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The Intelligent Door Lock Industry Is About to Be Born, and a New Standard Industry Pattern Is Takin

With the continuous upgrading of domestic consumption, smart door locks began to move from b-end to C-end market. The smart door lock market is popular, and many young consumers also recognize such emerging technology products. However, subject to the technical and functional differences between manufacturers, consumers still have doubts about the safety performance of smart door locks. The rapid introduction of intelligent door lock group standards is the key to solve this problem. Recently, Shenzhen Consumer Council held the first seminar on the group standard of intelligent door lock, and will launch the group standard of intelligent door lock as soon as possible.

Participants put forward specific and feasible suggestions and opinions on the standard name, basic framework, content characteristics, scope of application, classification, information security, encryption mechanism and other links involved in the draft standard. After the meeting, JD representatives said that after the release of the intelligent door lock group standard, JD will adopt it as the platform standard.

Smart door lock industry is about to produce a new standard

The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and the increasingly hot concept of smart home promote the development of intelligent door lock industry. At present, China's intelligent door lock is in the market start-up period. With the continuous popularity of the smart home industry, various smart products have been introduced one after another. Among them, smart door lock products have attracted the attention of consumers with the high security of fingerprint identification. However, with the continuous expansion of the function of the smart door lock, the unlocking methods of the smart door lock have also become rich, including fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, iris unlocking, APP remote unlocking and password unlocking, which have gradually come to our side, enriching people's life of unlocking without lock. The author believes that a new standard will be born in the intelligent door lock industry, which is of positive significance to the whole market.

It is understood that the smart door lock group standard has three highlights: first, the standard has distinctive consumer characteristics, fully reflects the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and is also conducive to the healthy development of the industry; Second, the main indicators of the standard will be in line with international standards; Third, the implementation and supervision of standards will reflect the characteristics of consumer social supervision. Consumers should not only be the beneficiaries of standards, but also the participants and supervisors of standard implementation.

The problems of false identification and password logic security caused by the lack of anti duplication ability of the information identification card worried by consumers, the unlocking of small black box, and the failure of the fingerprint module to judge non fingerprint images will be solved through the formulation and implementation of standards, and will not increase the burden on Enterprises and consumers.

It is understood that China's smart door lock industry started in the 1990s. At that time, the main customers served were b-end users. Since then, with the rise of smart home, it began to penetrate into C-end, and ushered in a comprehensive outbreak in 2017. According to the data, in 2017, the overall sales volume of China's intelligent lock industry exceeded 7 million sets, and the transaction scale was nearly 10 billion yuan; By the first half of 2018, the overall sales volume of the national intelligent lock industry had exceeded 8.3 million sets, with an obvious growth momentum, which promoted the domestic intelligent door lock market to a new level.

At the end of 2018, the random inspection report released by the State Administration of market supervision showed that among the 34 batches of products of 34 electronic door lock enterprises, 11 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified detection rate reached 32.4%. Among them, the products produced by famous intelligent door lock enterprises such as Assa Abloy, Puxin and oreston were found to be unqualified in key indicators such as "anti damage alarm function". Issues related to the safety of smart door locks have attracted much attention from consumers. The smart door lock market presents a state of sea water and fire.

According to public data, China's smart door lock market will reach 13 million sets in 2018 and is expected to reach 35 million sets by 2020. From the data, the overall product sales continued to maintain a high-speed growth trend. At present, China's smart door lock market has not formed a brand effect. With the end of the first round of rapid growth period, the industry will usher in a reshuffle and will gradually become mature and standardized. In the process of promoting the promotion and development of the industry, the formulation of industry authoritative standards and innovation are very key.

According to the author, in late 2018, the standardization department of Alibaba group issued a series of smart door lock standards in Beijing and issued the first batch of smart door lock authorization test certificates for many institutions and companies; Shenzhen will soon launch the intelligent door lock group standard, which optimizes and upgrades multiple technical functions and other details of the intelligent door lock in combination with the actual situation of users. If the new standard puts forward higher requirements in terms of product safety performance, the domestic intelligent door lock industry will have new competition points next year. Technology upgrading, especially the upgrading of security technologies such as intelligent interconnection, will become the main battlefield of the intelligent door lock industry next year.

The pattern of intelligent door lock industry is taking shape

With the development of Internet of things, smart home is more and more popular, and the application demand of smart door lock is also increasing. With the help of 5g and artificial intelligence technology, the smart home market has gradually stepped onto the right track. Among them, intelligent door lock is a typical representative.

According to the current popular classification, the unlocking methods of intelligent door lock products are fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, APP remote unlocking and password unlocking, which belongs to the re upgrading of traditional door locks. On the one hand, the smart door lock caters to the big wave of consumption upgrading and intellectualization, and naturally attracts the attention of investors. Many people think it will become the next blue ocean and even change the pattern of today's enterprise giants.

On the other hand, the intelligent door lock has high requirements for technology, which is also an important reason why it has not really detonated in recent years. However, with the continuous maturity and commercialization of 5g technology and the rise of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the technical support of intelligent door lock has been greatly improved. The market scale of smart door locks predicted by domestic research institutions in 2020 is expected to reach 35 million sets, so that smart door locks have a strong market foundation and only wait for the day of outbreak, which is a typical sunrise industry. In the short term, there is still broad growth space for smart door locks.

From Huawei, Lenovo, 360, advantage intelligence, Yunding technology, Xiaomi, Changhong, Konka, Skyworth and other Internet brands, home appliance brands and traditional door lock brands to force the smart door lock market, it has shown that the blue sea of smart door lock has been surging. Different brands in all walks of life smelling business opportunities have already been quietly laid out.

In the high-tech industry, Internet brands are often more sensitive than other enterprises. Taking Xiaomi as an example, Xiaomi has launched a series of hardware products such as Xiaomi's smart door lock and lighting package. Xiaomi has a relatively perfect layout in the whole ecological chain; As the leader of 5g, Huawei has long paid attention to smart door locks. From smart door locks, smart speakers to smart bracelets, Huawei quietly laid out the smart home ecosystem. The entry of Internet enterprises into the field of smart door locks is undoubtedly like adding fuel to the fire, making the fight in the smart door lock market more intense.

According to the author, at present, the whole intelligent door lock industry has 2000 enterprises, and the market is large enough. In addition, the domestic smart lock market has formed a mainstream brand camp, such as deshmann, Luke, Haier, Midea, advantage intelligence, TCL, Skyworth, Philips and Samsung, which have become the mainstream forces in the industry. After the technology is mature, in order to maintain the healthy development of the market, the state will also issue corresponding standards. At that time, a number of enterprises will be eliminated. The whole intelligent door lock industry will begin to change from capital orientation to technology and product orientation. The product competition will be on the right track, and the head brand will gradually form. At this time, what enterprises need to do is to improve the safety performance and after-sales service of smart door locks, expand retail channels, tap the real pain points of consumers' needs, and enhance consumers' product confidence and purchase desire by improving the security skills of door locks and enhancing quality control management.

The Intelligent Door Lock Industry Is About to Be Born, and a New Standard Industry Pattern Is Takin 1

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