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Can You Use a Cotton Ball to Apply Foundation?

I do not think it would work very well. But whatever you do, do not use your fingers unless you throughly wash your hands first. Using your hands to apply face makeup gets bacteria onto your face which can cause pimples and can make you sick. You can go to your local dollar store or 99 cent store and buy a bag of sponges, or you can save your money for a foundation brush(: Hope I helped!

Can You Use a Cotton Ball to Apply Foundation? 1

1. Why is there a cotton ball in bottles of medicine?

To prevent the pills from rattling & getting broken in transit

2. Should I attempt to clean my cat's ears with a cotton ball?

You can. I use q-tips but you have to be very careful and not allow the cat to move its head when cleaning the ears. If you have little experience, a slightly moistened cotton ball will work. If your cat's ears are really dirty (black looking) it probably has ear mites and needs to be treated by your vet first.

Can You Use a Cotton Ball to Apply Foundation? 2

3. Can you eat with a cotton ball in your mouth?

ingesting non foodstuff products is a ailment called %., or this may be seen a sort of anerirexia. besides i am able to purely think of that it will do a selection on your intestines and probably be a breeding floor for micro organism if it gets caught someplace. it might desire to dam you up and view to have surgury. the final thank you to shed extra pounds is to consume many small and healthful food an afternoon mixed with workout. My mom is a diatician and he or she says to video exhibit out for all those diets obtainable that sound too sturdy to be real becuase they probable are. To shed extra pounds you opt for something you may safeguard. I advise are you going to consume cotton balls for something of your life? i do no longer think of so. additionally consume a severe fiber foodstuff plan, this is going to save you complete longer, so which you will no longer crave foodstuff, and drink various water. sturdy luck.

4. Which came first the cotton or the ball?

Um, God, This is a hard one.. i would have to say.. the cotton... no the ball... no no.. the cotton!

5. How can I get my hair to stay straight?

i have ringlets. spend an hour straightening it and walk outside and POOF cotton ball! then i discovered KMS anti-humidity seal spray. the most ***amazing** hair product ive ever used! it costs about $12 a bottle but it lasts for months because you dont need alot. you spray it on just like you would a hair spray when you are all done with your finished style. if you have a lot of hair spray it on section by section ( stay 6-8 inches away). it doesnt make you greasy and it honestly does work great! Im not sure where you live but if there is a supercuts near by they sell it there. if not im sure any salon would have it or look online.

6. How can I get a q-tip cotton ball out of my ear?

try a hair grip the round end acts like a sort of hook

7. What do you use a cotton ball for?

I glue some to the back of my pants and pretend it's my bunny tail

8. Can you use a cotton ball as a tampon?

when I would sleep sometimes when I was young and we did not have tampons back then (we had pads) I would just use a folded up wash cloth. We also used to wear plastic pants over our underwear so it would not come thru onto our clothes. So use the wash cloth till you can get to the store in a couple of hours. Bring the wash cloth back and wash it out so you can use it again in the future

9. is a cotton ball harder than a marble?

i dont get why people are bein so mean on this q. i would say a marble is harder

10. Would you RATHER be a KLEENEX or a COTTON BALL?

a cotton ball. i would ponder then which pill bottle I might top off

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