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Substitute for Beer in a Recipe?

What is the problem with the beer?

Substitute for Beer in a Recipe? 1

1. Do you prefer hard liquor or beer/wine/mixed drinks????

hard liquor and mixed drinks...I can not stand the taste of beer and I really do not like wine

2. In 04, why did people vote according to the best candidate to have a beer with?

I agree with Armygirl, time to move on. Your obsession is diminishing your character

Substitute for Beer in a Recipe? 2

3. Is it wrong to drink beer?

it's not wrong to drink alcohol. just some people become dependant on the euphoric feelings that it brings and have to have it all the time. then it becomes wrong, to me. i am not very sympathetic to alcoholics right now in my life. i try not to cling to addictive behaviors. although i do LOVE shopping. blessings.

4. Is beer good for digestion?

Improves digestion. The fiber and anti-inflammatory properties in beer make it a great digestive aid. Because it is a fermented liquid, it helps stimulategood bacteria for intestinal flora and also balances stomach pH.Improves digestion. The fiber and anti-inflammatory properties in beer make it a great digestive aid. Because it is a fermented liquid, it helps stimulategood bacteria for intestinal flora and also balances stomach pH.Beer is good for digestion as well as backbones,good for heart and It contain lots of minerals and vitamins so good for increase our immune system. But keep in mind that do not take a lot of or do not make it habit...Drink for good purpose.... Thanx guys have a good day.

5. Is this how you make beer?

You are pretty far off. That would be nasty. You will most likely want to find a home brew shop in your area to get ingredients. You do not even have hops in there. flour? ! Rice is more a cheap way to add to a beer. No respectable brewer would use it. If you want cheap nasty beer go buy some natty. If you want a decent beer brewed at home do your home work

6. What is your favourite beer?

La Fin du Monde, an incredibly good Quebec beer, "ale on lees", 9%, ton of flavour

7. Whats the Best Beer to use when making Beer boiled Hot Dogs?

Any, your choice. I would prefer to drink it than use it in cooking

8. What is your favorite beer?

Coots light no after taste less filling made with spring water

9. Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Rum?

You are going to be very disappointed, and peeing a lot, if you are looking for a similar effect. I have my doubts about the savings

10. Is root beer made from actual beer?

There's not any beer in today's root beer. A long time ago, root beer used to have a very small amount of alcohol, it was like 1 proof. Ginger ale used to be the same way. Today there's no more alcohol in it.

11. name of a dark beer?

Vashon Stout from the Pacific Rim Brewery in fabulous White Center

12. Adding Bourbon flavor to a beer

First, I do not think it's cheating. I think adding bourbon to beer sounds delicious!I guess it would help to break down what you want in a "bourbon" flavor. For my Scotch Ale, I wanted something smokey and peaty and oaky. So I used smoked malt and peated malt, and oak chips. Using a barrel that was used for bourbon would work pretty well too.. Though that's difficult at the 5 gal range

13. What is the difference between light beer and regular beer?

Light beers are less filling and are not as strong in taste

14. How to make Space Beer?

When I read the question, my thought was, "Take a brewery onto a space ship..." LOL Interesting concept! All I can think of would be to have a label with lots of stars on it, maybe a planet or two, (Saturn would be a good choice, or maybe a solar system), and something like, "STAR brand Beer" on the label. (OK, you could also do the same thing with ROOT beer, and you COULD drink it!) LOL You could print the stars on the label with fluorescent ink so in a dark room they would light up, (after being exposed to light.) I hope I have given you an idea or three. Enjoy!

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