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Lenovo Ideapad 340c Is More Suitable for Young People Pursuing Video and Light Office

"Add some money and replace it with i5 / i7. It has stronger performance and is not much expensive!"

If you have also experienced the choice of notebook, this statement must be very familiar. Because whenever you find someone familiar with the market to recommend a notebook, they often talk about it.

This sentence is not unreasonable, but the reason why it is often talked about is that it can save a lot of trouble. After all, the notebook can be strong, and most of the problems can be solved easily.

However, there is no detailed analysis of the use scenario. After listening to it and buying it, in fact, it only costs unnecessary money. Because really just watching movies and TV dramas, occasionally engaging in papers and PPT student parties, and users with light office needs, Lenovo ideapad 340c equipped with i3-8145u is enough!

Less than 3000 yuan, the processor adopts Intel's latest eighth generation core i3-8145u, with 8g DDR4 running memory, and 256g nvme PCIe SSD. From the perspective of hardware configuration, video and audio light office, it can be said that it is just right! In addition to the excellent configuration, what is the shape and actual performance of Lenovo ideapad 340c? Let's also see the real chapter!

Simple and considerate design choice of notebook for young people

Lenovo ideapad 340c is exquisite and unforgettable in its modeling design. Except for the Lenovo nameplate in the top corner on the left, there is no too much decoration on the front. The wire drawing process is metallic, and the surface is simple and atmospheric, without losing the business flavor. At the same time, it also gives more creative space to young people who like to stick all kinds of trendy brand stickers on their notebooks.

Take a closer look at Lenovo's nameplate. Although both are silver, Lenovo's font is clear but not abrupt through the outline of black silk on the frame and the change of background color process. The small and natural existence of Lenovo's nameplate on the front also makes people feel that Lenovo's careful design on the product is the same as before.

If excellent modeling design is the first step to win users, to make users continue to like brand products depends on how the brand does well in the details that are easy to be ignored.

The rounded top corner and passivated frame of Lenovo ideapad 340c make people feel natural and comfortable in daily use. Where most people can't see, Lenovo also maintains its previous attention to user experience, which may be the real detail competitiveness accumulated by major PC manufacturers for many years.

In order to meet the daily use of users, Lenovo ideapad 340c is equipped with many practical interfaces, including two USB 3.0 interfaces that can provide faster transmission, one USB 2.0 interface for key mouse connection, and no less HDMI for external display and projector.

They are designed on the left side of the notebook together with the power interface, which also reduces the impact of the outlet on the mouse control.

On the right side of the notebook, Lenovo ideapad 340c has designed an audio two in one interface, an SD card reader, and a "one click recovery" function called a sharp tool by business people and computer Xiaobai.

It is designed as a small hole, which can not be touched by mistake without using it at ordinary times. In case of emergency, it can be directly poked with a pin, which can free business people and computer white from the sudden system collapse and blue screen.

It has to be said that it is very beneficial for users to move the advantages of ThinkPad to more Lenovo machines (it would be better if USB 2.0 could be placed on the right, and there is no need to wind the mouse cable).

Lenovo ideapad 340c rotating shaft and bottom front position, large-area fence design provides a good heat dissipation channel for the heat generated by the operation of internal hardware.

At the bottom of Lenovo ideapad 340c, four thick rubber foot pads are distributed at four top corners.

At the front slope, the symmetrical sound hole design gives better play to the sound and Dolby Surround Sound, and the daily audio-visual experience is more telepresent.

In terms of thickness and weight, Lenovo ideapad 340c is 19.9mm thick and weighs about 1.85kg. It is not particularly light, but it is also good. After all, it is a 15.6-inch notebook.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Lenovo ideapad 340c looks like a three-layer sandwich design. The middle black layer is not only the border protection layer of the screen, but also plays a buffer role, so that users who are used to "violent" cover notebooks do not need to worry about screen security.

It is said that the ideapad 340c is a notebook suitable for audio-visual light office. In fact, the screen of Lenovo ideapad 340c should be recorded. At the price of less than 3500, it is equipped with a 1080p Full HD 15.6-inch screen, and the frames on both sides are only 7.5mm, which accounts for a higher proportion of the screen. The picture feeling is more real, and the audio-visual impact is no less than that of four or five thousand computers.

With the rotating shaft to obtain a greater opening and closing angle, in addition to the daily table, it is also a sharp tool on the sofa and bed. It is also very convenient to communicate, discuss and share copywriting with others.

The color matching and process processing of side C is unified with that of side a, which is more integrated. With the large screen and large body, Lenovo ideapad 340c puts a full-size keyboard, which does not waste available space and brings users a better use experience.

The existence of the keypad is more convenient for users engaged in financial work. At the top of the keypad, Lenovo adds three multimedia control buttons to make the users of the play more quickly when pausing and switching operations.

Island chocolate keyboard, each key exists independently, and it is not easy to touch by mistake when inputting continuously and quickly. The key range is 1.5mm, and the surface is frosted and painted, making the input experience more comfortable.

It is slightly different from other series such as ThinkPad. Lenovo ideapad 340c keyboard has no little red hat, and the touch panel has no physical left and right keys. More operations need to be completed by pressing the touch panel and gesture sliding. The touch panel area looks small, but it is very smooth and sensitive in practical use.

On the left side of the touchpad, there is a small exclusive blue label for Intel. In fact, there is a label missing here, because Lenovo ideapad 340c is also pre loaded with 748 yuan worth of home and student genuine office.

The performance of audio-visual light office is really enough

As we said earlier, Lenovo ideapad 340c is equipped with i3-8145u processor and whiskey Lake architecture. Its performance is much higher than that of the previous generation, with main frequency of 2.1GHz, Rui frequency of 3.9ghz, TDP 15W, 2 cores, 4 threads and level-3 cache of 4MB.

Routine CPU special test! Through the mainstream test software cinebench R15, the processor was tested for multi-core and single core performance, and the final results were: multi-core 321cb and single core 156cb.

To be honest, the performance of the single core is not even worse than that of the i5-8250u (122cb). Although it can not be compared with that of the i5-8265u and i7-8565u, such performance can be easily handled with 8g DDR4 running memory (340c supports memory expansion). For the student party and users with audio-visual and light office needs, office software and basic PS graphics can be easily handled.

The nuclear display part, uhd620, is actually the same as i5-8265u and i7-8565u.

3dmark's professional graphics card performance test software scored 3981 points in sky diver mode. Of course, if necessary, Lenovo ideapad 340c and mx110 configurations can be selected.

Lenovo ideapad 340c is an expected 256g PCIe SSD. In the test of crystal diskmark, the sequential read-write speed of 1G files is up to 1736mb / s and 1292mb / s, and the 4K random read-write performance is up to 40.58mb/s and 68.83mb/s. Compared with the ordinary SATA SSD, the speed is more than quadrupled.

In other words, it can be solved in about 7 seconds after startup, and the software starts quickly. In addition, another good news is that the hard disk upgrade space is reserved inside the Lenovo ideapad 340c. In the future, if there are too many files such as video and audio, users can expand the storage space by themselves.

The screen part has been tested by Starscream generation 5. 59% sRGB, that is, 45% NTSC, which is the mainstream in the market, can be said to be very good in terms of color richness from positioning video and light office use.

In terms of endurance, the endurance of Lenovo ideapad 340c in daily use is tested in pcmark's work mode. When the screen brightness is 80% and WiFi and Bluetooth connections are maintained, the endurance of Lenovo ideapad 340c is 2h42min.

If you enter Lenovo's power management mode, you can normally reach 5.5h of Lenovo's official announcement. Compared with other light and thin books on the market, it is not particularly excellent, but it is not bad. It is enough to study in the classroom library at night and cook a play at night.

During the Lenovo ideapad 340c test, we also conducted a temperature test. The maximum temperature is at the cooling port of the rotating shaft on the back, 47.3 degrees Celsius, which is not particularly high. Other positions, such as the screen and keyboard, are maintained at 37 degrees Celsius, and the worry of "fried egg" can be solved.


At present, notebook manufacturers hope to use higher configurations to obtain greater profits. Lenovo will launch more notebooks with different configurations for different groups to meet the needs of a wider range of people.

Lenovo ideapad 340c notebook has a simple and atmospheric design, coupled with intimate details, which meets the needs of young people from appearance to use experience.

Eight generation core processor configuration, 15.6-inch Full HD FHD large screen, thin and narrow frame, 256g PCIe SSD, full-size keyboard, dolby surround sound effect, and the price of less than 3000 yuan. It can be said that every penny is spent on the blade for video and audio users. From the perspective of accurate positioning, Lianxiang ideapad 340c is also more suitable for young people pursuing video and audio and light office.

In the fields of office, video and audio, I believe it will set off a storm of popularization of thin and large screens. After all, Lenovo 340c is far ahead in terms of configuration and price.

Lenovo Ideapad 340c Is More Suitable for Young People Pursuing Video and Light Office 1

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