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Need a Video/audio 'time Base Corrector' with a Very Large Time Buffer

You can do this with GStreamer and a plugin called rtpjitterbuffer. There is an example usage on the bottom of that page with the gst-launch tool to do a simple desktop playback of an rtp stream with network errors.You can customize this to your need and set specific timeouts and also make a new network stream instead of doing desktop playback. You can do pretty much anything with gstreamer, you just have to read a bit into it.Regarding hardware I do not know of any that does this but I would guess its pretty expensive like it usually is with very specialized hardware

Need a Video/audio 'time Base Corrector' with a Very Large Time Buffer 1

1. Laptop Video and Audio On My TV?

Sorry, you will need a converter box of some sort. Your laptop charger is only a charger. USB is not practical for graphics output, S-video is only 4 pin. The 7 pin on your TV might be something proprietary.

2. Video and audio recording software?

First on-camera audio is usually crap. One good technique is to buy an external digital-audio recorder like the Tascam or Zoom H1 ($99-$130) and a budget lavilear microphone (Movo or Audio Technica). It is very easy in video editing software to strip off the in-camera audio and add in the higher quality audio from the recorder. The good part about the small recorders - you wire yourself up but carry the recorder so you are not 'leashed' to a laptop or camera. Pull your camera down by accident a few times and you realize what an advantage this is.

Need a Video/audio 'time Base Corrector' with a Very Large Time Buffer 2

3. Video and Audio button missing

SharePoint 2013 might require activation of Video and Rich Media site collection feature for this button to appear.The feature adds the Site assets library app type to the site collection. Also, the Video and Audio button appears in rich text editors across the site collection (content editor webpart, pages, edit forms with rich multiline text).

4. Is it possible to separate video and audio between motherboard and graphics card using two HDMI cables?

Kinda... depends. You will need to connect both HDMI cables, then see if under "sounds" there's option to reroute the sound to the HDMI1 (or 2) instead of speakers or headphones.

5. Best Home Theater Connection with my old Home Theater? Video and Audio!?

May god have mercy on your souls for buying the worst value in home audio, ever. DO you know what BOSE stands for? Buy Other Sound Equipment. I suggest you do that

6. Does a laptop's Video/Audio abilities matter if you're using external screens/speakers?

Of course , if the graphics cards supports it too. I have an 1366x768 screen but I watch movies in best quality on my full hd tv:P if you have an old graphic card, it may not support playing 1080p videos. Sound will be ok with any sound card. The external screen is just for the images. like another monitor. the informations come from your laptops graphic card and processor.

7. My laptop has Bluetooth, my new TV has Bluetooth, can I send the video/audio to my TV?

No, bluetooth is not fast enough

8. Does connecting several video or audio cables to create longer cables worsen the signal?

An electrical signal carried over a wire always loses a bit of impedance as it travels through the conductor. That loss is dictated by the resistance of the wire. That resistance is governed by the conductors material and thickness. A thinner and longer wire will also pick up interference (RFI) more readily. There are methods of twisting wires (like in CAT5 network cable) to reduce that interference. The frequancy of the signal running through the wire can also have an effect on how much signal will be lost. Generally the higher the frequency the more loss. So the longer the wire, the thicker gauge it should be to prevent signal loss. If you are connecting together a bunch of shorter cables, they were probably properly gauged for a shorter distance. The end result of daisy chaining them together will be a poor signal most likely.

9. What is the best way to wirelessly transmit video with audio?

Try this software.

10. Overlay image in video and pause the video and audio during the specific interval

In order to pause audio and video, you can either loop the streams or offset the PTS.loop=loop=len_frames:size=1:start=pos_frames,setpts=N/FRAME_RATE/TBHere, len_frames is the length of the loop in frames, and pos_frames is the position of the pause in frames. You can calculate these numbers by obtaining the framerate of the video and multiplying it with the chosen length and timestamp in seconds. The same goes for the audio part, for which you have to use aloop and asetpts, respectively, and the sample rate in Hz. Furthermore, you have to mute the audio by setting the volume=0.The looped video and audio streams will be longer than the originals, and you can then show the overlay on them. As such commands are rather complex to put together, I wrote a Python program that inserts a "buffering" indicator while video and audio are paused. You can check how the loop commands are generated here.See Gyan's answer here, which essentially does:setpts='PTSgte(T,start_time)*(shift/TB)'combined with -vsync vfr, where start_time is the time at which the frames are offset and shift is the shift applied. As for playing the audio during a particular time interval, you can use the -itsoffset input option to offset its start.Or you offset the PTS of the audio stream with a fixed amount using the asetpts filter

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