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Summary of Important Experience of Parking Lot System Construction and Maintenance of License Plate


The parking lot management system is a common subsystem in the weak current system. As long as there are cars, the parking lot management system is generally installed, such as community, office building, school, hospital, etc. the parking lot management system is actually very simple, simple construction and simple use.


The parking lot management system is generally composed of gate, capture camera and controller. Today, we don't talk about the parking lot management system of IC card and Bluetooth card, because these two systems are basically eliminated and should not be used in the future.

The above two drawings are the equipment size drawings of the license plate recognition system, which can also be called the equipment layout drawing. The placement position and size of the above entrance and exit equipment are clear. Is it necessary to construct according to this size? It is suggested that it can be determined according to the site conditions sometimes. Let me take the equipment layout of the exit for example. From left to right, the front two are speed bumps, and then the ground induction coil. Some people will say that this ground induction coil is sometimes not done. It can be determined according to the technical requirements. The main function of this coil is the identification function. After the bus passes the speed bump, it presses onto this coil, and the camera starts to identify the license plate number, There is also a coil on the far right. The main function of this coil is to prevent the road gate rod from hitting the car. This coil is the anti smashing function.

The above describes the equipment and layout of the parking lot management system. Next, let's take a look at the wiring diagram of the parking lot management system equipment

The above drawings are also divided into entrance and exit. The drawings here are only explained by brother Xue. You can draw the entrance and exit together without separating them. The cable reserved here is 2 * utp5e rvv3 * 2.5. Generally, the gate only supplies power from the camera to the sentry box. Optical fiber transmission is used from the sentry box to the monitoring room. Sometimes the management computer will also be placed locally. This can be determined according to the actual needs of the project.

The following focuses on the calculation of the cables of the parking lot management system. The cables often used by the parking lot management system are network cables and power cables. A set of parking lot management system can't use 50m network cables and 50m power cables. The cable statistics of ground induction coil depends on whether you need to make 2 coils or 4 coils. Cables are these things. In the networking part, you can calculate the number of optical fibers according to the drawings.

Let's briefly talk about the construction of parking lot management system. The construction of parking lot management is not so difficult. I just say some parts that need special attention.

1. The number of coils is generally 4-6

2. The coil construction shall not be close to the outdoor pipe well, and the power cable shall be avoided under the coil as far as possible

3. The foundation of the gate shall be well prepared, with particular attention to waterproof and windproof

4. The cables laid must be sleeved, such as PVC pipe or PE pipe.

Finally, let's talk about maintenance. The parking lot management system basically does not need maintenance. As long as there is no problem with the management software, there are few faults. Common fault solutions

1. Check whether the equipment is powered off

2. Power off and restart

3. Is there a problem with the ground induction coil

4. Is the camera broken

5. Manage computer power off and restart.

Summary of Important Experience of Parking Lot System Construction and Maintenance of License Plate  1

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