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Now Available: the IPhone 11 Pro and the Galaxy S7. Maybe Its the Latest Mobile Phone Enthusiasts Ch

Before few decades, it was not at all possible for the people to be in continuous touch with their loved ones and the business contacts. Because the telephone facilities were very costly at that time and the users had to think multiple times for availing these phones. After having these phones also, the calling was so costly that the users could not dare to make the long distance calls very frequently and for short distance calls; they did not go for long duration calling. But these days, several money saving packages are available for the users in the form of the various kinds of mobile phone deals. Among all the available deals, the SIM Only deals are getting huge popularity because their great independence providing facilities and the cheaper rates.

The several types of mobile phone deals include the contract mobile deals, pay as you go mobile phone deals and the SIM Free mobile phone deals. But with all deals, the users have to go for the new mobile handsets also. But with the SIM Only contract deals, the users are required to go for the cheap SIM cards only. They do not need to purchase the new mobile phones rather they can use these SIM cards with their old mobile phones without any worry. Hence they save a great amount of money as buying the SIM cards is not a very costly affair.

Also these cheap ask the users to go for a very short period contract which is typically from one month to one year at max. Hence this is not a big issue for the users. Also the availability of these SIM cards on all the available networks in the UK is a big reason for the success of these deals. These deals provide the users the options of shifting to any network at any time whenever they do not feel satisfied with their current network provider. The various SIM Only deals can be availed online on all the networks at very cheap rates and in this manner the users can easily enjoy the ultimate freedom.

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Now Available: the IPhone 11 Pro and the Galaxy S7. Maybe Its the Latest Mobile Phone Enthusiasts Ch 1

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Passengers Play Mobile Phones on the Plane! One Person Is Willful and One Plane Is Delayed. the Puni
One person willfully delayed one plane, which happened on the flight on August 19. It is because passengers willfully want to play with their mobile phones that the flight slides back and delays. Can they play with their mobile phones on the plane? Is it safe? It is said that the maximum penalty for playing mobile phones on the plane is 50000 yuan?Passengers play with mobile phones on the plane - one person is willful and one plane is delayedOn August 19, a "willful" passenger refused to listen to the flight attendants' dissuasion and insisted on playing with his mobile phone during the flight taxiing. As a result, the flight slipped back to "delay" and was unable to perform the flight mission normally. At present, the passenger has been administratively detained for 10 days by Zhengzhou airport police due to his "willfulness".At 07:05 on August 19, the police station of Zhengzhou airport terminal received the notice from the anti terrorism command center of Henan Airport Public Security Bureau of civil aviation that a male passenger on flight cz636z from Zhengzhou to Sanya did not listen to the crew's dissuasion and insisted on using his mobile phone during the aircraft taxiing, forcing the flight to slide back. After receiving the alarm, the police on duty on that day quickly rushed to 238 corridor bridge and informed the patrol police team in the isolation area for early disposal.After arriving at the scene, after preliminary investigation by the police, passenger Jiao did not listen to the dissuasion of the flight attendants during the flight taxiing and insisted on using his mobile phone. Due to flight safety considerations, the crew resolutely slipped back the receipt of the flight before taking off, which also caused delay. After boarding the plane, the police controlled Jiao and took him away for investigation. After verifying the illegal act, the police made a public security punishment of giving Jiao administrative detention for 10 days according to law.Passengers play mobile phones on the plane - does using mobile phones on the plane affect flight safety?Will the use of mobile phones on the plane affect flight safety? This is what many people want to know. "That depends on what kind of aircraft it is. Generally, the use of mobile phones on the aircraft refers to the use of mobile phone networking in flight mode, not using mobile phones to make calls at high altitude. These are two different things. To connect to the Internet, the aircraft needs to be specially modified and equipped with special Wi Fi equipment." a senior captain of China Southern Airlines who has been flying for more than 20 years told reporters that he has been flying for many years, Once, when flying at high altitude, there was a large deviation in the aircraft navigation system. At that time, the flight attendants found that passengers secretly turned on the computer in the cabin. Later, after the computer was turned off, the aircraft navigation system returned to normal after correction. "From my point of view, I think it is necessary to abide by the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration at this stage and prohibit the use of mobile phones on aircraft."However, some pilots in the industry have suggested that passengers can turn off their mobile phones during the most critical take-off and landing stages of the aircraft and turn them on during high-altitude cruise. In this regard, the captain believes that there will be more processing time in case of interference during high-altitude cruise flight than in the take-off and landing stages, but whether using mobile phones during cruise has no impact on safety, Further scientific demonstration is still needed."Whether mobile phones can be used on the aircraft, in addition to the installation of satellite Wi Fi Internet access equipment on the aircraft, there are also certain requirements for the navigation system of the airport tower. Generally speaking, airports in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou meet the technical requirements, but the airport navigation system in many second and third tier cities has not been updated so fast. In this case, it is still safe to ban mobile phones on the aircraft Impact, because the pilot's communication with the airport tower is very important during the take-off and landing phase of the aircraft. A slight negligence or mobile phone interference and missing command information may lead to major safety accidents. "Han Tao, columnist of civil aviation resource network, said that it is not feasible to fully open the ban in China at present.Passengers playing with mobile phones on the plane - the punishment for violation of the new aircraft regulations is as high as 50000 yuanA few days ago, the draft for comments on the revision of the Civil Aviation Law of the people's Republic of China announced that "using mobile phones in violation of regulations" was regarded as "illegal interference endangering the safety and order of civil aviation", and the maximum fine was 50000 yuan. The illegal use of mobile phones on the plane has always been explicitly prohibited, and this revised draft further clarifies this provision and imposes more severe penalties.From 2011 to 2015, passengers will be punished for illegal use of mobile phones on the plane every year. Fines ranged from 500 yuan to 1500 yuan, and serious cases were detained for 5 to 10 days.The revised exposure draft makes it clear that "the use of mobile phones or other prohibited electronic devices in violation of regulations is an illegal interference that endangers the safety and order of civil aviation". If the act of illegal interference endangering the safety and order of civil aviation is not enough for criminal punishment, or cannot be punished in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on public security administration punishment, the punishment provisions of articles 23 and 34 of the law of the people's Republic of China on Public Security administration punishment shall apply. If the circumstances are particularly serious, the amount of fine may be increased to less than 50000 yuan.
Huawei Changxiang Z 5g How About 5g Mobile Phone Huawei Changxiang Z Dismantling 1318 Components of
Huawei Changxiang Z starts at 1699. It is equipped with Tianji 800 processor and focuses on the concept of "1000 yuan 5g". I believe many small partners have long understood that while setting down the price of 5g mobile phones, they must sacrifice some other contents. Today, we will disassemble Huawei Changxiang Z to see what it has sacrificed and what its material cost will be?The memory of the equipment purchased and disassembled this time is 6GB 64GB. The following disassembly contents and analyzed material information shall be subject to the disassembly equipment.DisassembleRemove the SIM card holder, and the opening direction of the card slot of Changxiang Z 5g is on the top of the mobile phone. There are white rubber rings on the Cato.Next, enter the official disassembly of the mobile phone.Disassemble the rear cover in the same way, heat the surface of the rear cover evenly with a hot-air gun, and then remove the rear cover with the help of suction cups, warps and other tools. There are a large area of foam and graphite sheets on the back cover. The amount of adhesive around is sufficient, and the viscosity is larger than that of the previous thousand yuan machine.There is a screw on the motherboard cover with an anti disassembly label, and foam cushion is pasted at the camera position. There is a PFC antenna on the right side of the motherboard cover and a white label. Huawei Changxiang Z abandons the integrated design of loudspeaker and auxiliary panel cover and adopts split design.Unscrew the screws and remove the main board cover, auxiliary board cover and speaker module.There is a pressure balance film on the inner side of the speaker module, and insulating tape is pasted at the position corresponding to the speaker module. A large area of graphite sheet is pasted inside the main board cover, and the rear camera flash is pasted on the main board with transparent double-sided tape.There is an antenna board on the right side of the mobile phone, which is fixed under the side key with screws.The battery is pasted on the inner support through plastic adhesive tape, and the battery is removed. It can be found that the side key board, antenna board and fingerprint sensor board are all in the same position.Remove the motherboard, three rear cameras and front cameras.The CPU position of the main board is coated with thermal conductive silicone grease, and the edge is pasted with conductive foam. The light distance sensor is fixed on the inner support as a separate small plate. Both USB interface and audio jack interface have silica gel protective sleeves.Finally, remove the components on the inner support. First remove the antenna board. Two metal locators are installed above the antenna board. After removal, the key soft board, fingerprint sensor, earpiece, vibrator, light distance sensor board and main and auxiliary board connecting soft boards can be removed in turn.Black foam is pasted on the vibrator and earpiece, and black double-sided tape is pasted around the light distance sensor boardThe screen and the inner support are completely fixed by adhesive strips, and the screen and the inner support are separated by heating the screen to soften the colloid. Graphite is pasted on the soft board of the screen, and insulating tape is pasted on the device positions on both sides. Graphite paste and foam are also pasted on the inner support.Huawei Changxiang Z uses a total of 22 screws, which is generally difficult to disassemble. The interior adopts the common three-stage design. Speaker module and auxiliary panel cover are designed separately. Battery is fixed with the plastic adhesive tape, which is not easy to pull; The heat dissipation is conventional heat conduction silicone grease plus copper foil heat dissipation. The internal support is pasted with graphite sheets for heat dissipation. The side key fingerprint identification is adopted, and an antenna board is added at the key position.E analysis:After disassembly, ewisetech comprehensively sorted and analyzed the materials of Huawei Changxiang Z machine.Huawei Changxiang Z machine has a total of 1318 components, and the estimated material cost of the whole machine is USD 166.67 (about 1120 yuan), of which the main IC part accounts for 58.8% of the total cost. Let's take a look at the familiar ICs on the motherboard.Motherboard front:1: Media tek-mt6873v-tianji 800 processor2: Sk hynix-h9hq53aecmmdar-kem-6gb memory 64GB flash memory3: Media tek-mt6360mp-power management4:Media Tek-MT6635P-WiFi/BT/GPS/GLONASS/FM5: Bosch BMI 160 acceleration sensor gyroscopeMotherboard back:1: Media tek-mt6359v-power management2: Media tek-mt6190w-rf transceiver3: Skyworks-sky58254-11-rf front end module4: GoerTek microphoneMore detailed machine BOM can be obtained by moving ewisetech. Of course, there are more devices. Go and find out what's inside your mobile phone!Samsung - Galaxy Note20 5GHonor - HONOR30Vivo - X50 Pro
Why Hasn't the Hongmeng System Moved_ When Will Huawei Hongmeng System Mobile Phones Be Available
Why hasn't the Hongmeng system movedWhen it comes to mobile phone systems, we all know that among the current smart phone systems, the most on the market are Apple's IOS system and Android system, basically accounting for half and half respectively. There have been Symbian system and Microsoft mobile phone system, which have gradually disappeared.In August last year, Huawei released the Hongmeng system, but the Hongmeng system of Huawei is only used on Huawei's TV. Many people will ask why not use it on mobile phones?If Huawei wants to apply Hongmeng system to mobile phones, it means grabbing users from Android and IOS. It goes without saying what Huawei will face. Different systems correspond to different application groups. For the mainstream Android and IOS systems, mobile app is also divided into two categories. Therefore, there is no application for Huawei to use the new system, and users can't accept it.You can recall the Microsoft mobile phone system and Symbian system. Why can't you see it later? Ecosystem issues. For powerful manufacturers, operating systems can be developed. The difficulty is not system research and development, but the ecological construction of the system. Therefore, Huawei will not easily give up the Android system unless it has to.What Huawei needs to do now is to work hard, strive to develop and build the ecosystem of the system, and act low-key in order to avoid strong enemies. Therefore, Huawei has rarely released some things about Hongmeng system recently, which is also a kind of protection for itself. When the system ecology is mature, it will meet you.When will Huawei Hongmeng system mobile phones be availableHuawei has really kept a low profile recently. The latest news about Hongmeng System 2.0 was revealed by twitter digital talent teme (temi). At that time, many netizens questioned it. It turned out that Huawei had applied for a trademark as early as June. Now the system is finally hammered. In addition to applying for a trademark and integrating the current information, Huawei will launch a new smart watch mate watch, eumi and a new generation of flagship machine mate 40 equipped with Hongmeng OS in the autumn.Hongmeng System 2.0 is another key achievement launched by Huawei after the United States upgraded and suppressed measures again. It is also an essential link in the localization of the system.In 2019, when Huawei was suppressed for the first time, it launched the independently developed Hongmeng system. Because the system brought many Android elements, version 1.0 of Hongmeng system was not favored by people. But it was this Android like system that made Google cancel its decision to ban Huawei from using the Android system. This is a sharp weapon that Huawei can counter.Huawei's Hongmeng system is ready to replace the Android system at any time. According to Huawei's plan, Hongmeng's system will cover many domestic devices such as PC, watch, headset, mobile phone and TV, so as to truly realize the interconnected Huawei ecology. In the face of such a powerful system, it is impossible for Google not to worry about the status of Android. Cutting off the supply of Huawei's Android system is undoubtedly a reason for Huawei's aboveboard promotion of Hongmeng system.When they heard that version 2.0 of Hongmeng system was about to be launched, many fans and machine friends were asking when smartphones equipped with Hongmeng operating system would be launched. Some netizens even said: only Huawei produces Hongmeng OS mobile phones, I will buy them.According to Huawei's official statement, Hongmeng OS intelligent machine has no plan for the time being. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei consumer business, said in an interview in April this year:The mobile version of Hongmeng operating system has been ready for a long time, but considering an anti secession agreement of Google, some Android and GMS mobile phones have not been launched until they are sold out in the overseas market.Yu Chengdong is a person who can boast, and his statement is highly credible. In addition, some analysts believe that another reason for Huawei's suppression of the launch of Hongmeng OS smartphone is that due to the pressure of the United States, Huawei still has many thorny problems to be solved, and there is no need to break with Google publicly.Although Huawei mobile phones cannot be equipped with Google GMS ecology, applications such as Google store, map and search cannot be used. However, Huawei soon launched its own HMS for the Android ecosystem, which does not affect Huawei's use of the Android system. Eumi 11 launched simultaneously with Hongmeng System 2.0 is based on Android 11 system.Huawei did what it said. The version 2.0 of Hongmeng system promised at the Hongmeng system press conference last August will be launched soon, although there is no Hongmeng OS smartphone expected by netizens. However, Huawei has its own strategic arrangement. Unless it completely tears its face with Google, it is not necessary to give up using Android system for the time being.
The Cold Winter of Mobile Phone Is Approaching. Can Apple Grasp 5g Life-saving Straw
While we still maintain our enthusiasm for the mobile phone market in the rapid progress and sharp marketing methods of Huawei, Xiaomi and oppo, the cold winter of the global mobile phone market is quietly approaching.According to recent data from strategy analytics, a market research company, in the third quarter of this year, global smartphone sales fell 8% year-on-year to 360 million. This is the fourth consecutive quarter of decline in global smartphone sales.The third-party consulting firm attributed the plight of the smartphone industry to the significant reduction of subsidies from wireless operators, the longer user renewal cycle, inventory backlog in multiple regions and the lack of exciting hardware design innovation.Compared with Chinese enterprises used to dancing in the Red Sea, Apple seems to be losing confidence in the quagmire of "middle-aged crisis". Although Apple's earnings and revenue reached a new high in the third quarter, the sales data of the three major electronic devices led by the iPhone were disappointing. Not only was the global sales volume of iPhone surpassed by Huawei, but also the share price fell sharply, repeatedly breaking through the market value of 1 trillion.In addition to the downturn in the terminal market, Apple's new product launch at the end of last month can be called the most nonexistent Apple launch in history. For the forgotten MacBook Air, mac mini and iPad pro, in addition to the performance upgrades such as it screen, chip and hard disk capacity, the only impressive thing is the price rise.Many people once thought that apple without jobs would no longer be the apple that can lead the global consumer market. However, with the sales and market value of Apple products singing all the way in the post jobs era, this worry and nostalgia for Steve jobs are slowly diluted.After iphone6, it is difficult to have Apple products with revolutionary design language and functional innovation, which faithfully continues the gene left by jobs.Apple is still Jobs's apple, but its ability to innovate the whole industry stayed on October 5, 2011. The price rise can be said to be the most thorough overdraft of "jobs". After the carnival of trillion market value, Apple's turning point has come.Smartphone enters "arc top cycle"The year-on-year decline in shipments in the smartphone market for four consecutive quarters is not an occasional phenomenon. This decline began as early as last year.According to IDC's global quarterly mobile phone tracking data, global smartphone shipments fell by 0.5% in 2017, the first year-on-year decline since the launch of smartphones. Among them, shipments in the Chinese market decreased by nearly 5% in 2017, which is an important factor leading to the decline of global sales. EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) also decreased by 3.5%, and the U.S. market is relatively stable.After a continuous decline in the first three quarters and a large decline in the third quarter, the total sales volume of the smartphone market this year will only continue to decline year-on-year in 2017. In addition to the well-known factors such as the high penetration rate of the smartphone market, the weakness of operator channels, the high inventory of mobile phone sales channels, and the lengthening of the exchange rate cycle, it does not matter if the industrial chain is highly mature.The PC and home appliance industries that have entered the IT industry chain clearly show us the cruelty and boredom of the red sea hand to hand combat in the arc top cycle. The PC industry and home appliance industry, which were once very popular, began to become transparent after the market penetration was close to saturation and overcapacity.According to the price and market positioning, we are making homogeneous choices among limited core component suppliers such as chips and storage, using the same batch of suppliers' materials, the same OEM, and even the hardware integration scheme is provided by a professional third party. Downstream terminal brand manufacturers have become the role of assembly and combination.It is difficult to establish substantive differentiation between products of various brands. The performance of core components determines the selling point of products, which leads to the acceleration of the degree of liking the new and hating the old, and the life cycle of a single product is greatly compressed.On the other hand, there is great uncertainty when resorting to perceptual factors such as brand marketing and appearance design. Under the industrial environment of short (product life cycle), flat (channel flat) and fast (market change), a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises gradually lose their R & D and design ability in the meager profits, eventually become assembly manufacturers and are quickly eliminated. The market will move towards rapid concentration at the top of the arc cycle.Another major feature of the industrial arc top cycle is that the Chinese market begins to determine the pattern of the global market. At the same time, in the short and fast red sea competitive environment, China's leading enterprises show flexible competitiveness.In the PC era, Lenovo has become a global leader in PC business after acquiring IBM, German MEDION AG, Japanese NEC PC business and Fujitsu's PC business respectively. As the core market accounting for nearly one-third of the global market share, the fluctuation of the Chinese market always affects the pattern of the global PC market.In the field of household appliances, this performance is more obvious. After experiencing the scenery of high-speed growth period, foreign brands such as Japan and South Korea, which once swept the Chinese market, began to fail as soon as they switched to the Red Sea mode. Last year, the global market share of Chinese household appliances reached 56.2%, including TCL, Skyworth, Midea, Haier, Gree and other domestic brands, which not only dominated the Chinese market, but also made great achievements in global market expansion.The performance of the mobile phone market for four consecutive quarters has begun to fully show the characteristics of the arc top cycle. The scale of China's mobile phone market has been close to one third of the total global mobile phone market. The dependence of the world's major mobile phone brand manufacturers on the Chinese market is deepening, and the quality of the Chinese market also determines the performance of the global mobile phone market.Although Samsung still holds the top position in the global mobile phone market share, its market share in the Chinese market has collapsed to less than 1%, which directly led to its weak growth, with a year-on-year decrease of 13% in the third quarter of this year. Under the dual pressure of declining sales and weak product innovation, professional managers are playing a good man in the capital market by deeply overdrawing the apple brand.Behind the apple boom, there is an amazing decline. If Apple still fails to make decent technological innovation and product function design leading the consumer market in subsequent new products, it may exhaust the last patience of loyal consumers for many years.5g can't be a "life-saving straw"Ryan Reith, vice president of IDC's all mobile phone tracking report project, is optimistic about 5g. He believes that the full deployment of 5g network is a great driving force for the smartphone market.In my opinion, the situation may be just the opposite. The deployment of 5g will completely open the prelude to the decline of the smartphone market.The industry is looking forward to 5g, because several core technologies of 5g are the necessary foundation to support the scenario of scientific and technological development. In the future, wireless networks will deploy more than 10 times more wireless nodes than existing stations. In the coverage area of macro stations, the proportion of active users to stations may reach 1:1, that is, users and service nodes correspond one by one. The ultra dense heterogeneous network 5g network will support more than 1000 times the growth of traffic in the future.It can be predicted that the audio, video, image and other services for large-scale users will usher in a rapid growth, 5g technology will play in and out of the content distribution network, and an intelligent virtual network will be added to the traditional network to carry the massive and high-capacity new transmission content. D2D and M2M technologies will also usher in large-scale development after the popularity of 5g network. Short distance data direct transmission technology and intelligent communication interaction between machines will endow the machine terminal itself with more "wisdom".When 5g reaches the popularization scale of 4G network, the number of interconnected terminals in the world will exceed 50 billion, truly realizing the interconnection of all things. Cloud computing has entered the mobile end in the 5g era. The mobile intelligent terminal in the mobile network will connect to the remote service provider in an on-demand and easy to expand way to obtain the required resources.With the support of a new generation communication network based on 5g and smart phones, multi-modal smart terminals will fully penetrate into all individual independent life scenes. It has gradually become clear that the smart home scene ecology created by Amazon Alexa voice system and echo smart speaker, and many Internet giants and car companies are struggling to promote automatic driving and smart car ecology. And major developed economies have planned smart cities.Smart phones will not only face the diversion of multi form and multi entry smart terminals in the future, but also break the uniqueness of mobile phone functions. In terms of the layout of future multipolar terminals, Apple has not yet handed over a qualified answer. As the world's most valuable technology company, Apple's investment in R & D in 2017 was lower than that of traditional technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Intel.Apple without jobs, in addition to continuing to run wildly in the dividends of ecology and product planning left by jobs, its mediocrity in the development of new fields and product technological innovation has exceeded people's expectations."Mediocre fate" under trillion market valueAs the successor appointed by jobs, cook is the loyal executor of jobs' strategy. He has excellent supply chain management and cost control ability. On the product roadmap planned by jobs, he maximized the consumer cultural influence and market appeal created by jobs for apple, and created an apple with the most money and the highest market value in constant compromise.Apple's growth crisis has been fully exposed when Apple's mobile phone creates high profits by raising prices on the basis of a sharp decline in sales, and throws out a stock return plan of $100 billion at the peak of market value with a cash reserve of $285 billion, but its R & D investment is nearly double that of Amazon, the second largest technology company by market value.There are many examples of prosperity and decline in the mobile phone industry. From Ericsson, Motorola to Nokia, when indulging in existing achievements, losing the power of innovation and change, and missing technological revolution and key market opportunities, a giant often collapses much faster than its hard-earned market position.Apple under the feast of trillion market value is Jobs's last spiritual totem.
Mobile Phone Battery Universal Charger Failed
November 23, 2009 8:36:51The Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce sampled 40 batches of chargers produced by 26 enterprises, focusing on safe use projects ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ This spot check focuses on the safety and electromagnetic compatibility items directly related to the safety and health of users. Safety requirements, generally speaking, require that the circuit structure of the product should meet certain safety requirements. No matter what state the product is in, it should not endanger personal safety. ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ Our news (reporter Quan Jie, correspondent Hu Yanni and Li Wen) be careful when buying mobile phone battery charger! The latest sampling results released by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce yesterday showed that all mobile phone battery chargers were unqualified, the worst in recent three years! The Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce said that the chargers in this spot check are universal chargers. The electrical clearance and creepage distance between the initial stages of all transformers in the spot check charger do not meet the standard requirements, which is likely to bring dangerous voltage to the user's accessible output terminals, causing personal injury or harm to the charged equipment. ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ In the past three years, the qualified rate was only 20% ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a random inspection of 40 batches of mobile phone battery chargers produced by 26 manufacturers sold by 19 sales enterprises in 6 cities, including Shantou, Shaoguan, Huizhou, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang and Maoming. After inspection, all of them were unqualified. In the past three years, the qualified rate of mobile phone battery chargers has been low, with only about 20% qualified in the first two years. This time there was zero qualification, and the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce said that "the situation is serious, and there are serious quality problems with mobile phone battery chargers". ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ Unqualified shell fire protection due to Jerry built work ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ From the spot check, the quality of mobile phone battery chargers sold in the circulation field is poor and the qualified rate is very low. Main nonconforming items: first, marking and description; Second, electrical insulation and electrical strength; Third, electrical clearance, creepage distance and insulation penetration distance; Fourth, materials (fire prevention of shell); Fifth, electromagnetic compatibility, including power terminal disturbance voltage and radiation disturbance. The first four are safety requirements and the fifth is electromagnetic compatibility requirements. Another unqualified mechanical strength is that the shell is disconnected after the drop test. ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ Among them, electrical clearance, creepage distance, insulation penetration distance and electromagnetic compatibility are 100% unqualified. The unqualified rate of battery charger materials also reached 97.5%. "For the explosion and fire accidents of the charger, the fire performance test of the shell is added." ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ The relevant person in charge said that the national standard requires the fire protection performance of mobile phone chargers to burn them within the specified time, stop the combustion for a certain time, and then carry out secondary combustion at the same part. The continuous combustion of goods should not exceed 1 minute, and the samples should not be completely burned out, and the 39 unqualified batches did not meet the standard requirements. The Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce said that the main reason for the unqualified fire prevention of the shell is that the manufacturing enterprises cut corners in order to reduce costs and did not add flame retardant materials during processing. ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ Purchase guide: ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ 1. Try to buy products marked with "CQC" certification mark; ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ 2. Those whose prices are too cheap cannot be purchased; ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ 3. It is recommended not to buy products with incomplete or confused identification; ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ 4. Select a charger with appropriate output voltage and current; ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ 5. Try to choose the original standard charger. ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ The qualified rate of mobile phone battery produced in Guangzhou is 16.7% ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ Our news (reporter Quan Jie, correspondent Hu Yanni, Li Wen) yesterday, Guangdong Province announced the quality sampling results of mobile phone batteries sold in the circulation field in the province, with a qualified rate of only 65%. Among the mobile phone battery products produced by 31 manufacturers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou and Fujian, the quality of mobile phone batteries produced in Guangzhou is the worst, with a qualified rate of only 16.7%,
Gallium Nitride Charger Is Recommended As an Essential Charging Partner for Mobile Phone Tablet
Now, digital consumer electronic products have become an indispensable tool in people's daily life, such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and so on. However, with our daily use becoming more and more frequent, the power consumption of these digital electronic products is also very large. Charging and battery life have plagued users for a long time. Therefore, many users want to match their digital products with easy-to-use and practical chargers.Since last year, many manufacturers have successively launched the current hot "net red" gallium nitride charger, and many brands are under layout. Why are gallium nitride chargers popular with manufacturers and consumers? This is mainly due to the advantageous properties of gallium nitride. In short, Gan Gan is a new semiconductor material, which has the advantages of super thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance. When used in chargers, GaN has the advantages of high efficiency, low heating, high power and small volume. Charging power conversion is also more advantageous than traditional chargers.Now, the double 11 is here, and many people take this opportunity to buy suitable gallium nitride chargers. Gallium nitride charger is an essential charging partner for mobile phone tablet. So, how to choose gallium nitride charger? First choice. I suggest you choose a big brand. The quality of gallium nitride chargers on the market is uneven. After determining their own needs, it is more important to choose products of regular brands and manufacturers. The gallium nitride charger launched by an unknown small factory has no way to confirm the quality of the product, let alone the follow-up guarantee, so you must not buy it cheaply. Secondly, when purchasing, it depends on the power, supported protocols, interface types, etc. Generally speaking, users will choose products with high power, QC / PD and other protocols compatible and rich interface types. Next, I would like to recommend several gallium nitride chargers that are very popular in the market, including brands such as Xiaomi and Lenovo, as well as Beisi popular products of "charging fast with Beisi".Millet 65W gallium nitride chargerThe model of Xiaomi Gan charger is ad65g, the output interface is a single usb-c interface, and supports USB pd3.0 fast charging protocol. It supports 5v3a / 9v3a / 10v5a / 12v3a / 15v3a / 20v3.25a, the maximum output power is 65W, and supports 100-240V 50 / 60Hz global voltage.In terms of size, the volume of Xiaomi Gan charger has been greatly reduced because of the gallium nitride power device design scheme. The volume is about one third of that of apple 61W charger, and the length, width and height are 30.8mm x 30.8mm x 56.3mm (excluding pins). In order to achieve the ultimate volume, the pins are non foldable.Lenovo thinkbook lipstick power Pro gallium nitride chargerLenovo thinkbook lipstick power Pro has built-in gallium nitride technology, which is very lightweight. Its length is only 67.7mm, which is only a little larger than ordinary mobile phone charger. The foldable design is adopted, which can be easily put into the small backpack, which will be very convenient for users who often go out. This product has a maximum power output of 65W, and adopts a dual interface design, including usb-a and usb-c. it supports simultaneous output. Users can use thinkbook lipstick power pro to charge thinkbook notebook and mobile phone at the same time.Beisi 65W gallium nitride chargerBeisi 65W 2c1a gallium nitride Mini charger not only supports the single port output of up to 65W, but also supports the stable output of 45W 18W under two ports, which can meet the needs of fast charging computer mobile phone at the same time, but also has 75 × thirty-six × The 32mm Mini volume is only about 1 / 3 of the volume of the general 65W charger. Beisi Gan Lite gallium nitride charger adopts a new structural design, and the appearance ID has also been adjusted to make Gan Lite more plump and lovely. The interface configuration provides 65W 1a1c version and 65W 2C version, which are available in black and white.The maximum output power of Beisi Gan Lite gallium nitride charger is 65W. It is developed based on pd3.0 general fast charging standard and can charge digital products such as notebook, tablet, mobile phone and switch game console. In addition to pd3.0 fast charging, Beisi Gan Lite gallium nitride charger also supports common fast charging protocols such as qc4 , qc3.0, qc2.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE and apple2.4a, which can well support new and old equipment.Beisi 120W gallium nitride chargerBeisi 120W gallium nitride charger follows Beisi's iconic design concept, adopts the style of slender and low-key appearance, and the volume is very small. Its three dimensions are only 94.8 * 54.8 * 29.6mm respectively, which is equivalent to the volume of 95w chargers of other brands. It has three interfaces, two type-C interfaces and one sub-A interface. When the user uses one type-C interface for charging alone, it can output up to 100W, while when using one sub-A interface alone, it can output up to 30W. If two type-C interfaces charge two devices at the same time, the maximum output power is 60W 60W, which adds up to 120W.Summary:The four gallium nitride chargers recommended above are very popular products in the market at present. During the double 11, these popular products have different degrees of preferential margins, which are estimated to be the lowest prices in the second half of this year. Compared with Xiaomi, Lenovo and other brands, Beisi is more professional and has a deep precipitation in the charger industry. Recently, there are friends who want to buy chargers. Don't miss it.fqj
Is the Picture Taken by a 100 Million Pixel Mobile Phone Really Better Than That Taken by an Ordinar
Mobile phone pixels have always been a hot topic and one of the main needs of many users. However, there is a problem. It seems that we have entered a misunderstanding - the higher the pixel of the mobile phone, the better. In fact, the truth is very cruel. You may not be able to take good photos with a 100 million pixel mobile phone.First of all, we should understand one thing, what is a pixel.All the pictures we see are actually composed of "color dots", and each individual color dot is what we often call "pixel". A picture is composed of 1 million color dots, and the pixel of the picture is 1 million.Usually, the cell phone pixels we touch refer to the single electronic components that sense light and image on the cell phone sensor. For example, a camera with 10 million light-sensitive devices is a 10 million pixel camera, a camera with 64 million light-sensitive devices is 64 million pixels, and so on.The higher the pixel, the larger the size of the photo, and there is more room for post-processing. In addition, the size of pixels is not fixed, and its arrangement order is not unique, such as common RGB sub-pixel arrangement, RGBW technology arrangement, pentile arrangement, etc. the change of this arrangement can also improve the picture resolution and photographing experience, but it is more important to determine the size of photosensitive elements.Theoretically, the larger the pixel size, the better the imagingThe combination of photosensitive elements and pixels is a good mobile phone.The image quality depends on the number of photons captured by the photosensitive element. The larger the photosensitive element, the more photons captured, the better the photosensitive performance, and the more delicate the photos taken. Therefore, the focus is not only high pixels, but also a big bottom.Referring to the figure above, the larger the pixel size, the better the noise and dynamic range of the image can be controlled, and the influence of the dispersion circle is less. Apple has been using 800W low pixels before. The big reason is to maintain a large pixel size.Under the bottom blessing, the one with high pixels wins the world.Area comparison between full frame photosensitive element and mobile phone photosensitive elementIn addition to the two, it is the various adjustments of mobile phone manufacturers about their products. Therefore, some people say that Apple's profit is higher than that of domestic mobile phones. After all, iPhone has a strong dependence on software optimization, which weakens the cost of hardware.Therefore, whether Apple, Samsung or domestic mobile phones, they are also very excellent products. The biggest difference is whether the hardware is upgraded or the software is optimized. Did you learn?
Analysis on the Development of Folding Mobile Phone in the Future
Speaking of folding devices, it is no stranger to the post-80s and post-90s. When the tide of smart phones has not swept the mobile phone circle, flip design is one of the major forms of mobile phones. On flip phones, we have actually seen the prototype of folding phones, and ZTE axon m seems to make us feel the "blood relationship" between them.Tiled ZTE axon MFor users like me who are full of feelings for old devices, when I first met ZTE axon m, I couldn't help feeling: the large flip design is really cow X! The folding design can not only obtain a greater field of vision, but also inherit the portability of the flip phone. Even if the screen proportion of full screen mobile phones is large, it is difficult to compare with the two in one screen of folding mobile phones. At the same time, the portability after folding is unmatched by large-size full screen mobile phones.ZTE axon m four modesOf course, even if the most excellent design does not have the support of rich functionality, it is difficult to escape the scope of gimmicks. ZTE axon m provides four display modes for folding form:Dual screen modeDual screen mode: independent display on two screens and independent operation. Similar to the split screen function we use now.Extended mode: two screens are combined into one screen display, so as to obtain a larger field of vision.Chess match in mirror modeMirror mode: two screens display the same content, which is suitable for multi person operation.Single screen mode: the phone folds up and only the home screen works. Convenient one hand operation, more portable.From these modes, the folding design of ZTE axon m covers almost all the usages of dual screen. But obviously, double screen folding will not stop here.Samsung folding screen mobile phoneSamsung folding mobile phoneIt has long been rumored that Samsung will launch a folding mobile phone. The biggest difference between this phone and ZTE axon m is that the folded screen is integrated. Moreover, according to the information currently exposed, a screen is added on the inner side of the folding screen and outside the folding screen for routine operation. In other words, we will see a more technical folding mobile phone.Lenovo folioIn fact, as early as 2016, Lenovo demonstrated folio, a foldable mobile phone with a foldable screen, at the techworld conference. The device can have a 7.8-inch 1920 * 1440 resolution screen in tablet mode, and the screen size is 5.5 inches in folded state. But so far, it has not been listed. The reason may be that the collapsible screen needs to be supplied by a third party, and the supplier is estimated to be Samsung.Lenovo folio with plastic OLEDAt present, there are still many technical challenges in screen folding. Although OLED screens can achieve flexible bending, the demand for cover glass needs to be replaced by flexible materials. The folio mentioned just now is the plastic OLED. While replacing glass, it also brings problems: will the flexible protective layer and display fall off due to multiple folds? What is the scratch resistance of the flexible protective layer, and can it fully protect the display layer? Whether the mass production of flexible protective layer has qualified yield and low price?Samsung folding mobile phoneBut it is certain that once this screen foldable mobile phone is mass produced, mobile electronic devices will obviously enter a new era. When the folding screen technology is mature, the large and clumsy electronic display devices are likely to be replaced, and our living space will be further released.Samsung folding mobile phone after unfolding and foldingOf course, it's a little far away, but the folding phone with foldable screen can really bring a more complete visual experience. This means that the tablet has completed its historical mission.The more use of this folding mobile phone depends on the folding angle of the screen.Folding screen functionWhen it comes to the functions of folding mobile phones, ZTE axon m has actually given us a set of excellent schemes - through the mutual cooperation of two screens, we can realize the functions that are difficult to achieve on one screen. Of course, for future folding screen phones, these functions are not all.1. Handheld simulationNintendo new 3DSA friend told me that the folding design of ZTE axon m is somewhat like a 3DS handheld, and it would be good if the mobile phone could replace the handheld in the future. Theoretically, the folding design of ZTE axon M can indeed be simulated into a handheld mode. One screen is used for screen display and the other screen is used for auxiliary display and operation. Without peripheral accessories, this may be the best solution without affecting the game screen.2. Portable double game consoleThe folding phone can provide two viewsJust now I talked about the folding angle of the foldable mobile phone. If the rotation angle of about 270 degrees can be realized, the mobile phone with foldable screen will provide mirrored game images for two players at the same time as ZTE axon M. In the future, after the folding mobile phone has stronger performance and power, it can realize the split screen experience of two person games with the handle peripherals.3. Mild office tendencySimulated notebook for light office4. Simulation readingOf course, the game is only one of the extensions. Applications with interactive operation interface and display interface can be separated through dual screens to provide display interface and operation interface respectively. When the folded screen is large enough, it can even simulate a laptop. In other words, folding mobile phones will be able to meet a certain degree of office needs.Simulated books bring better reading experienceIn addition, because the folding mobile phone is more similar to real books, it can simulate a more real reading effect. Moreover, smart phones also allow e-books to develop in a diversified direction, such as inserting animations and videos into books to make reading more intuitive. At the same time, it also provides ideas for the paper newspaper simulation of web page layout.In fact, folding is not the only solutionAfter talking about the benefits of folding the screen, are you excited? Here, I would also like to say wait. Don't worry, because the folding mobile phone hasn't really been on the market, and the actual experience has to wait until the real phone is in hand. In addition, there is still a prominent contradiction between the extended function and portability of folding mobile phones. For the best experience, folding phones need to evolve further. Interestingly, the future mobile phone form is not just folding.Cylindrical scroll mobile phoneNot long ago, Samsung applied for a patent. In addition to the foldable design, there is also a scroll design. This design also includes two schemes, one is the cylindrical scroll design, and the other is the rounded quadrangular design. The screen can be retracted on the axis and expanded when necessary. More interestingly, the rounded quadrangular design also includes fingerprint identification function. It's really a brain hole.Rounded quadrangular scroll mobile phoneIn my opinion, this scroll design is less likely to be applied to mobile phones. After all, expanding the screen is a matter that affects the operation efficiency. But it's great to be bigger as office and entertainment equipment. If the performance is sufficient, it's possible to replace the notebook.Flexible mobile phoneFlexible mobile phone is also a good concept, because this design can greatly solve the portability problem of smart phone. For example, users can tie the mobile phone to their arms. Of course, the problem is that the internal components are difficult to achieve flexible bending. Here we also want to talk about Lenovo.Flexible mobile phone and folding mobile phone displayAt the same techworld conference in 2016, in addition to the foldable mobile phone, there is also a practical flexible mobile phone. Lenovo places multiple foldable hinges on the mobile phone through a certain material and new design, and places the components that cannot be folded on the parts that do not need to be folded, so as to realize the flexible bending of the mobile phone. This phone is also not available, but it proves the existence of flexible mobile phone design.Folding or flexible phones seem a little far away now. Can they really come? I can give you a positive answer.When our parents were using the big BB, they didn't expect that there would be mobile phones that could listen to songs and read novels on the Internet in the future; When our brothers and sisters are using Motorola and Nokia, they will not think that one day these mobile phone giants will not go back to the past, nor will they think of today's smart phones and full screen; In the same way, although folding mobile phones now seem far away, maybe our children will use them. Always believe in technology. It never stops moving forward.
Can the New Generation 5g Mobile Phone Help Gree Mobile Phone Open a New Situation?
No one can rank ahead of Dong Mingzhu in terms of perseverance.Recently, without any preheating, a new product called "DASONG 5g mobile phone" quietly logged into Gree mall, priced from 2699 yuan. This is the fourth generation of Gree mobile phone products since its launch in 2015. However, the first three generations of Gree mobile phone products have not set off waves in the market. So, can the new generation 5g mobile phone launched this time help Gree mobile phone open a new situation?Gree dedicated to mobile phoneGree has been involved in the mobile phone industry for a long time. Within five years, Gree mobile phone has launched four mobile phones after three generations. I still remember that before Gree's first mobile phone came out, Dong Mingzhu said confidently, "if I were a mobile phone, consumers would not change mobile phones for three years." and he put forward the heroic words of selling at least 50 million mobile phones a year. We all know the outcome. We can see from the sales of Gree's third-generation mobile phones still sold in Gree mall, which is only about 5000.The failure of Gree mobile phone did not extinguish Dong Mingzhu's mobile phone dream. Although it frankly accepted that Gree mobile phone sales were not outstanding, it also denied that Gree mobile phone had failed. At present, the advent of DASONG 5g mobile phone has also witnessed Dong Mingzhu's persistence in mobile phone layout.However, insistence and persistence can not achieve good results. "Four books encounter" once said: if you don't know what you can't do, a fool can't do it. Especially in the mobile phone industry, it is not relying on the spirit of perseverance and "one chamber of blood" to achieve success. It needs market training, user recognition and keeping up with the pace of the times.For Gree mobile phone, not to mention the gap between the brand and huami ov, it is also far from Lenovo, Meizu and Nubia, which have a glorious history. In addition, in terms of configuration and positioning, its backward mobile phone configuration and extremely high positioning have never been recognized by consumers.Smart home, all things connected, smart phone is a necessity?So, why did Gree not give up the mobile phone field under such circumstances? According to blue technology, it is precisely because Gree is committed to diversified development under the wave of 5g, and mobile phones will also be an important part of Gree's diversification and smart home strategy.At the end of 2019, Gree introduced its smart home blueprint of "interconnection of all things and one echo" at the press conference. Today, Gree released its first 5g mobile phone, obviously to establish its own ecological chain. On the product details page of DASONG 5g mobile phone just released, Gree also focuses on the relevant functions of the mobile phone in realizing the intelligent interconnection of the whole scene of the family.However, can mobile phone products developed with connecting smart families really be recognized by consumers? In fact, before Gree, home appliance enterprises, including Hisense and TCL, also crossed into the mobile phone field for their own development. However, in the current domestic mobile phone market, the mobile phone market share with the background of home appliance brand is very small.On the one hand, the sales routine of the home appliance industry is not applicable to the mobile phone field; On the other hand, consumers' demand for mobile phones is communication and entertainment, rather than controlling household appliances. The difference between the mobile phone industry and the home appliance industry is that in addition to precise manufacturing processes and various detailed performance tests, it also needs to pass the tests of communication and network capabilities in a series of scenarios, and cooperate with various operators and upstream and downstream enterprises, which is also very different from the independence of home appliances.Contain energy Gree "stealing chicken can't erode rice"Compared with traditional household appliances, mobile phones as FMCG iterate faster. However, the brand awareness, reputation and technical ability of mobile phones need a long time of investment and development. Also get the trust and recognition of chip, design, screen, software and other enterprises. In these aspects, the accumulation and experience of traditional household appliances are relatively weak.According to canalys statistics, in the third quarter of this year, the top five manufacturers in China's smartphone market accounted for 95.2% of the market share. It can be seen that the brands in China's mobile phone market are becoming more and more concentrated. As a new force in the mobile phone market, it is difficult to obtain users' choices without sufficient competitive advantages. When the configuration and price of DASONG 5g mobile phone are not satisfactory, it is difficult for many people to buy it because of curiosity.Just as Gree continues to tilt to the mobile phone field, its proud air conditioning category has also encountered a "head crisis". Once upon a time, when you mentioned air conditioning, you would think of Gree, and when you mentioned Gree, you would naturally think of air conditioning. It can be said that Gree is one of the benchmark enterprises in the air conditioning industry.According to statistics, Gree air conditioner's offline retail market share in 2019 was 38%, ranking first in China. Nowadays, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the advantages of Gree air conditioner are gradually overtaken by Midea.According to the semi annual report released by Gree Electric, in the first half of 2020, Gree Electric realized an operating revenue of 69.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 30%; The net profit was 6.36 billion yuan, a sharp decrease of 53%; In contrast, Midea's semi annual report shows that Midea Group's revenue in the first half of 2020 was 139 billion yuan, a decrease of nearly 10%; The net profit reached 13.9 billion yuan, down 8.3%.Among the air-conditioning categories, Gree air conditioner's revenue in the first half of 2020 was 41.3 billion yuan, while Midea's revenue was 64 billion yuan. It surpassed Gree for the first time and became China's largest air-conditioning group in one fell swoop.More noteworthy is that the annual report shows that in the first half of this year, Gree's air conditioning revenue accounted for as much as 60%, household appliances and intelligent equipment revenue accounted for 3% and 0.3% respectively, and air conditioning revenue still accounted for more than half of the country.In contrast, Midea has more abundant product lines. In the same period, Midea Group's air conditioning revenue accounted for 46%, consumer appliances accounted for 38%, and robots and automation systems accounted for 6.8%. In addition to taking the lead in the field of air conditioning, it also has a relatively perfect layout in the product line of smart home. It can be said that it is beyond gree in all directions.Gree's development of mobile phones is understandable, but the future of mobile phones is full of too much uncertainty. For Gree, one of the biggest crises at present is the position of leader in the air conditioning industry. Once it is won by Midea, it will be very difficult for Gree to turn over in the future.
Who Will Solve the Face Information Security Concerns Caused by "mobile Phone Theft"?
A month ago, an article "the black industrial chain of stealing personal information and realizing fund theft due to the theft of a mobile phone" (the original author has been deleted) triggered a heated discussion. The author Lao camel tells that after his family's mobile phone was stolen, he experienced a battle of wits and courage with a group of professional and sophisticated criminal gangs who stole personal information and stole funds from other people's bank accounts. The article mentioned many enterprises, but also caused many netizens' concerns about the security of face information.Schematic diagram of fund stealing process by stealing personal information from black productsOn October 10th, relevant departments of Alipay responded that the students of Alipay's "non attack" safety laboratory contacted the old camel for the first time and understood the relevant situation. The response pointed out that the black products disclosed in Alipay did not contain money and information. And Alipay promised to pay the full amount of money stolen, including the loss of mobile phone.In the follow-up specific reply, Alipay's related personnel also pointed out that black production did not break through Alipay's face recognition, and the new registration number was realized through other channels, such as identity information and SMS verification code.Application crisis of face recognitionAt present, as the product of the development of artificial intelligence and big data technology, face recognition technology has been widely used in administrative services, financial business, unit attendance, access control system and judicial cases in recent years with the breakthrough in the research and development of face recognition technology all over the world."Face unlocking", "face swiping payment" and "face swiping in and out" are part of people's life. However, while people enjoy the convenience they bring to work and life, the problem of data privacy and security based on this has also aroused widespread concern in the society, How to set more reasonable and scientific regulatory rules to protect personal privacy and data security has become a difficult problem of the times.Difficulties caused by standardsAnother worrying reality is that there is no national standard for personal information protection except for financial institutions. At the same time, because its nature is different from the financial industry and its sensitivity is low, the face recognition system used in most cases is relatively backward.In addition, according to an employee of a company in Guangxi, the big problem of face recognition system on the market is that it can't afford it. The employee said that when she purchased the 108 point face recognition system of a well-known CV enterprise in China (note â‘), the other party offered more than 300000 yuan, but it was difficult to grasp the quality of the other party when she purchased the enterprise system with a smaller name. After several selection, I finally chose the face recognition system of a beauty software.This leads to another problem. Among many enterprises trying to use face recognition technology, small and medium-sized enterprises are unable to bear the cost caused by excellent systems. Although the relatively backward face recognition system is cheap, it may affect security, which has almost become a dead cycle.Then, under the dual factors of the lack of standards and the impact of costs, it is extremely easy for capital to produce such a measure in the process of pursuing profits: "if you don't have money to buy good ones, you can use relatively general ones. There is no standard about what level of face recognition technology is allowed to be used."Application under compromiseIn addition to the above standard problems, the technical problems of face recognition are also very easy for enterprises to compromise for user experience.Specifically, the worse the image quality, the lower the accuracy of face recognition. Therefore, in daily applications, the quality problems of face images caused by complex environments such as blur, occlusion, large angle, backlight and dark light will lead to low accuracy of face recognition, which requires repeated recognition for many times to succeed, so the overall time consumption is greatly prolonged.In the application of face recognition technology, whether it is already integrated into our daily mobile terminal applications, or in security terminal applications such as face recognition gate, there are many embarrassing scenes that fail to pass the recognition for many times and constantly change the face angle to wait for the recognition to pass.From the perspective of user experience, face recognition is not an indispensable "security choice" for users. For mobile end users, security means such as password and fingerprint identification have long been transplanted and mature, while for customers served by security end applications such as gate, the original mature modes such as fingerprint and RF card can still serve them.This leads to another phenomenon. Once the user experience is too poor, face recognition technology will not be used at all, and it will cause an irreparable decline in the brand's reputation. Under this "coercion", many enterprises choose to reduce the key points of face recognition technology and compromise the user experience and reputation, which is also one of the reasons why face recognition technology has been frequently cracked in the past.Daily threats do not stop at the faceFor the current situation of face recognition, the appropriate lifting algorithm can reduce the risk of face recognition to a certain extent. For example, the lack of technical support for Alipay has the ability to detect thousands of points. Compared with the first generation of key points, QianDian can completely outline the shape of the face, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and other parts of the face for more accurate face recognition.In addition, for the user experience, in essence, technical means can be taken to make up rather than compromise, remove low-quality images, and send the screened images with qualified quality to the next process, which can greatly improve the recognition efficiency.Based on the principle of feature extraction, the features concerned by face quality detection (mainly including light, blur, angle, occlusion, expression, noise, etc.) can be learned from massive data through neural network and judged.Back to daily life, in this event, due to mobile number sniffing and SMS sniffing, the former can capture the mobile phone numbers around the network, and the latter can sniff the SMS of a mobile phone number under 2G network. Therefore, even if you hide the notification details in the lock screen state, and even if you have a SIM card pin, the attacker can still obtain the verification code of the mobile phone through this technology and carry out the same attack, which is worthy of our attention.Fortunately, both SMS sniffing and mobile phone number sniffing can only be carried out under 2G network. Of course, this is not difficult for attackers. On the one hand, attackers can find an environment where 3G and 4G signals are bad and can only be connected to 2G to attack. On the other hand, attackers can also launch a downgrade attack to reduce the mobile phone connected to LTE network to 2G. This technology is also very mature.How to prevent this attack? Very simply, in the cellular mobile network settings, set the network mode to only 4G or 5g / 4G.Editor ajx
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