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Quarter Panel Help on a 78 Caprice 2 Door.?

dude it cost lots of $$$$ the best thing to do is see if the dent is repairable if it is they will charge about 700 to 1000 depending on the amount of hours any where from 10 to 14 hours plus paint material's . also if you have to ask about replacing it yourself do not try it you need Special tools to remove the used one and the one on your car then you have to fit and weld it . best advice is find someone that can fix it on the side that's willing to do it for 300 to 400 to pull the dent( bondo) then prime and block the panel p.s it does take about a day if his good at this or 2 days if his new at this ya know have not been doing this for very long .good luck

Quarter Panel Help on a 78 Caprice 2 Door.? 1

1. What burger is better, a Quarter Pounder (with cheese) or a Big Mac ?

Dude the new angus burgers are like the best burgers ive ever had. Especially the Mushroom&Swiss. Dang. Definately tops the QP and BM

2. You have 3 quarters,2 nickels,1 dime and 4 pennies. you can't change it for a dollar what can you do with it.?

Make exact change for any monetary value between 1 cent and 99 cents. 1-4 penny 5 nickel 5-9 nickel penny 10-14 dime penny 15-19 dime nickel penny 20-24 dime 2 nickel penny 25 - quarter same pattern repeats for 26-50, just add quarter to front 51-74 - 2 quarter 75-99 3 quarter Hope this helps.

Quarter Panel Help on a 78 Caprice 2 Door.? 2

3. I am in the process of transitioning my puppy from one dog food to another. The problem is I don't think he re?

Honestly, most dogs do not need too exact a transition. If you are already on %75 SD, I would just start adding a quarter Blue Buff instead of your old puppy food. Unless your dog has an incredibly sensitive stomach, he will be fine.

4. Favorite Questions and Answers from second quarter of 2017

NB: I've selected these items on the basis of being interesting, so they are not necessarily correct or "useful."In this answer, we learned that Hobbes's existence is deliberately ambiguous. Not content with that, Machavity then asked Does Hobbes ever do anything that Calvin himself could not do?, which is an interesting way to approach the problem and generated a significant amount of discussion in several different directions. Edlothiad's answer to the question about whether Galadriel's temptation of Boromir was "instrumental to his fall" was very thorough and made me think about both characters in a different way. I am not sure how true it is, but it's quite thought provoking, moreso than the highest-voted answer.(Quite a lot of people in the comments to that answer seem to think it's claiming that Galadriel was somehow "evil," but I do not see that claim in the answer itself, nor in any of the older versions of it, so I am disregarding all of that criticism as unsound. Nevertheless, the answer may be reaching in some other aspects relating to Boromir's state of mind, so I am not about to claim it's accurate in that respect.)I see Britain, I see France, I see Wonder Woman's... satin tights? has the funniest title I've seen on Meta in a while. It's also a great example of the collaborative process working as intended.Image questions are always fun to answer. They help break up the monotonous giant walls of text I always end up writing

5. Which is better a McDonald's Big Mac,or a Quarter Pounder?

Le Big Mac! Thanks, now got to go grab one!

6. Where can I get radial quarter rounds of tile?

a tile shop

7. To pass my 3rd quarter of chemistry.?

the only people who can answer your questions are the administrators at her intense college. As a worried confirm, you need to circulate to them and communicate. i think of, yet i do not comprehend, which you will make an association. Pardon: Your grammar is suited. have faith in your self once you circulate to speaqk on your daughter

8. How do I avoid splitting quarter round?

The answer to that is more complicated than you would think. depending on the type wood, grain, and it's orientation to the cut, it might be possible. If you "air" dry the "green" wood, you have to have a sheltered room, with good environmental control, where it's on the "cool" side and good air circulation. Then it might take a hard wood three to five years to dry. Kiln drying might work, but might not, depending on the prior mentioned choice of wood. Some say the splits give the slab character. Someone will suggest drilling a small hole at the end of the crack. but that's of little use on slabs of the size you are working with. Even very old hard woods, will split when slabbed the way you describe. I have some college level instruction in this area, and yet it's more art than science.........EDIT........I like ricsuduki's answer. Sounds like years of woodworking experiance.....but with woods with a lot of open grain and little natural sap retention, woods like teak, mahogany or black maple will not work. But it is an idea that's worth thinking about

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