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Im Studying the Holocaust in My English Class and I Would Like to Know, Is Hitler Jewish?

im studying the Holocaust in my english class and i would like to know, is Hitler Jewish?

Im Studying the Holocaust in My English Class and I Would Like to Know, Is Hitler Jewish? 1

he's 1/4. if you were 1/4 you did not do to the camp

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Broadreach or Action Quest camp?

Hi! I have been going to Action Quest for 3 years now and it was one of the best experiences of my life! The Marine Bio programs at AQ are fantastic. The instructors are extremely knowledgable and not only do you get to scuba dive everyday, you get to sail around the beautiful British Virgin Islands. While you are there you have to option to obtain many specialties, i have 6 and got them all during my time at Action Quest. I also got certified to be a rescue diver which was one of the best decisions i have ever made! I highly recommend AQ, you make the best friends of a life time, get an amazing education of the world of diving and sailing!

Im Studying the Holocaust in My English Class and I Would Like to Know, Is Hitler Jewish? 2

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Will I have problems travelling to the USA with my irish baby?

1 to this point, but i became 18 a couple of weeks in the past. It is a cross with this red ribbon round it sayin Galatians 2:20. It can be on the external of my proper forearm. I acquired in some problem at college and got arrested and launched. Had about 5 - 6 court dates. Must go back in December to get the felony off of my document. Had to write a letter of apology, speak to superintendent about getting again into tuition, probation and 40 hours community carrier. I did 15 hours at my mother's church and got back into it. I went to a church camp known as raise Camp. It used to be there that i realized my lifestyles used to be being lived horribly. The verse is ready being born once more with Christ and living with him a brand new existence. I are aware of it is not some thing i will regret since it will continually job my memory of my turn around and the camp which made me get better friends that I wo not get into challenge with

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Winter Camping Tips | Expert Advice - The Camping and Caravanning Club

Winter Camping Tips to Keep You Warm Year Round Feel crunchy leaves underfoot, snap snowy photos and snuggle up in your sleeping bag on one of our Club Sites this winter. We've shared our best winter camping tips and tricks below. 1. Set up camp while it's still light With an earlier sunset in the winter months, it's a good idea to pitch up before the sun starts to set. It's difficult enough to set up your camping space when it's dark, but in the winter months, the temperature will start to drop early too. Pitch your tent, hook up your motorhome and get cosy in your caravan before the cold sets in. 2. Do not wait until you are cold to take action If you start to notice your feet or hands getting chilly, take action right away. Getting on top of being cold immediately is the best way to prevent it from taking over your camping trip. 3. Insulate from the ground up If you are tent camping in winter, one of the most important elements of your sleeping area will be the insulation between you and the ground. In the summer, a ground mat suffices, but in the winter, the ground will be much colder. There are specific winter camping mats and beds available. The same rule applies to dogs, ensure their sleeping area is insulated. You can never have too many blankets when you are camping in the colder months. They are useful for throwing on the ground as extra sleeping insulation, layering up when you are relaxing on the campsite and even for taking out on walks to throw down for somewhere to sit.5. . Tight clothing can reduce circulation, which will make you feel cold quickly. Instead of bundling up tightly, wear layers made up of materials designed to keep you warm. Thermal base layers are a great idea as well as items made from wool, silk and polyester. Down is a good option for jackets, but it's not waterproof. When your summer camping, leaving your shoes in your porch or awnings fine to prevent mess from coming inside your unit. However, when you are camping in the winter you will want to make sure your shoes are kept inside, in a warm area in your tent to prevent them from freezing. . It may seem unproductive to open your vents in cold weather, but the added airflow will reduce condensation, which could lead to damp conditions. If clothing, shoes or bedding gets wet, it will be much harder to stay warm. Many materials lose their insulating properties when wet, rendering them useless. Do not get caught out by the early nights, make sure you pack a torch and head torch which can be useful if you end up having to move around in the dark. A small tent is much easier to keep warm in the winter with reduced air space to heat up. Foods that take longer to digest should help your body to stay warm for longer. Oats, bananas, potatoes and caffeine can help to raise your body temperature. In general, if you eat nutritious, balanced foods, your body will have the right type of fuel to keep you warm. Remember to take snacks like nuts, cheese and granola bars out with you if you are spending the day outdoors. Drink plenty of water and do not overdo it on the alcohol. Look after your body to keep it performing optimally. A shovel, first aid kit, emergency blanket and even hand warmers are a few things you might benefit from in a pinch. If you get into your sleeping bag cold, you will find it hard to warm up. Try and get yourself warm before climbing in, and you will find it easier to get comfortable. Pack up your cosy camping gear to enjoy frosty mornings and walks in the crisp winter air. If you have not already booked your winter camping trip, view our open all year campsites.

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Liplje  Camp
The Liplje camp (Bosnian: Logor Liplje) was a concentration camp operated between 25 May 1992 and 2 June 1992 by Serbs in the village Liplje near Zvornik during the Bosnian War. It was set up for Bosniak men, women and children, in an effort to ethnically cleanse the area of all non-Serb residents. The Liplje concentration camp was liberated after one week of operation; it is known for being the only camp with Bosniak victims to be liberated during the war.• Other Related Knowledge ofthe camp— — — — — —Salaspils campSalaspils camp was established at the end of 1941 at a point 18 km (11 mi) southeast of Riga (Latvia), in Salaspils. The Nazi bureaucracy drew distinctions between different types of camps. Officially, it was the Salaspils Police Prison and Re-Education Through Labor Camp (Polizeigefngnis und Arbeitserziehungslager). It was also known as camp Kurtenhof after the German name for the city of Salaspils. Planning for the development of the camp and its prisoner structure changed several times. In 1943, Heinrich Himmler briefly considered converting the camp into an official concentration camp (Konzentrationslager), which would have formally subordinated the camp to the National Security Main Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt or RSHA), but nothing came of this. The camp has had a lasting legacy in Latvian and Russian culture due to the severity of the treatment at the camp, especially with regard to children— — — — — —skyrim stormcloak falkreath camp dissapeared?Dude this is easy, Take the Golden Potato to the stormcloack Prisinors. And than a cow will poop out the camp 4 U— — — — — —Camp locationsIn Australia, camp meeting is commonly known as "Big Camp". Camp meetings are held in Townsville, Brisbane, Yarrahapinni, Perth and Elmore (Victoria) annually. United StatesSome Seventh-day Adventist camps in the U.S.: Allegheny West Conference Camp - Thornville, OH Big Lake Youth Camp - Sisters, OR Broken Arrow Ranch - Olsburg, KS Camp Akita - Gilson, IL Camp Alamisco - Dadeville, AL Camp Arrowhead - Lexington, NE Camp AuSable - Grayling, MI Camp Berkshire - Winddale, NY Camp Blue Ridge - Montebello, VA Camp Cedar Falls - Angelus Oaks, CA Camp Cherokee - Saranac Lake, NY Camp Daniel L. Davis - Pine Forge, PA Camp Hale Koi - Hanapepe, HI Camp Hawthorne - Hawthorne, FL Camp Heritage - Climax Springs, MO Camp Ida-Haven McCall, ID Camp J.R. Wagner - Cassopolis, MI Camp Kulaqua and Retreat Center - High Springs, FL Camp Lawroweld - Weld, ME Camp Leoni Meadows - Grizzly Flats, CA Camp Lone Star - Athens, TX Camp Lorraine - Wrangell, AK Camp MiVoden - Hayden Lake, ID Camp Mohaven - Danville, OH Camp Paxson - Seeley Lake, MT Camp Polaris - Aleknagik, AK Camp Sagola - Escanaba, MI Camp Thunderbird - Chattanooga, TN Camp Tukoskoya - AK Camp Victory Lake - Hyde Park, NY Camp Wagner - Cassopolis, MI Camp Waianae Waianae, HI Camp Wakonda - Westfeild, WI Camp Wawona - in Yosemite National Park Wawona, CA Camp Wewoka - Wewoka, OK Camp Winnekeag - Ashburnham, MA Camp Yavapines - Prescott, AZ Camp Yorktown Bay - Mountain Pine, AR Cohutta Springs Youth Camp - Crandall, GA Flag Mountain Camp - Hill City, SD Glacier View Ranch - Ward, CO Indian Creek Youth Camp - Liberty, TN Lake Whitney Ranch - Whitney, TX Laurel Lake Camp - Rossiter, PA Mills Springs Camp - WY Mount Aetna Camp - Hagerstown, MD Nameless Valley Ranch - Leander, TX North Star Camp - Brainerd, MN Northern Lights Camp Boutineau, ND Nosoca Pines Ranch - Liberty Hill, SC Pine Lake Retreat Center - Groveland, FL Pines Springs Ranch - Mountain Center, CA Redwood Creek Camp - Blue Lake, CA River Oaks Camp - Orangeburg, SC SE Conference Retreat and Campsite - Alachua, FL South Central Campground - Shelbyville, TN Sunset Lake Camp - Wilkeson, WA Timber Ridge Camp - Spencer, IN Tranquil Valley Youth Camp - Tranquility, NJ Valley Vista Adventist Center - Huttonsville, WVCanadaCamp Advenitiste Val D'Espoir Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton, QC, Canada Camp Frenda Port Carling, ON, Canada Camp Pugwash Pugwash, NS, Canada Camp Whitesand Theodore, SK, Canada Foothills Camp Olds, AB, Canada Mountain View Summer Camp Hope, BC, Canada Woody Acres Camp Holyrood, NL, CanadaNigeriaLagos-Ogun Camp Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria— — — — — —What bedding should I bring to camp?I would find out from the camp exactly what size twim beds they have because there are 2 sizes- regular and dorm length. if they are dorm length beds, you will have to look for longer fitted sheets specially made for that type of bed
A Beginner's Guide to Camping
A Beginner's Guide to CampingJohn is a fervent writer, gamer, and guitar lover. Former automatic-transmission repairer, welder and hobbyist game developer. The increasing popularity of camping has seen more and more people opt to spend at least some of their vacation time in the great outdoors rather than flying abroad and/or booking expensive hotel rooms. There is something pure about sleeping out in nature, spending quality time with friends and family away from electronic distractions, and generally cleansing your mind of the stresses of regular life. There are financial advantages also. When you fly to a nice resort, you have to pay for your flights, your room, and a number of other associated costs every time you go. With camping, the vast bulk of the costs involved are in your camping gear, which you only have to purchase once and, will likely last you for many years (with proper care, of course). Please note that in this article, we are focusing solely on tent-based camping. Camping with RVs or campervans is a whole different ballgame. With that in mind, this article aims to be a beginner's guide for people who are new to the wonderful experience of camping. So let's get started. What are the Different Kinds of Camping? As the heading suggests, there are a number of different types of camping which you can experience. Most of these are down to personal preference-do you want as much or as little luxury as possible, for example-however some are determined by outside factors. So let's start with that. Most of your camping choices are determined by your preferences. With event camping-such as at a music festival-this is not the case. If you are attending a festival and have decided to camp, you are limited to whatever conditions the event organisers have set up. For any festivals that are sufficiently large and popular, expect the conditions of the campsite to be crowded. It will often be the case that walking between tents is not possible due to the narrow spaces between pitches. There will also typically be restrictions on how much space you can take up per person, so rolling up to a music festival with an enormous ten-man tent for just two of you may get you shut down. At events that put on entertainment, do not expect much peace and quiet; something to plan for if you are a light sleeper. Music will typically be playing late into the night. This is especially the case where the event grounds are adjacent to the campsite, and the noise from the event itself can bleed into the campsite. You should also be aware of the food situation. The festival itself will almost certainly have a number of options for food and drink, however they will not be cheap due to the "captive audience" nature of such events. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to bring your meals and the means to cook them. Glamping is relatively modern phenomenon, and could be viewed as a perfect stepping stone for someone looking to dip their toes into the camping experience without diving fully in. Glamping typically involves booking a pre-pitched tent, much like booking a hotel room, however these tents are often larger, more comfortable, and come with a number mod-cons that you wo not typically get from a regular camping experience. Common glamping tents include yurts and tepees, and will often have things like wood burning stoves, real beds, furniture, and even electricity in some cases. You may find camping "purists" look down on you a bit for opting to go glamping, but anything that gets people outdoors more should not be frowned upon. The core camping experience. When most people talk about camping, they are talking about this. After making sure you have all the equipment you need, you book a pitch on a campsite. The facilities on offer at various campsites vary from nothing more than a small toilet block to a full on entertainment resort. The rules also vary greatly. Some campsites may refuse large groups of people, some may prohibit open fires, and so on. You should always check what facilities there will be at your campsite. For instance, many will have a shop of some kind, either on-site or nearby. But you do not want to get to your campsite, only to find out there is no such shop and then have to drive miles away for that one thing you forgot to pack. It's also worth taking the surrounding area into account. Mother Nature is great for a day or two, but if you are taking children, there's a good chance they will get bored spending a week in a field. Choosing a campsite near a beach or some kind of attraction-or the aforementioned resorts-would probably make for a much more enjoyable family camping experience. As you may have guessed from the name, wild camping is the act of heading out into the great beyond and pitching your tent in the heart of nature. No mod cons, no civilisation, not so much as a convenience store. Whatever you need, you have to bring with you or find in the wild. Of course, if you are in a country like the UK, there is not really any "wild" to camp in anymore. Regardless of where you intend to go, be sure to obtain any necessary permissions before you camp anywhere. One of the core rules of wild camping is that you should leave your campsite in such a state that no one could realistically tell you would been there. That probably rules out any fires as it is very difficult to have a fire without leaving signs of it behind. And it should go without saying that any mess, such as litter, should be picked up. What Equipment do I Need? There are a number of essentials you should own (or borrow) before ever embarking on your first camping trip. Let's start with the tent. The type of tent you need will be greatly affected by who you are going with and what kind of trip you are planning. not to mention your budget. For activity-based camping trips, such as hiking, efficiency is typically key. You will want to take only the bare essentials, and have everything pack up into as small a space as possible. This will limit your choices to small one or two man tents. For a more laid back camping trip, you may want to opt for something a little bigger, especially if you have children with you. Camping is about giving up the luxuries of regular living for a time, but one luxury that you will greatly appreciate on any camping trip a bit of standing room, sheltered and private. It sounds obvious but if you are camping for more than a couple of days, being able to do things like change your clothes standing up in the privacy of your tent can make a real difference. Tents with standing room, however, are a big step up in price from smaller tents. You may struggle to find a standing room tent that sleeps less than four people. Another thing to consider is the way the tent is constructed. As a rough guide, consider the difficulty of pitching a tent as a direct correlation with how expensive it is. That is, if the tent is harder to put up, it will cost less. Traditionally, tents are pitched using poles that need to be assembled. There are also "pop up" tents, which are removed from their bag and literally thrown on the floor to pop into shape on their own. Depending on the size of the pop up tent, there may be additional steps, and putting a tent like that away can take a bit of practice, but these are much easier to pitch than traditional tents. Another option is "Air" tents. These tents replace poles all together with inflatable beams that are protected inside the tent material itself. To pitch the tent, you simply unroll it and inflate the beams with a pump (usually supplied with the tent). These are both easier to pitch and, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, sturdier than traditional tents. Once again, the equipment you will need will vary depending on the type of trip you are taking. For example, if you are staying at a holiday resort with a number of amenities and options for ordering food on-site, you do not need to worry so much about cooking. If you are staying at a more traditional campsite, however, and especially if you are camping wild or something close to it, you will need to bring the appropriate equipment for anything you intend to cook. Do you need a cup of coffee before you can start your day? You will need some means of boiling water. Planning to have a nice barbecue out in nature? Do not forget your grill. But let's go over the absolute essentials that should be taken on just about any camping trip. Firstly, sleeping bags. It sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many first time campers forget this crucial item. Be sure to get a sleeping bag that's right for you and your situation, do not just grab one off of the shelf. You will need to make sure you have the right size; too small will be very uncomfortable, and too large may not keep you adequately warm. And on the subject of warmth, sleeping bags have different ratings for the temperatures they are suitable for, so be sure to check that against the climate of where you are camping. Next up, cooking equipment. If you plan to do a lot of camping, the importance of quality gear and looking after that gear, can not be overstated. You can buy something really cheap that might last you a few camping tripsâ-maybe only one if you do not look after themâ-but decent equipment, properly looked after, can last for years of regular use. Another thing to consider with your cooking gear is portability. Pots and pans that can be packed into a small bag are ideal; you do not want to be lugging around a huge frying pan on your back. The same can be said for the means to actually cookââ-that is, your stove. Now, if you are camping somewhere where the car will be nearby, a larger stove wo not be a problem. However if your trip involves you packing up your gear and hauling it somewhere on your back, smaller is better. And while you are looking at pots and pans, do not forget cutlery. Some other items that should be considered essential for a camping trip include some kind of First Aid kit, Sun block, a climate-appropriate coat, decent footwear for walking in, and a torch/headlamp/some means of lighting your way in the dark. So that's my beginner's guide to camping. Is there anything you would add to this list? Leave a comment below and let me know.
Problems of Phased Array Ground Penetrating Radar Detection System
Although GPR has been widely used in hydrology, engineering, environment and other fields, many basic theoretical and technical problems have not been fundamentally solved, so the real advantages of GPR have not been brought into full play.The main problems existing in GPR technology include:1) The detection depth is shallow, and the contradiction between detection depth and resolution cannot be overcome. Increasing detection depth means sacrificing detection resolution;2) Multiple spread and other clutter jamming are serious, and there has been no good elimination method, which exists in radars at home and abroad;3) The influence of medium unevenness is great and can not be eliminated, resulting in difficulty in obtaining necessary velocity data;4) The data collection method of single sending and single receiving can provide limited information for post-processing and interpretation.The above problems are fatal defects for GPR. Although many geophysicists, electromagnetic experts and geophysical workers have done a lot of research and improvement on radar antenna design, signal processing and underground target imaging, these works are only partial modifications to the existing GPR system. In order to develop GPR technology, we must update our ideas and solve the problems from the fundamental principle.In view of this situation, experts proposed to develop a new GPR system - phased array GPR detection system in 1999.The basic research idea is to replace the current monopole radar antenna with the phased array radar antenna by using the relatively mature military phased array radar technology. Its purpose is to gather the electromagnetic wave into a narrow beam to transmit underground (or detection object) through the phased array technology, and receive the radar echo signal reflected by the target by using the multi-channel acquisition technology, The advanced data processing is carried out, and finally the three-dimensional image of the internal structure of the detection object is given.Development prospect of ground penetrating radar technologyIt is worth noting that at present, similar products have appeared in the market, such as RIS antenna array series of a company, but these products simply combine multiple monopole antennas into array antennas, which is essentially different from the idea of phased array ground penetrating radar.Because the phased array radar converges the electromagnetic wave into a narrow beam by controlling the phase delay of each channel, the energy is concentrated and the wave front diffusion is small. Therefore, the detection depth of the phased array radar is much larger under the condition of the same frequency and transmission power; On the contrary, under the same detection depth, phased array radar can improve the transmission power, so its resolution is much higher than the existing radar. In addition, since the spherical wave transmission is changed to beam transmission, the influence of medium heterogeneity is much smaller.Secondly, the phased array radar works in a continuous scanning mode and can scan in multiple directions. Therefore, the amount of information is much larger than that of the existing ground penetrating radar. For some special detection work, such as the quality detection of embankment cut-off wall, its role is unmatched by the existing ground penetrating radar (monopole antenna radar can not detect the joints, forks and other defects of embankment cut-off wall at all).Because phased array radar is a multi-channel received signal, multi-channel superposition can be carried out, just like the multiple coverage technology of reflection seismic exploration. Therefore, multiple interference can be greatly eliminated, which is difficult for existing radars. The antenna of high frequency (600mhz-1ghz) phased array ground penetrating radar can be made smaller, and its advantages are unmatched by the existing ground penetrating radar in shallow detection.At present, the system prototype has been completed. The carrier free pulse working system with center frequency of 900MHz is adopted, and the transmitting and receiving antennas are separated. 16 (4 × 4) Transmit channel forming, beam aggregation and scanning 16 (4) × 4) The channel receives the echo, and the optional scanning angles are - 36 °, - 24 °, - 12 °, 0 °, 12 °, 24 ° and 36 °.The software part of the system has rich data processing functions. The main conventional processing includes filtering, gain adjustment, static and dynamic correction, deconvolution, complex signal analysis, time-frequency analysis, etc., and multi-channel data processing, such as velocity analysis, superposition technology, coherence analysis technology, array signal processing, etc. And weak signal extraction, target automatic recognition and inversion interpretation under various clutter interference. A large number of field experiments on concrete detection in Yichang Three Gorges dam are carried out. The experimental results show that the spotlight scanning function of phased array radar has been realized, the penetration depth is greater than 1.5m and the resolution is higher than that of ordinary radar.Editing: hfy
Suggestions for Journaling, Bullet Notes, Activity, Wiki Like Application
So I am thinking of a possible answer to my own question:Build my own journal note entry app linked to a wiki.Zim Wiki uses a file based system for wiki. Maybe I could write app to export/sync entries in its files. Or WikkaWikki uses a MySQL (which is probably what I would use for journal entries anyway) so perhaps use same DB for Wiki and journal, with Journal app "doing right thing" to enter/sync Entries in wiki.Does this seem like a good approach?Or maybe I can customize a wiki with existing plugins - "All" I really need is good journaling / date feature, time tracking, checklist, and tags. Perhaps there already are plugins for this?Please comment if you have feedback on this idea.1. Circular tag wiki excerptsTag excerpts should at least try and give a concise definition as to the subject, and provided any usage guidance if necessary.Therefore, you need to make sure to address a set of key points:In general, excerpts should provide at least some guidance, even if it may appear to be ridiculously basic. Therefore, interpretation of the rejection reason is critical:That's like saying, [abs]: For questions about [abs] filaments. That should probably be rejected. This is better: [abs]: For questions about [abs] filaments - filaments that are used with blah blah printers, and are not toxic for use.Or even better: [abs]: For questions about [abs] filaments - filaments that are used with blah blah printers, and are not toxic for use. Not to be confused with [pla] filaments. Do not use this tag if your question does not concern this filament specifically. Obviously, I have no idea if abs is even a thing. Anyways, I hope this helps :)2. Why is this answer a community wiki?Apparently the answer under scrutiny was made CW because it drew on an answer from another Stack site, and the answerer wanted to share it without being associated with it for good or for ill.But community wiki is not a tool for reputation denial (or for dodging the repercussions of questionable-quality answers) and practically speaking I see no difference between quoting a different Stack and quoting a blog or a book. We would never expect someone to eschew rep for quoting a blog or a book. The answerer went to the trouble of tracking down the information and sharing it; why should not rep gains should reflect that?The moderation team is under no obligation to revert the CW in this case, nor are they obligated to leave it be, but I would lean toward reverting it myself, for reasons which follow.We've talked about posting answers from other sites, and it's pretty clear this is not cheese.Community wiki used to be massively overused. Changes to the editing system rendered its original purpose largely moot, and there's now a lot of confusion about CW's role in the Stack mechanics. These days there are three basic reasons to use CW:I do not see this particular answer needing CW to make it "easier to edit and maintain by a wider group of users," so I do not see any reason for it to be a community wiki. Community wiki is a tool with a specific set of uses, and CW rollbacks are left to mod discretion. One of the responsibilities of our moderators is to help the community use the right tools for the job at hand.As for the answer itself--it's not very good by lit.se standards, because it was written for a different site with different priorities. And the question itself is under a tag whose implementation is still being debated, so quality there is... in flux, I suppose we could say. We need to bring in our own expertise and tailor the answer to meet the expectations of our own Stack.3. Need to Change Edit Approval Limits for Tag Wiki EditorsI just upped it from 3 to 5. Hopefully this alleviates the issue a bit. If we still notice a pattern of users being blocked we can look at adjusting further4. Difference between Wiki Library and Document LibraryYes there is difference, Below might be helpful to understand.Document library can contains documents, it can be any document like office documetnts doc,xls,ppt, js, css, jpg, png etc...any file extension you can think of. Main purpose of document library is to store documents. wiki library is a kind of document library which contains wiki pages, Wiki pages are html pages with rich text editing capabilities so that users can create pages using Rich Text Editor without knowing html in detail. So when wiki library template is selected it comes with some default columns created based on content type, this columns are useful to create wiki page. Making changes and edits in a wiki page is incredibly easy. Just click on the edit button (at the top of the page) and immediately the page appears as an editor's version of the page. You can then make edits straight away and simply hit save. The page will instantly be up and running with your changes in place.
How Many NCAA Football Bowls Are There?
About 8 I think1. where can i get ncaa football 10 rosters with names?For the last two years I got mine from "Pastapadre". From what i can tell they are really pretty accurate. Give it a shot2. where can I watch NCAA football games for free?...?Try channelsurfing.net. They pick up a lot of justin.tv stuff, and they have loads of ncaa football games, free, no spam, etc. I watch all the time with no problems3. Can you download a team on NCAA Football 10's Team Builder using a flash drive?Why would you want to do that? Build your own team. Do not take the wussy way out.4. NCAA Football 13 Heisman Challenge 3 Player Pack?The exclusive Heisman Challenge 3-Player Pack including Mark Ingram, Tim Tebow and Matt Leinart. See if you can match the career accomplishments of these former Heisman trophy winners in the all new Heisman Challenge Mode. Its come with your ordered game copy5. What ncaa football team is your favorite one?Oklahoma SOONERS!6. I want to do a dynasty in NCAA Football 14 what team should I use (I want it to be a challenge like a weaker)?Vanderbilt, they are in a great conference and are already headed in the right direction as far as getting better and it will be a challenge because you will be in the SEC7. does ncaa football deserve a playoffs instead of bowl games being based off of BCS rankings?Whether or not the NCAA deserves a playoff does not matter. They do not want one so they do not have one. Frankly, the national championship playoff debate is a joke. This is something created by sportswriters and tolkshow hosts for the sole benefit of sportswriters and talkshow hosts. The NCAA does not recognize a national champion of the FBS so any discussion about who should or should not be the champion is pointless bloviating. Win your conference. Beat your rivals. Go to a bowl game. Those are the only things that matter in college football.8. What was determining the NCAA football title like in pre-BCS years?Hawaii, is not a very reliable team, yet might desire to win the Sugar Bowl in simple terms as surely as Georgia as a results of fact their offense constantly performs like its at the back of and it wears down the protection whilst they might desire to conceal the whole field. The unfold offense is the excellent offense in college soccer. It supplies much less gifted communities liek Hawaii and Illinois a gamble to beat far extra gifted communities. that's alsovery risky, that's why some exceptionally ranked communities dont run it. Hawaii surely did no longer deserve a identify shot in simple terms as a results of fact Boise State gained The Fiesta Bowl. Boise beat a BCS convention team who complete 10-4(Oregon State who beat USC and Hawaii in Hawaii) Hawaii has no high quality wins and does not deserve a NT shot. ending undefeated might desire to get you a BCS sport nevertheless9. NCAA Football 2009-What Defense to run online?Usually the defense package that comes with the team you are using as the best combo of players are on the field10. Which Championship/Playoff Picture needs more work....the NFL or NCAA Football?everybody keeps blaming the computers, but the computers are pretty much the only good part about the BCS, it only counts as 1/3 anyways. another 1/3 is coaches, former players, former athletic directors and people like that, the other third is the media. a lot of voters admitted to not even watching a utah game until they played alabama, how messed up is that. so lets put the blame where it really belongs, the stupid voters, who do not educate themselves about what or who they vote for11. could an NCAA football team beat a weak pro team?No-NCAA teams always have weak links and for the most part are BOYS.NFL teams have chosen the best of the best,and are MEN12. What teams rush the ball the most in ncaa football?its either navy or army one of them thats pretty much all they do13. What D1-AA teams are in NCAA Football 08?Usually they are. Just check out some of the SEC teams schedules. You find a lot of them there. Looks like the truth hurts down there!
What Is the Name of a Horror Movie with an Eye Falling in a Cocktail Glass?
The Haunting I vaguely remember some kind of eye injury in the movie.• Other Related Knowledge ofa cocktail glass— — — — — —POLL: Can you taste my NU5?you can sip mine from a straw ill get it into a cocktail glass for you.— — — — — —What food to serve in cocktail glasses?Take a tall shot glass and put a fresh/raw oyster in it along with a shot of ice cold Vodka (Absolut, Stoli) and add a dash of hot sauce, Worchesteshire and lemon wedge. Takes the slider to the next level.— — — — — —What are the best cocktail drinks to make and serve for the holidays?PEPPERMINT TWIST Peppermint Schnapps 1 oz. Kahlua 1 oz. Brown Crème de Cacao Directions: Fill a shaker half-full with ice cubes Pour all ingredients into shaker and shake well Strain drink into a cocktail glass and serve SCOTH HOLIDAY SOUR Ingredients: 1 ½ oz. Scotch 1 oz. cherry brandy ½ oz. sweet vermouth 1 oz. lemon juice 1 lemon slice Directions: In a shaker, shake all ingredients—except lemon slice—with ice Strain into an old-fashioned glass over ice cubes Add lemon slice HOLIDAY PUNCH Ingredients: 2-48 oz. cans pineapple juice 1-40 oz. bottle cranberry juice 2-750 milliliter bottles soda water 1 liter strawberry, raspberry or lime sherbet (Optional) 1 ½ oz. vodka Directions: Mix juices in a punch bowl Pour in soda water Top with scoops of sherbet If desired, add 1 ½ oz. vodka for an individual cocktail— — — — — —What are some good drink combinations?Tequilini (Original) Here is a good strong one that I like for starting the weekend, you should try it Ingredients: 2 1/2 oz Casa Noble Tequila Crystal Few Drops of Dry Vermouth Þ oz Fresh Lime Juice Mixing instructions: Shake ingredients in mixing glass with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass— — — — — —What's your favorite cocktail? How's it made?Try this, its great! Green Apple Tequini Ingredients: 2 oz. Casa Noble Crystal (Silver) 1 oz. Apple SchnappsSplash of Midori Squeeze of lime juice, fresh Mixing instructions: Shake ingredients in mixing glass with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass. Slice of Green Apple for garnish.— — — — — —If I only buy one style of cocktail glass for my new cocktail-making learning, which should it be? Which is the most versatile/useful?The most useful is a rocks or Old-Fashioned glass, for drinks with ice. However, if you also want drinks up with no ice, you may wish to also get coupes, which have replaced the traditional Martini glasses ud83cudf78— — — — — —info about bar and drinking please?In the UK i would say that you could get a pina colada in cocktail bars and some clubs, you would not get 1 in your local pub. I would imagine that someone who had never tried alcohol would get a warm fuzzy feeling from a pina colada but not be paraletic drunk. As for the glass id simply call it a cocktail glass.— — — — — —What would make the bottom of my cocktail glass develop a fractured pattern like this?Your instincts are right -- this is indeed crystallisation. Your original cocktail was a solution of lots of non-volatile components (sugar, Splenda, citric acid from the lemon juice, and many many other things...) in some rather more volatile solvents (ethanol and water). Only a limited amount of any of the non-volatile compounds can dissolve in a given volume of solution. So as the volatile compounds evaporated, your solution gradually became saturated, then a little super-saturated, and then finally the non-volatile components started to crystallise out in the patterns you show.In general slow evaporation of a solvent is quite a common method of crystal growth, e. g. , for X-ray diffraction studies.— — — — — —OK, its the last day of mankind, and you can have one mixed drink/cocktail, what would it be?Tequilini Ingredients: 2 1/2 oz Casa Noble Tequila Crystal Few Drops of Dry Vermouth 1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice Mixing instructions: Shake ingredients in mixing glass with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass.— — — — — —how do you make a frozen bikini cocktail?well firstly buy a bikini freeze it and then add it to a cocktail glass and add required bverages which i dont know what they are— — — — — —Drink Recipe?'?????????There are a lot of them, any of these sound right? Ingredients: 1 1/4 oz Creme de Banane 1 1/4 oz Creme de Cacao Fill with Milk Mixing instructions: Fill Glass with ice. Add Creme de Banane to glass. Add Creme de Cacao to glass. Fill glass with milk. Ingredients: 1 oz Creme de Banane 1/2 oz Dark Creme de Cacao Fill with Cream Mixing instructions: Pour all ingredients over ice. Garnish with slice of banana. Ingredients: 1 oz Light rum 1 oz Creme de Banane 1 1/2 oz Cream 1 dash Grenadine 1 slice Banana Nutmeg Mixing instructions: Shake rum, creme de banana, cream, and grenadine with crushed ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Decorate with the banana slice, sprinkle nutmeg on top, and serve. Ingredients: 1 oz Malibu rum 1 oz Banana liqueur fill with Pineapple juice Mixing instructions: This drink can be mixed with ice added, or put into a blender with ice, to be crushed. Ingredients: 1 part Banana liqueur 1 part Creme de Cacao 1 part Vodka 1 part Half-and-half Mixing instructions: Mix in a shaker with ice then strain.
Automotive Backup Camera Systems, Backup Hub
rsync can be somewhat painful if you have a very large number of files - especially if your rsync version is lower than 3. On the other hand: if you use tar, you would generate a very big resulting tar-file (unless the data may be compressed a lot). Personally, I would look at rdiff-backup, but make sure that you test your restore situation: rdiff-backup can be very memory demanding when restoring.1. Backup files being created in KubuntuIt seems you forgot to ask the question :) I will assume the question is "how do I disable creation of backup files in Kate"The answer is: go to Settings - Configure Kate - Editor Component - Open/Save - Advanced and untick "Backup on Save" for Local Files and Remote Files. Then click OK2. Ubuntu 10.10 full backupThe problem is not just re-installing Ubuntu it is also all the peripheral programs that I have on my HD. Some take much effort and time to reinstall, setting up configuration files etc. WE really do need a one-button HD back up.. I would like to do this onto a USB HD ..can it be so hard, Apple have it!!..? ron..Themotorman3. GPO backup failsYou may have to troubleshoot a little further. Are you able to backup other GPOs? Did you try using an alternative admin account? Can you create a test one and back that up? If you can, then I would check permission on the previous GPO where you are receiving the error. There is a powershell command you can use:Backup-Gpo -Name MYGPO -Path C:GpoBackup -Comment "Backup-08-21-14".4. rsync --backup-dir not getting changed data - instead it is going to the original backup locationI suppose the options -b --backup-dir do not act as you hope. You can try to use a different option --link-dest instead. Your command line should be similar to the following What is the meaning? You are telling to rsync to compare the files in /scripts/source/ (the new ones) with the ones in /scripts/diff/ (that is empty) and in the additional directory /scripts/full/ (That is the one of your backup).Notes:5. Backup internals - What happens when a backup job is running - in terms of locking and performance overhead in SQL Server?Basically, SQL Server does a dirty copy of all pages on disk. Those pages are likely inconsistent if there is concurrent activity or if there previously way non-checkpointed activity.Then, SQL Server also copies the necessary part of the transaction log that is needed to bring the out of date pages to the latest version and make everything consistent on restore. I can not speak to the multi-threadedness of the backup operation. I expect it to be parallelized. How else could you back up a 10TB database on a 10GB/sec IO subsystem?6. amt .22 backup jam problem?Its the nature of the gun. Try this, and it will sound weird. Clean the gun, and then try to feel the feed ramp for burrs. If you can feel some, use a dremmel tool, and a mild abrasive for polishing metal, and a cloth wheel, to polish it smooth. To feel the burrs best, use your tongue. It is more sensitive than your fingers. This should resolve the problem, or at least be all that you can do. If it does not resolve the problem, you can put the gun on your desk as a real cool paper weight, as that it is truly only reliable for that. Bringing it to a gunsmith is an option, but they often will charge more to work the ramp, throat, and barrel than the gun is worth. Go buy a small Ruger SP101 in .357 if you want a back up. Good Luck.7. How to backup / partition before rooting?Those on Android 6 can try the instructions that I posted here, starting at step 5. I think this will work without root, but I have not tried. You will need 6 if you are running stock because some of these commands require tools only included in Toybox. See also Ryan Conrad's great answer, based on this xda-developers guide, also linked by Firelord above8. Ramifications of Deleting Transaction Log BackupSo order of operation:If this is correct then you will be fine. As long as the LSN or chain of (backup) events since the last full backup is not broken you should have no issues with recovery
Blockchain Technology Explained: Powering Bitcoin
Blockchain Technology Explained: Powering BitcoinMicrosoft recently became the latest big name to officially associate with Bitcoin, the decentralized virtual currency. However, the Redmond company did not go all out, and will only support bitcoin payments on certain content platforms, making up a tiny fraction of its business.What is The Big Deal With Bitcoin?Like most good stories, the bitcoin saga begins with a creation myth. The open-source cryptocurrency protocol was published in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous developer (or group of bitcoin developers) hiding behind this alias. The true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has not been revealed yet, although the concept traces its roots back to the cypher-punk movement; and there's no shortage of speculative theories across the web regarding Satoshi's identity.Bitcoin spent the next few years languishing, viewed as nothing more than another internet curiosity reserved for geeks and crypto-enthusiasts. Bitcoin eventually gained traction within several crowds. The different groups had little to nothing in common — ranging from the gathering fans, to black hat hackers, anarchists, libertarians, and darknet drug dealers; and eventually became accepted by legitimate entrepreneurs and major brands like Dell, Microsoft, and Newegg.While it is usually described as a "cryptocurrency," "digital currency," or "virtual currency" with no intrinsic value, Bitcoin is a little more than that. Bitcoin is a technology, and therein lies its potential value.This is why we wo not waste much time on the basics — the bitcoin protocol, proof-of-work, the economics of bitcoin "mining," or the way the bitcoin network functions. Plenty of resources are available online, and implementing support for bitcoin payments is easily within the realm of the smallest app developer, let alone heavyweights like Microsoft. Looking Beyond The Hype — Into The BlockchainSo what is blockchain? Bitcoin blockchain is the technology backbone of the network and provides a tamper-proof data structure, providing a shared public ledger open to all. The mathematics involved are impressive, and the use of specialized hardware to construct this vast chain of cryptographic data renders it practically impossible to replicate.All confirmed transactions are embedded in the bitcoin blockchain. Use of SHA-256 cryptography ensures the integrity of the blockchain applications — all transactions must be signed using a private key or seed, which prevents third parties from tampering with it. Transactions are confirmed by the network within 10 minutes or so and this process is handled by bitcoin miners. Mining is used to confirm transactions through a shared consensus system, and usually requires several independent confirmations for the transaction to go through. This process guarantees random distribution and makes tampering very difficult.While it is theoretically possible to compromise or hijack the network through a so-called 51% attack the sheer size of the network and resources needed to pull off such an attack make it practically infeasible. Unlike many bitcoin-based businesses, the blockchain network has proven very resilient. This is the result of a number of factors, mainly including a large investment in the bitcoin mining industry.Blockchain technology works, plainly and simply, even in its bitcoin incarnation. A cryptographic blockchain could be used to digitally sign sensitive information, and decentralize trust; along with being used to develop smart contracts and escrow services, tokenization, authentication, and much more. Blockchain technology has countless potential applications, but that's the problem — the potential has yet to be realized. Accepting bitcoin payments for Xbox in-game content or a notebook battery does not even come close.So what about that potential? Is anyone taking blockchain technology seriously?Originally published at DreamiFly.— — — — — —Please explain me what is blockchain and how is it useful?Blockchain Technology is an upcoming term mostly heard in relation to the cryptocurrencies. This record-keeping tech is very important for bitcoins. In addition to this one can also see the use of Blockchain technology in sectors like banking and investing. It also enables a community of users to control the revision and any necessary updates for the record of information. On this level Blockchain technology seems quite similar to Wikipedia. In Wikipedia, a number of users contribute to a single content. But the main difference between the 2 is in their digital backbone. Wikipedia has a highly protected centralized database. The total control over this centralized database lies with the owner. The owner manages all updates, accesses and also protecting against any cyber threats. On the other hand, for the distributed database of the Blockchain technology, every node in the network has to come to the same conclusion while each updating the record independently. Thereafter only the most popular record is held at the official record instead of the existing master copy.
PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE A VIDEO CAMERA!?the Flip ultra HD is a really good HD portable camcorder, and it's fairly cheap. A lot of famous youtubers use it, such as timothydelaghetto. that's what i would buy, definitely.— — — — — —Online Poker with Microphones and Video Cameras888 Poker offers a few tables . but I didn t pay to much attention , because A: it is likely that they play other tables too . so you can t really know if something you think is a tell really applys to your table . and B: I think you will see a lot of Fake Tells . I didn t enjoy playing there because most players had really bad soundquality or playing music in background . so it gets really bad when you have background noises from 5 other players .— — — — — —shouldn't cops be made to wear video cameras all the time they are on duty now that we have the technology to?For the saftey of the officers that would not be a bad idea. After all that's what the cops say when they hand cuff you this is for your safety— — — — — —Which of these two video cameras is the better one?this question, or the fundamentals of it, shop damn around this communicate board as though we are meant to be conscious of your very own needs. we wo not go with a digital camera for you. you are able to study the specs and look on the gadget for your self. .. so please gain this and make a call. in my view I desire Canon dSLR cameras.— — — — — —What do I record on a video camera?Put the camera down next to the sleeping cat or dog and upload clips of what they do when the doorbell rings. Go to a thrift store and buy some old VCR tapes or ??? and then show every body how your saving and editing old family movies. Mostly by cutting up the tapes and sorting them out on the table to watch later?.— — — — — —What are the best, cheapest video cameras with a mic-in jack?I believe he said best, cheapest. The cheapest, that I would recommend would be the Canon ZR 800, ZR 900, ZR 930. They are all fairly decent camcorders. They are not very big but will get the job done and look good. Good luck!— — — — — —Can you suggest a video camera with these qualities?right here are issues to evaluate: kind: I actual have had large reviews with Sony and Canon, however it rather is confirm its a kind you have heard of. Media: MiniDV is the marketplace popular for high quality, extra effective than DVD. The tapes are very small so length is not a subject. additionally, MiniDV tapes do not smash down as speedy as DVDs, and in assessment to DVDs, there is not a alternative on the marketplace, so as that they are going to be around for a whilst. different constructive properties: seek for a 3CCD digital camera. it rather is one that has a seperate sensor for each shade so the popular is plenty extra effective. seek for one that has intense optical zoom. manufacturers will supply rather intense zoom numbers for digital zoom, yet digital zoom hurts the popular. Optical zoom is what you opt for for. as far as connecting to pc or television, any of the hot camcorders have USB, firewire, and composite video connections so transfering would desire to be a breeze.— — — — — —What video cameras are meant for shooting skateboarding?flip video cameras are good for taping skateboarding— — — — — —Best canon video camera for 200 or less?New? There are not any. You might get a left over FS 400 on Amazon for $240.00 but it's not "best"— — — — — —how much would a good video camera?extremly cheap would be 50-100 good quality 200-400— — — — — —Can cell phone "destroy" video camera? The other poster is incorrect. If you use a cell phone, it puts out radio waves. Radio energy can easily interfere with electronics in several ways. 1) it might cause interference with any unshielded electronics in the camera 2) the radio waves may induce heating of electrical components, which could damage your camera over time. 3) you may get noise on the sound portion of your video (in addition to your conversation). It wo not be enough to crash/trash your image, but you may see interference lines in the image. I can vouch for this with a digital still camera and a mobile car radio -- in Africa on safari, the guide was transmitting on the radio while I was taking a photo, and the electrical interference appeared in the still image as very fine, evenly spaced lines. Solution: keep the cell phone a reasonable distance away from the camera. Thanks to the inverse-square law, cell phone energy dissipates very quickly. Besides, talking on the cell phone will interfere with the sound anyway.
The National Key R & D Plan Launched the Key Project of "key Technologies and Demonstration of Inter
In order to implement the tasks proposed in the outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan (2006-2020), the national key R & D plan launched the implementation of the key special project of "key technologies and demonstration of Internet of things and smart city". According to the deployment of this key special implementation plan, the application guide for targeted projects in 2020 is hereby issued.The city's city city one belt, one road, the other is the key to the development of the strategy. The overall goal of this special project is to focus on the basic theory and key technologies of smart city "sense, unity, knowledge, use and integration", focusing on the strategy of network power and social economic transformation. We will carry out demonstration applications of integrated innovation and integrated services, support the graded and classified demonstration construction of national new smart cities with Chinese urban characteristics, improve urban governance capacity and public service level, and promote China to become a global leader in technological innovation and industrial application of smart cities. Promote the large-scale development of animal networking and smart city and the sharing of "three integration and five spans", form and improve the industrial ecological chain, and make China's Internet of things and smart city technology research, standards and industrial application reach the international leading level.In 2020, the application guide for targeted projects plans to start two research tasks and arrange a national allocation of 50 million yuan. Application demonstration projects require units with large-scale application demonstration capability to take the lead, and enterprises are encouraged to take the lead. Enterprises taking the lead must raise supporting funds by themselves, and the proportion between the total supporting funds and the total national allocated funds shall not be less than 3:1. Among them, the application demonstration content shall include approved construction projects closely related to the content of the guide, encourage the demonstration content of cities (clusters) to gather the key technologies and relevant innovative achievements supported by the state for integrated application demonstration, and encourage cities (clusters) to give priority to the use of innovative technologies and achievements of this special project.The project shall be uniformly declared according to the research direction of the secondary title of the guide (such as 1.1). The project implementation cycle shall not exceed 3 years. The research content of the application project must cover all the assessment indicators listed in the guidelines under the secondary title. Unless otherwise specified, the number of projects to be supported is 1 2. The number of topics under each project shall not exceed 5, and the total number of research units shall not exceed 10. One project leader is set for the project, and one subject leader is set for each subject in the project.In the guide, "the number of projects to be supported is 1 2" means that under the same research direction, when the first two evaluation results of the declared project review are similar and the technical route is obviously different, the first two projects can be considered to be supported. The two projects will be supported in two stages, and the implementation of the two projects will be evaluated after the completion of the first stage, Determine the follow-up support method according to the evaluation results.1. Major scenario application demonstration for different types of cities1.1 construction and demonstration of national urban agglomeration integrated new generation information infrastructure (application demonstration)Research content: facing the needs of the integrated development of national urban agglomeration information infrastructure, study the composition of urban elements for urban management and social governance, and form an urban IOT perception system based on the full coverage of urban elements; Study the open network architecture and secure communication mechanism integrating the Internet, mobile communication network and edge network, form an open, safe and reliable heterogeneous network integration system, and build a new network infrastructure with low delay, high reliability, wide coverage and large bandwidth; Develop technologies and special equipment serving the unified management and dispatching of smart cities with open structure, flexible architecture and supporting flexible resource scheduling; Develop a set of Metro IOT platform deployed in national urban agglomeration; Relying on the metropolitan IOT platform, diversified heterogeneous networks and urban data, build a new generation of digital, universal and intensive information infrastructure in national urban agglomerations, form replicable unified protocol standards, unified authentication system and unified access specifications, promote the construction of integrated cross urban agglomerations linkage and unified standards, as well as horizontal and vertical diversified information exchange and mutual trust, Realize cross city, cross domain, cross bank and cross level data sharing, capacity sharing, mechanism mutual trust and service interoperability.Assessment indicators: put forward the overall technical framework of metropolitan IOT private network, build a set of metropolitan IOT platform that can be actually put into operation, which can gather IOT equipment in no less than 10 industries, no less than 100 types of access equipment in each industry, and no less than 100000 access equipment in each industry; Design a new integrated network integration architecture, develop an edge gateway production system that integrates the functions of low delay message forwarding, high reliable resource scheduling and multi connection collaborative algorithm to meet the needs of secondary development, and support lightweight batch deployment; Explore the construction mode of urban perception system based on Internet of things technology, and form at least 6 8 standard configuration, advanced configuration and incremental configuration of urban IOT perception system construction involving community level, street level, district and county level; Build a new generation of information infrastructure and form industry and cross industry demonstration applications in national urban agglomerations, such as smart government affairs, smart tourism, smart logistics, public safety, public management and public services; At least 7 national, industrial or core enterprise standards shall be formulated.Organization mode: select the best and take the lead by the enterprise.Relevant instructions: Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology, Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology and Chongqing Municipal Bureau of science and technology shall be the recommended units to organize the application.1.2 urban livable cognitive computing and integrated service platform and its application demonstration (application demonstration)Research content: study the mechanism and model of urban ecological livable integrated service, as well as the trend prediction, early warning and guidance technology of urban ecological livable integrated service with multi domain linkage, facing the scenarios of urban ecological livable, medical care and health, marine economy and free trade island construction; Carry out research on intelligent acquisition technology of urban multi-source environmental ecological livable information based on the Internet of things, establish a networked coverage system of urban environmental data, carry out research on real-time monitoring technology of urban ecological environment indicators with the goal of urban ecological environment collection and monitoring, and build an ecological environment multi-dimensional dynamic information map early warning system; Medical care and health services for urban residents for 5g communication, Internet of things, edge computing and telemedicine, carry out research on the health service system of citizen health data management, develop key technologies such as triage guidance, remote consultation, auxiliary diagnosis decision support and health risk assessment, and realize regional residents' health file resource sharing and service business collaboration, Improve the utilization rate, service efficiency and coordination efficiency of medical resources in the province; For marine economy, free trade island construction and other scenarios, carry out research on machine learning model and modeling technology of data-driven urban economic development, government service and ecological livability, and develop a dynamic cognitive computing system of urban ecological livability; Research and develop an integrated urban ecological and livable service platform, and carry out application demonstration in urban ecological environment, livelihood services, medical health and elderly care services.Assessment indicators: realize the perception coverage of multi-source environmental information in the core areas of key cities to reach more than 75%, realize the real-time perception of environmental pollution data such as dust, noise, PM 1 / PM 2.5/pm 10, ozone / sulfur dioxide / nitrogen oxide / carbon dioxide, complete the grid real-time monitoring of urban trunk roads and key pollution areas, and realize the full networking of data between cities, The detection accuracy of environmental pollution data shall at least meet the national standards; The accuracy of real-time early warning of urban smart environment is greater than 90%, and the accuracy of environmental pollution source analysis is greater than 80%; Establish a health care service model centered on urban residents, and complete resource sharing and service coordination of at least 10 medical institutions; Establish a smart medical care and health service system for the whole region, and realize the family coverage rate of at least 80% of home-based elderly care in at least two typical cities and core urban areas; Build a data-driven dynamic cognitive computing system for urban ecological livability, and support the cognitive computing of time abnormal potential process of no less than 10 kinds of urban ecological livable data; Develop an integrated urban ecological livable service platform and carry out large-scale application demonstration.Organization mode: it is proposed to support one project, led by the enterprise.Relevant instructions: the Department of science and technology of Hainan Province shall organize the application as the recommendation unit.
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