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Should We Make Sure We Don't Learn Anything From This?

Should we make sure we don't learn anything from this?

Should We Make Sure We Don't Learn Anything From This? 1

None of that has anything to do with free trade. Congratulations, I think this is the millionth time you've posted that stupid story.

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NAFTA North America Free Trade Act?

Both NAFTA and CAFTA should be stopped. They are the reason why American jobs are going to Mexico and South and Central America.

Should We Make Sure We Don't Learn Anything From This? 2

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Free Trade Union

The Free Trade Union, later known as the Free Trade League, was a British trade organisation extant between July 1903 and the 1970s. It was founded in opposition to the campaign for Imperial Preference which had been launched by Board of Trade chairman Joseph Chamberlain in May 1903. This scheme was intended to promote trade preferentially with British imperial possessions by imposing tariffs on certain classes of goods imported from outside the "preference" zone. The Union's president between 1948 and 1959 was Andrew McFadyean, and it had close links with the right-wing of the Liberal Party. By 1959 the organisation had a membership of between one and two thousand, but struggled financially. It was taken over by Oliver Smedley and Stanley Walter Alexander prompting the resignation of several prominent Liberal Party members. Bertrand Russell was a speaker on behalf of the group. The organisation was renamed the "Free Trade League" in 1962, in an effort to prevent confusion with trade unions, and was finally wound up in about 1972, although some members around David Wedgwood established a new organisation of the same name.

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Why in hell does our government wanting to pursue free trade agreements?

cause multinational capitalism has no borders or nationalism bro

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Does controlling illegal immigration mean rethinking the NAFTA type free trade agreements?

I have noticed both a larger trend of illegal immigration as well as more problems for the US since NAFTA went into effect. I do have to admit I was against it then and continue to be against it now. Originally, NAFTA was supposed to make it easier for our prodecuts to be transported to Canada & Mexico so our businesses would not get the tarriffs etc. The problem is that all that has been transported to other countries has been jobs and money. With the way their governments are set up, Filming has become big business in Canada and everything they produce comes right back to the US without any cost to them. SO, we lose out. Labor is cheaper and easier to get in Mexico, so the products once made here and employed people are now being made there and again are being shipped right back. The BIG businesses HAVE benefitted from NAFTA in bigger profits, but the smaller businesses have not. WE as citizens CLEARLY have not benefitted. It is time to do away with it.

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Do free trade agreements involve the pooling of sovereignty?

It has not been transferred or pooled. It has been made irrelevant. A trade treaty has no military force. Government is only relevant as long as it has this force. When it agrees to a treaty that cannot be enforced or punished for noncompliance it is essentially contradicting itself and whatever happens after that cannot be determined

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Does free trade cause poverty?

it will significantly harm the economy of under developed countries who has futrue plans to compete in industry. Despite of all good things told about it, but it will simply raise the number of consumers worldwide. and this is something bad in my opinion.

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Why shouldn't the US enter into a free trade agreement with China and Russia?

On purely economic grounds, that would be good for everybody. But:There would almost certainly be enforcement issues with Russia and China, ie, cheating on their part by impeding US imports on products that compete with domestic cronies, as well as theft of intellectual propertyThe USA would need to be able to impose economic sanctions as a diplomatic weapons, eg, the sanctions on Russia now for Ukraine and Magnitsky, and conceivably sanctions on Chinese banks/businesses for dealing with North Korea

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Why does the US government order TikTok to sell to US born company rather than order them to set up servers to the US and get all their source code and operation audited by a third party agency? Is it more fair and abiding free trade principles?

There's no free and fair trade, no more disguise now. It knows Tiktok will comply laws that apply to all companies. Resorts back to its roots of piracy

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