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How Rare Is This Blu Ray Special Edition?

That relies upon. How considerable is photograph high quality to you? Blu-rays look and sound extra functional than DVDs, yet till you have a great hi-def abode theater set-up you will possibly no longer observe. you additionally can locate low fee Blu-ray discs on Amazon. (i've got lined a link at backside for Blu-rays that fee around $10. ).

How Rare Is This Blu Ray Special Edition? 1

1. When is the twilight zone coming to blu ray?

1. If the films are available, they can be scanned in HD. 2. Even if not, you can fit quite a few episodes of TV onto one BD-DVD.

2. Will Blu ray Last or Fail In 5 years?

idk...but then you can just get a ps3 and watch blu-rays AND play video gaems!

How Rare Is This Blu Ray Special Edition? 2

3. Blu-ray Disc and high definition television?

-A Blu-ray disc is ONLY for the playstation three. -HD Is the same channel but shows you way better view of things.[ex:More Close up more clearer .]And on Channel 2 it means thatThey just came out with a HD channel.Hope this helped :]

4. Do you use blu ray or dvd?

still using DVD. i really do not need it, i do not have any films in blu-ray and the players and recorders are still a bit expensive

5. Is Blu-ray going to become the new DVD?

Yes, in all liklihood it will. People with HDTVs will start buying them soon now that the HD-DVD vs. BlueRay war seems to be over. BlueRay won

6. Online movie rentals offering blu-ray?

Yes, both Netflix and Blockbuster rent Blu-Rays online

7. Technically, how is Blu-Ray better than HD DVD?

Although I agree with the two previous answers, my answer is going to be quite a bit different. It does not matter one bit which is technically better. The only thing that matters is which one will still be around when the format war is over. And right now, with what is happened recently, it seems like BluRay will win. But it ai not over till the fat lady sings, so I would still wait to buy into HD. Should not be too much longer now.

8. Blu Ray and HD DVD?

That's the question that a lot of people are asking. Why are the new technologies so expensive? Well a typical DVD disc can only hold 4.7 GB of information, which is why there are so many movies that offer special editions utilizing a second disc - there's not enough information to keep the resolution of the movie, and high fidelity sound at their highest output, so a second disc is required. But you can hook a DVD to practically any television. When it comes to Blu-Ray and HD DVD players they are similar in that they will both output a High Definition image from a disc, but differ in many other ways. Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs first off can hold up to 10 times more information that a typical DVD so now you can have tons of extras on a disc (commentaries, deleted scenes, games, behind the scenes, easter eggs, etc), while having up to 1080p lines of resolution and up to 8 channels of surround sound - a typical DVD can not do this. Between the two formats you will hear many people picking one over the other, I personally prefer Blu-Ray because more movie studios are backing it, and the disc has more capacity (Blu-Ray up to 50GB, HD DVD up to 25/30 GB). There will be more Blu-Ray movies, and more Blu-Ray compatible players, as well as the Playstation 3 that offers Blu-Ray as well. The price is high at the moment because it is new, as was DVD. I paid $600 for my first DVD player, and now I could walk in and get the current generation unit for $120, and other brands for $40 - $70. Blu-Ray and HD DVD will drop, technology always does. First thing you should do is get an HDTV, then decide which of the High Definition Disc formats is right for you. I hope this helped.

9. Can someone tell me what a blu ray disc is?

Blu-ray is a Hi definition format it can hold much more info than a regular DVD disc. It is made for HDTV

10. When will Columbia release "Lawrence of Arabia" on Blu-ray?

Grover Crisp of Sony on 3/10/11:n"Lawrence is not completed, yet, though we have begun work on it. It is a complicated project and will certainly take a year to complete. The 8K scans of the negative are done, so we are at least headed down that road. " snip. ly/yRVwtNovember 13th, 2012 is the release date:blu-ray.com/news/?id=9159#When will Columbia release "Lawrence of Arabia" on Blu-ray?

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Mrice M1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review
Over the past few years there has been a huge emphasis on headphones. More recently, I have noticed the trend of bringing back the older style larger headphones just when I had gotten used to the small and sometimes ridiculously small headphones. The larger style gave us promise of a better sound quality versus just being loud, so I broke down and gave them a shot. Mrice's M1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones take a stylish approach to the larger headphone design that are so prevalent now. The M1 headphones still have a larger diameter speaker than an earbud, but are not big and bulky like a lot of the headphones on the market now. By using a solid piece of flexible plastic, Mrice ditched the huge cup design over the ears saving space and getting rid of the extra unneeded weight. There are several colors, but I got the red, which is shiny and definitely standout among other styles. The under side is black plastic for the top and a very soft pleather ear cushion. I have bigger ears and an over the ear speaker tends to get hot and sweaty after only a few minutes. Having an open ear while still maintaining sound quality is huge to me.The one real advantage of the M1 headphones is that it is Bluetooth capable. I have seen several larger headphones with a removable cord, but I really do not see why anybody would want a cord in this day in age. The added feature of Bluetooth is that I do not have to keep my phone in my hands. With a battery life of around 8 hours on a full charge, I can use the M1 headphones for pretty much the whole time that I would use them through out the time that I need them. The fact that it only takes about 3 hours to fully charge them is handy after a day of working late outside and then again early in the morning. Bluetooth also means that whenever listening to music and receiving a call the music will pause and resume when the call ends so you never have to miss your favorite part of a song.The only downside of the M1 headphones for me is the button situation. You have a power, two volume (up and down), and a call button. These are handy, useful, and all tucked away hidden from plain view, but there are not any buttons to skip songs. This means pulling out your phone or connected device to skip songs. This can be quite irritating while performing a task where your hands are not exactly free. With all of the other features this is still a small price to pay for a stylish, insanely loud headphone. BUY FROM AMAZON016How do i get rid of weeds?Cut them low and then cover them with black plastic so that they do not get light. They will eventually dieWhat is this black plastic-looking drain hole in my lawn?It is there to protect your backyard from flooding in case of heavy rains. The ground must be sloped towards the drain so that all the water flows in that direction and goes out to the front of the house (on the street) or straight to the drain11 Ways To Stay Warm When You Have No ShelterHave you noticed the skyrocketing rate of homelessness that keeps growing since Obamacare and other harmful systems drain jobs, money, and energy from the economy? Once the final blow comes that spells the beginning of large scale social collapse, the ability to find a shelter will be as scarce as food and water supplies. Many preppers think they will be able to get into the woods and build shelters or find some other means to avoid living exclusively outdoors. It will be even worse: a sheer number of problems might lead to illness and disability that will prevent you from building or effectively managing an existing shelter. You do not believe you may wind up homeless and disabled so you still need to know how to stay warm when you have no shelter and can not build much of a fire. When you know it is going to be cold, you may be tempted to wear the heaviest garments you can find, thinking that weight and dense fabric equate to warmth. On the other hand, the best way to keep heat close to your body is to have more air pockets that within the clothing itself. Wearing clothes in layers gives you better air pockets than wearing just one thick garment. When layering your garments, choose materials that wick moisture away from your body for the innermost layers. This will enable moisture to be pulled away from your skin, which will reduce the amount of cooling caused by sweat and evaporation from your skin. Materials in the outer layers should focus more on acting as windbreakers and moisture blocks. Plastics, vinyl, or other non-permeable materials will work well for the outermost layer. Make sure the outermost layers are large enough to leave some air space between each garment. Remember, you are aiming to keep warm trapped near your body, not simply press a bunch of garments together in order to mimic thicker fabric. No matter what you are doing, black, or dark materials will absorb heat and radiation while white or shiny ones will deflect it. Typically, when it is cold, wearing dark colors will enable the fabrics to absorb heat from the sun or any other source of heat that reaches you. As with layering your garments, the best way to keep your feet warm is to wear layers of socks. Once again, you will need to choose socks that wick better for the inner layers. This will reduce the risk of foot infections from excess moisture as well as help keep your feet warm and comfortable. Until you've walked several miles on a daily basis, you may not realize that bigger shoes truly are more comfortable than ones that seem to "fit just right". Always look for shoes that have a little extra room in the toes and around the widest part of your foot. Larger shoes give you more room to layer socks, and they will also reduce problems associated with callouses and foot cramps. If you find that you have too much room around your ankles, just go ahead and wrap them in some fabric and put a brace behind your heels. No matter how warm you manage to keep the core of your body, your arms, legs, hands, feet, and head are going to feel cold a lot faster. These are also the parts of your body that will develop frostbite fastest, so keep them as warm as possible. To keep temperatures more, slip something thin and flexible into your gloves and shoes that will retain heat. This may be as simple as tin foil or anything else that warms up quickly and can be reused with little effort. You can also use layers of fabric, plastic, or vinyl to keep heat in as much as possible. Just remember, though, for hands and feet, you may need to loosen the plastic from time to time in order to let moisture escape. 3 Second SEAL Test Will Tell You If You will Survive A SHTF Situation Keep Your Head Well Covered Fur and hair are both excellent insulators, but on the other hand, as an extremity, your head is also an area of your body where you will lose a lot of heat. Here are some inexpensive things you can do to prevent heat from escaping from your head and neck area in cold weather: Wear a hat with a face mask that you can tuck into the neck area of your innermost garments, to keep the heat close to your body and also help redistribute it if needed. You can easily knit or crochet a hat like this and make it custom fit for your needs. The outermost shell of your garments should have a hood that can be used as a wind breaker and water barrier. Make sure you can cover your nose and mouth to keep them as warm as possible. A black towel or anything else that will keep the cold out can be used for this purpose. You will need to leave some openings for ventilation, but you can still reduce heat loss by arranging the garment folds to keep most of the heat near your face. Use Plastic as an Insulator Anything from plastic grocery bags to trash bags and even plastic table cloths can all be used as insulators. When using plastic as an insulator against the cold remember to: Choose plastics that are as durable as possible. Even though smaller sized trash bags may be cheaper, the larger construction strength bags are almost as heavy as black plastic commonly used for killing weeds. Heavier plastic will last longer and develop fewer weak points created as you move around. Use black or other dark colored plastic as it will help retain heat from the sun or any other external source that you can find. Make sure that you can vent moisture easily from the plastic on a routine basis without losing heat. For example, if you have a flat sheet of plastic, arrange the layers so you can loosen different areas easily and let the moisture out from them without losing heat in other areas. Avoid using tape or anything else that will pull on the plastic or create holes when you have to loosen the plastic. If you do need to secure the plastic, use light weight rope or even yarn to form a seal between the plastic and your inner garments. Avoid using plastic right next to your body because water evaporation from your skin can spell disaster and lead to both skin infections and increased risk of frost bite. Even though wearing layers of garments can help with moisture control, you should also know what parts of your body are going to sweat the most and cause problems. For example, if you sweat a lot between your shoulder blades or tend to have sweaty feet, you must always pay extra attention to these areas. Among other things, you can try using an extra towel in these areas, and then change it out every few hours for a dry one. Avoid using chemical antiperspirants as they can easily irritate your skin even more. They also may not be easily replaced, which will leave you with another problem on your hands. If you are dealing with a social collapse or a scenario where you cannot buy something to replace what was used, chemicals like this will be a waste of time. When it comes to retaining heat, few materials absorb it or hold it as well as water. Therefore, hot water bottles offer a good way to retain heat near your body and also store any heat you can get from an external source. A hot water bottle can serve to keep you warm and also meet other needs. In particular, today, you can buy a batch of collapsible, clear plastic, flexible water bottles that can be used to store water and also purify it. All you have to do is leave the bottles in the sun and let them heat up. If the weather is especially cold, use a cardboard solar oven to increase heat capture. Once they are warm enough, simply insert them into different layers of clothes. Since you can buy different sized bottles, it is possible to find ones that will suit your needs. Balloons will also work in a pinch, however, you may not be able to get more than one or two uses from them. They also cannot be used for killing off bacteria in water because UV rays from the sun may not be able to get through the material as easily as they can through the clear plastic. If you have ever been on an extended hike or had to do a lot of physical work in one day, you also increased your caloric intake to meet those needs. Your body uses a tremendous amount of energy when you are out in cold temperatures. Choose foods that your body can turn into energy very quickly, as well as ones that will help you stay warm. This includes fatty foods as well as ones that are fried. If you are looking for the perfect excuse to eat some bacon, fried chicken, or anything else that is usually off the menu because of caloric concerns, being out in the cold with no shelter is a good excuse! Insofar as food stores, you can also store away foods high in carbohydrates and consume them at regular intervals. Along with high-calorie foods, drink plenty of water. Even if you are feeling cold or chilly, your body is still doing a lot of work to try and maintain a safe temperature, which means you will be using a lot of water, and also sweating more than you might expect. Keeping hydrated will prevent you from getting sick and also help you stay warmer as your body will be able to carry out necessary tasks as efficiently as possible. As simple as it may sound, traveling during night hours is a simple, cost-effective way to stay warm. Since temperatures are warmer during the day hours, you can use this time to sleep or rest, as the sun and other resources will give you some extra heat. This is also a good time to stay stationary and heat up water bottles or harness other heat sources that you happen to have come across in your travels. Chances are you already know that your body temperature drops when you are sleeping. If you are already out in the cold, this can spell disaster. On the other hand, when you are awake and moving around, your body produces more heat. Therefore, when you travel at night, you are producing more heat at a time when less is available from the sun. No matter how cold it may be, the sun will still rise and provide heat for a few hours each day. Here are two things you can adapt for your needs even if you do not have shelter: You can make a solar heater from tin cans and a few scraps of wood and glass. Simply substitute the wood and glass for lighter weight metal and clear plastic, and you will have a portable solar heater. Count on using about 15 - 20 empty cans. You can pipe warm water or warm air in as close to your body as possible. You can use flexible plastic airline tubing ( inch will work) in the layers of your clothes to transport both water and air, and a battery operated pump for more efficient circulation. If you are in one location during the day, this can truly be one of the most important pieces of equipment you have on hand. A cardboard box solar cooker. You can use this device to heat up everything from your dinner and water bottles to bricks and rocks that can be used to retain heat. When you cannot start a fire and have no shelter, it can be very dangerous for you to be out in the cold weather. While you may not want to think about being homeless or what will drive you to this situation, it is still very important to know how to stay warm without shelter and a fire. You can devote some of your survival budgets to a set of garments and gear that can be used to keep you as warm and comfortable as possible even when the temperatures are freezing and you have nothing else to work with. You will always find a way to survive if you have the will to practice your skills and prepare for survival!
Review of the LG Cui-X2: Smartphone That Packs a Punch, but Does Need to Be Expensive
ALL Blu-ray players, which include the PS3, upscale DVDs to 1080p. However, the quality of the result varies. While NONE will upscale and match the sharpness of a Blu-ray version of the same movie (Although technically the result of upscaling is an HD image you can not obtain extra detail by upscaling DVDs), some players (e.g. Oppo BDP-83 do a significantly better job than others (e.g. PS3). It depends on the video processor in the player ... and like in HDTVs, some are better than others. The difference between Blu-ray and well upscaled DVD are subtle at best on a small, lower resolution HD display (e.g. 720p 30" HDTV), but become more pronounced on larger displays (e.g. 1080p 100" projector screen). So ... DVDs are not going to look as good as Blu-ray, but for many types of movies/programs there is some question whether paying a premium for Blu-ray is worth it for the relatively small increase in image quality. Many people feel it is not , and either do not bother with Blu-ray at all, or reserve it for movies they feel deserve the highest possible image quality. That said, image quality is more than just resolution. In fact, resolution is only the 4th most important determinant after dynamic range/contrast, colour accuracy and colour saturation. none of which are (significantly) improved in Blu-ray vs DVD (Blu-ray does use a different "color space", with a somewhat broader gamut of colour). In addition, catalog Blu-ray movies are often produced from remastered HD versions of the original print, which can mean a better image than that on the DVD from an older print. Finally, sound on Blu-ray can also be superior to that on a DVD (although improvement may only be appreciated on a good surround audio system). Bottom line: video and audio quality from a DVD -- even at it's best -- will not be as good as Blu-ray. The degree of difference varies with the movie and the equipment used. Whether it's worth paying extra for the improvement is a personal choice.1. Help me pick a home audio receiver. 5.1, HDMI, not expensive?I am with grumpy, buy a high end receiver from a few years ago. No HDMI, but you can run HDMI straight from blu ray to TV. Get a blu ray with multi channel analog outputs, and connect to receiver's multi channel analog inputs to get the new HD DD and DTS sound. That's what I am doing. I've got an older Yamaha, it was 2k US dollars when it came out. Blu ray and HDMI were just a dream in some dude's head at that time. I could get a new HDMI receiver that will decode DTS HD etc, for 500 bucks, but the parts in that thing wo not touch what I've got. My receiver has the better amp, power supply, bigger caps, better sound and true 100 watts to each channel, not the cheater specs of a 500 receiver. You can tell by the weight, I make a big groaning sound when I have to move it, it's like a slab of lead. I do not feel like dropping 1.5 or 2k on a new HDMI receiver. Now with the new HDMI 1.4 spec out for blu ray 3D forget about it, just more money. I will spend that money on a new flat panel. I helped my friend do the same thing, he built a nice SS system slowly as his wallet allowed. I started him off with a Sony ES receiver from a few years ago that was 1200 new, now 350. I showed him all kinds of good brand speakers used on ebay, we went back and forth on a few brands because there are a lot. Then a deal on Monitor audio showed up, grabbed the front three, rears will come later. he likes my SVS sub (internet only) so he might end up getting one too. So bottom line, it's good to hear that you are going to build it and do it right. You do not have to be rich, just patient if it takes a 6 months or 2 years whatever, it's worth it. Nothing I've purchased, even the used gear has ever failed me. Buy quality, and in most cases you will buy once. If something is outdated or dies you can replace just that one thing or in some cases work around it somehow. People that have those all in one systems when DVD was the only game in town are now not so happy since most can not integrate their new blu ray into the surround sound. Anyway check out the older high end Yamaha, Onkyo, Sony ES, I came really close to getting a used NAD receiver, but the deal on my Yamaha popped up and I grabbed it. Just make sure it has the multi-channel analog inputs. To mate to a blu ray player with matching outputs. If you go the HDMI way, you can get a nice receiver, but you are limited a bit since HDMI receivers have not been around a super long time2. What Will Be Next Step After Blu Ray?My suggestion is demo one and decide for yourself. Many people rave about Blu-ray and HD DVD, but personally I do not think they are worth the (current) high price premium. I have an HD DVD player and on my 110" screen and 720p projector the difference from upscaled DVD is barely noticeable. And video quality on Blu-ray and HD DVD is essentially identical, so it's not that HD DVD is not as good as Blu-ray. I suggest going to a store where they can connect a HD player to a TV as similar to yours as possible (at least same size and resolution). View a DVD and a HD disk (it's easiest with an HD DVD combo disks since they have HD on one side and normal DVD of the same movie on the other side) at the same distance as you will sit from the TV at home. If you decide the benefits are worthwhile, as to choosing HD DVD or Blu-ray I could give you all sorts of reasons why HD DVD is the more consumer friendly format, but the bottom line is most movies are only available on Blu-ray, so unless you want primarily a good upconverting DVD player that also plays HD DVDs ( in which case the HD-A3 is a great deal at about $120 with free HD DVD disks) you probably should buy Blu-ray. That said, Blu-ray is not ready for real time yet since there are still changes in hardware and software being implemented. It would be best to wait a few months at least before buying. And prices will likely be lower too. Hope this helps.3. Is it worth it to buy old blu ray movies?I've heard that the Blu-ray is amazing on all movies it's on, but I do not own one, so I am not a very reputable source. I would just rent some of the older movies on blu-ray. Judge for yourself whether they are better quality before you decide to buy.
How Do I Play 3D Blu-ray ISO Files on Windows?
How do I play 3D Blu-ray ISO files on Windows?Grab a professional free Blu-ray player, Leawo Blu-ray Player is my recommendation.Itu2019s a player software specially designed for Blu-ray disc or ISO playing. Of course it also plays DVD and other digital video formats. there are also other player software that I donu2019t know much about, but Iu2019ll post here for your reference. Hope it helps.How do I play 3D Blu-ray ISO files on Windows?— — — — — —can a internet air card be used/plugged into a blu-ray disc play for viewing netflicks or other internet tv ?Nope it will not work. The majority of Blu-Ray DVD players have two ways to get the internet so they can stream Netflix, Pandora, Vudu etc to your television. 1) The Blu-Ray DVD player has a built in Wi-Fi which connects to your wireless network at home. It connects to your internet without any wires by using your wireless router. If you do not want wireless you can always use a ethernet cable to connect from your modem to your Blu-Ray DVD player on the back. 2) If it does not have Wi-Fi built in, most dvd requires you purchase a wireless USB dongle that connects to the back of the blu-ray dvd player. This will make it wireless Wi-Fi so you can connect to your wireless network at home. * I would avoid the Magnavox. I recommend either Panasonic, Samsung or Sony Blu-Ray players.— — — — — —Cheap place to buy LG BD 370 Network Blu-ray Disc Player?New Egg is the cheapest place to buy LG BD 370 Network Blu-ray Disc Player for $249.95 with free shipping. LG Network Blu-ray Disc Player BD370 - Retail 7.1-Ch Audio, Netflix Streaming Ready & YouTube Access Original Price: $299.95 You Save: $50.00 Sale Price: $249.95— — — — — —How to: Back-up blu-ray disc to a file format that can be transferred to usb storage & played on home theater?Like many new dvd video clips, blu ray discs are additionally encrypted. A utility like AnyDVD HD will show you how to get it on your no longer straightforward force regardless of the undeniable fact that considering its additionally a decrypter. From there, you are able to paintings on a thank you to transform the given archives. I even have risk-free a link under i chanced on interior one million- seconds of interpreting your question. in case you spend a jiffy, you will discover greater suited solutions. i could myself, no longer subject with it regardless of the undeniable fact that. The archives are too huge and take too long to paintings on— — — — — —Will an actual Blu-Ray disc movie look better than an HD trailer that you can download from the internet?few tvs support 1080p. your blu ray disc will look better. remember "hd" is only technically 480p! it's up to the consumer to know about 1080i!— — — — — —Do you think Blu-ray Disc gonna make dvd lost?The 1080p on xbox seems great, so do the bluerays on ps3. maximum folk cant even tell the version between 720p and 1080p. I even have them the two, 360/ps3 and cant tell the version on my television(40 two sony bravia). Plus the netflix is barely $8 a month and you get limitless loose video clips(no longer new releases) and a million action picture at a time. Its no longer plenty Microsoft's answer to blueray because it somewhat is barely assembly the call for for HD video that dominates todays industry. to date as how long they will final who's acquainted with, in basic terms the purchasers can dictate that.— — — — — —need help buying a new assembled desktop...?you cannot get much better than this. CHASSIS COLOR ALX Space Black - Anodized Aluminum Chassis edit PROCESSOR Overclocked Intel® Core i7 990x Extreme Six Core Processor (4.5" Alienware AW2210 OptX Full HD Gaming Monitor Upgrade to 21.5" Alienware AW2210 OptX Full HD Gaming Monitor [Add $299.00 or $9.00/month1] ENTHUSIAST ESSENTIALS USB 3.0 Controller Card edit SOUND CARD Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio edit OPTICAL DRIVE Single Drive: 24X CD/DVD burner (DVD/-RW) w/double layer write capability edit Dell Recommends Watch HD Blu-rays on your new Alienware with a Blu-ray Disc combo- Upgrade now. Upgrade to Single Drive: Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo (Reads BD and Writes to DVD/CD) [Add $100.00 or $3.00/month1]
Do CDs Sound Better on Blu Ray Players?
Yes, but only if you update your receiver too. Sense Blu-Ray players have HDMI output, you will be able to send much more information due to the larger bandwidth of the cable, but that's why you would need a new receiver. You can also get a player with SACD if you use those and will also make your CD sound a bit better too, if your not wanting to buy a new receiver just yet.1. Help with HDTV/Blu Ray problem?Go into the advanced setting option and find the Auto Motion setting. Choose custom. Put blur on 10 and judder on 2. It will look good. What you are seeing is called the "soap opera" effect caused by over processing from the Auto motion setting2. Ultra Resolution vs Blu Ray High Definition?"Ultra Resolution color" is a meaningless term. Ignore it. DVD cannot exceed 480p3. Missing special features on breaking dawn blu-ray?Yes it's missing on mine as well!! I was really looking forward to watching the filming of, especially the special effects that made Kristen look so thin and ill. I feel a bit ripped off actually. Does anyone know if the company know of this and are planning to exchange them?4. What form of blu ray player should i get?I have an Oppo BD-93 and it's GREAT. It has every feature I would ever want and its built like a tank. And beautiful. Too bad the only time I see it is when I open up my HT rack :D5. Is it true that all Blu-ray players play DVDs aswell?So far, every BD player also plays DVDs. Do blu rays make a difference on SD TV? No, you wo not see any difference, that's assuming your TV can handle the lowest output resolution of the blu ray player. Not all blu ray disc players play CDs, there are a few models that wo not read them.6. Does the Macbook Pro play Blu-ray DVDs?No. Apple are getting rid of optical drives, and have never directly supported the BluRay standard. It may be possible to attach an external BluRay drive and you will need special software to act as a player7. Says Blu-Ray/DVD Combo...only came with Blu-ray disks. Wanted the DVDs. So confused!!!!!?if it specifically shows the bluray logo then no it will not play on a dvd player...sounds like you need to talk to someone about getting a replacement or a refund be mindful about who you ordered from for future references8. Recently bought a blu-ray player?I have a PS3. I have tried the BD Live thing a few times and have determined it's not worth a squirt. So profile 1.1 is just fine, especially at that price. Enjoy. P.S. Your player will almost certainly require a firmware update right out of the box, so be prepared for that.9. DVD in PS3/blu-ray player that can upscale DVDs to 1080p vs blu-ray disc?What you will see is the absolute best quality that DVD can muster, and it is pretty darned good. It's enough to keep you from having to replace your entire collection right away, but you will still look forward to getting the Blu-Ray release of your favorite films. It will be a staggering difference from what you are used to seeing on a tube television, but the Bluray will be a staggering difference from that point. That fancy TV will not feel like a waste, and that's the point of upscaling. Some players are better than others at the task, though, so choose carefully. I have found my PS3 does a wonderful job of it. I am a Sony hater at heart, but this is a shockingly good piece of gear, and worth every penny they charge for it. They do not even advertise half of what it does. It's the worst love/hate relationship I've ever had to deal with. There is far more than just resolution, as you suggest. Color depth, dynamic contrast, bitrates, audio, all manner of things. Blu is just better. Upscaling those DVDs, though, is very impressive. I still get a kick out of running a DVD on a tube in one room, and then taking it to the 50 inch plasma and PS3 in the other room. It still blows my mind. When I pop in the Blu-Ray version, however, my mind is even more blown.
What Are the Best Free Apps to Add Lens Blur on Pictures for Android (like Focos for IOS)?
OPOQ. Presumably, you are referring to fake focus blurring ?Something I know nothing about.When I want to have a blurred ( out of focus ) background I use real cameras, with real lenses, which can be set in such a way to get the desired effect.I am guessing you are talking about taking pictures on phones. As I say in my profile . . "Please do not ask me about phone cameras,.."If you want to take photography seriously consider buying a real camera and learn how to use it.It is not that difficult and even the cheapest point and shoot cameras outperform phone cameras in nearly every respect. .Disclaimer. I have no connection with the AVID company financially, or commercially, although I was trained by AVID and have used AVID products more that 25 years.,1. Any good free apps i can get off the app store!?- cut the rope (lite or holiday version is free) - sneezies (lite is free) - doodle jump (is not free, but really worth it) - doodle buddy (drawing app. pretty cool. free) - sheep on the run (pretty good for boredom ;D) - firstfun baby on the run (it's the free one. full version MIGHT be better) - icatch free (as you know by its name: free) - google translator (cool for translation) - inotes (is free. NOT inote. It's inoteS)2. How to Earn Online: Apps That Pay You in Gift Cards$20 Target Gift Card For Free? Yes Please! As I get older (and somehow my living space seems to get smaller!), I like to consider myself somewhat of a minimalist. Gone are the days when I find myself coveting "things"; these days I would much rather spend money on experiences. That said, whether you are a hoarder or a purger of your belongings, we can all agree that a free gift card to Amazon, Target, Walmart etc will ALWAYS come in handy for the purchases you just have to make. A few weeks back, we wrote a blog about money making apps, but what about those apps that pay you in gift cards? It's true. There are a whole suite of apps that will give you free gift cards for activities you may already be doing online. Here are some of my favorite gift card and money making apps: 1) Get Amazon Gift Cards for Saving Energy with OhmConnect If you've read any of my other posts, you know I am a sucker for opportunities to not only save money and be frugal, but to do something good for the planet at the same time. If you live in California and are a customer of PG&E, SCE or SDG&E, you are eligible to sign up with OhmConnect, a free service that rewards you for saving energy when it matters most to the grid and the environment. Once you connect your utility account to OhmConnect, you will receive a notification about once per week (by email or SMS) to save energy for an hour. If you save energy, you receive cash or can cash out for an Amazon gift card. Swagbucks is one of the easiest ways to make money online through a variety of tasks. Here are a few ways you can earn free gift cards with Swagbucks: For every task you complete, you earn rewards points. They can be redeemed for gift cards for your favorite stores and restaurants for only $3. Not a fan of gift cards? You can also redeem your points for PayPal cash. 3) Get a Gift Card to One of 4000 stores with TopCashback TopCashback is a cash-back shopping portal that lets you get a percentage of your purchase amount back in the form of cash or gift card at a selection of more than 4,000 stores. You can earn cash back when you shop online or use their app (alongside six million other worldwide users!) While you can choose to receive your payout as PayPal cash or direct deposit, you will receive a 3% bonus when you request payment with an American Express gift card. Pro tip: The gift card can be more valuable than cash and other retail gift cards, because these prepaid cash cards are accepted anywhere you can make a credit or debit card purchase. 4) Get a Free Gift Card or Make Money on Apps You Already Use With AppBounty This one's interesting. Upon launching AppBounty you are shown a list of free apps available to download from either the App Store or Google Play, from which you can earn credits. You will be awarded credits if an app is used for more than 30 (ish) seconds, and then notified by AppBounty when you've earned them. Credits usually vary per app download, as each app will offer a different number of credits. After you've been awarded enough credits (500 credits = $1), you can spend them on gift cards from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Steam, PlayStation and more. Have a friend in mind who could also use a few extra bucks? You can earn extra credits by referring the service to a friend, via your unique invite code or URL. AppBounty is available for both Android and iOS devices. 5) Consider Yourself Lucky? Earn Gift Cards With Lucktastic Consider yourself a lucky person? Lucktastic is a free rewards app that lets you win tokens, gift cards, merchandise, and cash as you play a selection of games of chance. All you have to do is download the app and you will get a set of daily scratch-off tickets that can contain a prize. Pretty easy, right? At the very minimum, you will receive coins that can be redeemed for gift cards, to over 30 major brands, even if you do not win an actual prize. Another quick way to boost your points balance is to refer a friend. As soon as they play their first game on Lucktastic, you earn 1,000 bonus points! So far, Lucktastic has given away more the $3 million in prizes. 6) Share Your Opinion & Get Paid With Google Opinion Rewards The Google Opinion Rewards app allows you to take simple, short anonymous surveys, and rewards you with credit in the form of a Google Play gift card. After downloading the app you will need to answer some basic questions about yourself, and you are ready to receive your first survey. You will receive approximately one survey per week, via a notification on your phone. Surveys generally take less than a minute to complete and can reward you with anything up to $1. To receive the Google Play credit you will need to open a Google Wallet account. Once you've earned enough credit, you can click the "Shop" button and spend your gift card as you wish, in the Google Play Store. 7) Already Keep Your Receipts? Get A Free Gift Card With Receipt Pal We've all been told at some point that we should be holding on to our receipts. But who really does? You may want to now that you can earn and redeem points with Receipt Pal. They are one of the very few apps that accept receipts for nearly any purchase making it easy to be rewarded for all your weekly purchases. You will earn rewards points for sharing a picture of your receipt when you buy coffee in the morning, take a friend to dinner, or even get your oil changed. Just as it's super easy to be rewarded for every single purchase you make, you can also redeem your gift cards at many different stores. Personally, I like to keep my phone screen pretty clutter-free. If I am not regularly using an app, it's gone. But if you are one of those people who loves downloading and testing the latest apps and games, AppNana will give you rewards points for every app and game you download and use. The selection is constantly changing so this can be an "evergreen" way of earning points that can be redeemed for gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and the Xbox stores. You do not have to keep every app you test, but I am sure there are a few that you will keep and continue to use! 9) For An Even Larger Selection of Gift Cards Try FreeMyApps FreeMyApps is another app that pays you to download and try out new apps and games. You might prefer FreeMyApps to AppNana because there are more gift card options. In addition to the AppNana offerings, you can also redeem your points for gift cards to other online stores like Steam, Hulu, and Visa gift cards. 10) Make Money Online and Get Paid in Gift Cards With PanelPayDay Do you enjoy taking surveys, participating in focus groups, and mystery shopping? If the answer is yes, tjen head on over to PanelPayDay. You can instantly begin earning between $25 and $75 per survey, and you will receive a $25 bonus just for completing your first survey today. With PanelPayDay, you can expect to receive between two and four invitations each month for a host of topics. You can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, and, some surveys will also offer to pay you with cash. 11) Already Planning to Shop? Try Ebates & Get Cash Back or Gift Cards Ebates is possibly the largest online shopping app with the possibility of earning 1% to 40% cashback at more than 2,000 stores that you might be shopping at anyways. They also give you the opportunity to earn cash back in-person at more than 30 stores and restaurants. While you can shop through the Ebates web browser, they also offer increased cashback rates when you use their mobile app. You can earn an additional $10 bonus after making your first $25 purchase with Ebates. Once your rewards balance reaches $5, you will have the option to redeem your gift cards for cash. Or, you can also redeem them for a gift card for a higher value! Whether you want to give a gift card as a gift, or simply want to do some shopping for yourself and earn higher rewards than you often can with cashback apps, apps that pay you in gift cards can be the perfect option. It does not matter if you are an Android or iOS user, there's most likely an app that will help you earn free gift cards every day of the week. Have you tried any of these apps before? What was your experience?3. Why are there more free apps on Android than iOS, where in iOS they have more paid apps and more demo versions of apps?It's mostly because the requirements to get an app up on Google Play are WAY less stringent than Apple. About 3/4 of my apps that I had running on Google Play were rejected by Apple simply because "there was not enough interactivity".So, I had to add some...Also, Google is not so critical about the interface. For the most part, you can do whatever you want. It's recommended that you follow Google's best practices for UI. But it's more of a guideline than a rule. With Apple, they will reject your app if it does not look enough "like and iPhone app".Just those two things alone mean that a whole helluva lot more apps will show up on Google Play than the Apple Store
Do Led Lights Have That Blue Glow?
You can buy LEDs with a warm white cast, but you have to specifically look for them. A company called Luxeon makes some LEDs that will suit this purpose. A standard white LED is a blue LED substrate with a white phosphor coating (like a high intensity bike light or flashlight). The result is a light that's quite cool, around 5200K.1. Where can I buy cheap battery opperated LED lights on a string?Your best and cheapest bet is to search the christmas department at Wallyworld. I found some that run off two C cell batteries and do several flash patterns. I do not know what the price was, ( $5 ?).2. Do i need any kind of resistor/fuse to run 12v LED lights on car battery?No, they are already in there. Any additional resistance you put in will only dim the light output, and it would have to dissipate a fair amount of power at 2 amps to do much dimming3. what 12v source do i hook my speaker box's LED lights to that will let them turn off when the car does?Ive suggested this in the previous. Earth Hour is stupid. Why might I care approximately earth for below one hour????? I consistently turn off all extra desirable lighting fixtures and electronics. Earth Hour is stupid, Earth week or something may well be extra desirable. After earth hour ppl are like "OMIGOSH im this style of superb person!! Ive stored soo plenty enegy now i will waste all i want". ITS UR EARTH PPL shield IT. Its not something particular if u cared approximately earth for a million hour4. How do I power LED lights for my car?They need to be connected to an ignition power source so they will turn off when the car is off. You are going to forget to flip the switch sooner or later. The last thing you want is a dead battery when you least expect it, because of some stupid lights. Where you find that ignition source is going to vary depending on the vehicle you have. Imports generally have ignition power at the cig lighters. Domestics do not.5. Could I put LED lights on a real ficus tree and not harm it?it is one of the most hardy trees around it loves it when you plant it in your yard so it can get into your sewer and main water supply, plus undermineing the sidewalks and drive ways,plus takeing all watering to your grass and plants, kill it, its a trash plant, and is not very nice to your skin6. Need to wire up LED lights for project. Please help!?Depends how many. Easiest way is to put a 220R resistor in series with each LED. Wire the lot in parallel and run it off a 5V supply. Make sure you get the LEDs the right way around. If you look at the inside through the plastic the - is the flat bit at the bottom and the top bit is the . LEDs usually have different length wires to tell you which is /- but it's worth doing the visual check just in case7. Stuff about under-car led lights?i do not know. but just please do not do it if your car has a value under $520008. how would i isntall a 12v strip of led lights in my car?You will run one wire from the battery, and the other wire would be for grounding, aka attaching it to metal. As for mounting it on ur car, im at a loss9. Does LED lights have any effect on fish tank plants?led lights wont hav any effects on ur tank plants just dont brighten them enough let them stay a bit dim10. Where can you get LED lights professionally installed?Led lights for what area in or on the vehicle ?? Check with the laws in your State regarding illumination of the vehicle, whether inside or outside - their are restrictions as to the kind of lighting a vehicle can have ( and if legal, then do a Google search for light installations in your area )11. Is it legal to have blue led lights on the bottom of a motorcycle?Not in Michigan or any other state that I am aware of
Star Wars: the Force Awakens Collectors Edition Blu Ray
"There has been an awakening…have you felt it?" Supreme Leader Snoke: Star Wars The Force AwakensThe Rogue Resistance Review:The arrival of a new Star Wars movie on Blu Ray high definition is a special event, one that takes precedence on the pages of every fans calendar but when one mentions the phrase collector's edition it divides opinions.The slogan conjures up images of a "cash cow" that has simply been released by the studio to collect another bounty of revenue from the poor fans whom get little in the way of true value for money in return.With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu Ray, we were treated to an edition that offered a plethora of amazing features ranging from creature effects to deleted scenes but, within weeks of it hitting the shelves, news broke of an embarrassment of unreleased additional content that had be omitted from the set. The reaction to the news was certainly mixed, especially when Disney announced that a future edition was set to be released, one that would offer an overabundance of wonderful content designed to send the fans into a rapture of delight.And so, when the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Collector's Edition arrived upon our shelves I was elated to find exactly what was promised upon the three discs provided by the studio and the fun starts as soon as you remove the sealed wrapping.First off let's address the packaging which in my opinion is absolutely stunning. The set is presented inside a black faux leather rubberised slip case that resembles a book more than a Blu Ray cover and gives us the impression of something far more special than a standard run of the mill Blu Ray. My only gripe is the overall size of the case itself which towers above the Complete Saga Boxset making it look slightly out of place once absorbed into the Blu Ray collection. A little cunning rearrangement will easily settle this minor detraction and will not spoil the overall brilliance of the set. Onto the discs themselves…The first disc of the set offers us the multi-million-dollar movie in a glorious 3D presentation designed to delight the fans like never before.The set's second disc offers us the movie in a standard two-dimensional format akin to the original release earlier in the year however, the sets true value lies within the content stored upon the special features third disc. Comparable to the Ark of the Covenant, once opened the set comes to life in a way the original collection never could and offers us a fantastical insight into the aspects of the behind the scenes story. Giving us branching special features like: All new Deleted Scenes, Sounds of the Resistance, Foley: A Sonic Tale, Dressing The Galaxy, Inside The Armoury, Force For Change, The Story Awakens: The Table Read, Building BB-8, Crafting Creatures, ILM: The Visual Magic Of The Force, John Williams: The Seventh Symphony, Blueprint Of A Battle: The Snow Fight, A Conversation With Daisy Ridley and John Boyega and finally Secrets Of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey, this set was cloned for a purpose.From the moment the disc loads, we are invited to join J.J Abrams on the set of our beloved seventh episode and get the inside scoop on the filming of what became a triumph for Disney around the globe. But is this additional disc worth the retail price you ask?In a word…yes!The all new disc is a triumph, a simply stunning entry into the Star Wars Blu Ray fraternity that will undoubtedly grace your Blu Ray player for years to come. The Cinematic Journey is worth the retail price alone, the behind the scenes type featurette is separated into four episodes that detail the four quarters of the movies filming and truly takes you to the galaxy far, far away…The journey takes us to the casting process of newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley and follows them as they prepare themselves to step onto the set opposite the likes of Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. Not only does this feature take you from beginning to end of the movies production with J. J Abrams, but it provides us with the inside scoop from the actor's perspective with a series of interviews from the majority of the movies sublime cast.The elegant Daisy Ridley shares her amazing story with us before the likes of Adam Driver, John Boyega, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and even Harrison Ford offer a glimpse into the truth behind their characters amazing scenes. The Harrison Ford interview is one of profound significance, not only does he share his personal thoughts about returning to a Star Wars universe but even offers us the reasoning behind his character's epic demise at the hands of Kylo Ren. The Seventh Symphony feature is also a joy to watch. Being a fly on the wall for John Williams' masterful scoring sessions, we are invited to behold a rare opportunity and watch the master at work as he formulates his new entry into the annals of the Star Wars musical journey.The expanded deleted scenes are a welcome addition to the set giving us an in depth look into the sequences that were left on the cutting room floor. From Chewbacca's encounter with Unkarr Plutt at Maz's Takodana cantina to the First Order's invasion of the tunnels beneath, we are treated to a host of scenes that could have easily been reintroduced to the final cut and thusly making the finished film an even bigger success.The Crafting Creatures segment is another welcome addition that follows Star Wars legends Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davis and Peter Mayhew as they return to a Star Wars set to bring their characters to life once again. Accentuating the disc further is the Inside the Armoury featurette that takes an inside look into the weapons of the movie. From Han Solo's classic DL-44 Blaster Pistol to the redesigned Bow Caster belonging to the mighty Wookiee Chewbacca, this stunning segment is a remarkable insight into the weapons from A New Hope brought back to their glory after almost thirty years.If you are a fan of the lovable new droid BB-8, then look no further than the Building BB-8 featurette. The amazing segment takes us to the droid factory at Lucasfilm for the design process of the beloved droid and follows his construction until he rolls across the floor of the set ready to start filming. There is far more content on this disc to traverse in a single review and I am apprehensive to elaborate further in fear of spoiling the magic of the set for you but, needless to say and as a true Star Wars fan, I have fallen in love with this set. The features have brought me closer to the franchise like never before and have helped me embrace some of the decision making behind certain aspects of the movie I believed dubious at the time of release.From a Star Wars fans perspective, it would be an act of treason against the Empire not to own this set. The hours of entertainment it provides beyond the movie itself is reason alone to add it to your collection alongside your lonely Complete Saga Collection. So do not be a Tusken Raider, do not leave those lonely Blu Ray set's alone on the cold store shelves, get out there and buy your copy today…You will not regret it.And as always…May The Force Be With You…Like this post? Please help us out by hitting the ❤️ button below.Do all blu ray movies come with dvds?No they do not only certain ones do
How to Control Motion Sensor Alarm with Bluetooth
Step 1: materials requiredThe materials required for the project are as follows:1(image-1)-Arduino Uno/Duemilanove arduino arduino UnoDF robot or other similar to image LCD protective cover2 (image-2) - LCD shield3 (image-3) - hc-05 Bluetooth module Bluetooth module4 (Figure 4) - PIR motion sensor5 (Fig. 5) - 6-pin button6 (Figure 6) - bread board7 (Figure 7) - jumper, male to male jumper and female to male jumper8 (Figure 8) - light emitting diode (LED)9 (Figure 9) - water pump (other improvements of the project)10-10k resistor11 - container used as project suitcase12 (image10) - pie Zo buzzerThe cost of the project is less than 1200 rupees or $20Step 2: Test LCD shieldJust fix the LCD shield on the Arduino, as shown in the figure, that is, the LCD pin is parallel to the Arduino pin.Now upload the code.Step 3: Test PIR sensorPyroelectric ("passive") infrared sensor: '"what is a PIR sensor?'" PIR sensors allow you to sense motion and are almost always used to detect whether a human has moved into or out of the sensor range. They are small, cheap, low power consumption, easy to use and will not wear. Therefore, they are usually found in appliances and gadgets used in homes or businesses. They are commonly referred to as PIR, "passive infrared", "pyroelectric" or "IR motion" sensors. PIR is basically made of a pyroelectric sensor (you can see a circular metal can above with a rectangular crystal in the center), which can detect the level of infrared radiation. Everything emits some low levels of radiation, and the hotter things are, the more radiation they emit. In fact, the sensor in the motion detector is divided into two parts. The reason for this is that we want to detect motion (change) rather than average IR levels. Connect the two halves so that they offset each other. If half of the infrared radiation is more or less than the infrared radiation on the other side, the output will swing up and down. Next to the pyroelectric sensor is a pile of support circuits, resistors and capacitors. It seems that most small amateur sensors use BISS0001 ("micro power PIR Motion Detector IC"), which is undoubtedly a very cheap chip. The chip receives the output of the sensor and performs some small processing to send digital output pulses from the analog sensor. PIR sensors are great for many basic items or products that need to detect when personnel leave or enter or approach the area. They have low power consumption, low cost, ruggedness, wide lens range and easy interface. Please note that PIR will not tell you how many people are around or how close they are to the sensor. The lens is usually fixed in a certain range and distance (although it can be cut to death somewhere), and sometimes it will be detonated by the house. Pets.camera lensPIR sensors are quite versatile, and most of them differ only in price and sensitivity. Most real magic happens in optics. This is a very good manufacturing idea: PIR sensors and circuits are fixed and cost a few dollars. The lens costs only a few cents and can easily change the width, range and sensing mode. In the above figure, the lens is just a piece of plastic, but this means that the detection area has only two rectangles. Usually, we want a larger detection area. To do this, we use a simple lens (such as the lens found in the camera): they gather large areas (such as scenery) into small areas (on film or CCD sensors). For reasons that will soon be understood, we hope to make the PIR lens small and thin and can be formed with cheap plastic, although it may increase deformation. Therefore, the sensor is actually a Fresnel lens (see figure below). Sure, so now we have a wider range. However, please remember that we actually have two sensors. More importantly, we don't want to have two very large sensing area rectangles, but to disperse multiple small areas. Therefore, what we need to do is to divide the lens into multiple parts, and each part is a Fresnel lens. Different facets and sub lenses create a series of staggered detection areas. This is why the lens centers on the upper facet are "inconsistent" - pointing to the other half of the PIR sensing element.Read PIR sensorUpload code, mentioned below:Step 4: establish a connectionPower input:Internal input: connect to the power input of the Arduino card through batteries (6 batteries, 1.5V each) or 9V batteries.External input: input to 2.1mm through external transformer (9V, 1a) or mini USB input to Arduino card through USB cable.Arduino (top: left to right):GND LED / S (GND), speaker (GND).Digital 13 LED / S (VCC).Number 12 - button (right foot).Digital 11 speaker (VCC).Numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4-lcd keyboard guard (D10, D9, D8, D7, D6, D5, D4).Digital 2-pir sensor (out). Digital 1 (TX) - Bluetooth module (RXD).Digital 0 (Rx) - Bluetooth module (TXD).Arduino (bottom: left to right):Reset - LCD keyboard guard (RST).5V Bluetooth module (VCC), PIR sensor (VCC), LCD keyboard cover (5V), button (with 10K resistor between 5V and middle leg)GND Bluetooth module (GND), PIR sensor (GND), LCD keyboard guard (GND), button (left foot).Gnd-9v connector (-). Vin-9v connector (switch between VIN and ).Note-you should use the built-in power pin (usually with USB cable or charger) to power Arduino. To get better results, especially in this project.Step 5: make LED surfaceConnect the LED above the image.Step 6: establish connection with water pumpTo operate the pump, simply install the pipe together with the motor in the inlet and outlet extension pipe, and connect the inlet pipe to the water source containing water.The pump is an improvement of the project, so as soon as the PIR sensor detects movement or intruder, the pump will start to absorb water and inject water into the intruder with turbulent force or flow.Note-you should connect the nozzle to a small cross-section to allow water to flow out of the pump with turbulent force.Step 7: upload codeDownload and run the Arduino software from the link provided below:http://arduino.cc/en/main/software1。 Download the u.ino file that exists on this page (this is your final Arduino code).2。 Download the zip file, stopwatchclass and liquidcrystal display3。 Extract these files into the Library folder in the Arduino software location (as shown).4。 For more information about these libraries, see the following links:http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/StopWatchClasshttp://arduino.cc/en/Reference/LiquidCrystal5。 Select development board: Tools - development board - Arduino UNO.6。 For other boards, see more information about Serial1 connections (to avoid compatibility issues): http://arduino.cc/zh/reference/serialVerify the code and upload it to Arduino.Step 8: receive messages on Android smartphonesDownload the Arduino Bluetooth control application via broxcode from the link below:Arduino Bluetooth control applicationhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=com 。..。To connect to an Android smartphone:1。 Open the project.2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.3。 Open the application, and then click terminal window.4。 To connect to hc-05, type 1234 or 0000 if a connection password is required.5 open the terminal in the application.6。 Congratulations, you have completed the project.Step 9: organize thingsNow package the project in a container to make it look good.If you want to program Arduino mega, then change all sequences in the code to Serial1.
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3D measurement scanning service descriptionWhen users need to control the quality of their own production, improve the design, or 3D print the designed objects before making samples, or oil mud modeling to form a comparable point cloud data triangle (. ASC;. STL), high-precision portable laser 3D scanning is the basis to ensure the smooth progress of users' work. For any development or production, it is necessary to conduct 3D measurement on the surface of the real object and obtain point cloud data, such as 3C product plastic parts, automobile sludge, sheet metal, mold, gypsum model, etc. the users with the above requirements can entrust us to provide professional 3D scanning services for customers. The service items include:
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