powered by MediaTek's Helio P70 processor, 4GBs of RAM and 64GB of ROM. Like the name suggests, the One Macro distinguishes itself through its incorporation of a macro lens when it comes to the rear camera. However, the real charm of the device can be found in all the things it features that modern flagships do not . In our review of the Motorola One Macro, we said that "For all the compromises that have been on the hardware, the cleaner software might just give the Motorola One Macro the edge over the more expensive Motorola G8 Plus." You can read our full review here. None Design not as nice as One Vision In Australia, you can buy the Motorola One Macro through the following: The Motorola One Macro is not available on any postpaid mobile plans via Telstra, Optus or Vodafone but you can always pair the device up with a SIM-only plan (see below). Picking up where the original Nokia 5 left off, the new Nokia 5.3 features a 6.55-inch HD screen, a Snapdragon 665 processor, 4000mAh battery, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of on-board storage. It's also got a quad-lens rear camera to the sum of a 13-megapixel lens, a 5-megapixel ultrawide lens, a 2-megapixel macro lens and a 2-megapixel depth lens. Originally priced at AU$349, you can now find the Nokia 5.3 for slightly less than that. In Australia, you can buy the Nokia 5.3 through: The Nokia 5.3 is not available on any postpaid mobile plans via Telstra, Optus or Vodafone but you can always pair the device up with a SIM-only plan (see below). Despite being perched at the bottom-end of Samsung's A-series lineup, the Galaxy A30 has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. It's got a 6.4-inch FHD display with a teardrop notch, a dual-lens rear camera, an Exynos 7885 processor, a 4000mAh battery, a fingerprint sensor and Samsung's OneUI Android skin. It's leaner and less feature-packed than some of the pricier A-series options to be sure but Samsung have managed to keep the core fundamentals of what makes a good smartphone intact here. In Australia, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy A30 through: The Samsung Galaxy A30 is also available on postpaid mobile plans: Refurbished versions of Google's second generation flagship can now be found for less than AU$300. While you are not getting quite the same level of cutting software and hardware found in the Pixel 3 or Pixel 4, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL still offer up plenty of likable features. In our review, we said that "If you want a smartphone that does everything or is the best at any one particular thing, there are lot of other options out there. As brilliant as the Pixel 2 is, it's not going to sate the ambitions of power-users out there. However, if you want a smartphone that's as clean as they come and highly-effective at dealing with the everyday pain-points it sets out to solve, the Pixel 2 is a clear-cut winner." You can read our full review here. In Australia, you can buy the Google Pixel 2 (and Pixel 2 XL) through The Google Pixel 2 is no longer available on a postpaid mobile plans via Telstra, Optus or Vodafone but you can always pair the device up with a SIM-only plan (see below). The RealMe 5 is not as powerful or feature-packed as its more-expensive cousins but it still offers a lot of bang for your buck. Read more: 5 foldable phones we expect to see in 2019 Under the hood, this lean smartphone rocks a Snapdrgon 665 processor, 4GBs of RAM and a hefty 5000mAh battery. You also get 128GB of on-board storage and a quad-lens camera. In our review we said that "If $299 is your number and you are unswayed by Motorola's One Macro and Oppo's A-Series, the RealMe 5 might be the budget phone you are looking for. It might not do all the things you want a phone to do very cleanly but it still does them. It's heavy on the specs but light on charm and a sense of identity". You can read our full review here. In Australia, you can buy the RealMe 5 through the following: The RealMe 5 is not available on any postpaid mobile plans via Telstra, Optus or Vodafone but you can always pair the device up with a SIM-only plan (see below). The Oppo A52 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 655 processor, 5000mAh battery, 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. These internals are backed up nicely by a quad-lens camera array on the back and a 6.4-inch LTPS "Neo Display" on the front. In Australia, you can buy the Oppo A52 through the following: The Oppo A52 is also available via a postpaid mobile plan: The Galaxy A20 is the cheaper and lower-spec cousin of the A30. The Galaxy A20's RAM, ROM and fingerprint sensor are exactly the same as the A30. However, it's differentiated by a Exynos 7884 processor - which features a lower clock speed than the 7885. Still, if you are looking for a cheap phone to buy, it keeps just enough of the appeal intact to be worth consideration. In Australia, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy A20 through the following: The Samsung Galaxy A20 is also available on postpaid mobile plans: Apple's iPhone might not have the 3D face unlock, slick OLED screen or powerful processor found in more recent efforts like the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro. You know what it does have? A headphone jack. Jokes about legacy ports aside, the biggest thing that you get when you buy something like the iPhone 7 is a ticket into Apple's walled garden of apps and services. For as much as the hardware has aged since the iPhone 7 released in 2015, the software side has continued to evolve. If you are willing to live within the limitations, there's still a lot to like about the iPhone 7. In Australia, you can buy the iPhone 7 hrough the following: The iPhone 7 is also (ssomehow still) available through a post-paid mobile plan: HMD Global's Nokia 7.1 takes the standard Nokia formula and attaches it to a glitzy new display technology that seamlessly upscales content from SDR to HDR. It's not quite premium but it definitely feels more than halfway there. As we said in our review, "The Nokia 7.1 is not a device without caveats but I think it's one that will pay off for those looking to get a decent smartphone at a decent price." You can read our full review here. In Australia, you can buy the Nokia 7.1 through the following: The Nokia 7.1 is not available on any postpaid mobile plans via Telstra, Optus or Vodafone but you can always pair the device up with a SIM-only plan (see below). Huawei's P40 Lite does come with its fair share of compromises and caveats. However, if you are looking for a $299 phone with a camera that swings above its weight when it comes to the camera side of the equation, it's not to be overlooked. The Huawei P40 Lite features a Kirin 810 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of ROM, a 4200mAh battery,a 6.4-inch LCD display and a quad-lens rear camera. In Australia, you can buy the Huawei P40 Lite through the following: The Huawei P40 Lite is not available on any postpaid mobile plans via Telstra, Optus or Vodafone but you can always pair the device up with a SIM-only plan (see below). Related: Top 10 best Android and Apple smartphones for under $700 Related: Top 10 best Android and Apple smartphones for under $600 Related: Which phones have the best cameras? This article was updated by Fergus Halliday on September 11, 2020.

Top 10 Apple and Android Smartphones You Can Buy for Under $300 1

1. What is the best smartphone from this list in general ?

Do not listen to him. He knows nothing about phones and he wants to waste his money on overpriced limited apple ****. The s3 mini is the best but also the most expensive one. It has a better screen resolution, more space, a faster processor and a bigger screen. But samsung puts a skin on android which slow the device down so I do not know if samsung is the right choice. I would choice for the s3 mini or the htc desire 300.

2. What is a 5G smartphone to purchase?


Top 10 Apple and Android Smartphones You Can Buy for Under $300 2

3. Is there a "pay as you go" smartphone?

i bought an Imate online (unlocked) and use the T-mobile pre-paid service

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Canalys recently released a report showing that 5g smart phones are booming. The shipment volume in China in the second quarter of 2020 was 39 million, an increase of 260% over the first quarter. In addition, Huawei, vivo and oppo rank among the top three in terms of shipment volume.The report points out that although the market shrinks 7% in the second quarter of 2019, the Chinese mainland mobile phone market has achieved 25% growth in the second quarter of 2020, with sales exceeding 90 million.Canalys pointed out that China's smartphone market is expected to recover from strong growth and rebound strongly. "Huawei, dominated by its domestic market, shipped 40.2 million units in the second quarter of 2020 and expanded its market share to as high as 44%. Vivo and oppo ranked second and third respectively, with an increase of 23% and 16% respectively. Xiaomi ranked fourth, with a shipment of 9.3 million units, an increase of 21% month on month.""Mature e-commerce channels are crucial to the recovery of China's smartphone market," said Jason low, a senior analyst at canalys. "Due to the strong marketing promotion and sales incentives provided by major e-commerce companies such as Alibaba, JD and pinduoduo in this quarter, the performance of smartphone suppliers in the second quarter was still stronger than expected despite the weak consumption in physical channels. High end brands such as Huawei and apple continued to invest online and benefited from the growing e-commerce shopping."The report points out that 5g smart phones are booming. The shipment volume in China in the second quarter of 2020 was 39 million, an increase of 260% over the first quarter.Louis Liu, research analyst at canalys, said: "Local brands are promoting the penetration of 5g into their product portfolio to support operators' efforts to transition existing 4G users to 5g, which has exceeded 100 million users in July. Huawei aims to become a 5g brand in China. Its 5g product portfolio exceeded 60% of its total shipments in the second quarter. At the same time, nearly one-third of the shipments of competitors such as vivo, oppo and Xiaomi were 5g Mobile phones. This year, few new 4G models appear in the roadmap of any major manufacturer in the second half of the year. Therefore, with fewer and fewer opportunities for consumers to choose 4G when replacing smartphones, 5g adoption will accelerate. "
Which Smartphone From at&t Is Better?
I for one am quite happy with my S21. Why are cameras on the back of a smartphone not in the center?Do you mean the dead centre as in top to bottom and side to side?Cameras are placed according to internal components and one of the biggest is the battery. Makes no sense to have the camera and battery in the way of the battery which on most phones is one unit and basically rectangle in shape.That aside its a design choice, Apple prefers them to be in the top corner so from the back you can tell its an iPhone even when it has a cover on or the users hand is covering the Apple logo. Why are cameras on the back of a smartphone not in the center?2. Best smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry or Droid) to buy?Android-Even a jail broken iphone is still limited -Customize the phone how you want-such as live wallpapers, back grounds -Expandable memory --removable battery -More choices for features and phones and prices-you can go cheap or high end-High end phones such as the Nexus 1- all teflon coated metal construstion -Better processors out thats better than the iphone -No bluetooth transfers on the iphone with out being jail broken --Free google nav -Widgets -you can "facetime" aka video call over 3g not like the iphone having to be in a wifi spot for it to work -I can hold my phone any way i want -Also Apple is behind on market share.....Android has beat out iOS -OTA updates..no looking for a little white cord and itunes -No standard usb connection -No flash support -not tied to itunes like a dog to a tree -More FREE apps on Android Oh and Steve jobs do not tell you what to do with HIS $800 iphone3. Word for the typical posture of a smartphone userMaybe it should be "slouched over their smartphones", because "leaning on their smartphones" does not make sense, you can not lean over your smartphone. When you are leaning on something, you are leaning on a wall or something, therefore, leaning over is more like bending over/tilting over. Slouched is more like bending, but not a lot. (M-W).4. What's the best smartphone in market atm ?nokia n8 is better than the iphone, ive actually used them both to compare5. I Need Help Choosing A New Smartphone?the captivate doesnt have speed problems its faster than iphone 4 blackberry's are Crapberry's and are very slow!! captivate is best6. Where do smartphone leaks come from?Mostly I believe it starts from the employee of the specific brand. Eithersomeone mentions or shows something to people they know and then those people spread the confidential information.It also may be a smart marketing campaign by the company itself.7. What is the difference between smartphone cover and case?Cases are usually hard and will retain their shape well without the smartphone in them. Covers, on the other hand will most likely be soft and will not retain their shape as well as cases without the device in them. Hope this helps.8. Straight talk android smartphone reviews?STAY AWAY FROM STRAIGHT TALK. CHLSEA WAS RUDE.THEY SENT ME A BROKEN PHONE. WOULDNT SEND A NEW ONE WITHOUT RECEIVING THE OLD ONE. SAID REFUND WOULD TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS9. Can anyone recommend a good smartphone tracker?it depends on the smartphone apple, android, blackberry all have apps that do this the problem is, the employees can alway turn off or disable them your best option would be to subscribe to a service through your wireless company, usually called something like family locator, which will allow you to actively track any of your phones, and is not able to be turned off (unless the employee turns off the phone)10. How often do Quorans read Quora on a smartphone?Everytime I feel I need to turn my mind off and read something worthy, I open Quora. It happens 3-4 times a day11. Do you play games on a smartphone?Hell yeah! XCOM & zombie gunship all day12. Should i sell my ipod and get a smartphone?Yes if you can afford it. The HTC One is way better than an iPod touch if you are looking for a HTC phone. Here is my list of the top smartphones. LG G2(Coming soon) Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A(This one is not in the US yet, but is faster than the standard GS4) HTC ONE Samsung Galaxy NOTE 2 LG Google Nexus 4 LG Optimus G Pro Huawei Ascend P6 (If you decide on this one, you will need to buy it from an international seller) Sony XPERIA Z
How to Set Up a Smartphone for a Child
These days, it seems like younger and younger kids are getting smartphones. Even parents who would prefer to wait longer may be tempted, wanting to know that their child is safe during the day - or pressured, wanting their children to fit in. We can not forget, though, that smartphones are fun, portable touch-screen computers. Left to their own devices (no pun intended), children may spend hours playing games and watching YouTube videos. And kids will be kids, perhaps more likely than an adult to break or lose the smartphone. The good news is that we can reduce the risks. As with so many things, it will mainly take a bit of time and ongoing attention, but parental peace of mind is worth it. How to set up your child's smartphone right The settings I will go through are easy to tweak to your own preferences - you can make them as tough or easy as you like, once you know where they are. Let me start with a few basic assumptions, however: Kids play, and that's OK (with limits). The Internet is like the ocean - enticing but also dangerous. Everyone is entitled to a measure of privacy. The two most popular mobile platforms, Apple's iOS and Google's Android, both have built-in parental control tools, but Android lets users adjust more settings than iOS does. Android phones have another attractive quality: They are less expensive and therefore easier to replace. Some people prefer iOS, which may be better for households that have other Apple devices - and for parents who are not concerned about the price. You can read here about how to set up iOS for kids, although it's in the context of tablets and for younger children. Using an Android smartphone requires a Google account, but the terms and conditions stipulate that only a person who is 13 or older can create an account. If you do not already have a second account that you can use for this purpose, you will have to create one. The child does not need to know the password for their new account, and enabling two-factor authentication for it is advisable. Needless to say, the authentication should be linked to your smartphone, not to your child's. Note: You can create an account for your child on devices running Android 7.0 and above by using the Family Link feature, but it is currently available only in the United States. Now, power up the smartphone, add your existing Google account information in the setup wizard, enter your desired e-mail address and other data, enter your age and your phone number, and accept the terms and conditions. If it is not the first time you are starting up the smartphone, you set up the new account here: Settings Accounts Add accounts Google. In the new window, tap Or create a new account. At this point, skip entering payment details for the Google Play store. I will come back to that issue a bit later, but for now I will say that payment information should be linked to an adult's account. That said, we are talking about elementary-school-age children, who are unlikely to need e-mail on their phones. A Gmail account is more likely to collect spam than useful communications, so I recommend not enabling it on the smartphone: Open Settings, go to Google account settings, and uncheck the Sync Gmail option. If a parent is using an Android device too, then creating a family account may make sense. Using a family account lets family members share paid purchases across all of its devices as well as letting a child pay for purchases from their smartphone (using the parent's payment information - and only with the parent's explicit consent). You can create a family account in Google Play from your own smartphone. Launch the Google Play app, open up the menu, and tap on Settings Account Family Manage family members. You can invite your significant other and your children by entering their Gmail addresses on this screen. The invitation has to be accepted from the family member's smartphone. After that, take your smartphone, go to the family group's settings, open the child's profile, and select one of the following modes for purchase approvals: All content, Only paid content, Only in-app purchases, or No approval required. Anything that requires approval will now require either your password entered on the child's device or approval from your device. You can prevent your child from downloading adult games or songs with explicit lyrics using Google Play's parental controls. To do so, launch Google Play on your child's smartphone, open up the menu, and tap on Settings Parental Controls. Enter a PIN - something easy for you to remember but hard for your child to guess. The requirement to enter a PIN prevents your child from disabling the controls. After entering the PIN, you can select age restrictions for games, films, and music separately. To prevent unsupervised Internet use - and gain better control over mobile data usage - start by disabling mobile data use both in the settings of your child's smartphone and using your mobile service provider's self-service options. After that, use the smartphone's settings to join your home Wi-Fi network. Now it's up to you to monitor that use inside the home, of course. Disabling mobile data should help keep the child online only at home. True, free Wi-Fi can be had in a library or at a friend's home, but I will address that later in the post. By the way, when buying a SIM card for your child, ask the carrier about special plans and options for children - these plans and options usually include additional features for keeping children safe. Sure, the games installed on your child's smartphone are intended for children, but still, stay alert. Children can spend endless time mine crafting and launching angry birds. Limiting gaming duration with Android's built-in tools is problematic; therefore, look to dedicated apps such as Kaspersky Safe Kids. The Safe Kids app's many features include location and social-network controls, but here we are interested mainly in defining restrictions on launching apps and making the Internet safe to use. To use it, install Safe Kids on both a parent's and the child's smartphones. Set the modes, child mode for the child's smartphone and parent mode for yours. The child's app has almost no settings for you to worry about - just install the app according to the instructions and grant it administrator rights. You will have a bit more to do for the app on your own smartphone - you will need to set up a PIN for Safe Kids, check its settings, and enable options. The crucial ones are the ability to filter unwanted websites and app restriction by category and age, which are located on the Internet and Applications subsections respectively. Now, let's restrict the amount of time the child can spend at the display. You can allot, for example, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or more. After that, the smartphone will be able to make and receive calls, but most of the other apps will be blocked with a notification that time is up. If your child does not tend to spend too much time on pictures and SMS messages, then we can take the opposite tack and assign an amount of time allowed in specific apps, such as games. At the same time, we can completely block access to some apps, such as any browser other than Google Chrome and Android's built-in browser (which are protected by Safe Kids' content filter; other browsers may have access to unwanted websites). Safe Kids provides comprehensive parental control, including protection against its own deletion, and the recent update has brought one more useful feature - restricting access to smartphone's own settings. It's worth doing to make sure your child will not be able to connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks, reset the system time, or mess with settings in some other way you did not predict. I personally used to recommend an app called Smart Applock for that purpose, but now that Safe Kids has this feature I suggest using it and not installing additional software to execute this task. One last setting: the lock screen. Enable a lock screen to protect the smartphone from classmates and others who might find it. You can do that through Settings Security or Settings Lock screen. Work with your child to ensure he or she is comfortable entering the PIN or pattern that unlocks the phone. Software and settings are not a substitute for ongoing parental guidance. Get involved with your child's smartphone usage. Talk about surfing, gaming restrictions, and all that, but expect that your child will find ways around your "smartphone usage plan" - and adapt as needed.1. smartphone or phablet?What exactly is a phablet?2. Which is best smartphone in India 2017?S7 AND S7 EDGE WITH ALL FEATURES PACKED!!3. What smartphone apps work best for streaming to smart TVs?You have an android based TV like Sony? Can you install Kodi? That is not a streaming app as such , but it's a gateway for want of a better word to install add ins like "Cinema Box" .If you can install Kodi then it will pick give you a selection of streaming services suitable for TV Not phones
Samsung and MediaTek 7 Nm 5g Smartphone Chips
ISSCC is one of the oldest technical conferences in the semiconductor industry. It is held in San Francisco every February. The conference brought together people from academia and industry to discuss the latest challenges of chip circuit design. The conference is mainly a circuit design conference. Each manufacturer focuses on one or more specific aspects of unique circuit design in their processors.This year's conference covered a series of in-depth topics, including PLL, low-power circuit, memory, SerDes, DSP and processor design. In the processor part, there are leading suppliers, as well as projects from research institutions and academia. The meeting covered intensive chip design details. The highlights of interesting details in the processor link are introduced below.Samsung and MediaTek 7 nm 5g smartphone chipsThe SoC Designs of these two 5g smartphones are from MediaTek and Samsung respectively. They focus on the CPU design of mixing different arm cores for large companies. In addition, the problem of detecting the internal voltage drop of the processing unit during heavy load is also solved.The first demonstration came from Samsung, which chose to build a set of three cluster CPU cores. Samsung uses the arm licensed kernel in two of the three clusters, but the kernel with the best performance is designed by Samsung under the arm architecture license - Dual M4 kernel. The dual M4 core has a separate 3MB L3 cache, and the core goal is to achieve the performance level of Intel i5.For the medium power / performance range, Samsung uses the arm cortex-a75 core. The "small" energy-saving core is the ancient cortex-a55. The power / performance gap between Samsung M4 core and cortex-a55 core is too large. Cortex-a75 core is added to make up for this gap. Samsung also added a neural processing unit to 1024 MAC computers, but did not provide much details.Voltage drop in high-performance processors may be a problem. If too many protective belts are added to maintain a high supply voltage, more energy will be consumed. At a more energy-saving rated voltage, when a specific power consuming unit is under load - such as a GPU running high-resolution games - the internal resistance decreases, resulting in the internal voltage below the normal value. SOC suppliers build dedicated circuits to detect these voltage drops and take action to alleviate the problem. Their method is to extend the clock and reduce the circuit speed and power consumption by effectively reducing the clock speed. Samsung adopts a ring oscillation circuit, which can change the speed according to the voltage. Voltage drop detection sets a flag in the clock management unit (CMU) and halves the clock speed.MediaTek adopts different ways to select CPU core and adheres to arm's big. Little scheme, which MediaTek calls double gear design. MediaTek uses the newer cortex-a77 CPU core to achieve strong performance. MediaTek also pointed out that the cortex-a55 small core did not keep up with the development of the performance core. Instead of adding a core with medium performance, they tried to expand the voltage range of a77 to a lower speed. Samsung has only two performance cores, and MediaTek has four a77 cores. Four a77 and four A55 cores share a 2MB L3 cache.MediaTek's initial response to voltage drop is to provide stored charge on die, which can provide some instantaneous current, but this requires valuable die area. Therefore, it decided to stretch the clock to save die space.A major change of MediaTek is the use of frequency locked loop (FLL) instead of phase locked loop (PLL). The FLL design has a dual clock, but this design contains uncertainty because it allows the oscillator to vary with voltage. With FLL circuit, MediaTek Vmin has been improved by about 35mV, saving 10% power consumption. MediaTek has also built a novel JTAG solution for the chip, which has a gateway tap for hierarchical access to the test circuit.MediaTek chip also supports wifi6 and 5g independent and non independent modes. The a77 core supports a clock speed of up to 2.6 GHz. The chip has an arm Mali G-77 nine core GPU.
Review of the LG Cui-X2: Smartphone That Packs a Punch, but Does Need to Be Expensive
ALL Blu-ray players, which include the PS3, upscale DVDs to 1080p. However, the quality of the result varies. While NONE will upscale and match the sharpness of a Blu-ray version of the same movie (Although technically the result of upscaling is an HD image you can not obtain extra detail by upscaling DVDs), some players (e.g. Oppo BDP-83 do a significantly better job than others (e.g. PS3). It depends on the video processor in the player ... and like in HDTVs, some are better than others. The difference between Blu-ray and well upscaled DVD are subtle at best on a small, lower resolution HD display (e.g. 720p 30" HDTV), but become more pronounced on larger displays (e.g. 1080p 100" projector screen). So ... DVDs are not going to look as good as Blu-ray, but for many types of movies/programs there is some question whether paying a premium for Blu-ray is worth it for the relatively small increase in image quality. Many people feel it is not , and either do not bother with Blu-ray at all, or reserve it for movies they feel deserve the highest possible image quality. That said, image quality is more than just resolution. In fact, resolution is only the 4th most important determinant after dynamic range/contrast, colour accuracy and colour saturation. none of which are (significantly) improved in Blu-ray vs DVD (Blu-ray does use a different "color space", with a somewhat broader gamut of colour). In addition, catalog Blu-ray movies are often produced from remastered HD versions of the original print, which can mean a better image than that on the DVD from an older print. Finally, sound on Blu-ray can also be superior to that on a DVD (although improvement may only be appreciated on a good surround audio system). Bottom line: video and audio quality from a DVD -- even at it's best -- will not be as good as Blu-ray. The degree of difference varies with the movie and the equipment used. Whether it's worth paying extra for the improvement is a personal choice.1. Help me pick a home audio receiver. 5.1, HDMI, not expensive?I am with grumpy, buy a high end receiver from a few years ago. No HDMI, but you can run HDMI straight from blu ray to TV. Get a blu ray with multi channel analog outputs, and connect to receiver's multi channel analog inputs to get the new HD DD and DTS sound. That's what I am doing. I've got an older Yamaha, it was 2k US dollars when it came out. Blu ray and HDMI were just a dream in some dude's head at that time. I could get a new HDMI receiver that will decode DTS HD etc, for 500 bucks, but the parts in that thing wo not touch what I've got. My receiver has the better amp, power supply, bigger caps, better sound and true 100 watts to each channel, not the cheater specs of a 500 receiver. You can tell by the weight, I make a big groaning sound when I have to move it, it's like a slab of lead. I do not feel like dropping 1.5 or 2k on a new HDMI receiver. Now with the new HDMI 1.4 spec out for blu ray 3D forget about it, just more money. I will spend that money on a new flat panel. I helped my friend do the same thing, he built a nice SS system slowly as his wallet allowed. I started him off with a Sony ES receiver from a few years ago that was 1200 new, now 350. I showed him all kinds of good brand speakers used on ebay, we went back and forth on a few brands because there are a lot. Then a deal on Monitor audio showed up, grabbed the front three, rears will come later. he likes my SVS sub (internet only) so he might end up getting one too. So bottom line, it's good to hear that you are going to build it and do it right. You do not have to be rich, just patient if it takes a 6 months or 2 years whatever, it's worth it. Nothing I've purchased, even the used gear has ever failed me. Buy quality, and in most cases you will buy once. If something is outdated or dies you can replace just that one thing or in some cases work around it somehow. People that have those all in one systems when DVD was the only game in town are now not so happy since most can not integrate their new blu ray into the surround sound. Anyway check out the older high end Yamaha, Onkyo, Sony ES, I came really close to getting a used NAD receiver, but the deal on my Yamaha popped up and I grabbed it. Just make sure it has the multi-channel analog inputs. To mate to a blu ray player with matching outputs. If you go the HDMI way, you can get a nice receiver, but you are limited a bit since HDMI receivers have not been around a super long time2. What Will Be Next Step After Blu Ray?My suggestion is demo one and decide for yourself. Many people rave about Blu-ray and HD DVD, but personally I do not think they are worth the (current) high price premium. I have an HD DVD player and on my 110" screen and 720p projector the difference from upscaled DVD is barely noticeable. And video quality on Blu-ray and HD DVD is essentially identical, so it's not that HD DVD is not as good as Blu-ray. I suggest going to a store where they can connect a HD player to a TV as similar to yours as possible (at least same size and resolution). View a DVD and a HD disk (it's easiest with an HD DVD combo disks since they have HD on one side and normal DVD of the same movie on the other side) at the same distance as you will sit from the TV at home. If you decide the benefits are worthwhile, as to choosing HD DVD or Blu-ray I could give you all sorts of reasons why HD DVD is the more consumer friendly format, but the bottom line is most movies are only available on Blu-ray, so unless you want primarily a good upconverting DVD player that also plays HD DVDs ( in which case the HD-A3 is a great deal at about $120 with free HD DVD disks) you probably should buy Blu-ray. That said, Blu-ray is not ready for real time yet since there are still changes in hardware and software being implemented. It would be best to wait a few months at least before buying. And prices will likely be lower too. Hope this helps.3. Is it worth it to buy old blu ray movies?I've heard that the Blu-ray is amazing on all movies it's on, but I do not own one, so I am not a very reputable source. I would just rent some of the older movies on blu-ray. Judge for yourself whether they are better quality before you decide to buy.
Is There a Really Big Difference Between a Smartphone and High-end Feature Phones?
is there a really big difference between a smartphone and high-end feature phones?errrrr. the Kin Two is not a feature phone, it was a strange kind of cloud computing smartphone. so they made to be sort of the same as the iPhone in features. They pulled the plug on it. killing most of its features making it little more than a feature phone. A smartphone is a high-end mobile phone built on a mobile computing platform, with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone. A feature phone is a mobile phone which at the time of manufacture is not a considered to be a smartphone, but nevertheless has additional functions over and above standard mobile services. It addresses the market for customers who do not want the features of smart phones, and also typically allows a lower price point.— — — — — —What Phone Should I Get and How Can I Get It?ask her about virgin mobile 35 a month for a smartphone— — — — — —Jolla (smartphone)The Jolla smartphone is a smartphone produced by Jolla that runs the Sailfish OS, released on 27 November 2013 and manufactured in China.— — — — — —What diet plan can i use during the summer that is free?If you have a smartphone, try out "Lose It" app. It is free and tracks food and excersize for you— — — — — —Should an 11 year old have a phone?If you love to waste money, if you like indulging your eight-year-old with expensive electronics so that he can impress his friends (and so that they can nag their parents for smart phones) and be distracted from what he should be doing, and/or if you want your eight-year-old to have unfettered access to the Internet, you should buy a smartphone for him. If not, you should not— — — — — —What kind of phone should I get? (I use verizon)?Droid 2 droid 2 droid 2 droid 2. That is if your able to get a smartphone. If not, wait it out, theres supposively going to be an android env touch coming out. However, if you do not wish to wait, get the LG enV3. The touchscreen is amazing on the droid 2 btw— — — — — —Smartphone and tablet implementationBlackBerry 10.2 implements Host Mode (like in the BlackBerry Z30 handset). Nokia has implemented USB OTG in many of their Symbian cellphones such as Nokia N8, C6-01, C7, Oro, E6, E7, X7, 603, 700, 701 and 808 Pureview. Some high-end Android phones produced by HTC, and Sony under Xperia series also have it. Samsung Android version 3.1 or newer supports USB OTG, but not on all devices. Host-powered: Sony Ericsson Xperia pro Needs external USB-power: Motorola Droid 4Specifications listed on technology web sites (such as GSMArena, PDAdb.net, PhoneScoop, and others) can help determine compatibility. Using GSMArena as an example, one would locate the page for a given device, and examine the verbiage under Specifications Comms USB. If "USB Host" is shown, the device should be capable of supporting OTG-type external USB accessories. In many of the above implementations, the host device has only a micro-B receptacle rather than a micro-AB receptacle. Although non-standard, micro-B to micro-A receptacle adapters are widely available and used in place of the mandated micro-AB receptacle on these devices.— — — — — —Foldable smartphoneFoldable smartphones (also known as Foldable phones or simply Foldables) are a family of smartphone form factors utilizing hinged flexible displays. Devices whose displays fold on a vertical axis are designed to fold out into a wider, tablet-like form, but are still usable in a smaller, folded state; the display may either wrap around to the back of the device when folded (as with the Royole Flexpai and Huawei Mate X), or use a booklet-like design where the larger, folded screen is located on the interior, and a screen on its "cover" allows the user to interact with the device without opening it (such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold). Horizontally-folding smartphones have also been produced, typically using a clamshell form factor. Precursors to the concept have used multiple touchscreen panels on a hinge in a similar manner, but the term is currently synonymous with implementations that utilize a flexible display; concepts of such devices date back as early as Nokia's "Morph" concept (2008), and a concept presented by Samsung Electronics in 2013 (as part of a larger set of concepts utilizing flexible OLED displays), while the first commercially available folding smartphones with OLED displays began to emerge in November 2018. The first generation of commercially-released foldable smartphones have been faced with concerns over their durability, as well as their high prices.
Do Users of Huawei Smartphones Have Reason to Be Concerned About the Security of Their Data?
People keep asking these questions over and over to bash Huawei.Once again, there's no proof of Huawei spying.However, there is plenty of proof that the Americans spy. The Americans are just slandering Huawei to get people to not support Huawei because Apple is no longer as innovative.The Americans just want to eliminate the competition.Snowden: The NSA planted backdoors in Cisco productsHow the US spy scandal unravelled'No evidence' of Huawei spying, says German IT watchdog.1. Is "Huawei Ascend P6" A Good Phone?Used Huawei Ascend P62. What will happen to Huawei after September 15, 2020?Typical Chinese playbook. Hide your strength. Bid your time.They had stock for a year of production. I will expect TSMC to resume production for Huawei in future once they had reconfiger their lines. Till today, no one is saying anything, after all, it can be announced after nov 20.Anything by WSJ, Reuters, NYT on China is not worth reading. Just bias reporting based on cherry picked data3. Do you think the arrest of Huawei's CFO will backfire horribly?I think the God-Emperor Trump is trying to bring about Armageddon. Evangelicals, rejoice!4. Huawei phone playing sound "I am here”This is a feature of Huawei's Android devices known as "Find me" function.For video demonstration: Huawei P8: Find Your PhoneThe feature works by calling the name of the phone then saying "where are you?", then the device will turn on its display, turn on the flashlight, play music, and saying "I am here".When the phone is paired to Huawei HONOR Band, it can also be triggered by accessing the "Find my phone" feature from the band (thanks to user Bangyou for additional info). Depending on the model, the setting may be found on:Additional sources:5. How can I pass Huawei Certified Network Associate-Transmission Technologies and Device (HCNA HTTD) Certification Exam?Huawei only gives training to its staff and customers. However only the customers leave with certificates, the staff do not. As an outsider you wont be able to do the certs. However huawei highly value cisco certs (ccna, ccnp, ccie)6. Install GMS core Packages on brand-new HuaweiGMS services have to be installed in /system. To be able to install anything in /system, you have to either unlock the bootloader of your smartphone ('clean' way) or root your smartphone ( would irty' way). After unlocking the bootloader, you need a recovery that can install the GMS zip package. I only know TWRP. So: 1. Is your bootloader unlocked? Search google to find out: - how to check if your bootloader is unlocked (on your device or similar devices) - how to unlock it (search on your manufacturers website) 2. Do you have a recovery that can install zip packages? TWRP would be such a recovery. Search google to find out: - how to boot into recovery on your device (to find out if a suitable one exists) - how to flash a suitable recovery with fastboot ("flash recovery fastboot") Good luck!7. Has China ever bullied any foreign businesses like they accuse the USA of doing to Huawei?Yes.. In order to set up shop in China you have to partner up with a company controlled by State run company.. This is why they have control over our technology.. Yet they can buy businesses in the Silicone Valley and close out any Americans from even working there.8. Why is Google suspending all business activity with Huawei related to "non-public" transfers of hardware, software and technical services?According to Bloomberg: "The Trump administration on Friday blacklisted Huawei -- which it accuses of aiding Beijing in espionage -- and threatened to cut it off from the U.S. software and semiconductors it needs to make its products. The ban, which had been anticipated, hamstrings the world's largest provider of networking gear and No. 2 smartphone vendor. ".9. With Donald Trump's decision, is Huawei as a company finished?Trump's decision in the end will most likely help Huawei.Last count I read (not keeping close track) was 30 countries had signed up with more the $100B in revenue to be generated. Since Trump is trying to force countries to reject Huawei it is having what seems to be the opposite impact. Other countries do not like being forced to follow US directives and it would appear since they have listened and that the evidence is weak that they need to fear their products. UK & Germany are examples where they are pushing back on him. Spain recently agreed to use Huawei.So no they are not finished
Convince My Parents to Get Me a Smartphone"?
Work hard, earn money to pay for part of the plan, do chores around the house and keep your grades up. Prove that you can be responsible, and do not beg! Begging is the one signal that automatically makes a parent stop listening, and it makes you look immature as well. Sit down with them, and have a rational discussion as to why you think you should have a smart phone. Do not bring up "Well X and Y have smart phones" because that rarely ever works, save it for a last resort. Use examples such as Smart phones having better coverage, how they can be helpful in emergency situations, how they have plenty of features that you would use all the time, etc. Make it seem like a worthwhile investment. Or bargain with them - If you get a smart phone, then you will do X amount of chores or you pass every test for an entire semester. Show them that you can be careful, and wo not break or lose it. Your parents sound like they need a lot of convincing, so good luck!1. What can a smartphone do better than a laptop?Mobile, because, its handy and convenient. Except for a few games, we have everything available in our smartphones2. IS there a better smartphone than Droid for Verizon?Verizon will have the Iphone soon, they are working out a deal with AT&T, as of now I think the Droid is the best, but Google's Nexus One is coming out for T-mobile soon and after that will be available on Verizon as well. And I just read about a new smartphone from Microsoft that will be coming out for T-Mobile and Verizon, but right now the Droid is hands down the best smartphone available3. What kind of smartphone do you own?nexus 64. What is a good smartphone with lots of features ?Lg Voyager from verizon5. Which Smartphone is best for a college boy?blackberry bold 9900. its not as popular as most of the other smartphones and it looks beautiful6. Will Meizu 16Xs smartphone come with MediaTek processor?NO.. most probably with SD710Will Meizu 16Xs smartphone come with MediaTek processor?7. Word for the typical posture of a smartphone userMaybe it should be "slouched over their smartphones", because "leaning on their smartphones" does not make sense, you can not lean over your smartphone. When you are leaning on something, you are leaning on a wall or something, therefore, leaning over is more like bending over/tilting over. Slouched is more like bending, but not a lot. (M-W).8. Which is that one app that every smartphone needs to have?It depends on how you are going to use your phone.And if you ask me what apps I have in my phone then :Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit and InstagramEdx, Youtube, Amazon PrimeWolfram AlphaEvernoteRefMeGoogle KeepSoundCloudScanner Pro ( it converts the pictures that I take of the notes from the class-say whiteboard to Pdf)DuolingoAnd everything that comes bundled with a motorolaAnd more apps are added every now and then9. Which camera lens is on the new Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone?The new Nokia Lumia 925 has a Carl Zeiss lens with f/2.0 aperture, Optical Image Stabilization mechanism and an 8.7MP image sensor. To the side of the camera is a dual LED flash that is used as an AF assist light and video light. Which camera lens is on the new Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone?10. Which is the best upcoming 5-inch smartphone?Well , you cant expect any top brand phones to get launched with a 5 inch display .. Smartphone companies are trying to standardize the display size as 5.2 , 5.5 or above .. that's what most of the people are expecting. for example : Samsung Galaxy s8 is 5. 8 inch and still its sleek and handy , that's how the upcoming smartphone would look like . Thinner bezels and screen : body ratio will be increased so that it can fit your hand perfectly11. What is the best smartphone within the budget of 10,000?1.Redmi note 4 - 2GB/32GB varientOr2.Lenovo K6 Power - 3GB/32GB varient12. Verizon Smartphone: Android or Iphone?Android Is the better choice. The IPhone is so overrated. And with Android there are so many different choices not just one like the IPhone
Samsung Has Registered a New Trademark, and It May also Join the Army of Developing Blockchain Smart
After HTC, Samsung may also enter the blockchain smartphone field.According to foreign media reports, Samsung recently submitted three new European trademark applications, namely: "blockchain keystore" and "blockchain key"Box and blockchain core. The three brand names all named "blockchain", which shows Samsung's determination to enter this market.In the application documents submitted by Samsung, Samsung said that these trademarks would apply to "smart phones, software applications for mobile devices, computer software platforms and application software", but in addition, the documents did not provide more information.According to insiders, blockchain keyBox's trademark application may involve a secure storage method. In this way, various keys in user transactions will be saved on the device, and all relevant details of any given blockchain ledger transaction can be viewed at any time.Blockchain keystore seems to refer to the central location of accessing blockchain based software or solutions. As for blockchainCore, like the last piece of the puzzle, implies a basic solution generated by Samsung between smartphone and blockchain. It is the foundation of the first two.In fact, this speculation is not aimless. Since the beginning of the year, Samsung has been discussing and exploring the prospects that blockchain can bring. In April this year, song Guangyu, head of Samsung SDS blockchain, said that Samsung is considering using blockchain ledger management system and AI to manage its business to ensure the end-to-end security of its supply chain. In June this year, Samsung also announced the decision to promote AI and blockchain based digital financial services, and increased their services on the blockchain by providing financial service providers with big data analysis and intelligent process automation. Based on this, the three new trademark applications submitted by Samsung can be used to bridge the gap between these financial providers and consumers. When it is applied to smart phones, it means that the data and assets stored on Samsung devices will be more secure.After the initial outbreak of enthusiasm, the concept of blockchain still needs to be integrated with daily life, and how to explore the integration of blockchain and business has become a very important topic in front of enterprises. At this point, Samsung is trying to take its first step, and the change is not far away.Classification: Âmobile phone
Huawei Is in Early Negotiations to Sell Its High-end Smartphone P and Mate Series Businesses
On January 25, Reuters released an exclusive news that two sources disclosed that Huawei was conducting initial negotiations on the sale of its high-end smartphone P and mate series businesses. In this regard, Huawei responded on the afternoon of the 25th that Huawei has no plan to sell its mobile phone business and will adhere to building a world leading high-end smartphone brand.Reuters said that Huawei is currently in talks with a consortium led by an investment company supported by the Shanghai municipal government to conduct initial negotiations on the sale of its high-end smartphone brands P and mate series. The talks between the two sides have lasted for several months, but the contents of the discussions are confidential.It is reported that Huawei is discussing the stripping of mobile phones. The target is its Shanghai terminal related departments. The R & D of Huawei's high-end series mate and P is mainly located in Shanghai. It is reported that in addition to mobile phones, tablets and other products will also be sold together, leaving only Hisilicon and base station business.At the same time, some media reported that Huawei is negotiating with a consortium led by enterprises supported by the Shanghai government on the sale of high-end smartphone brands P and mate. The negotiation has lasted for several months and was triggered by insufficient chip supply.In response to this report, Huawei responded on the 25th that Huawei has no plan to sell its mobile phone business at all. Huawei will adhere to building a world leading high-end smartphone brand and strive to provide consumers with excellent product experience and services.It is worth mentioning that Huawei denied the rumors about the glory sale before, but it didn't take long to come true.Due to the regulatory policies of the United States, Huawei could not obtain high-end mobile phone chips, and the development of terminal business was blocked. In order to survive, Huawei had to divest some businesses. On November 17, 2020, Huawei confirmed to sell glory and suppliers took over the offer.At that time, several Huawei supply chain enterprises issued a joint statement that Shenzhen Zhixin new information technology Co., Ltd. had signed an acquisition agreement with Huawei Investment Holding Co., Ltd. to complete the comprehensive acquisition of business assets related to glory brand. After the sale, Huawei no longer holds any shares in new glory.Today, glory is rapidly recovering in the supply chain. Recently, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory Terminal Co., Ltd., said that after the glory official declared independence, almost all supply partners have resumed their supply and have not been restrained. AMD, Intel, Samsung, micron, Qualcomm, Microsoft, MTK (MediaTek) and other suppliers have cooperated.
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