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Do You Wish Your Eyes Doubled As Flashlights?

Would you still be able to see when you are using the flashlight feature?

Do You Wish Your Eyes Doubled As Flashlights? 1

1. Do flashlights hurt cat's eyes?

"Do flashlights hurt cat's eyes?"Actually far worse for a puddy, since their eyes are far more sensitive to light than hoomans. They have 6-8 times more rods in their eyes to see better in low light.They also have a layer of cells, tapetum lucidum, under the retina that reflects light back again to maximize the amount that reaches the optic sensors. This layer is what makes their eyes glow green with light flash. Some cats, like many Siamese do not have a tapetum, so their eyes flash red like humans, who also do not have it."A cat's eyes glow thanks to its tapetum lucidum. . .. A large number of animals have the tapetum lucidum, including deer, dogs, cats, cattle, horses and ferrets. Humans do not , and neither do some other primates. Squirrels, kangaroos and pigs do not have the tapeta, either. "Why Do Animals' Eyes Glow In The Dark?Feline Vision: How Cats See the WorldDo flashlights hurt cat's eyes?

2. Red Flashlights & The Military.............??

Take a red covered lens flashlight and a regular flash light. Turn them both on at night and set them on the ground. Walk away until you cannot see one of the flashlights. I bet it's the red lens one that you can not see first. It puts out less light to the naked eye

Do You Wish Your Eyes Doubled As Flashlights? 2

3. What should I bring to weekend girl scout camp ?

Hot dogs, cookies, marshmallows, shorts, swimsuits, hiking socks, denim, flashlights, towels, t shirts, soap, shampoo, activity book, lighters, pens, pillows, blankets, first aid kit

4. Firefighters question- Flashlights on helmet with faceshield?

Any light source has to be positioned so it does not shine through the face shield. It can be above it, beside it, under it, but it can not shine on the inside of the shield or your just get glare from the reflection. I see lights inside helmets so often in movies and on TV that I have to laugh. It simply does not work.

5. Does anyone know about tactical flashlights?

Sure Fire Scout. Press and hold for light. Press twice, light stays on. Press three times and it strobes.

6. Where to buy Fenix flashlights in Singapore?

You can buy it online

7. Why are Infrared filters for flashlights that filter everything but IR light not good with led flashlights?

It depends on the camera, generally you can though

8. Pregnant mare was bagging up yesterday, now she isn't?

I have seen this in maiden mares. You did not say how far into her gestation period she is. I actually have an older mare who is ALWAYS bagged up, whether she is pregnant or not if there is any foal on our premises!. It does not do anything to cause her discomfort, my vet is not concerned. My youngest mare when a maiden mare did the same thing you are describing, but not until she was 2/3 of the way through her gestation cycle. As far as birthing and raising foals; I have found that generally mares pretty much do all the work, with little help from us! In fact, I have only caught one foaling in progress, even when monitoring with cameras. I have also found, that the gestation period can vary greatly, and that if stressed, a mare can actually stop her labor! When I was just starting out, and had my first foal (actually my mare did) I got so excited, when I thought she was about to foal, that both my husband and I went out with flashlights and my digital camera, and video camera. To her, it was like a night thick with predators, and lightening! She just stopped! My friend, who knew what was going on just laughed. I learned never to make a big production around birthing horses. It can actually make them stop their own labor! In fact, a horse can extend its gestation period to nearly 12 months on occasions. This comes from the horse being a prey animal. In the wild, if they sense there is danger around, they stop their labor until it is safe. I would say, if she has bagged up at all, she probably "took" when she was in with the stallion. I would have a veterinarian come out and verify that she is with foal, and give you an estimation of how far along in gestation she is. It is always a good idea to get a vet to take a look at a maiden mare, or any mare for that matter that we think is in foal. I had one occasion that we lost a foal. I would have never known, had I not had the vet out about three weeks after she was bred. We never found the foal. I imagine that predators took off with it rather quickly, as there are coyotes in our area, along with dogs, and some smallish wildcats. We found (via the vet) that there was a specific tree in our pasture that was loaded with a parasite/worm that actually caused her to abort when she ingested the grass around the tree and took in the parasite along with the grass. Only a vet can tell you if there are special precautions you need to take in your situation such as this. I certainly never would have guessed that a worm/parasite falling from a tree could cause an abortion. It is much better to be safe, than sorry when dealing with a pregnant mare, especially a maiden mare.

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