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Huawei Mate40 Supports Wired and Wireless Dual Fast Charging

On the afternoon of October 30, 2020, Huawei held the annual flagship new product launch ceremony. The mate40 series that had appeared overseas appeared in the domestic market. This time, Huawei mate40 series adopted double fast charging.

The mate40 Pro adopts 66W Huawei wired super fast charging and 50W Huawei wireless super fast charging. At the same time, Huawei 66W Gan multi port charger, 66W vehicle charger and 66W two-way mobile power supply are also launched.

In terms of battery capacity, Huawei mate40 Pro adopts 4400mAh large battery, which can provide good endurance.

Huawei Mate40 Supports Wired and Wireless Dual Fast Charging 1

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Huawei Changxiang Z 5g How About 5g Mobile Phone Huawei Changxiang Z Dismantling 1318 Components of
Huawei Changxiang Z starts at 1699. It is equipped with Tianji 800 processor and focuses on the concept of "1000 yuan 5g". I believe many small partners have long understood that while setting down the price of 5g mobile phones, they must sacrifice some other contents. Today, we will disassemble Huawei Changxiang Z to see what it has sacrificed and what its material cost will be?The memory of the equipment purchased and disassembled this time is 6GB 64GB. The following disassembly contents and analyzed material information shall be subject to the disassembly equipment.DisassembleRemove the SIM card holder, and the opening direction of the card slot of Changxiang Z 5g is on the top of the mobile phone. There are white rubber rings on the Cato.Next, enter the official disassembly of the mobile phone.Disassemble the rear cover in the same way, heat the surface of the rear cover evenly with a hot-air gun, and then remove the rear cover with the help of suction cups, warps and other tools. There are a large area of foam and graphite sheets on the back cover. The amount of adhesive around is sufficient, and the viscosity is larger than that of the previous thousand yuan machine.There is a screw on the motherboard cover with an anti disassembly label, and foam cushion is pasted at the camera position. There is a PFC antenna on the right side of the motherboard cover and a white label. Huawei Changxiang Z abandons the integrated design of loudspeaker and auxiliary panel cover and adopts split design.Unscrew the screws and remove the main board cover, auxiliary board cover and speaker module.There is a pressure balance film on the inner side of the speaker module, and insulating tape is pasted at the position corresponding to the speaker module. A large area of graphite sheet is pasted inside the main board cover, and the rear camera flash is pasted on the main board with transparent double-sided tape.There is an antenna board on the right side of the mobile phone, which is fixed under the side key with screws.The battery is pasted on the inner support through plastic adhesive tape, and the battery is removed. It can be found that the side key board, antenna board and fingerprint sensor board are all in the same position.Remove the motherboard, three rear cameras and front cameras.The CPU position of the main board is coated with thermal conductive silicone grease, and the edge is pasted with conductive foam. The light distance sensor is fixed on the inner support as a separate small plate. Both USB interface and audio jack interface have silica gel protective sleeves.Finally, remove the components on the inner support. First remove the antenna board. Two metal locators are installed above the antenna board. After removal, the key soft board, fingerprint sensor, earpiece, vibrator, light distance sensor board and main and auxiliary board connecting soft boards can be removed in turn.Black foam is pasted on the vibrator and earpiece, and black double-sided tape is pasted around the light distance sensor boardThe screen and the inner support are completely fixed by adhesive strips, and the screen and the inner support are separated by heating the screen to soften the colloid. Graphite is pasted on the soft board of the screen, and insulating tape is pasted on the device positions on both sides. Graphite paste and foam are also pasted on the inner support.Huawei Changxiang Z uses a total of 22 screws, which is generally difficult to disassemble. The interior adopts the common three-stage design. Speaker module and auxiliary panel cover are designed separately. Battery is fixed with the plastic adhesive tape, which is not easy to pull; The heat dissipation is conventional heat conduction silicone grease plus copper foil heat dissipation. The internal support is pasted with graphite sheets for heat dissipation. The side key fingerprint identification is adopted, and an antenna board is added at the key position.E analysis:After disassembly, ewisetech comprehensively sorted and analyzed the materials of Huawei Changxiang Z machine.Huawei Changxiang Z machine has a total of 1318 components, and the estimated material cost of the whole machine is USD 166.67 (about 1120 yuan), of which the main IC part accounts for 58.8% of the total cost. Let's take a look at the familiar ICs on the motherboard.Motherboard front:1: Media tek-mt6873v-tianji 800 processor2: Sk hynix-h9hq53aecmmdar-kem-6gb memory 64GB flash memory3: Media tek-mt6360mp-power management4:Media Tek-MT6635P-WiFi/BT/GPS/GLONASS/FM5: Bosch BMI 160 acceleration sensor gyroscopeMotherboard back:1: Media tek-mt6359v-power management2: Media tek-mt6190w-rf transceiver3: Skyworks-sky58254-11-rf front end module4: GoerTek microphoneMore detailed machine BOM can be obtained by moving ewisetech. Of course, there are more devices. Go and find out what's inside your mobile phone!Samsung - Galaxy Note20 5GHonor - HONOR30Vivo - X50 Pro
Why Hasn't the Hongmeng System Moved_ When Will Huawei Hongmeng System Mobile Phones Be Available
Why hasn't the Hongmeng system movedWhen it comes to mobile phone systems, we all know that among the current smart phone systems, the most on the market are Apple's IOS system and Android system, basically accounting for half and half respectively. There have been Symbian system and Microsoft mobile phone system, which have gradually disappeared.In August last year, Huawei released the Hongmeng system, but the Hongmeng system of Huawei is only used on Huawei's TV. Many people will ask why not use it on mobile phones?If Huawei wants to apply Hongmeng system to mobile phones, it means grabbing users from Android and IOS. It goes without saying what Huawei will face. Different systems correspond to different application groups. For the mainstream Android and IOS systems, mobile app is also divided into two categories. Therefore, there is no application for Huawei to use the new system, and users can't accept it.You can recall the Microsoft mobile phone system and Symbian system. Why can't you see it later? Ecosystem issues. For powerful manufacturers, operating systems can be developed. The difficulty is not system research and development, but the ecological construction of the system. Therefore, Huawei will not easily give up the Android system unless it has to.What Huawei needs to do now is to work hard, strive to develop and build the ecosystem of the system, and act low-key in order to avoid strong enemies. Therefore, Huawei has rarely released some things about Hongmeng system recently, which is also a kind of protection for itself. When the system ecology is mature, it will meet you.When will Huawei Hongmeng system mobile phones be availableHuawei has really kept a low profile recently. The latest news about Hongmeng System 2.0 was revealed by twitter digital talent teme (temi). At that time, many netizens questioned it. It turned out that Huawei had applied for a trademark as early as June. Now the system is finally hammered. In addition to applying for a trademark and integrating the current information, Huawei will launch a new smart watch mate watch, eumi and a new generation of flagship machine mate 40 equipped with Hongmeng OS in the autumn.Hongmeng System 2.0 is another key achievement launched by Huawei after the United States upgraded and suppressed measures again. It is also an essential link in the localization of the system.In 2019, when Huawei was suppressed for the first time, it launched the independently developed Hongmeng system. Because the system brought many Android elements, version 1.0 of Hongmeng system was not favored by people. But it was this Android like system that made Google cancel its decision to ban Huawei from using the Android system. This is a sharp weapon that Huawei can counter.Huawei's Hongmeng system is ready to replace the Android system at any time. According to Huawei's plan, Hongmeng's system will cover many domestic devices such as PC, watch, headset, mobile phone and TV, so as to truly realize the interconnected Huawei ecology. In the face of such a powerful system, it is impossible for Google not to worry about the status of Android. Cutting off the supply of Huawei's Android system is undoubtedly a reason for Huawei's aboveboard promotion of Hongmeng system.When they heard that version 2.0 of Hongmeng system was about to be launched, many fans and machine friends were asking when smartphones equipped with Hongmeng operating system would be launched. Some netizens even said: only Huawei produces Hongmeng OS mobile phones, I will buy them.According to Huawei's official statement, Hongmeng OS intelligent machine has no plan for the time being. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei consumer business, said in an interview in April this year:The mobile version of Hongmeng operating system has been ready for a long time, but considering an anti secession agreement of Google, some Android and GMS mobile phones have not been launched until they are sold out in the overseas market.Yu Chengdong is a person who can boast, and his statement is highly credible. In addition, some analysts believe that another reason for Huawei's suppression of the launch of Hongmeng OS smartphone is that due to the pressure of the United States, Huawei still has many thorny problems to be solved, and there is no need to break with Google publicly.Although Huawei mobile phones cannot be equipped with Google GMS ecology, applications such as Google store, map and search cannot be used. However, Huawei soon launched its own HMS for the Android ecosystem, which does not affect Huawei's use of the Android system. Eumi 11 launched simultaneously with Hongmeng System 2.0 is based on Android 11 system.Huawei did what it said. The version 2.0 of Hongmeng system promised at the Hongmeng system press conference last August will be launched soon, although there is no Hongmeng OS smartphone expected by netizens. However, Huawei has its own strategic arrangement. Unless it completely tears its face with Google, it is not necessary to give up using Android system for the time being.
Service Number of Huawei Developer Conference
On October 22-24, Huawei will hold the 2021 Huawei developer conference in Songshan Lake, China, focusing on hot topics such as Hongmeng system, smart home, smart office and HMS core, and colliding with Huawei experts, industry experts and global developers to create new sparks and inspiration.As the "sixth organ" of human body, mobile phone is an integral part of people's life. Today, with the highly developed mobile Internet, owning terminals and building ecology around terminals are the main positions for Internet technology giants. Mobile phone giants such as apple, Xiaomi and Huawei have their own mobile terminal systems.As the primary entrance of the mobile terminal, Huawei's service number has more than hundreds of millions of traffic resources. Through service distribution and user interaction links, it will connect with Huawei's life service sector to form an ecological link. Huawei service number carries an important platform to connect people and services from mobile phone hardware to ecological services. With the popularity of 5g, Huawei service number is expected to help enterprises realize B2C new value marketing system. As we all know, the cost of getting customers for the mobile Internet is getting higher and higher. The launch of Huawei's service number at this time will be a competition for a new mobile terminal entrance, and a new ecosystem will form an alliance. Huawei must be the most generous in revenue, and Huawei's millisecond disaster recovery system of cloud will travel a new level of revenue growth.The biggest highlight of Huawei's service number is still the full release of 100 million daily live traffic of Huawei terminals. Huawei service numbers covering all Huawei models enable enterprises to expand new users with the help of Huawei public domain traffic.2021 Huawei developer conference recommended link: https://bbs.elecfans.com/jishu_ 2180406_ 1_ 1.htmlArticle integration from: firewood cutting network, Chinaz, webmaster headlinesEditing: Ymf
New Colorful Screen  Screen Fingerprint Unlock Huawei Enjoys 10s to Create a New Experience of Thous
This afternoon, Huawei Changxiang 10s, a new product of Huawei Changxiang series, was officially released in Wuhan. As a thousand yuan boutique series that attracts the attention of young people, Huawei Changxiang 10s continues the product concept of "let young people enjoy science and technology", and is equipped with screen fingerprint unlocking technology and OLED colorful comprehensive screen for the first time in Huawei's thousand yuan machine products, bringing leading operation and visual experience. At the same time, "48 million ultra wide-angle AI three shots", "large battery and large memory" and other cutting-edge hardware and software blessings are icing on the cake, showing the strong strength of new products and once again leading the new direction of the thousand yuan machine market.As we all know, Huawei Changxiang series is a thousand yuan strength series specially created for young users, and Huawei Changxiang s series is one of the high-quality series. Since its birth in 2017, each generation of Huawei Changxiang s series products has become an important benchmark product leading the thousand yuan machine market at that time with fashionable appearance design, super photography and excellent system smooth experience. The new Huawei Changxiang 10s also continues the innovation gene and ushers in a breakthrough again in many directions such as screen, photography and core hardware system.New colorful screen screen fingerprint unlock new screen experienceFor the screen experience that young people pay great attention to in mobile entertainment, Huawei Changxiang 10s adopts a 6.3-inch OLED colorful comprehensive screen, which gives the screen a brighter color performance. This is also the first 1000 yuan machine of Huawei brand equipped with OLED colorful comprehensive screen. At the same time, thanks to the leading screen and frame design, the screen accounts for more than 90%. At the resolution of 2400 * 1080 (FHD ), it can bring an immersive entertainment experience with clear and delicate picture and wide vision. It is worth mentioning that Huawei Changxiang 10s has passed the eye care mode and the German t ü V Rhine low blue light eye care certification, so that the screen can filter blue light, intelligently adjust color temperature and brightness, and take care of users' eyes.Huawei Changxiang 10s is not only the first 1000 yuan machine with OLED colorful full screen of Huawei brand, but also the first 1000 yuan machine with screen fingerprint unlocking of Huawei brand. With the blessing of the new generation of screen fingerprint technology, the unlocking area is nearly 6% higher than that of the previous generation, and the unlocking ability is also greatly improved, so as to achieve both low-temperature dry environment and strong light wet hand environment, It can also easily unlock the mobile phone and light up the screen, so that thousand yuan machine users can also enjoy the cutting-edge operation experience.48 million ultra wide angle AI three shots complete, wonderful and easy to captureConsidering the high requirements of young users for mobile phone photographing function, Huawei Changxiang 10s has introduced a 48 million ultra wide-angle AI three photographing scheme to provide young users with a simpler mobile phone photographing experience with better imaging quality. This three camera system consists of a 48 million pixel main camera, an 8 million pixel ultra wide angle camera and a 2 million pixel depth of field camera. The main camera adopts a 6p lens with stronger resolution and contrast, so that users can get a clear large film with one shot.At the same time, the 8 megapixel 120 degree ultra wide angle lens can provide an ultra wide viewing range, which doubles the field of view compared with the traditional 78 degree lens. Whether it is a close-up group photo with friends and girlfriends, a table of rich dishes, or magnificent scenery, you can record wonderful scenes in the photos. At the same time, it also supports ultra wide-angle video shooting. Today, with the popularity of short video, it brings more fresh shooting methods to young people and makes video works more characteristic.Based on the hardware advantages of large aperture and high pixel main camera, Huawei Changxiang 10s also has AIS super night view mode. When taking night photos, AI algorithm is used for multi frame noise reduction to stabilize the picture. It supports 6S hand-held photography for the longest time, improves the dynamic range of night photos, and can also increase the picture brightness in dark light environment, bringing super sensitive shooting effect. By improving the stability and sensitivity of photographing in dark light environment, Huawei can enjoy 10s and bring clear imaging effect in night environment to meet the night photographing needs of young users.In terms of self shooting, Huawei Changxiang's 16 million HD lens with 10s front is also excellent, and it is the first time in Huawei's brand to equip the front camera with super night view mode. Even in the dim light environment, you can still easily get clear and bright self photos. At the same time, the newly upgraded AI intelligent backlight image technology can retain more details, restore the real color as much as possible, and make people as clear and moving as the scene, regardless of the forward light, side light or backlight selfie. The adaptive AI beauty camera function can also create an exclusive three-dimensional beauty scheme according to the user's age, gender and skin color, so as to provide a natural beauty experience for young people who love beauty.Strong endurance, large memory and worry free playIn order to better meet the mobile entertainment needs of young people for games and movies, Huawei Changxiang 10s also provides reliable hardware and software guarantee. First of all, high-performance and low-power eight core processor with up to 8GB running memory brings users a pleasant large-scale mobile game experience from the hardware level. At the same time, GPU turbo3.0 helps from the software level to make the entertainment experience smoother by improving graphics performance and reducing power consumption. The 4000 Ma high-capacity battery brings strong endurance. Reduce power worries whether it's business trip or game entertainment on the way.Huawei Changxiang 10s also has the advantage of large memory. The body storage of up to 128GB can easily meet the storage needs of entertainment resources of most young people. Of course, if it is a deep user, it also supports a maximum storage expansion of 256gb. In addition, its Huawei super file system - erofs scalable read-only file system improves random reading performance by 20%, saves system space by 14%, and further expands storage space while improving fluency. In addition, Huawei Changxiang 10s is also equipped with a type-C interface with small volume and fast transmission, positive and negative blind plug-in, making the machine experience more comfortable.Emui 9.1 system supports the comprehensive upgrade of Smart LifeHuawei Changxiang 10s is equipped with emui 9.1 operating system, which not only brings visual beauty to young users, but also provides a smoother interactive experience. In addition, AI translation, AI object recognition, full screen gestures, smart shopping, fast sharing, WLAN signal bridge and other convenient functions bring more secure, intelligent and convenient IOT life experience to young people.In order to fully meet the personality preferences of young users in the appearance of mobile phones, the new Huawei Changxiang 10s has brought three colors: magic night, sky and emerald. The price of 6GB 128GB is 1799 yuan and that of 8GB 128G is 1999 yuan. It will be available online at Huawei mall and major e-commerce platforms, offline Huawei authorized experience stores and Huawei authorized dealers at 18:08 today, Small partners who need to change planes can go to Huawei Mall for details.
What Does Glory Take to Surpass Huawei?
New glory's first appearance after solo flight was given to the V40.On January 22, glory CEO Zhao Ming met with you with V40. V40 is equipped with 7Nm Tianji 1000 flagship chip and an 80 degree hypersurface waterfall screen. At the same time, it brings three colors: magic night darkness, titanium sky silver and rose gold. The price of V40 8GB 128GB version is 3599 yuan, and the price of 8GB 256gb version is 3999 yuan. It will be on sale at 12:00 tonight. Also released with V40 are the glory magicbook15, magicbook14 notebook and the glory watch GS pro.Two months ago, glory and its parent company Huawei experienced a mighty separation. Glory was sold to Shenzhen Zhixin, a new company jointly established by more than 30 glory agents and dealers.At the farewell party, Ren Zhengfei encouraged employees to "be Huawei's strongest competitor, surpass Huawei, and even shout down Huawei". At the press conference on the 22nd, Zhao Ming gave a new positioning of glory: a global iconic technology brand.V40 is the first step in the new journey of glory.01 battle of confidence: stabilize employees and suppliersGlory hasn't had a new phone in six months.Li Peng (a pseudonym) is a supervisor of glory in Nanfang county. In the first half of 2020, he and the prefecture and city managers developed the county together. Because the new machine is fast, the new machine is equipped with Kirin chip and high cost performance, the glorious opening of the city is extremely smooth.In the first half of 2020, glory released 10 new machines, including glory 30s, glory 30 series, glory X10, glory PLAY4 series, glory play4t series and glory changplay 9A. In Li Peng's circle of friends, every once in a while there will be a poster of new products.In July 2020, the action of glorifying the new machine came to an abrupt end. Li Peng rarely mentioned glory for half a year. He opened another skating shop to supplement his income.A counter owner turned his attention to oppo and vivo, and the prominent position of the counter gave way to VO's new machine.A dealer in the same county also turned his attention to oppo and vivo, selling new machines of the two brands.In mid January 2021, leopard transformer visited many glory stores in Beijing and found that some stores were relocated. Even the clerk of the glory authorized experience store revealed that many stores in Beijing were closed because of the epidemic and shortage."If the glory doesn't come out, he won't have his share." according to the analysis of a mobile phone practitioner, the new glory needs to be revealed as soon as possible.After V40 was finalized, the glory team of a southern province launched the new product launch mobilization oath meeting. After the meeting, regional employees from more than ten prefectures and cities came to the stage and signed task orders. Shortly after that, the provincial capital team sank to the local city and held customer exchange meetings with dealers and channel providers in various places.Glory's offline channels are busy again. A product integration manager in Zhejiang revealed that the workload was three times more than before.In addition to resisting foreign enemies, the glory just stripped from Huawei is also in urgent need of a product to stabilize the military.Before glory solo flight, the R & D and supply chain team shared with Huawei, with about 2000 business employees. After the solo flight, Huawei airborne a number of executives to help glory tide over the difficulties, including Wan Biao, who is good at supply chain management, and Fang Fei, vice president of Huawei's consumer business product line.They brought the technical backbone who had laid a foundation for Huawei's consumer business to glory. At the press conference, Zhao Ming introduced that new glory has more than 8000 employees, 50% of whom are R & D personnel.A glory employee told leopard change that some people who chose to glory had worked in Huawei for 1-4 years and had a chance to glory Bo; Some are because the leaders with good relations have passed, and they have passed together; Some are new recruits who are automatically placed on the list and are persuaded after the supervisor's phone "bombing".We don't know what the future of glory will be. "Is it the second Huawei or an abandoned burden?" no one can predict.On November 23, Huawei held a publicity meeting internally. The participants were employees who wanted to honor. At the meeting, glory executives explained the future planning of glory, the future office location and the new subsidy policy - that is, increasing the salary for four months as a signing reward (not called compensation), hoping to dispel the concerns of employees.The above employees noted that half of the employees attending the meeting still chose not to go after the meeting. What is the relationship between Huawei and glory? After losing Huawei's aura and Kirin chip, how much recognition does the outside world have for the new glory? All questions.A new employee of glory who has changed his identity told leopard change that after turning to glory, the leaders will disclose some information. For example, glory has obtained a number of technical licenses from Huawei, and Huawei will support glory in the form of business cooperation within three years.On January 21, leopard transformer sought confirmation from glory officials on the information told by employees, and glory denied it.V40 is the first product of new glory and a test of new glory. After leaving Huawei, can glory be alone? The performance of V40 after its launch will be a slice of perspective glory.Whether for suppliers, dealers or employees, glory needs a victory to prove that the glory after independence can still be honored.02 "three barriers" that must be crossed when overturning against the windAfter technical sanctions, solo flight and other disturbances, V40 is not an ideal product. It exposes problems and is also a key node that new glory must open up against the wind.The first hurdle is 5g chip.Glory V40 series includes v40pro and v40pro . The latter plans to carry Kirin 9000 chip, which is also the main chip of Huawei mate40 series. After Huawei was subject to us technical sanctions, TSMC could not continue to supply Kirin 9000 chips. Huawei's high-end machines were insufficient, and glory could not be divided into 9000 chips.V40 finally came second. It chose Tianji 1000 equipped with MediaTek. Just the day before the release of V40, MediaTek launched Tianji 1200 chip. Lu Weibing, head of red rice, said that red rice will launch Tianji 1200 in the world.Glory V40 is out of date before it is available. Hongmi K30 carried this chip a year ago. The price of 5g version is 1999 yuan, which makes it very difficult to be a medium and high-end glory.Trapped in the chip, glory has been negotiating with Qualcomm. According to Caixin, glory can obtain Qualcomm's chips after flying alone because it is not on the U.S. ban list. Glory is expected to launch a smartphone equipped with Qualcomm 5g chip in May or June 2021.Affected by the lack of core, the existing models of glory are also out of stock. At the double 11 and double 12 Shopping Festival in 2020, only a few models are available. This led to the two festivals, the report card of glory and the absence of mobile phones.Leopard change visit found that whether in Jingdong Mall, glory's new online official website, or offline authorized experience store, glory's whole series of mobile phones are in short supply. In Jingdong Mall, mobile phones under glory V series, Honor series, X series and play series have to wait for arrival, and most models maintain the original price.In the dealer channel, the glory series is at a premium. Several dealers in Hunan and Shenzhen told leopard change that the volume of glory is not going well. Few people come to ask glory. They will also persuade customers to grab goods online.Before opening the Qualcomm chip channel, the lack of core is still the sword of Damocles hanging on the head of glory.The second barrier is the core technology.At the honor farewell party, Ren Zhengfei said, "once 'divorce', don't break the tie again. We are adults and deal with it rationally.".Huawei mall, glory mobile phones, tablets, routers, smart wear and other products have all been taken off the shelves. Huawei and glory are definitely separated.A R & D employee of glory told leopard transformer that according to the original plan, they would work in a building next to Huawei, but after Christmas, they were asked to move out of Huawei Research Institute, and could not log in to the intranet and enter the physical isolation state."For example, after copying Huawei's system and finding problems during debugging, we are not allowed to directly ask Huawei's former colleagues. Instead, we need level-by-level upward feedback to solve the problems through a special relocation group."He speculated that this was related to the cooperation of Qualcomm and the requirements of shareholders. At the same time, employees are also required to maintain business relations with former colleagues of Huawei, no longer colleagues.Glory officials told leopard change that the information told by the above employees was untrue.Since its birth, glory has shared technology R & D with Huawei and suddenly stripped off, and the accumulation of technology can not be completed overnight. In the short term, glory can obtain the right to use Huawei's core technology through commercial services. However, over time, the core technology has always been a hidden danger.After solo flight, glory needs to establish its own R & D system and master core technology to compete with oppo, vivo and Xiaomi, which takes a long time.The third barrier is high-end.Ren Zhengfei's expectation of glory is to "become an opponent of Huawei and even surpass Huawei."At the press conference, Zhao Ming said that the new glory will be for all users, which means that the glory will not only be for young people. New glory will also impact the medium and high-end, positioning itself as a global landmark technology brand.However, in the silence of glory, oppo, vivo and Xiaomi all took the lead in capturing the high-end market. In December 2020, Xiaomi's initial price of Xiaomi 11 from 3999 yuan, Lei Jun stressed the need to strengthen the high-end market. Five days later, oppo founder and CEO Chen Mingyong revealed in his new year's speech that he would break the brand and become a high-end brand. In the same month, Liu zuohu, founder and CEO of Yijia, proposed through an internal letter that "Yijia should be ready for battle and strive to reach the first high-end online in China next year".According to the statistics of leopard change, there are three new mobile phones equipped with high-end chip Xiaolong 888 this month, and no less than five are expected to be released in the first quarter. Lu Weibing announced on his microblog that the K40 will be sold next month for only 2999 yuan.After losing the advantages of Huawei Kirin chip and supply chain, it seems more passive to compete with oppo, vivo and Xiaomi for high-end market.Zhao Ming once revealed that the new glory will lay out offline and win the market. After the independence of new glory, offline channels continue to expand. Since September, many stores have opened, covering many cities such as Chengdu, Lanzhou, Wuhan and Xiamen. A sales manager in glory Jiangxi also told baobian that Rong Yaozheng was recruiting and expanding stores offline.On January 9, 2021, Xiaomi announced that thousands of Xiaomi homes would be opened together, and Xiaomi has taken the lead in the battle of offline high-end.Seizing the channel has always been considered an effective way in the industry. Who can control the line, who can stand firm in the market.Oppo, vivo and Xiaomi are stepping up their layout, and the time to leave a window of glory is shortening. New glory must seize the time to solve the problems of chips and core technologies.
Huawei Smart Puffin Smart Camera Pro Officially Launched
At 0:00 on January 5, Huawei smart select puffin smart camera Pro will be officially on sale, which is the first smart camera equipped with harmonyos.This camera has four selling points: harmonyos, secure built-in storage, AI intelligent detection , and 2K ultra-high definition image quality.Its original price is 299 yuan and the initial price is 289 yuan. It has built-in 32GB storage and can store surveillance video without SD card. Another 64GB version, the original price of 399 yuan, the initial price of 389 yuan.The built-in storage completely solves the incompatibility of SD cards, with more erasure times, longer service life, faster reading and writing speed, no missing recording and frame skipping, and supports 1 / 2 / 4 times speed playback. Cloud storage can realize 8x and 16x playback, and the storage duration of 7 / 15 / 30 days is optional.Thanks to the distributed design of harmonyos, the smart camera Pro can be transformed into a virtual camera and become the third eye in another space of Huawei mobile phones. In the Changlian call function, the real-time picture of the smart camera Pro can be presented to the other party.It also supports the picture in picture function of the smart screen. When the baby cries, the smart screen will display a floating window reminder.The puffin smart camera Pro is equipped with Hisilicon smart chip, with upgraded computing power and more sensitive AI detection ability. It automatically filters the false alarm caused by slight movement, light change and pet running. It also supports AI movement tracking function, which can automatically lock and start tracking shooting.The auk smart camera Pro is equipped with a 3 megapixel camera and supports 2K video recording. In extreme dark light environment, it automatically cuts into infrared night vision and adopts 940nm infrared light beads, with low noise and no red exposure. It also uses low light level full-color technology and super sensitive CMOS to achieve high-quality color image effect in dark light environment.The 32GB model supports 360 ° panoramic cruise, and does not leave a blind spot. The 64GB model supports 360 ° electrodeless tracking and has exclusive patented technology to break through the rotation angle limit. It supports fixed-time and fixed-point dual cruise, and can set panoramic drawing and 6 common viewing positions to see where you refer. Editor ajx
Huawei Matex Offline Poster Exposure
On July 6, blogger @ Chang'an digital Jun exposed the poster under Huawei mate X-ray. Considering that the aircraft has passed 3C certification, it should not be far from the official launch.The poster copy said that "mate x is a new species of science and technology". It premiered in the long river of science and technology. It took the lead in the unknown and stood out from the ordinary in the occasion.New folding form design, opening and closing at will, free change, a change is taking place.Open and enjoy the universe, bringing a tablet like visual feast; Combine, collect the artistic spirit, and condense the achievements of smart phone technology.It is reported that mate x is Huawei's first folding screen mobile phone, which adopts the imaginative Eagle wing folding design. It fits tightly when folded and flat and natural when unfolded. At the same time, the power supply and fingerprint keys are combined into one, cleverly integrated into the thin frame.Moreover, Huawei mate x supports super fast charging up to 55W (the 3C certification page shows that its equipped charger is 65W and the model is hw-200cp1). Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, introduced that this is the fastest mass-produced charging technology in history, which is 600% faster than the iPhone XS max.In terms of core configuration, Huawei mate x is equipped with Kirin 980 processor and Huawei's first 7Nm 5g chip Baron 5000. It adopts four groups of 5g antennas. The download speed is up to 4.6gbps, and it takes only 3 seconds to download 1GB movies.In addition, Huawei mate x also brings a refreshing interactive experience. The innovative split screen interaction divides the expanded operation interface into two, so that the two tasks can run synchronously. No matter work or entertainment, they can cooperate intelligently and be handy.
Do Users of Huawei Smartphones Have Reason to Be Concerned About the Security of Their Data?
People keep asking these questions over and over to bash Huawei.Once again, there's no proof of Huawei spying.However, there is plenty of proof that the Americans spy. The Americans are just slandering Huawei to get people to not support Huawei because Apple is no longer as innovative.The Americans just want to eliminate the competition.Snowden: The NSA planted backdoors in Cisco productsHow the US spy scandal unravelled'No evidence' of Huawei spying, says German IT watchdog.1. Is "Huawei Ascend P6" A Good Phone?Used Huawei Ascend P62. What will happen to Huawei after September 15, 2020?Typical Chinese playbook. Hide your strength. Bid your time.They had stock for a year of production. I will expect TSMC to resume production for Huawei in future once they had reconfiger their lines. Till today, no one is saying anything, after all, it can be announced after nov 20.Anything by WSJ, Reuters, NYT on China is not worth reading. Just bias reporting based on cherry picked data3. Do you think the arrest of Huawei's CFO will backfire horribly?I think the God-Emperor Trump is trying to bring about Armageddon. Evangelicals, rejoice!4. Huawei phone playing sound "I am here”This is a feature of Huawei's Android devices known as "Find me" function.For video demonstration: Huawei P8: Find Your PhoneThe feature works by calling the name of the phone then saying "where are you?", then the device will turn on its display, turn on the flashlight, play music, and saying "I am here".When the phone is paired to Huawei HONOR Band, it can also be triggered by accessing the "Find my phone" feature from the band (thanks to user Bangyou for additional info). Depending on the model, the setting may be found on:Additional sources:5. How can I pass Huawei Certified Network Associate-Transmission Technologies and Device (HCNA HTTD) Certification Exam?Huawei only gives training to its staff and customers. However only the customers leave with certificates, the staff do not. As an outsider you wont be able to do the certs. However huawei highly value cisco certs (ccna, ccnp, ccie)6. Install GMS core Packages on brand-new HuaweiGMS services have to be installed in /system. To be able to install anything in /system, you have to either unlock the bootloader of your smartphone ('clean' way) or root your smartphone ( would irty' way). After unlocking the bootloader, you need a recovery that can install the GMS zip package. I only know TWRP. So: 1. Is your bootloader unlocked? Search google to find out: - how to check if your bootloader is unlocked (on your device or similar devices) - how to unlock it (search on your manufacturers website) 2. Do you have a recovery that can install zip packages? TWRP would be such a recovery. Search google to find out: - how to boot into recovery on your device (to find out if a suitable one exists) - how to flash a suitable recovery with fastboot ("flash recovery fastboot") Good luck!7. Has China ever bullied any foreign businesses like they accuse the USA of doing to Huawei?Yes.. In order to set up shop in China you have to partner up with a company controlled by State run company.. This is why they have control over our technology.. Yet they can buy businesses in the Silicone Valley and close out any Americans from even working there.8. Why is Google suspending all business activity with Huawei related to "non-public" transfers of hardware, software and technical services?According to Bloomberg: "The Trump administration on Friday blacklisted Huawei -- which it accuses of aiding Beijing in espionage -- and threatened to cut it off from the U.S. software and semiconductors it needs to make its products. The ban, which had been anticipated, hamstrings the world's largest provider of networking gear and No. 2 smartphone vendor. ".9. With Donald Trump's decision, is Huawei as a company finished?Trump's decision in the end will most likely help Huawei.Last count I read (not keeping close track) was 30 countries had signed up with more the $100B in revenue to be generated. Since Trump is trying to force countries to reject Huawei it is having what seems to be the opposite impact. Other countries do not like being forced to follow US directives and it would appear since they have listened and that the evidence is weak that they need to fear their products. UK & Germany are examples where they are pushing back on him. Spain recently agreed to use Huawei.So no they are not finished
Huawei Nova8 Series Mobile Phone Press Conference Arrived As Promised
Earlier, foreign media said that Huawei brand launched Huawei watch fit abroad. The watch costs 399 UAE dirhams, equivalent to about 745 yuan. It is a "affordable" smart watch, which is expected to be sold in the United Arab Emirates in September. Recently, it is reported on the Internet that this smart watch will be unveiled in the domestic market on December 23, and Huawei will hold a press conference of Huawei nova8 series new products on this day.HUAWEI Watch FitAccording to previous information, Huawei brand will hold a press conference of Huawei nova8 series mobile phones this afternoon (23rd), and Huawei watch fit has been unveiled in foreign markets for some time. Many consumers pay high attention to this watch, and there is a great opportunity to appear in China at this time.
The Secret Behind the Lens: Huawei's New Patent
Editor's note: after the field of artificial intelligence has occupied the smartphone market, even the photography function is AI intelligent technology, which makes the benchmarking of smartphone camera technology directly point to SLR. Due to the fierce competition in the market, smartphone manufacturers will naturally not let go of the great changes brought by each technological revolution.In retrospect, since the birth of the first mobile phone with lens, it has made a qualitative leap in mobile phone lens in just over a decade. From improving lens pixels, digital zoom, optical anti shake, and even HDR technology, these have been the standard configurations on smart phones, not to mention dual and triple lenses.Reference address:Now, after the field of artificial intelligence has occupied the smartphone market, even the photography function is AI intelligent technology, which makes the benchmarking of smartphone camera technology directly point to SLR. Due to the fierce competition in the market, smartphone manufacturers will naturally not let go of the great changes brought by each technological innovation.In recent years, Huawei manufacturers have gradually developed into the high-end mobile phone market. They can compete with Samsung and apple in terms of mobile phone quality, appearance and performance, especially the high-end flagship. They have to mention its Leica lens. As a world-class lens brand, Leica lens has a high position in the hearts of photography enthusiasts until Huawei began to use Leica lens, It is known to the world.1. Huawei relied on Leica in the early stage of mobile phone lens evolutionAmong many domestic android machines, Huawei is one of the best brands. It not only developed and created its own processor "Kirin chip", but also launched new models with good performance and quality, which can be said to have established a good reputation for itself, especially in the domestic market.Users who know some camera brands know that Leica is very famous. In terms of camera lens, it can be said that no one can beat it. It is the most advanced lens. Even if some of its older lenses are well preserved, there is no problem selling tens of thousands of pieces. Leica is a myth, Enjoy a high status.Leica can do its best in optical effect. It has played to the extreme in terms of imaging and color, which has really promoted its brand. It can be said that it is a real high-quality brand, and Huawei chooses their lenses. The two are a combination of strength and strength, and when combined, they are a very powerful model.Comments: in fact, Huawei does not use a real Leica lens. In other words, some aspects of Huawei's lens, such as photographing mode and tone filter, are completed after Leica adjustment. However, just like this, Huawei's lens has also done very well.2. Huawei lens has evolved againThe first mobile phone equipped with dual lens was launched by HTC. Its sole purpose was to provide depth of field and focusing effect. The first stage of the development of dual lens mobile phone lasted until mid-2016. At that time, many mobile phone manufacturers tried to adopt dual lens technology on their flagship phones, using different settings, such as depth of field, RGB monochrome, wide-angle, ultra wide-angle and so on.However, while dual lens smart phones are becoming more and more popular, Huawei's latest P20 Pro reveals the advent of the era of three camera mobile phones. The three lens solution will not only increase the BOM cost of the lens system, but also occupy more floors in the internal space of the body because of other technologies that may be integrated into the mobile phone.Three cameras allow users to take photos in relatively dark scenes, and the zoom function will not be discounted. For example, shooting pictures on the stage at the concert site is a good example. This kind of scene not only needs zoom, but also needs to support low light shooting.Comments: the success of dual photography will naturally make people think of the scheme of using more cameras. Huawei manufacturers are the first to try this scheme. Through three lens vision, we can obtain the depth of field of the shooting object and realize the effect of large aperture. This combination is essentially to realize the changeable combination of dual photography.3. Another black technology debut Huawei liquid lensHuawei's innovation and R & D strength are obvious in the industry. This time, Huawei has developed another black technology, which is "liquid camera technology". Does it sound very tall? However, this is a new lens technology patent recently disclosed by Huawei, so as to further improve the camera shooting ability.It can be seen from the patent map published by Huawei that the manufacturer will add a liquid fixed lens group between the traditional two lenses. We look carefully at the middle part of the picture. This can change the focal length by changing the voltage on both sides of the liquid, making the imaging clearer and lower distortion rate.In addition, the emergence of liquid camera can also change the defects of existing camera technology. For example, the protruding camera of mobile phone is easy to cause wear and affect the appearance. Of course, the protruding camera has higher requirements for the mold manufacturing process of mobile phone shell, and the liquid camera head solves three pain points at one time.Comments: as a local brand, Huawei successfully entered the high pixel mobile phone market, marking that domestic manufacturers began to rank among the manufacturers of high pixel lens. At this time, Huawei saw the development potential of lens in the future, actively promoted the localization of important parts, and brought more reliable, diverse and high-quality choices to the highly competitive terminal manufacturers.
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