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HP-UX Boot From SAN

HP-UX Boot from SAN

HP-UX Boot From SAN 1

A quick google search for "HP UX 11.31 boot from san" tells me that you have to go into the EFI menu at boot to configure the boot source - if true, this is very similar to how you do these things on an Intel machine in either BIOS or UEFI.Some additional hints - your question should include details of anything that you've tried to make this happen, and how it failed, so we know what you've already ruled out. You should also include more details about your hardware - like what the HBA(s) are and what your SAN looks like/consists of. /edit - a further Google search, just on the title of your question, gives me this document. Looks like your server model is supported with all HBAs also supported. However, you still have not described your SAN setup. If it's not FC, it looks like you can not boot from it

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What to do in San Francisco?

Yerba Buena Center and the Metreon, Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Clement Street, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge

HP-UX Boot From SAN 2

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What is there to do in San Francisco?

You are going to a "get sucked" event for People to People and it has nothing to do with Stanford U. If they are promoting that it is shameful. I suppose the literature says " near" Stanford. Get real.

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What're San Fierro and the Badlands on GTA San Andreas (PS2)?

ok get the hydra. Now press and carry X to pass up intense and get removed from residences (like a helicopter). Now press L3 to place away your touchdown equipment (wheels on the backside of the hydra). Now press and carry X and push the L3 stick forwoard for some seconds to commence determining on up velocity. as quickly as you attain mind-blowing velocity you would be able to enable pass of the L3 stick and fly around

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San Calixto

San Calixto (Spanish pronunciation: [sa kaliksto]) is a Colombian municipality located in the department of Norte de Santander

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How long will it take to drive from San Francisco to San Diego?

I think Highway 5 is the fastest route through the state, but get ready for lots and lots of heavy traffic in the SF area and also once you hit the LA area. It's horrendous much of the time. Rush "hour" begins about 5 a.m. and lasts until about 10, then begins again about 3 p.m. and lasts until 7 p.m. or so. Both areas have absolutely dreadful traffic. You could potentially sit in five lanes of traffic going 2 to 5 miles per hour. No exaggeration; this is the LA freeway system. If you want to make the trip in one day, you wo not have much time for stopping to sightsee or to see the very nice places between SF and San Diego, like the coast (Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, the beach towns in LA, etc.). Ca not you take a couple of days instead? You can drive more leisurely and get over onto Highway 101 down the coast. It's much slower than Highway 5, but so much more tasteful! California is a really cool state with lots to see. I can not imagine driving on the "wrong" side of the road. Just be really careful, as drivers in California can be really wild. The speed limit is 70 in many places, and people regularly drive 85 or 90. Maybe you could take the train instead.....

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is there a train that goes from San Diego up to San Francisco?

Yes. Take the Pacific Surfliner from San Diego to Union Station. Transfer to the Coast Starlight, which goes directly to the Bay Area. The ride will be about 11 hours total for $93. Note that there is no San Francisco station; you get off at Emeryville and they bus you over the bridge to one of a few drop off points, like the Ferry Building or Powell and Market. If you are doing the train for the relaxation of riding up the coast, it will be nice. If you are only doing it because it's cheap, I am a firm believer that time = money, and it's worth it to pay a few extra bucks to fly to save the ten hours.

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Pro Tour  San Diego (1921 February 2010)
Pro Tour – San Diego (19–21 February 2010)Pro Tour San Diego was held at the San Diego Convention Center. The tournament began with five rounds of Standard, followed by three rounds of Zendikar-Worldwake Booster Draft on the first day. At the end of day one Gabriel Nassif and Luis Scott-Vargas were the only undefeated players left. The second day began with another Zendikar-Worldwake Booster Draft and was followed by five additional rounds of Standard. Luis Scott-Vargas was the story of the day, having won all his matches in day two as well, thus becoming only the second player to win each match in the Swiss portion of a Pro Tour, and the first to achieve this feat over sixteen rounds. Of the final eight players only Scott-Vargas had ever reached the top eight before. He quickly defeated his Dutch opponent. In the remaining quarter-finals the other Americans, Craig Wescoe and Kyle Boggemes, won their matches as well. German Simon Grtzen won the fourth quarter, defeating the Belgian Niels Viaene. In the semi-final Grtzen ended Scott-Vargas's streak, thus making it to the final where he played Boggemes. Both players had chosen Jund (red-green-black) decks. Eventually the German prevailed in a close match over the full five games. Tournament dataPrize pool: $230,795 Players: 413 Format: Standard, Booster Draft (Zendikar-Worldwake) Head Judge: Sheldon Menery Top 8Final standingsPro Player of the year standings— — — — — —Mission Beach, San DiegoMission Beach is a community built on a sandbar between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay. It is part of the city of San Diego, California. Mission Beach spans nearly two miles of ocean front. It is bounded by the San Diego River estuary on the south, Mission Bay Park on the east, and the community of Pacific Beach on the north. A boardwalk runs along the beaches on both the ocean and bay sides of the community. The main artery through Mission Beach is Mission Boulevard. The community is divided into South Mission, a peninsula, and North Mission. At the south end of the beach a jetty, with grass, parking and a walk, extends into the ocean.— — — — — —Moving from Boston to San Diego....?I have a new roommate moving to San Diego at the beginning of September from Boston. I spoke to her last night about this topic. We live in the Sorrento Valley area, but out of convenience. I think Pacific Beach area and the Downtown areas would be a good place for singles. Add the Little Italy areas to that. What is nice about San Diego is that everything is within 20 minutes driving time.. so in a way... it does not really matter where you live you can always drive towards the action.— — — — — —How is the life in San Diego?If you wanna go to the beach from May to Sept ? I think not ! You will need a body suit just stay warm..js.. I prefer South Florida if ur a beach bum :) at least the ocean is tolerable compared to So Cal.. js— — — — — —What is San Diego like?You get tired of everything, after a while you have nothing new to do and it's boring! The weather is not that great, and bonfires get old if you try them every weekend. No matter where you live you will always want to live somewhere else. I have lived in the city of San Diego all my life and I cannot wait to move!.— — — — — —Winter Pool Maintenance Tips in San Diego CA | Cherry Pool ServicesSwimming may not be a popular activity during winter in San Diego, but pools still need to be maintained. For one thing, a swimming pool's chemical balance is important. It needs to be regularly maintained. Frequent rainfall during winter can alter the pH level of your swimming pool. A balanced pH is ideal for swimming pools to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from thriving.— — — — — —San Diego StingThe San Diego Sting is a women's professional football team of the Women's Football Alliance that started in 2010. Based in San Diego, California, the Sting plays its home games in nearby Carlsbad at Carlsbad High School. The Sting is one of two San Diego teams in the WFA, the other one being the San Diego Surge.
Finding an Exclusive Buyer Agent in San Jose, CA.?
Finding an Exclusive Buyer Agent in San Jose, CA.?Real estate agents and REALTORS are very poorly trained. I recommend that instead of a buyers agent, you hire an attorney who sepcializes in real estate law to write the language of your offfer and that you hire a real estate appraiser to give you a second opinion on the price of the house. Your real estate appraiser should be a Member of The Appraisal Institute. (MAI designation) Virtually all of the houses that are for sale are on the internet. You do not need an agent to find the house for you. What you do with the attorney and the appraiser is that you tell them upfront that you are hiring them to protect your interests and to protect you from paying too much for the house. Direct yur attorney to include language in your offer that makes it contingent on the appraised value as determined by your appraiser not the lender's appraiser. The lender's appraiser will appraise high to ingratiate himself with the real estate agents so they will continue to send business to the bank and the appraiser. When your appraiser determines that the fair market value of the house is less than the amount that you offered, you are to give the seller two choices: 1. Reduce the contract price to the fair market value as determined by your appraiser or.: Note: Since you are represented by an attorney and not a real estate agent, the seller is saving the 3% of the purchase price that would have been paid to the real estate agent. I recommend that you also direct the seller to reduce the contract price by the additional 3% that he would have paid to your agent. After all that 3% is your money. You are saving the seller that money by not using a real estate agent. Thereofre you should get that money in the form of anadditional price reduction of 3% less than the amount of the fair market value as determined by your appraiser. 2. Agree to cancel the contract and direct the escrow company to return your deposit. Also have your attorney include language in the contract that makes the contract contingent on your approval of inspection reports.by your inspectors, not the seller's inspectors. The inspection should be at least 21 days to give your inspectors ample time to inspect the property and write their reports. Do not let the listing agent try to shorten this period. Listing agents often try to shorten this period to 10 days or less. That does not giveyou adequate time to get your inspectors out to the property, make the inspectins, write the reports, give you time to review the reports and make decisons ablut what repairs are needed. The inspections should include at a minimum an inspection of the roof, the chimney, the structure itself, the foundation the plumbing, heating and the electrical system. Also you need a termite report and an inspection for water damage and dry rot. In San Jose and all over that area you need and inspection of the chimney by a masonry contractor because in San Jose many chimneys were broken in the 1989 earthquake and have never been repaired. A broken chimney can permit hot gases from the fire to enter the attic and start a fire in the attic. When the reports come back indiccating that repairs are needed again give the seller two choices: 1. Agree to hire a licensed contractor to make the repairs or further reduce the price of the house to compensate for the cost of the repairs. or. 2. Agree to cancel the contract and direct the escrow company to return your deposit to you. I see the responder below does not agree with me and that is fine, I understand. Many people disagree with me. I have been very successful following the method that I have outlined for you. I challenge those who disagree with me to show that they have been more successful than I have at purchasing pieces of property at true fair market value and not the inflated prices that the real estate agents think that you should pay. I never use real estate agents to purchase property. I only use appraisers and attorneys. I also know San Jose very well. I grew up there and purchased most of the property that I own in Cupertino, which is a town very close to San Jose. The method that I have developed works very well in San Jose. You will find that the attorney and the appraiser will cost much less than the 3% the seller will pay the buyer's agent. Remember that I said to reduce the contract price to fair market value less the 3% the seller would have paid your agent. On even a $600,000 house, that is $18,000. Your attorney and your appraiser will not charge you anywhere near that amount and your attorney and your appraiser will do a much better job of representing your interests than a buyer's real estate agent will. For one thing a real estate agent, even if he is a buyer's agent will become very unhappy with you after you have cancelled several transactions because the seller would not agree to reduce his price to fair market value or would not agree to make needed repairs. You will not have that problem with your attorney or your appraiser. I realize that real estate agents think they know how to determine fair market value of a house, but they do not. An appraiser who is a Member of The Appraisal Institute has far more rigorous training standards to meet than a real estate agent. There is extensive classroom training that the appraiser must complete and pass and then he must work for several years in a firm that is owned by a Member of The Appraisal Institute before he is even eligible to apply for the MAI designation. A real estate appraiser who is a Member of The Appraisal Institute has far more expertise than any real estate agent with respect to determining the true fair market value of a piece of property. Your attorney has far more training than a real estate agent with respect to the law and the language that a contract must contain to protect your interests. The attorney must go to law school for at least 3 years after graduating from college and must pass a very rigorous bar exam. A real estate agent only has to take a few classes online. The classes only take a few weeks. You get much better representation with the attorney and the real estate appraiser and they cost less if you follow my instructions and deduct the 3% fee that the seller would have paid youir real estate agent from the fair market value as determined by your appraiser that you pay for the property. .
San Juan Ihualtepec
San Juan IhualtepecSan Juan Ihualtepec is a town and municipality in Oaxaca in south-western Mexico. The municipality covers an area of 146.72 km. It is part of the Silacayoapam District in the Mixteca Region. As of 2005, the municipality had a total population of 717.— — — — — —Iglesia de San Juan Bautista (Maricao, Puerto Rico)The Iglesia de San Juan Bautista (English: Church of Saint John the Baptist) in Maricao, Puerto Rico is a church built during 1890-c.1898. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Its facade, facing onto the plaza of Maricao, is dominated by a three-level square bell tower, whose first level is a portico and which is capped by a pyramidal concrete roof. Its exterior has Gothic-style pointed arches; its interior has more traditional rounded arches. It has a nave and two aisles. The church's original roof was replaced in 1965 by a metal joist structure supporting corrugated asbestos sheets. It was designed by engineer Jeronimo Jiminez Coranado. It is one of 31 churches reviewed for listing on the National Register in 1984.— — — — — —San Juan River (Vancouver Island)The San Juan River is a river that flows from east to west through southern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The river originates in the Seymour Range, flows westward through the San Juan Valley to Port San Juan at Port Renfrew.— — — — — —Monacillo Urbano, San Juan, Puerto RicoMonacillo Urbano is one of 18 barrios in the municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was originally part of Barrio Monacillo. In 2010, it had a population of 22,342 living in a land area of 3. 35 square miles (8. 68 km). Monacillo Urbano is surrounded by Gobernador Piero Barrio to the north, El Cinco Barrio to the east, Monacillo Barrio to the south, and the municipality of Guaynabo to the west.— — — — — —South San Juan WildernessThe South San Juan Wilderness is a U.S. Wilderness Area located in the San Juan National Forest, east of Pagosa Springs, in southern Colorado . The last known grizzly bear in Colorado was killed in the wilderness in 1979. Some believe that it is still home to a few grizzlies, but there is no sufficient evidence yet to prove this.— — — — — —San Juan Unified School DistrictSan Juan Unified School District is a school district in Sacramento County, California, that serves Arden-Arcade, Carmichael, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, parts of Rancho Cordova and parts of Sacramento. San Juan Unified includes numerous elementary schools, eight K-8 schools, eight middle schools, and nine high schools. There are also a number of alternative schools, early childhood centers, and adult education centers.— — — — — —San Juan Bautista TlacoatzintepecSan Juan Bautista Tlacoatzintepec is a town and municipality in Oaxaca in south-western Mexico. The municipality covers an area of 183.7 km. It is part of Cuicatln District in the north of the Caada Region. As of 2005, the municipality had a total population of 2241.— — — — — —Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del ValleThe Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle is a Minor Basilica of the Catholic Church located in San Juan, Texas, United States. It is also a National shrine under the direction of the Diocese of Brownsville— — — — — —Mission Basilica San Juan CapistranoMission Basilica San Juan Capistrano is a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Orange in California. The parish church is located just northwest of Mission San Juan Capistrano in the city of San Juan Capistrano, California, United States. Completed in 1986, it was designated a minor basilica in 2000 and a national shrine in 2003. The parish sponsors a number of ministries, notably "Serra's Pantry", a registered food agency distributing food and hygiene supplies to several hundred local families, and the Mission Basilica School, a parochial school for children in grades pre-K through 8.— — — — — —Chronicle of San Juan de la PeñaThe Chronicle of San Juan de la Pea (or Crnica pinatense) is an Aragonese chronicle written in Latin around before 1359 in the monastery of San Juan de la Pea at the behest of Peter IV of Aragon. It was the first general history of Aragon and was probably designed both to justify the royal prerogatives of the Crown of Aragon against the baronage and to match the comparable Castilian work of a century earlier, the Estoria de Espaa. Between 1369 and 1372, Navarro-Aragonese and Catalan translations were produced. The Chronicle is a compilation from various sources, some more historically solid than others. Though named after the monastery of San Juan, it was only partially compiled there. As early as 1345 Peter IV had asked the monasteries of San Juan and Ripoll to begin compiling material for a general history of the realm. Ripoll's only contribution was a version of the 1162 Gesta comitum Barchinonensium updated to 1310. Only those sections (approximate a third) dealing with events specific to the monastery were probably written in it. The monks of San Juan relied heavily for the history of Spain up to 1137 on De rebus Hispaniae, the work of the Navarrese Rodrigo Jimnez de Rada. The materials compiled at Ripoll and San Juan were eventually sent to Barcelona to be worked together. A finished copy of the work was sent by the king to the Cathedral of Valencia in 1372 and this original still resides in the cathedral library. A modern Spanish translation by Antonio Ubieto Arteta appeared in 1964, an English translation by Lynn H. Nelson in 1991.
Moving to San Antonio This Summer?
moving to san antonio this summer?I know a Korean doctor who lives by Lockhill Selma and De Za Vala on the NW side. Your parents could spend more on a house if they moved into Sonoma Ranch or the new nice neighborhoods off of Hausman or Braun. They have good appreciation. If your parents make more than 100 a year then stay outside 1604 on NW or N side. That's where all the up and coming wealth is— — — — — —Information for travel, in San Antonio Tx?no doubt......Mi Tierra for breakfast.But be WARNED the wait time can be up to 2 hours but well worth it. I have driven 3 hours just for their breakfast, them returned home afterwards.— — — — — —Are there any single men in the North West area of San Antonio?I am sure there are many and also some that wish they were— — — — — —I am going to San Antonio Texas?Off the beaten path, that's a good idea since the Riverwalk is ridiculous at all times. If you love live music, good food and different types of wine and beer, THE COVE is absolutely awesome. There's different bands every friday and saturday night, and the atmosphere is really diverse. SHERLOCKS is another great place for music, and they have a restaurant right next door with really good food! FLYING SAUCER is just a bar, with appetizer type food, but they have beer from all over the world. HIGHLANDER is fun, if you like karaoke and good drink prices. And for some real Texas food, I would recommend LONGHORN CAFE, MAMA MARGIES and RUDY'S BBQ, all are on the very reasonable side, but very good. Let me know if you need more links or ideas...it's hard to put San Antonio into a nutshell, haha. Good luck and hope you enjoy our city..again!— — — — — —How is San Antonio in late Aug/early Sept.?About 3-4 degrees cooler than HELL!!— — — — — —1993–94 San Antonio Spurs seasonThe 1993-94 NBA season was the Spurs' 18th season in the National Basketball Association, and 27th season as a franchise. It was also their first season at the Alamodome. During the offseason, the Spurs acquired All-Star forward Dennis Rodman from the Detroit Pistons, and signed free agent Sleepy Floyd. Rodman led the league with 17.6 rebounds per game as the Spurs went on an 8-game winning streak after a 4-5 start to the season. The team would then win 13 consecutive games between January and February, and finish second in the Midwest Division with a 55-27 record. David Robinson captured the scoring title leading the league with 29.8 points per game, and was selected for the 1994 NBA All-Star Game. However, in the first round of the playoffs, Rodman became a distraction as he scuffled with head coach John Lucas as the Spurs lost to the 5th-seeded Utah Jazz in four games. Following the season, Lucas departed for a job with the Philadelphia 76ers, Dale Ellis signed as a free agent with the Denver Nuggets, Floyd re-signed with the New Jersey Nets, and Antoine Carr signed with the Utah Jazz.— — — — — —What are some good Indian resturants in San Antonio?Paradisa has the answers. I do not like Indian food. But, I hope you enjoy— — — — — —What is the best hotel in San Antonio, Texas to stay in?Hotel Contessa Excellent location, large suites, very modern.— — — — — —Fiesta San Antonio? Best time to go.?Day one til the last day is filled with a lot of great things to do. Do not expect to catch any beads at the parades— — — — — —Looking to move to San Antonio, should I?i would. i've always loved san antonio. it would be closer to my hometown-Brownsville— — — — — —Mavericks versus San Antonio, predictions?Predictions for: record:fifty two-30 Seed:6 top-rated Scorer: Tony Parker superb participant on group: Manu How far in playoffs: convention Finals All-stars: Tim Duncan, Manu Grade on protection: B Grade on Offense:B- (different?)— — — — — —The Spurs in San AntonioThe Spurs are the city's only team in any of the four major U.S. professional sports leagues and the only major-league team in the city's history to have lasted more than five years. Spurs players are active members of the San Antonio community, and many former Spurs are still active in San Antonio including David Robinson with the Carver Academy and George Gervin with the George Gervin Youth Center. The Spurs set several NBA attendance records while playing at the Alamodome including the largest crowd ever for an NBA Finals game in 1999, and the Spurs continue to sell out the smaller AT&T Center (formerly SBC Center) on a regular basis. Since 2003, the team has been forced into an extended road trip for much of February since the AT&T Center hosts the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo during that month. This is informally known as the "Rodeo Road Trip". The Spurs have consistently posted winning road records during this period, including an NBA-record longest single road-trip winning streak (eight games out of nine, achieved in 2003). When the Spurs have won the NBA title, the team's victory parades have been boat trips on the San Antonio River Walk.
201920 San Jose State Spartans Men's Basketball Team
2019–20 San Jose State Spartans men's basketball teamThe 2019-20 San Jose State Spartans men's basketball team represented San Jose State University in the 2019-20 NCAA Division I men's basketball season. Led by third-year head coach Jean Prioleau, they played their home games at the newly-renamed Provident Credit Union Event Center in San Jose, California as members of the Mountain West Conference. They finished the season 7-24, 3-15 in Mountain West play to finish in tenth place. They lost in the first round of the Mountain West Tournament to New Mexico— — — — — —2014 San Jose SaberCats seasonThe 2014 San Jose SaberCats season was the 18th season for the franchise in the Arena Football League. The team was coached by Darren Arbet and played their home games at the SAP Center at San Jose. The team was led by its league-best defense, which held eleven of its eighteen regular-season opponents to fewer than 40 points.— — — — — —1955 San Jose State Spartans football teamThe 1955 San Jose State Spartans football team represented San Jose State College[note during the 1955 college football season. San Jose State played as an Independent in 1955. The team was led by sixth-year head coach Bob Bronzan, and played home games at Spartan Stadium in San Jose, California. They finished the season with a record of five wins, three losses and one tie (5-3-1). Overall, the team outscored its opponents 159-114 for the season.— — — — — —What is a good romantic restaurant in San Jose?This is where my husband and I have celebrated several romantic anniversaries. Alexander's Steakhouse 4.0 star rating, 2305 reviews Categories: Steakhouses, Seafood, Japanese 10330 N Wolfe Rd Cupertino, CA 95014 (408) 446-2222 alexanderssteakhouse.com Kobe Menu prices T-bone steak with 3 special salts and Meyer lemon 2 lb bone-in Ribeye (awesome!) Kobe Beef with beautiful marbling Wagyu Trio: 3 oz each of Ohmi Cap, Japan, Sheer Double Blue Label, Australia, and Tajima Hours: Mon-Thu 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm Tue-Fri 11:30 am - 2 pm Fri-Sat 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm Sun 5:30 pm - 9 pm Good for Groups: Yes Accepts Credit Cards: Yes Parking: Valet, Private Lot Attire: Dressy Price Range: $$$$ Good for Kids: No Takes Reservations: Yes Delivery: No Take-out: Yes Waiter Service: Yes Outdoor Seating: No Wi-Fi: Free Good For: Dinner Alcohol: Full Bar Noise Level: Average Ambience: Romantic, Classy, Upscale Has TV: No Caters: No Wheelchair Accessible: Yes— — — — — —San Juan, San Jose, Camarines SurSan Juan is one of 29 barangays or villages in the municipality of San Jose, Camarines Sur in the Philippines. It is located in the municipality's poblacion or downtown core— — — — — —what is there to do in San Jose?In San Jose, you can: browse Japantown with its stores and restaurants. go to Kelley Park, which includes Happy Hollow, a little amusement park with animals that's good for kids, a Japanese Friendship Garden, and History Park. The latter are free. go to the interactive Children's Discovery Museum in downtown. Good for children under 10. And there's a big monopoly board in front. go to the Tech Museum, an interactive science museum that picks up where the Discovery Museum leaves off. Good for kids up to 18 or so. They have an Imax and currently a big Star Trek exhibit with props from the show and you can sit in Kirk's chair. go to the San Jose Museum of Modern Art. go to amusement park Great America in Santa Clara with lots of roller coasters, a kiddie section, and the water park opening soon. walk or bike around Vasona Lake Park in Los Gatos. If physical family activity is your thing: go to indoor jumping arena Sky High Sports in Santa Clara with its indoor trampolines. go to whatever that roller skating place on the east end of Blossom Hill is (they keep changing the name of it). go mini-golfing at Golfland also on Blossom Hill. go rock climbing in downtown. go ice skating near Kelley Park. If shopping is your thing: go to the upscale, outdoor shopping area Santa Row and its indoor neighbor Valley Fair across the street. go to Oakridge Mall. go to the Pruneyard in Campbell. go to Eastridge Mall in East San Jose. And of course, no list of attractions in San Jose would not be complete without mentioning our sprawling Winchester Mystery House. According to legend, the daughter-in-law of the inventor of the Winchester riffle was told by mediums that she would be haunted by the spirits of those killed by the powerful weapon unless she continually built a house where the spirits would never find her. Thus, the Winchester Mystery house with its doors opening into walls, stairs leading nowhere, rooms completely walled in, and the recurring number 13.
What Is the Best Way to Upgrade My Nissan 350Z?
What is the best way to upgrade my nissan 350Z?If you really know nothing about cars, do not upgrade the car because you will get ripped off by whoever that will be working on your car. The 350Z is fast and lots of HP. why spend a large sum of money for little gain in HP. save your money and buy something nice for your dad for X-mas. If you reall do not want to upset your dad, just install bolt-on such as cold air intake and performance muffler. I would rather keep the car stock, it will last you for a long long time. Modified car does not last long and high cost of maintenance.— — — — — —Can I get my money back for a bike i bought at walmart with 1 year warranty?A warranty is not the same as a money back guarantee. Look at the warranty info. It's for repair or replacement of products (or components) deemed defective. Your option for getting your money back would be dependent upon the retailer's policy. I am not a walmart customer, but I imagine your option to return the bike expired after 90 days. Has it been over 90 (or however many) days? That said, I would say it's yours. Besides, how fair would it be for people to use a product for up to a year only to decide they want to get their money back because they just did not like it afterall. Whatever the case, be glad you learned this with a small purchase.— — — — — —Still Having Problems Blu-Ray Player And Upconvert DVD Player?if you does not care about the 1080p features, Samsung HD950 would give your money a bang! and it plays DivX too. although an obselute model, it still available soemwhere, the HD960 were launched in May, I believed— — — — — —Good beginner motorcycle for petite girl?Get the Kawasaki 250R Ninja. They are one of the best starter bikes of all time. They are really good looking and get great gas mileage. You can even take them on the freeway once you have more experience. You could probably buy a nice used one for less than $2,000, keep it for a year or two, then sell it and get most of your money back— — — — — —What should I take on my trip to Germany?All you need to bring is your money and your passport— — — — — —Should I buy this motorcycle?You are being scammed. Forget about this "bike" and move on. The scammer has several e-mail accounts, one of which appears to be a shipping company. He will send you phony pictures and documents, then ask for a wire transfer (i. e. Western Union). You will never see the bike or your money. Do yourself a favor and break off this transaction without giving out any personal information or any money.— — — — — —Is it bad to buy puppies from a petstore? please help me!?Yes it's true and they all say that because they want your money. Buyer Beware. Do your home work and fine a repeatable breeder.— — — — — —How to make my room look goth?draw . and put stuff on your walls when you do have money try going to thrift store and buy velvet fabric and cover stuff in your room find stuff for around your house . get creative and save your money.— — — — — —How do I earn money from dream11?This is lucrative if you are investing your money in the fantasy league like Dream11. Because when you come here to earn money, then this will work as a slippery slope, you go deep and deep to earn money. And eventually, you ended up in losing all your investment. If you want to earn money by fantasy league, then the best option is for you that you analyze the event, understand the dynamics of the game and then invest in Small Leagues. To understand and analyze you can refer Dream11Pick.Com— — — — — —What is the easiest way to invest in gold backed assets to hedge against global insecurity , say$50K ?Give your money to me I will invest it for you and give you a % return— — — — — —Has Ebay ever stolen your money, or a friends?I use ebay to buy and sell, have for years. I've never had an issue. You use paypal and they have to approve you and ebay backs everything. It's safe
How Do You Remove the Front Door Speakers on a 2006 Nissan Altima?
no longer so annoying you get rid of door handles and window cranks... there is pop buttons each few inches you pry them out slowly and in simple terms artwork your way a around component then carry it off.. window cranks have spring clip you ought to use an inclination hanger to attain down in the back of them and placed clip decrease back on crank and hit with hand to place decrease back at something is screw or pop buttons for the pops you in simple terms push or hit with hand additionally.1. In the FRIENDS television show, what is the round object on the inside of their large apartment's front door?The doorbell?2. what are the front door speaker sizes for the 2001 mercury sable ls premium wagon with mach audio sysytem?Speaker size is 6x8 front and rear3. How would react if you opened your front door and saw yourself standing there?Hey sucka. Yeah you better run. I would run too if I was as ugly as you fella!4. Poll: What color is your front door?tan on the inside and cream on the outside5. Blackbirds have built a nest by my front door and they keep dive-bombing at us to protect it. I don't want to displace or harm them. Is there anything I can do to establish trust between us?Have you considered letting them see you leave a bit of food for them so they see you as a provider instead of a potential predator?6. Every time I leave my dog damages the front door and floor?He has separation anxiety and to find out how severe it is you need to go to a certified dog training for a free consultation. Until then you need to get a crate and put him in it with his water and some toys and maybe even a bone to keep him busy until you get home7. Nintendo Wii missing small front door?Never ever buy from ebay8. Why do people park motorcycles right next to the front door of buildings?because they can...hahahaha9. Is it true that Japanese don't lock the front door of their homes? If so, why?It MAY be true in some rural areas and it definitely WAS true many years back of more urban areas as well. Today, however, I would say that the vast majority of people DO lock their doors. Compared to years back, more people may want to do crime. In addition, as Japan is very affluent today, people have a lot more valuables at home and so naturally they want to protect their possessions.10. why is it Church people ignore the large "NO SOLICITING" signs on your front door?because they are not actually soliciting anything. check the definition before you get too twisted11. What would you do if Justin Bieber showed up at your front door?Lock my daughters in their rooms and grab my shotgun12. Can my neighbor point his security camera at my front door without my knowledge in Canada? He has been spying on me im a single mom with 2 daughters and I want to know if I can get the creep arrestedDoes he live across the street from you? Or is he your next door neighbor? If he lives across the street from you, he could have the camera pointed out at the street and your front door happens to be in the field of view of his camera. In both Canada and the US, as well as many other countries, there law states there is no expectation of privacy in public. You should investigate the camera laws in your country before accusing someone of being a creep who is supposedly spying on you. He might not be spying and he might not be a creep, but just someone who wants security cameras up on his house for his own protection. You do not have an expectation of privacy once you step outside of your house. I had someone falsely accuse me of wrong doings several years ago because of my cameras which are perfectly legal. Do you feel like the stores with cameras are spying on you?13. When you lock your front door, do you leave the key in or take it out?odd folk that have answering your Q youre obviously talking about a deadlock - though my deadlock can still be opened from the outside with another key - cant imagine why yours couldnt so .. maybe you are speaking of a traditional lock - may be better for you to leave it dangling on a cord nearby anyway, yes, I always leave the key in the lock inside - for much the reason as you have set out - a fire with smoke billowing would permit me no time or capacity to seek out a key someone pointed out to me once that if a burglar broke in through a window I would be easing their exit as they could use my front door with no trouble - to which I replied - why the hell would I want them to not be able to get out
Sanxiong Aurora Intelligent Lighting Opens a New Track of the Hotel
The annual Shanghai international hotel engineering design and Supplies Expo is being held in Shanghai New International Expo Center! As the first domestic Expo focusing on project procurement and exchange in the hotel and commercial space industry, Shanghai Hotel exhibition has attracted much attention from the outside world every time.On the first day, the experience Hall of Sanxiong Aurora wisdom Hotel attracted much attention and many onlookers.As a leader in China's lighting industry, Sanxiong Aurora attaches great importance to the influence of Shanghai Hotel exhibition. Since 2018, it has brought different surprises to the public every year. What's the difference? Walk into the experience Hall of Sanxiong Aurora wisdom Hotel and find out!Intelligent lighting opens the hotel's new trackIn the era of rapid development of intelligence, smart hotel has become the inevitable trend of hotel upgrading. Among them, intelligent lighting should be the most intuitive and infectious part of smart hotel for guests. The beauty of intelligent lighting is that it can create a special scene atmosphere for the "wisdom" of the hotel, quickly attract guests to stay, and effectively improve the effective passenger flow of the hotel!Sanxiong Aurora has always been committed to providing professional lighting overall solutions for high-end hotels. This year, it is even more possible for smart lighting to create light, which matches the current demands of professional visitors of Shanghai Hotel exhibition. In order to let the on-site audience better experience the charm of the hotel's intelligent lighting, the entire experience Hall of Sanxiong Aurora smart hotel adopts a series of intelligent dimming schemes, which can realize the functions of dimming, color matching temperature, human body sensing, timing switch and so on, and increase the sense of ceremony and convenience of customers' check-in; The indoor lighting illuminance can also be adjusted according to the natural light to minimize energy consumption for hotel operation. The light is accurate and convergent, and the elegant and unique light environment will make customers feel at home.Corridor: automatically adjust the light brightness at different time nodesGuest room: convenient intelligent control, one click profile changeRestaurant: intelligent sensing, automatic dimming when people sit downSunlight simulator debutAfter the outbreak of the epidemic, people's ecological awareness and health awareness have become stronger, and they are more in pursuit of a safe and secure accommodation environment and high-quality hotel services, which has also prompted more and more practitioners in the hotel industry to pay attention to the green and healthy development of hotels. For the hotel design space, natural light is a very ideal lighting source, and the light wave in the natural environment plays a positive role in mental health. Unfortunately, due to the limited layout of the hotel, the lighting of the room closest to the inside of each floor is not ideal.The sunlight simulator, the first exhibition of Sanxiong Aurora, can well solve the above poor indoor lighting, which is commonly used in gym, conference room and small balcony. Through photoelectric fusion, it can simulate a variety of natural lighting environment, and realize the high similarity between LED products and a variety of natural light sources. The sunlight simulator can not only simulate different intensities of sunlight, so that the scene of sunlight shooting into the room from the skylight can be revealed, but also simulate an unusually realistic blue sky. It also adds different light sources IOT to increase the slight heat feeling and promote vitamin, so that people can restore the feeling of the sun shining into the room from the illuminance, color temperature and angle, which is closer to the feeling of nature.New lighting products add new power to hotel competitionIn the field of hotel lighting, according to the development trend of the industry and the positioning of different star hotels, Sanxiong Aurora continues to innovate and timely launch more cost-effective differentiated lighting products. For example, Sanxiong Aurora enjoys a famous platinum engraving series of high-end lighting products, as well as the new Lingfeng series products launched in 2020.In addition, there are smart series magnetic suction lamps. One track can take into account both basic lighting and key lighting. The lamp body has multiple advantages such as plug and light, convenient disassembly and flexible movement. It is especially suitable for the current hot minimalist style, making the space clean and extending the visual effect.Through the organic combination of lighting design, intelligent lamps and control systems, Sanxiong Aurora provides differentiated overall lighting solutions for hotel customers, improves the quality of hotel light environment and improves the comfort of check-in.The intelligent lighting control system has been the first choice for the intelligent transformation of the hotel. So what are the requirements of hotel smart lighting? What problems should be avoided to make a good hotel lighting design scheme? How to combine the current hotel equipment conditions to form an overall solution for smart hotel?During the exhibition, Sanxiong Aurora set up several dry and full keynote speeches on site, covering the overall solution of Intelligent Hotel, the pit avoidance guide of hotel lighting design, the sharing of new hotel lighting products, etc.From March 30 to April 2, at Shanghai international hotel engineering design and Supplies Expo, Sanxiong aurora is waiting for you to visit, experience and exchange at e5p20, Shanghai New International Expo Center!For those friends who have not been able to visit Shanghai Hotel at the scene, the three TikTok aurora is running in the same time, and the hotel's lighting design and the popular hotel lighting products are all explained. Twice a day, don't miss it!Original title: visit it! The experience Hall of Sanxiong Aurora wisdom hotel is amazing!
Third Quarterly Report of San'an Optoelectronics: Steady Growth of LED Chips
San'an optoelectronics released the third quarterly report of 2012: the operating revenue was 2.35 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 101%; The operating profit was 432 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 667 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14%, corresponding to EPS of 0.46 yuan.Business analysis:The operating revenue maintained a rapid growth, and the LED street lamp was confirmed to be lower than expected: the company achieved a sales revenue of 980 million yuan in the third quarter, with a year-on-year increase of 118% and a month-on-month increase of 14%. The main reason for the further growth of sales in the third quarter was that the sales of concentrating photovoltaic products were about 230 million yuan, while the sales of LED chips were about 630 million yuan, basically maintaining a stable growth, The revenue recognition of LED street lamps is lower than expected, which slows down the profit growth.The significant change in gross profit margin in the third quarter was due to the change in product structure, and the gross profit margin of LED chips was stable: the company's gross profit margin in the third quarter was only 18.8%, a sharp decline of 14% compared with 32.8% in the first half of the year. The decline was mainly due to the change in product sales structure in the third quarter, in which the sales scale of LED street lamp products with high gross profit rate was about 50-60 million yuan, The sales scale of concentrating photovoltaic products with negative gross profit is 230 million yuan. According to the estimation of revenue composition in the third quarter, the gross profit margin of LED chip products is maintained at a stable level of 17% - 18%, and the gross profit margin of LED chip business after material recovery is controlled at a normal level of about 30%.Revenue growth in the fourth quarter will be further improved: the company is currently in stable mass production of about 110 MOCVD equipment. The company's sales of LED street lamp products in the third quarter were lower than expected. According to the contract, the company sold about 640 million street lamp products in 2012, and the sales of 50MW concentrating photovoltaic products will be confirmed within the year. Therefore, we expect the company's revenue recognition in the fourth quarter to be further accelerated.The company's operating cash flow needs to be improved: in the first three quarters, the company's operating cash flow was - 227 million yuan, and the total amount of accounts receivable and notes receivable increased by 1.027 billion compared with the beginning of the year. Although 670 million yuan was notes receivable, at that time, considering the scattered and fierce competition of downstream LED packaging plants, we think the company has a certain bad debt risk.Profit adjustment and investment suggestions:Since the gross profit margin of the company's LED chip business has not recovered significantly, we adjusted the company's profit forecast from 2012 to 2014 to 0.65 yuan, 0.79 yuan and 0.97 yuan respectively. At present, the stock price corresponds to 19 times in 2012 and 16 times in 2013, maintaining the "overweight" rating.
The Insane $43 Billion System That Gets Food Delivered to Your Door
The temperature in D.C.'s Columbia Heights is pushing 100 degrees as Armaye Ejigu swaddles space blankets around two precious scoops of Baskin-Robbins ice cream.Shortly after 11 on a recent Thursday morning, a woman ordered the frozen treat to her house in downtown D.C. And now Ejigu, a driver for the third-party food delivery firm DoorDash, has fleeting minutes to move the ice cream from the Baskin-Robbins's counter to his car to her door -- all in record-setting summer heat."It's not hot food, so it's a little more challenging," Ejigu said, adding that his job becomes much more difficult when he can't find parking in the area.Delivery is the hottest thing in the restaurant business right now -- but as many restaurants are finding, the trouble is keeping it cold. Or crisp, in the case of french fries. Or warm, in the case of pho.Eager to join a booming food- and restaurant-delivery market, dozens of third-party services have sprung up to address those logistical challenges. Food delivery is already a $43 billion business -- and will be worth $76 billion by 2022, according to an analysis by Cowen and Co.,an investmentbanking firm.Companies such as DoorDash, GrubHub and Caviar are now delivering everything from pepperoni pizza to duck confit. Aside from Baskin-Robbins, which has recently launched delivery from 600 stores in 22 cities, brick-and-mortar chains McDonald's, Wendy's, Jack in the Box, Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings have all in the past year partnered with third-party services to launch or expand delivery.These services don't merely provide drivers such as Ejigu: They also develop the insulation in his red, corporate-branded cooler bag and the algorithms that determine he's the fastest driver for a job.DoorDash's delivery time for Baskin-Robbins's products averages 12 to 13 minutes."It's just a little hard because -- ice cream melts," said Carol Austin, the vice president of marketing at Baskin-Robbins. "Working with a third-party, we believe we can do it."Industry analysts and executives such as Austin say a confluence of factors helps explain how restaurant delivery got so hot. For starters, the modern consumer is busy -- too busy, often, for a lunch break or dinner at a sit-down restaurant.Thanks to services such as Uber, they're also accustomed to getting things on demand, said Bonnie Riggs, an analyst at the market research firm NPD. And rather than lose those customers to food trucks, fast casual or meal kits, more restaurants, and more types of restaurants, are aiming to compete with delivery.But most restaurants lack the infrastructure and logistical expertise to launch such operations themselves. That challenge is compounded when their products -- think: ice cream -- don't naturally travel well."We do a lot of research around that," said Stan Chia, the chief operating officer at GrubHub. "I want to make sure that if we deliver a milkshake in Phoenix when it's 110 degrees out, it still arrives to the customer as if it was served in the restaurant."GrubHub is a heavyweight in the world of third-party delivery. According to the market analytics firm 1010data, the Chicago-based company and its subsidiary Seamless accounted for well over half of all restaurant delivery in the last quarter of 2016.But the field is growing exponentially more crowded. Yelp has put its full weight and marketing power behind delivery since purchasing Eat 24, the No. 3 service, in 2015. UberEats, officially launched a year later,rapidly expanded into more than 20countries.Amazon has recently entered the fray, as have previously regional players such as Foodler and Caviar.Representatives from several of these delivery companies said frozen items are far from their only challenge."We've seen every type of food," said Nick Adler, who leads Caviar's market operations. "We've had people say, 'You can't deliver burgers and fries.' But then we put them in touch with someone who has."Anything that pairs wet and dry ingredients -- such as soft-shell tacos, loaded gyros or avocado toast-- risks getting soggy in transit, delivery executives agreed.Restaurants and delivery services have also struggled with hot, crispy foods, such as grilled sandwiches, thin-crust pizza and french fries -- the white whale of delivery. The insulation that keeps these foods warm while they travel also locks in steam, risking sogginess and overcooking."Some restaurants are very proud of very crispy fries," Chia, of GrubHub, said with a sigh. "But they have a short shelf life."To address these issues, delivery services undergo lengthy consultations with restaurants when they partner up, advising them to change how they prepare "problem" foods or cut them from the delivery menu all together.GrubHub recommends that Neapolitan pizzas spend seven more minutes in the oven crisping when they're being delivered, for instance.And Caviar has designed instructional stickers to help customers reassemble foods such as pho and ramen.The company also swears by stand-up to-go cups for fries -- clamshells are essentially a Styrofoam steamer, Adler said.On top of the emphasis on packaging, delivery services have also invested heavily in their logistics technology: algorithms designed to improve the timing of delivery pickups and minimize how long it takes a driver to get from point A to B.Many use cutting-edge mapping tech to match drivers with orders based on traffic, travel time and distance. Caviar -a subsidiary of the business tech start-up Square -even tracks how long its restaurants take to prepare each menu item, to better time drivers' arrivals.That sort of technology is beyond the ambition of all but the largest restaurant operators, said Riggs, the NPD analyst."That's why we're seeing such strong growth in delivery right now," she said. "There are so many of these third-party providers, and they're giving more opportunities to operators who didn't want to take on the responsibility for getting into this market."Not all restaurants are eager to embrace those "opportunities," of course -- particularly since they may come with costs. Delivery services typically charge a per-order fee for their services, which can bite into tight margins.Some restaurants have found that delivery checks tend to run a lot lower, because customers don't buy alcohol. Franchisees also worry, Riggs said, that given the option, customers may choose to order in rather than go out. On top of that, there's the risk to the restaurant brand if an order arrives late, soggy or melted.For Panera Bread, which plans to offer delivery at 40 percent of its chains by the end of the year, that was all too much."Managing quality all the way to the consumer is one of the biggest concerns for us," said Blaine Hurst, the company's president and the overseer of its delivery operations.In contrast to the vast majority of its peers, the soup and sandwich chain has built out an in-house delivery system of its own, hiring 10,000 new employees in the first half of 2017. When they're not dropping off orders -- mostly at lunch -- those drivers return to the mother ship for food prep and cleaning.It's not a "100-percent efficient" system, Hurst acknowledged. But it has yielded a sales increase, on average, of 10 percent or $5,000 per week at the franchises that have adopted it.Hurst, who helped launch the first national online delivery service at Papa John's when dial-up was still de rigueur, is confident those numbers will continue to grow."Delivery is all about convenience -- getting what you want, how and when you want it," Hurst said. "I think our lives are increasingly busy, and we're getting increasingly used to that convenience."Baskin-Robbins is certainly hoping that will be the case. The company has spent the past year working out how to deliver ice cream, said Austin, the marketing executive, and calculating whether there would be enough demand to even support such an ambitious project.After researching and testing the available third-party providers, the company launched a pilot in four test markets earlier this year. On July 6, it expanded to an additional 600 stores in 22 cities, with more planned for the future.Most urban consumers can now order Baskin-Robbins's full menu on-demand -- minus the whipped cream. The company found, to its "disappointment," that it deflated during delivery.But customers don't seem too upset: Baskin-Robbins is finding that people order more toppings when they order online. Ejigu's Thursday morning order is for a mint ice cream cake and two scoops of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.The 34-year-old delivery driver orders at the counter, like any other customer. The credit card he pays with is a company card; it charges to DoorDash, which will then charge the Baskin-Robbins orderer. The ice cream goes into a takeout bag, which goes into a silver space blanket, which goes into a cooler bag, which goes into the trunk of Ejigu's car.Ten minutes later, a woman grimaces at the heat as she opens her front door."Try to stay cool out there," she says, after Ejigu hands her the ice cream.He smiles and heads back to his double-parked car, ready for the next in a day of deliveries.Read more:How fast shipping is making us more impatientWhy many restaurants actually don't want you to order dessertThe Chipotle effect: Why America is obsessed with fast casual food
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