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Can You Screw Up in Life and still End Up Being a Success?

Most people who are truly successful are not so due to a lack of mistakes, but rather a lack of the wisdom to learn from them. You should not forget your past, but you should not dwell on it either, It has been said that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. This usually applies to history in general but applies well to you specifically. Remember the price that you paid for those mistakes so that you will be sure not to do the same things again. You are at a great time in your life to set a course for success, so find something that you are passionate about, incorporate that passion into your long term plan and set some goals to achieve

Can You Screw Up in Life and still End Up Being a Success? 1

1. How do you fill screw holes when removing shower doors.?

You can also use tooth paste, let it dry and paint over it. If you do not have any of the other stuff

2. How did Obama manage to screw things up worse than Bush?

We tried to tell you then. But no! Racis' racis' racis'. Oh racis'. Racis' racis' racis'

Can You Screw Up in Life and still End Up Being a Success? 2

3. What kind of tool do you use to screw yourself.....?

DeWalt does it for me everytime

4. Did I screw up my Car engine entirely? Need some help?

To me, the not gross, but funny smell ,was hot antifeeze mix dripping out of the heater core, that has rusted out underneath the dash on the right hand side

5. Do you know of any good sites for learning about twin screw compressors in detail?

This Online book has good information

6. Grabit Screw Extractor- quality and availability in other brands?

Buy the Craftsman set... Good luck...

7. Buy or Sell: Vince will "screw" Cena this Sunday, leading to Punk re-signing with the WWE?

At this point? I am buying. That would be an incredible way to get CM Punk over as a true, blue-chip main event star heel. He's one of those guys who is certainly above the middle of the card, but has been dying on the vine a bit in recent months. He's obviously very talented and he's been given a multitude of opportunities to succeed, but for whatever reason he has not quite knocked it out of the park. After those last few promos by Punk, if he unites with Vince McMahon and screws over John Cena for the WWE Championship...that would be a great way to cement him the top heel in the company. After everything he said about the direction of the WWE, how it's not a good company like everyone think it is and is led to believe it is, if he sells that all down the river for the title and a lucrative new contract, think of how the crowd would react to him. Even though Punk has been the despicable heel for years now, even regular fans really bought into the things he's been saying the last few weeks. How often does that happen with anyone? To go the completely opposite way, to sell out his beliefs for money and gold, it would be like The Rock turning on Mick Foley back in 1998 at the WWE Championship tournament to side with Vince. Major heat would ensue.

8. What exactly did George W. Bush do to screw up the economy?

1. Massive spending in sectors that produce the least return for the US economy (ie nation building abroad. A complete neglect of infrastructure needs in our own country. 2. Redirection of government spending away from those with the highest propensity to spend and lowest propensity to import (ie the poor). Bush slashed things such as special needs education funding, child care. 3. Tax cuts concentrated on those with the lowest propensity to spend and the highest propensity to import (ie the rich). The theory went they would invest this money in the US economy - the reality was they did not . Growth in Gross Domestic Private Investment from 2001-2005 was amongst the lowest in recent decades - and from 2006 to 2008 was negative. 4. Neglect for his own regulatory boards - financial sector regulators saw their funding slashed by the Bush administration - and regulators complained about outright hostility from the White House to them doing their jobs. 5. Bush actively pushed the Home Ownership Society that drove the sub-prime bubble build up. That is an understandable mistake - and quite possibly well intentioned - but he then had the nerve to try and blame it on Democrats (which you evidently have fallen for - how are Dodd/Frank to blame for events that happened under a Republican congress and a Republican House and Senate? 6. Yes deficits were smaller then - but you should not be running deficits at all during an expansion. Bush inherited the largest budget surplus in history and blew it in a single year. Deficits are unavoidable during a contraction - but you are supposed to pay them off with surpluses during the expansion. Bush had the opportunity to do that but instead gave massive tax cuts for the rich to spend on investment in the emerging economies that created no jobs in the US, and in nation building and settling old scores in the middle East. Yes - he has been out of office for 4 years - but to believe that the impact of the worst economic contraction in 80 years is automatically reversed as soon as we have a new President is pretty silly.

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Fix Loose Bridge Saddle Screw
Fix loose bridge saddle screwLoctite might help. You pour a little bit on the thread (having undone it a bit 1st so that when you do the screw up again, the loctite is pulled into the thread) and is prevents things vibrating loose. People use it on cars and models a lot.Loctite HomepageThread locking sectionIt allows you to undo the thread if you need to though. You can feel that it's locked up, then as you undo the nut/screw etc you feel it ping as it lets go (normally quite easily)I would advise trying a snmall amount at first - just enough to get the thread a bit wet. You do not what it locked to thight that you can not adjust anything !You can buy it in most DIY shops or motor spares shops— — — — — —How can I fix this problem?When it happened to me I managed to get the post to hold by stuffing the hole tight with match sticks with the head torn off, then replacing the screw. I also wrapped a layer of writing paper around the screw thread. Unfortunately, it was not a permanent solution but it held for a few months.— — — — — —Unclear answer. How do I unscrew if I don't know the screw position?If you can not find the slot, then get a screw extractor which has a barb type bit which will grab the metal of the screw and remove it. Otherwise, righty tighty, lefty loosy.— — — — — —If you have a very tight screw and you apply heat to it, will it make it tighter or more loose?If you have a very tight screw and you apply heat to it, will it make it tighter or more loose?It depends.If it's a normal metal screw in a normal tapped hole, then it is tight because it's been torqued to some value. The action of the inclined planes of the thread convert that applied torque into stretch of the screw. The axial force that goes along with that causes friction, which prevents the screw from unscrewing, so the screw continues to apply the axial force that holds the parts in place. With this normal application of a screw, if you could magically heat just the screw, then the screw would expand and the increase in length would reduce the axial force. The radius of the screw would also increase, but for a normal screw in a normal tapped hole, there is radial clearance, so there would not be any binding due to the increase in radius. The net result is that the screw would get looser. HOWEVER.It is not easy to warm up just the screw. It is firmly pressed against the metal it is screwed into. Suppose you have a steel screw screwed into a tapped hole in a block of aluminum. Whatever heat you apply will end up heating up the aluminum as well as the steel screw. Aluminum expands more than steel when heated, so heating them up will cause the screw to get tighter. Effectively the aluminum will expand in the axial direction more than the screw, so it will stretch the screw even further. This is despite the fact that the hole also gets larger in diameter. The net result is that the screw would get tighter. You might be able to get the screw to loosen by cooling the joint instead.If the steel screw were screwed into a block of titanium, then you'd have to reverse the above. Steel expands more than titanium when heated. Of course, there are things like nylon screws. That will expand faster than metal and that will tend to loosen the axial load assuming you've sized the screw and hole correctly.The above was all for a normal screw in a normal hole. If for some reason the screw is oversize or the hole is undersized, then most of the torque will go into grinding the threads against each other. There won't be much axial force. Now, if you heat the screw, when it expands it will increase the radial forces and that will make the screw tighter. Cooling would make it looser. But this is for a non-standard case where you've really buggered up the threads. Think 10-32 screw forced into an 8-32 hole. I'm not sure that is even possible to do, mind you.Later: There have been a lot of comments about 'stuck" screws. Let me emphasize what I already said. The above was all for a normal screw in a normal hole.I'm talking about a screw that is tight, not one that is stuck. It could be tight because someone torqued it to a high level. That does not mean it is stuck. I'm not talking about a screw that is corroded and stuck. I'm not talking about a screw that is misthreaded. I'm not talking about a screw that has been forced into a hole that is too small. I'm only talking about a screw that is tightened a lot. The question asks about 'tighter or looser." It doesn't say anything about 'stuck. " I realize that many people who have read this question have interpreted 'tight" to mean 'stuck." When I read the question, I did not read it that way.If you have a very tight screw and you apply heat to it, will it make it tighter or more loose?.
Did I Just Screw My Girlfriends Gift Up?
No, you did not screw up. I have the same problem with my boyfriend and we've been together for 2 years and 5 months. He lives 1000 miles away, about, and EVERY TIME we see eachother, I've over ridden with guilt because he's always the one who is paying for the gas money to come see me or his mom paid for the plane tickets for me to go down there. And EVERY TIME I get the feeling that I need to do something for him because he does SO MUCH for me. Yeah, I bet she LOVES the necklace. But you've been together for 2 months, and she probably feels like she's a burden that you spent so much on her. That's how I feel every time my bf does something sweet, and I have a hard time accepting even just a small little stuffed animal from him. (I made him understand that buying me anything at all would only result in me being upset and he's stopped buying me crap, but even so I adore every time he thinks to get me something or send me a letter.)1. Okay so I have size 14 gauge stuck in my ear that you screw the back onto and I cant unscrew it what do I do?Try and get someone else to do it for you. I've had it happen to me. My stepdad had to get it undone2. What do you think Bush's biggest screw up was?I cant think of any, maybe katrina management3. In a live orchestra concert, what are some potential mistakes or screw-ups that musicians are afraid of?Let's turn to the first concert I couducted in, shall we?The orchestra were fine in the rehearsal, about an hour beforehand. We broke for lunch. So far, so good. I am really scared at the this point.The concert starts, and eventually 'Hall of the Mountain King' rolls around, the piece I am conducting. Everything starts fine, but then the bassons need to be cued. Which I did very clearly and precisely...A bar early. To thier credit, thier common sense kicked in, and they thought 'Ah. A conductor's first performance. Obviously a nervous screw-up. We will wait a bar'.And promptly stumbled in two beats early. Thanks(!) This throws the entire peice into chaos, and 30 seconds later, we are all a clear bar out. Ouch. This is what we are afraid of. Luckily, the first violins did come in in the right place, and everything went smoothly from there. Phew.Not a great first performance. On the upside, I felt fine the next time k conducted, becuause I knew it could not get any worse4. Dems, how many times does Obama have to screw up?I would not vote Republican if you lit my toes on fire. I would never associate myself with a group so filled with greed, anger, hate, bigotry and fear5. What if I say screw the world and every existence on the planet?Do you need a friend6. How can i get out a rusty, rounded/stripped bleeder screw on my car?if you cant get it with a really small pair of vice grips you may have to replace the cylinder or caliper ,what ever one your working on,usually those do not give any problems as far as rust getting on them,do not use heat,it will ruin what ever your working on,good luck with it7. why do the handles of screw driver often made of plastic or rubber?Older screwdrivers used wood. Cheaper to make the handle from a non-metal, and plastic molding is so simple that it is common for this purpose. it is an added benefit that the handle provides insulation against heat and electrical shock, but the primary purpose is to have a cheap and easily prepared handle for actually using the tool. Some tools are especially manufactured to have insulating ability, but your general off the shelf item just has that ability as a bonus from an easy manufacturing process.8. what are the advantages/disadvantages of hydraulic jacks and caliper screw jacks??hydraulic jacks can lift heavier loads using less force...caliper screw jack can do the same9. State Farm is trying to screw me on a claim, what can I do?if they take you to court you will have to pay it anyway. ask them to get and show you at least 3 estimates, (they dont have to do this), it is your fault you didnt have ins., and they are to be made whole
How to Remove a Stripped Screw Head
How to Remove a Stripped Screw HeadIt happens to even the best DIYer: the simple process of removing a screw becomes a struggle when the screw refuses to budge and the head of the screw becomes stripped. But not all is lost. Let's look at some ideas you can try to remove that stripped screw. Use the Right Screwdriver First, double-check that the screwdriver bit you are using is the correct size and type for the troublesome screw. Using a bit that is too small or too large can increase the possibility of stripping the screw even more, especially if the screw is made of a softer metal. And obviously, do not mix and match bit types and head types - using a Phillips bit on a square head is just asking for problems. Before getting too complicated, try some simple fixes first. With your properly-fitting bit, apply a fair amount of pressure inwards towards the stuck screw as you slowly attempt to unscrew it. Sometimes this gentle but firm pressure combined with the unscrewing motion is enough to get stuck screws moving again. Sometimes you can get a stuck stripped screw to move by simply adding a bit of material between the screw head and your bit. The rubber from a rubber band can potentially work well for this. Cover the head of the stripped screw with the rubber and then insert your screwdriver bit directly into the screw head. This can sometimes add enough friction between the screw head and the bit to get the screw turning again. Another option is to try removing the screw using locking pliers. This only works if the head of the screw is already above the surface of the object you are working on; if the head is still flush with the surface, the pliers wo not have anything to get a grip on. But if the screw was already partly freed before it stripped, it can sometimes work to grab onto it with locking pliers and use the pliers to unscrew the screw. If the screw head is just too damaged for removal, then the serious DIYer can potentially create a new way to grip the screw by modifying the metal on the head with power tools or by purchasing a screw extractor. Heating the screw is another possibility. Always take care when working with tools and think safety first.— — — — — —How can I drill out a screw with no head?The link in John Daltonu2019s answer has a lot of good suggestions. You donu2019t mention whether this is a wood screw or a machine screw.If it is a wood screw, when you try to drill it out your drill bit will try to wander off the center of the broken screw. To avoid this, use a center drill in a drill press to start the hole. Then switch to a twist drill to finish drill out your screw. Center drills have beefy shafts with smaller tips so they wo not flex and jump off the broken screw. A drill press with the work piece securely clamped to its table will resist sideways movement.If it is a machine screw try a screw extractor. This requires drilling a small hole into the broken screw and the using the extractor with a tap wrench. The extractor is very hard, strong, tapered and its flutes have a reverse twist. As you turn it into the hole counter clockwise it grabs the screw and (hopefully) backs it out. Use some penetrating oil and let it soak in before you attempt this. Because the extractor is so hard it it brittle and can snap suddenly breaking off in the hole. Then you have even more trouble since the extractor is as hard as a drill bit and canu2019t easily be drilled.Good luck! As a teen I broke a tap off in a hole in my caru2019s engine head. That was a puzzle!How can I drill out a screw with no head?— — — — — —Screw head shapesPan head A low disc with a rounded, high outer edge with large surface area Button or dome head Cylindrical with a rounded top Round head A dome-shaped head used for decoration. Mushroom or Truss head Lower-profile dome designed to prevent tampering Countersunk or flat head Conical, with flat outer face and tapering inner face allowing it to sink into the material. The angle of the screw is measured as the full angle of the cone. Oval or raised head A decorative screw head with a countersunk bottom and rounded top. Also known as "raised countersunk" (UK) Bugle head Similar to countersunk, but there is a smooth progression from the shank to the angle of the head, similar to the bell of a bugle Cheese head Disc with cylindrical outer edge, height approximately half the head diameter Fillister head Cylindrical, but with a slightly convex top surface. Height to diameter ratio is larger than cheese head. This eliminates the need for a flat washer.Some varieties of screw are manufactured with a break-away head, which snaps off when adequate torque is applied. This prevents tampering and also provides an easily inspectable joint to guarantee proper assembly. An example of this is the shear bolts used on vehicle steering columns, to secure the ignition switch.
Are These Fine Examples of Bush's 'No Child Left Behind' Results?
Pretty funny question. The liberals are always blasting conservatives for putting their children into private schools And as is her custom, Jesi gave you a much better answer than you deserved.• Related QuestionsWhat is the name of the corner joint with grooves on this chair?While the corner brace is pretty common in chairs I've never seen what appears to be a 'finger' joint incorporated with it. But that is the best I can guess, a finger joint for the brace------Are whales a macroevolution?There is no such thing as microevolution or macroevolution. There is only evolution - ongoing change. And yes, whales are a result of evolutionary change, just like every other organism alive today.------So is this is an example of how Romney will save this country's economy?liar--THE DOCUMENTATION SHOWS THAT ERIC HOLDER AND BARRACK OBAMA WERE DIRECTLY REPSONSIBLE FOR THE NON-UNION WORKERS LOSING THEIR PENSION. Sorry--the employees were screwed first then Romeny bought the place. YOU ARE A LIBERAL LIAR------Are my symptoms a classic example of a bi-polar disorder? Please fill out the symptoms list like I did. thanks?A list of symptoms is great for a textbook and horrible for a diagnosis of a real person. Seriously, see a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist for a consultation if you have concerns------Why is pride one of the 7 cardinal sins?The Biblical definition of pride is "An inordinate self-esteem; an unreasonable feeling of superiority as to one's talents, beauty, wealth, and rank; disdainful behavior or treatment; insolence or arrogance of demeanor; haughty bearing------What is an example of turning a problem into an opportunity?A country which has a problem due to strong currency such as Japan, will turn it into opportunity through increasing investment in foreign countries. It will be cheaper to buy foreign companies and take over them------What part of 'You're Fired, Now Get Lost' is too hard for Jimmy Carter to understand?it is called freedom. It is some thing we enjoy in the united state of America.You should read about It. Any citizen can do and think what he or she wants to without government interference------Why can't any of the therapists help me?You may need to see a psychiatrist to find out whats wrong, or even talk with your parents a little more and tell them how you feel about u not feeling that the doctors are working------Is this a good example of screwing someone over?If people are co-owners, then I doubt that one owner can sell it all without getting signatures from the other owner. If that was done with forged signatures, then that would be a good example------Pressing Enter in comment box unexpectedly submits formThis goes against the Principle Of Least surprise. Can anyone point to another textarea in the wild in which hitting Enter has the same effect?!Much later: so much for user input------Root access that can't change root password?I don't know it will be practically feasible but here is one dirty hack:I know, there are lot of plus-minus things you have to consider to achieve this.After all, it's a dirty hack------Hanging pictures/mirrors to drywalls without leaving big holesyou can use a monkey hook. they work really well for items that are heavy. just use multiple hooks for heavier ------Raw output (preventing wpautop)Try to modify your shortcode function to output your form - I mean insert your form html to $output varible of your code:And than just add form to your content------What is Obama's game of monopoly ? Taxes?its what the Democrats have done since the days of FDR they have done their very best to create a government run monopoly and legalize extortion in the form of taxation------Another example of liberal intrusion into our daily lives? While I think these businesses take advantage of?The businesses do exploit their customers. But the government crackdown probably comes as much from the fact that they take market share away from banks as from any real desire to protect consumers------Is Freedom just another word for getting screwed?Fight the power!! Listen, Our freedoms are regulated for our saftey and well being. Yes you and I may not agree with these regulations but there are plausible reason for these regulations.------I hate women. And this is an example of why?women are psycho. shes probably jealous of you hitting on her friend. get rid of these people and dont ever talk to them again if they're going to be verbally abusive------Looking around, I'm amazed at the sheer number of people here who don't have the first damn clue about?Speaking of not having a handle on the language, did you know that swearing and cursing are used by uneducated people as a crutch for not having the vocabulary necessary to express themselves intelligently?------What is the best way to raise my gpa after years of screwing up?Transfer to a community college and receive an AA then transfer back to a school that has an AA program that does not carry over your old GPA. Did this with CCBC/Towson university. Your gpa resets itself------Free Marketeers: How should the Free Market deal with the widespread Mislabeling of Fish & Seafood?This is another example of how biz screws consumer for profits. Who will test or find this stuff without government? They were substituting flounder with catfish. Free markets can not govern themselves------Can the Government run a business/Industry better than the private sector?Absolutely not. Anybody that says the military has not heard about the wasteful spending in Iraq. We bought supplies and equipment that didn't work properly and paid for bad electric lines and water pipes------I plan to bring ten rolls of Kodak T-max 400. Will the airport x-ray screw up the film?Possibly. There are special bags that can be bought to protect film, however airline security may want to see inside them. Talk to the staff before hand, there maybe nothing to worry about------How important is sexual compatibility to you?physical mental and sexual compatibility are all equally important- dont underestimate mental compatibility-just like sexual incompatibility it can frustrate you-here you are analysing and reading between the lines and there he is looking blank------How to disable Google translating the search query language?There are two ways you can do this:Use Google Advanced Search to specify the language.Add a language parameter to your search query. For Russian, the parameter is &lrlang_ru.------Anyone get the impression that there are a lot of idiots asking questions just to hear answers they like?yeah i agree like the person who keeps entering the question do not click here how many times does this site let you keep asking the same dumb question it really is annoying me how about you?------Are any of you yahooers prepared to join my campaign to force Americans to speak our language proper??Since Americans saved your white British behind in World War II, we get to speak our language however we want. And you can speak your bloody language however you want, you arrogant British snob------Is anyone bothered by the fact that both Mccain and Palin are academic zeros?Only everyone except the neocons. They're so dumb that they don't want someone really intellectual and brilliant in office because it makes them feel bad about themselves. They're not intelligent so they're jealous of everyone who is------Is this an example of the kind of reform McCain will bring to Washington? ?and if Obama had actually DONE ANYTHING we might have some ammo to look at his reform measures. All Obama seems to have done is reform himself to dupe half of America------Microsoft Publisher 2013 change Language (or other properties) for multiple elements at onceI wrote a crude macro to do this:If you replace "21514" (Spanish (United States)) with the code for another language, you should be fine. Just run it from the VBA editor (AltF11)------Religions that practice sexual repression, are they creating the sexual deviants of society?Most religious organisations prefer you to practice celibacy. It all is a matter of self control for the individual and not a dictum for religions. We all have the freedom to choose what is right and wrong.------How do I determine the size of a machined brass screw?Virtually all the big box home supply stores have a thread gauges mounted in the hardware section where they have the screws and bolts. Its simple to use them to match the broken one------Now that the GDP contracted by .001%, how much longer with Republicans wait until the next one?Did Bush ever have a quarter where the economy contracted? What was the average unemployment when Bush was in office? Did Bush ever try to get authority to unilaterally drone strike U.S. citizens without trial?------Another question about that screw driver?That is a torx protection screw with a stud..You can purchase at such a lot hardware shops that experience a well software provide..I understand harbour freight incorporates them. .however besides this can be a protection screw------ATX Motherboard installation help?in the case their should be pins you screw into it that the motherboard goes onto and screw into the screw things should be inside a bag that came with your case------Should the federal government be given more money and power over more of the economy?i am for gradually increasing state powers and taxation authority and a retreat of the bloated federal government to foreign affairs, international trade issues, defense, central banking, and overall economic policies------Why does the liberal way of thinking not make much sense?Its true. I think these Keynesian theory ideas have actually been programed into the minds of most of our presidents. Neither Democrats or Republicans have learned to let the free market and the price system work------How come 50% of marriages end in divorce?Because people have the delusion that a little piece of paper issued by the government will make their relationship with this other person so much better. When they realize that's all BS they divorce------I need examples of old hondas with new or rebuilt drive trains so i dont get screwed by liberty mutual?Insurance providers do not appraise the value of any vehicle based on any mechanic upgrades or resent servicing or maintenance. This is industry standard. All insurance carriers base any payouts purely on current market value------Exporting Linux shares to Linux clients with no per-share group authentication and no permission issuesIt sounds like you are looking for NFS user-id mapping, to be found in NFS v4 with per-user mounts. Don't share the mount between users, each get's their own mounted as their user with squash------Should I use ECB or CBC encryption mode for my block cipher?ECB is not secure, it leaks information. CBC is better. But if you need random access to your file Use CTR mode.For more information about Block cipher modes of operation see the Wikipedia article------True or false: Some Pit Bulls and other breeds ARE monsters?well im against cross breeding i only like original breeds if there were no cross breeding pittbulls probably wont even exist. cuz pit bull is not an original breed, they are an abomination.------Why is it that hollywood can have children act out sex scenes but children get charged for sexting?The difference is in the context, one is art, the other child abuse. Art is protected under the freedom of speech, child abuse even if done by the person being abused is not protected under any circumstances------What are the different types of horror violence?i think you answered the types of violence yourself. the difference between violence and gore is gore is blood and insides and violence is the act of slicing someone open to expose all the gorey stuff------How does the legislative branch relfect the needs and opinions of the people?It's only possible by maintaining limits of power, otherwise the minority ends up compromising their values or way of life, at the discretion of the majority--which is not the purpose of a constitutional republic------Do you think that celebrities having babies out of wedlock is sending the wrong message to our kids?What does celebrity have to do with our children we need to instill all we can in our own children lead good lives so our children can follow in our footsteps . Celebrities are not gods------Cons, can you give me an example of how Obama has ruined our nation?You are missing the big picture, he has continued the proven failures of his predecessors. He can be faulted for wrecking the country for this reason. The hope and change campaign was pure Bolshoi.------Do we need to change the definition of evolution?the definition you read is wrong because word evolution is defined asageneration of diversity and shaping the diversity by environmental selection. so the definition of evolution is correct and need not to be revised------Network port mounting bracket/boxThis type is a little deeper than the example that you gave and might accommodate having a couple of holes drilled in one side and then driving screws through them into a stud------How do I positively acknowledge a mistake I made to my manager? duplicateProvided you have the time to explain, follow the following method for explaining the mistake positively. I have detailed this with examples. If you can think up a good acronym for this that may be helpful!------Why do people buy insurance even if they have the means to overcome the loss?But why do rich people do it too? Because they've got "deep pockets", and thus tend to get sued more frequently and for larger amounts.Therefore they need more insurance than "regular people"------Aren't Michigan and California great examples of the end result of Liberal policies?Just remember that California has the 7th largest economy in the world, even with the recession and our excess tax dollars go to help fund the 3rd world state that you probably live in------Is this an example of "Change You Can Believe in"?I think that hard-working Americans should have all of their money taken from them, and given to people who need it more. Wealth should be based on need, not on accomplishments------Does Yahoo Answers suck? And why? What does it say about democracy?You solicit personal opinions which are a violation for chat. The others require knowledge in that particular field. If there is already a great answer posted then most users will ignore the question.------Are two toggle buttons better than a tri-state switch?If you do not mind hiding the available options at first glance, you can also use a combo instead of radio buttons that could save you some column width.download bmml source Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups------Is the movie The Sound of Music evil?I agree. A nun is hardly the right person to be trusted with the care of kids. Thier disregard for the proper athorities and fleeing from the law of the land are bad examples for youngsters------Has feminism simply become a supporting arm of the Democratic party?someone has to be. The republican party hype machine owns Fox news and every am radio show host. they attack obama at every chance and cry like a little girl anytime someone attacks a republican------How to selectively import and export content between 2 Drupal websites?No code solution:Use Feeds to import the data. But first, you'll need to create a CSV of your data. You can use Views Data Export.Now that you have a CSV, simply import using feeds.
How to Remove Screws From Helmet?
Use a Gerber or Leatherman to hold the screw steady on one side and on the inside use the screw to unscrew the washer it should have ridges on it to fit a screwdriver into— — — — — —How old is the Phillips Screw?Henry F. Phillips invented both the screw and the driver that bear his name. The Oregon businessman patented two versions of a fastening device for cross head screws in 1934 and 1936. Phillips intended the screw for use with automatic screwdrivers and marketed it for mass-production industries such as auto manufacturing. Edit: Hey that dude copied my answer.— — — — — —The Screw won't Come out of my Lacrosse stick!?You do not need to buy a new stick. Get an electric drill, a drill bit that's just a little smaller than the head of the screw and drill the screw. It will eventually come loose. Next, get a new screw and drill a new hole in your shaft on the other side or the bottom of the shaft. Make sure the new screw you use is slightly bigger than the new hole you drill in the shaft. problem solved.— — — — — —How can you remove a completely stripped screw without a screw extractor?If you insist on removing the screw, you have 2 choices: 1) unscrew it 2) destroy it where it sits If there is nothing on the surface for you to "grab" than you must go after the shaft. I suggest a left-handed drill bit. It will either drill through the shaft or cause it to spin out. Either way, you win. No, it's not an imaginary tool. Sizes to the nearest 1/16th are out there.— — — — — —Ball Screw DivisionTIC is the only domestic manufacturer in Korea (as of 2011) with the technological capability to produce high-precision ball screws from the level of C7 up to C3. The company built a technological affiliation in year 2003 and started an OEM relationship in year 2008 with the Koyo Machinery (a company of the JTEKT Corporation) of Japan and has continued business relationships ever since.— — — — — —having trouble removing DSi screws?Get an old screwdriver insert it into the screw give the screwdriver a few good hard taps with a hammer spray with WD40 leave for as long as possible then try to release screw— — — — — —What are the best type of nails or screws for plywood?Buy some packages of cup hooks. These are small C-shaped hooks that come in brass, white or black in several sizes and they have a screw attached to them. You can usually press them hard against the wood and twist them and the screw will drive into the wood. If it is still too hard to screw them in by hand, get yourself a rotary hand drill at the hardware store with a small bit (1/8 inch) -- you can usually buy one for under $10.— — — — — —Screw going round in hole?not the right size screw or the screw driver is not fitting in the screw hole— — — — — —how to install a side mirrow on a 2001chevy silverrado 150?At the front of the side window just above the door panel is a cover. Look for a screw holding it in position and remove the screw if there. Slide the cover up and off and you should see the mounting bolts, 3 of them, for the mirror. I think you can figure it out from there— — — — — —How do you remove a stripped screw?dude use some good vicegrips and pull on it really hard while you turn it. or do it the redneck way and cut ur license plate where the screw is.and you can use wire cutters for that— — — — — —When using Fix-a-Flat, should I remove the screw in my tire?Fix-a-flat is suppose to get you to home or the nearest tire repair shop. If you can drive the car without using it would be best. If it is leaking bad, leave the screw in it and fill it with fix-a-flat and take it to the shop.— — — — — —Screw capA screw cap or closure is a common type of closure for bottles, jars, and tubes— — — — — —How can I remove a stuck screw that will still turn?I would just use a piece of ABC (Already Been Chewed) gum to pull the screw out, does it for me every time
Stud Finding for Window Curtains  What Does It Mean That the Whole Side of the Window Frame Is Magne
There's metal corner bead under the finished surface. It will be more difficult to screw into than drywall alone. Put the screw more than an inch away from the corner and you should be fine. As a renter, just make sure you remove the curtain and patch and paint the holes you made when you need to leave• Related QuestionsIn languages that don't allow underscores in integer constants, is it a good practice to create a constant for 1 billion?Do not create a constant for your big literals. You would need a constant for each such literal, which is (in my opinion) a complete joke. If you desperately need to make your literals clearer without the help of things like syntax highlighting, you could (though I would not) create functions or macros to make your life "easier":.------Firefox intermittently tries to download/open a PHP page rather than it execute on the serverIf PHP is configured properly in Apache and the client is functioning properly, the PHP script may not be specifying the proper MIME type for the content output. The Content-type often has to be printed for the browser to understand how to handle the data.What is the content of the file that Firefox is attempting to download?.------What happens if a wizard uses Command Undead to command an undead to keep fighting even though it has been Turned by a Cleric?There is plenty of opportunity as a moderator to add your own rule for this kind of situation as long as its fun for everyone. Perhaps a spell check between the wizard and cleric to determine which holds more power over the creature to gain control or maybe the conflicting commands cause the creature to suffer damage, etc------Is it possible to pay US Income tax, without paying state income tax?With the new law US citizens have have to pay taxes on any worldwide income. Whether you will need to pay state taxes depends on whether you are still considered a legal resident of that state. As far as paying taxes in Mexico if you have a visa there you will need to check with the Mexican government.------Is it okay for a dog's cold and sneezing to last for more than a week?Your first words say it all "I bought a dog from a pet shop". Take it back and get your full refund. I have never met anyone that didn't end up with a sick dog they bought from the pet store, any pet store. I have heard they buy all their pets from puppy mills.------Does the monero-powpy miner check if it has a new job?The stratum miner processes any jobs sent to it. Although the stratum miner is one file, it is actually two processes: Line 88 (which is in the 1st process) has q.put(job), which puts a received job in a queue and line 111 (which is the 2nd process), has job q.get(), which consumes a job and mines it.------SLD filter -it is possible to write a unique filter that would filter values that contains substering NEWIt sounds like you need a PropertyIsLike filter rather than a PropertyIsEqualsTo filter - this would allow you to write a filter like:PropertyIsLike can only handle basic regexp with simple wildcards, single wildcard and escape characters. If you need a more expressive pattern then you could use the isLike function which takes a full Java regexp pattern------What is fusel alcohol, and does it cause hangovers?Yeast produce higher alcohol during fermentation as side product of metabolic pathway from certain amino acid i.e. Leucine, valine, serine etc. The fusel oil produced in fermented wash depends on the number of factors such as yeast strain used, nitrogen content and temperature. Fusel oil gives the pungent taste. It is less vita tile than the ethanol------How to tell colleague nicely that it is not fine to make jokes about my team mates?How would you handle this situation properly?Do nothing unless it happens again, in which case tell him then and there that it's out of line.Currently you have nothing much to complain about, nothing that warrants you confronting a person from another department over which you have no control about a joke he made a week ago------Static executable weird behaviour when running it in older FreeBSDFreeBSD 12 had serious ABI change called "ino64". IIRC, libc can handle that when linked dynamically, so I'd try that first. If that doesn't work, your only option is to compile on FreeBSD 8.Generally, you shouldn't expect binary compiled on X major release to work on X-1 release. But it works other way around by installing misc/compatXX packages------What is causing my Intel 7260 bluetooth device to disconnect when I unblock it with rfkill?The same problem occurs with my Lenovo T440s. I do not have a solution at this point in time, but it looks like we are affected by a kernel bug (a discussion of it can be found here).Addingto /etc/rc.local seems to help a bit, but the connection to my bluetooth mouse is still unstable.------What does social tool mean in this text? Is it an idiom?It's a figurative tool. Tools are something you can use to accomplish something you want to do. If I have a screwdriver, I can use it to tighten a screw.Playing piano was something he could use (figuratively) in order to be social. He was able to meet people "he would otherwise scarcely have known" using this tool------Keeping my Aussie outside, is it wrong?Me,There is nothing wrong with keeping your Aussie outside, as long as he has water and shelter from the weather, he is cool. Your doing all the right things, feeding him, watering him, interacting with him etc. I see no problem that. I hope that I have been of some help to you and your Aussie.Everett------Is it possible to enable http compression for requests?This is NOT allowed. According to the HTTP specification (RFC 2616), Content-Encoding is NOT one of the possible request header fields, therefore it is not possible to compress the request entity body as there is no legal way to let the server know this has occurred. Any compression of the request body is done only as a non-standard extension------Is it possible to use services that provide their own pid, like dnsmasq, to use with upstart?You can use the Upstart job and shell scripts in this repository:restart dnsmasq without tearing down the bridge, simply use the restart command (do not use stop then start, that will tear down the bridge).Note that you will need to migrate your configs from /etc/default/lxc-net to /etc/lxc-net.------Should I insulate a garage when converting it to a workshop?My only concern would be if the projects would suffer, if you can handle the extremes. For example, gluing up wood and the glue freezes, or in the summer, applying a clear finish and sweating onto the work. Sanding is made difficult while sweating onto the project, it will make for a really bad finish job... Done that.------I have a Ball Python Shedding... How do I speed it up?My python loved having a bathing bowl to help it shed. It actually stayed in the bowl for hours. They will always be a little sensitive around this time because they are vulnerable. I wouldn't help peel it unless it was absolutely necessary. Give it time, increase the humidity and keep monitoring it. It should be fine------Which library/framework did you ditch as being too complex for the problem it is solving? closedASP.NET WebForms - Although as .NET web developer it's been my bread and butter for a long time, since I started using the MVC framework (and coming from a PHP / Smarty Template environment) -- you realize that sometimes there are just better ways to do web development and the abstraction that it uses is overkill and leaky------FTP Server - Do you really need it? closedNo, you don't. If you're set up for ssh connections which, given this is a VPS...Use SCP and ditch insecure connections. FTP for anonymous transfers might be fine, but for website maintenance, something with a little security is a better bet. You connect by SSH and transfer the files securely.One Windows client for this is WinSCP.------when clicking an item on the taskbar it is always selected no aero peekIt might just be your video card is not enough to handle Aero. If you're video card is lesser than the requirements, even if you enable Aero, it won't work. At the bottom of this page has requirements to use Aero, check if yours is within reach for Aero to function.------How do i properly install ubuntu on a pc with ubuntu already on it?Well, I can tell you from my personal experience, Lubuntu is WAY easier to handle, a lot smoother and a lot faster in comparison to Ubuntu. It's also more similar to Windows, so you won't have much problems maneuvering. Also, how about you try making a Live CD/DVD and booting from that? It's usually a faster option.------Is it possible to set more than one motion tracking point in After Affects CS6 at the same timeIt is possible to set more than one motion tracking marker on a piece of video in AE.It totally depends what you're trying to accomplish - whether it is 2D or 3D tracking, whether you need to track rotation and scale, or only position.There's a video tutorial here explaining how to set up 2D motion tracking:.------Is it possible to use wget for copying files in my own system?It would probably make more sense to use rsync instead. For example:The -P or --partial flag prevents incomplete files from being deleted if there is an interruption. If you run the same command again, any incomplete transfer will be resumed.This way, no need to bother with a local web server, which you would need for wget------Can I take text which is in a csv and make it the name of the csv fileYou could use cut to select the exact column you need, then you could use date (for instance, in combination with sed) to set the filename.Put this in a loop to go through all your files and you're done.To help you on the way:This will select the date, now it's your turn to transform it.------Is it better to use MAE or MSE for perfomance measure? duplicateThis really depends on what is the aim of your model; some idea is to cut your decision into 10-15 equally-sized classes and make a boxplot of error and absolute value of error; this will give you a nice insight in how the error is distributed and which overall measure handles this better, like this (on mock-up data):------Is it better to serve a django site using nginx apache or nginx tornado?A great solution to serve Django (or other WSGI apps) actually is Nginx Gunicorn. So far, this setup works very well, and the Gunicorn software is a recent one with a very good reception by the Python and Django community. You should try it.I'm currently using supervisord to handle my gunicorn processes but other solutions are possible.------Changed default mail client, but Spotlight still opens Mail.App; how to change it?The best way I've found to set any default app is with RCDefaultApp - freeware - old but still works in Yosemite.It installs as a Control Panel item called Default Apps; you can then set many defaults - simplest are the 'Internet' ones, first tab - dial in your preferred app from the drop menu.e.g.------Is it okay to leave early if my boss does?Short answer: Your boss leaving early has no impact on when you should leave. What time does your boss arrive in the morning? What time do you arrive in the morning? Is he there before you, or after you? Work your hours, do what you are being paid to do and don't worry what time your boss leaves------How can we best customize our price-shopping close reason, and clarify how to use it?To me price-shopping is just a subset of shopping. I would rather just call it shopping.If you click he link in the reason to close the guidelines are pretty clear to me. Shopping is a better summary word in my opinion.Mods does the site have the option to change that? Does this come down from above?------Mouse wheel scrolls when it shouldn't in Windows 7I had the same issue with my mouse (also with a button to toggle spin/ratchet mode). In my case, it was the mechanism that handled the ratchet mode wearing out. I was able to fix it a few times by taking apart the mouse and fiddling with the wheel. Eventually I had to buy a new mouse.------My Black Lab smells really bad. We wash him and it makes no difference! Please Help!?I suggest you visit with the vet. There can be many causes for this. For example, my dog had a bloody tumor which caused him to smell. It can also be diet related. It never hurts to take your pet to the vet and have them checked out. Better a small vet bill than to lose your pet.------should singleton be life-time available or should it be destroyable?Whatever floats your boat.If you need to destroy it (maybe to reclaim memory or maybe it has state that's no longer valid) you should do that.If it holds state that's inconvenient to recreate on demand, you should keep it around.If you have no particular reason to destroy it I think you should keep it around.------Is it safe to screw #14 screws into the bottom of Center Support Beam?This will be absolutely fine. People put screws into beams all the time. The fibers that run along the beam will barely be broken by this. (Notches out of the beam interrupt the fibers, which makes them another story altogether.)You might want to predrill with a small (like 1/8") drill bit to make your life a little easier
What Is the Best Way to Repair a Door Jamb When the Hinge Screw Holes Have Been Stripped?
You either move the hinge, or pack the hole with toothpicks and Elmer's wood glue. Third option is to get the next size larger screw1. I feel like the biggest screw-up of a son. What do I do?first off, do not put too much stress on either of you. you both have already been through so much. do not put yourself down. you made a mistake and had a breaking point. but now you have learned from your mistake. your dad probably just does not know how to handle it. you feel as if you have failed him, & im sure he feels he has failed you. you guys may need some counseling. as a family you guys will be able to talk. & if you do not want counseling just let them know you want to talk to them. explain to them how you did it, what you felt, & why you wont do it again.2. Screw the Jim Thome home run. Ryan Gayburn just hit one too! That's even rarer!---->?LOL..how many does Raburn have? All milestones are big! BQ: Of course not, his father played in the NFL!3. Why do only 30% of voters say they would screw up and vote for Obama again?According to your poll, 64 % could vote for Obama. A landslide! Obama in 2012. BTW, the GOP says "government can not create jobs-only the private sector." Then they blame Obama for not creating jobs. The GOP = hypocrites and partisans, not patriots.4. How common are screw jacks under houses? Do I need to replace them? If so, does anyone have an estimated cost?Expect to replace the entire service entrance. $800-$20005. Why did substituting water for milk screw up my recipe?Okay? Last time I answered a question like this I got thumbs down? But I will try again? Milk add a creamy texture to casseroles and baked goods and also milk has fat. Fat is what makes food taste good. Evaporated milk is concentrated milk and makes food velvety and creamy. Water in baked goods disappears making the muffins dry. Milk makes muffins less dry because it does not disappear like water does. You can also try applesauce if you are ever out of milk? And the muffins wont tastes like applesauce either! I have used applesauce in chocolate brownies and you can not taste the applesauce at all.6. How many genius does it take to screw in a light bulb.?25 if their as stupid as someone who would ask a question or 200 yr old joke like this7. Screw head snapped off while fixing my Moen kitchen faucet, how can I get it out?A broken screw that small is going to a little hard to deal with.....determine the id of the hole (not the od of the screw) use a slow turning drill (Batt. powered) ...And try to drill thru the screw...If you do get the hole drilled out...Retap the hole and put a new screw in...If you do not have the tools to try this . ..Get a new cartridge.8. How to get a broken torx bit out of a bleed screw?Depending on how stuck it is you may be able to pull it out with super-glue on the end of a stick. Use a "helping hands" tool to hold it while it sets9. What color wires go with each screw on my thermostat?Typically it is Red to R White to W Do not remove the jumper between RH and RC Green to G which should be the fan of the furnace and the Blue Should be B10. How can I re-attach cabinet door when screw pulled out?Go to Home Depot or Lowes. They can help you. You might have to put a small piece of wood and some glue in the hole. Make sure the distructive friends are not invited to any more parties11. is it wrong to put bags over girls heads and screw them?do the ONION! PULL UP HER DRESS OVER HER HEAD AND TIE IN A KNOT!Put a flag over her face and do it for old glory12. A close friend is about to screw me over. what do i do?Have a talk with your friend and tell him what you think about it. If he's your true friend he will respect your wishes
Trying to Remove an Emtek Door Handle/lock but Can't. Removed the Obvious Screws but Cant Remove the
Emtek Door Handles1. What would be good to use to protect my fridge door handle from striking my counter top when it opens?specific, I used to maintain a thick bathmat top there because of the fact it became into only the suited length and frequently saved the glass bottles rom breaking. Now I only attempt to no longer overload the front of the refrigerator cabinets (yet a tabasco bottle broke the day gone by, attempt cleansing that up!)2. My dad took my door handle off what should I do?Im sure there is more to this story, a one time accidental locking of a door does not warrant him taking it off. I would try with an open mind look at what has happened in the past and try to work with your dad to build a better relationship. There is a book called "yes your teen is crazy" i suggest you and your dad read it, I will bring some insight to why teenagers do what they do, its a very good book.3. Does your clothing always get caught on the door handle or dining chair?not always..but dresses i like or do not want to tear will surely tear4. How do I fix a broken door handle on a truck?Depending what part of the country your from & the type of vehicle you own try e-mailing this place maybe they can help you. IIclassictruck.com5. What would be good to use to protect my fridge door handle from striking my counter top when it opens?on the top of your door, you will see where you can put the hinges on the other side...........do it!6. Why is a door handle on an opposite edge to the hinges?For maximum leverage (torque) to overcome the force of the atmospheric pressure acting upon the large area of the door, thus displacing the air as it is opened (or closed)7. How to I Break into my car?Well first you may be able to affordably get key made. if you have original dealership purchase paperwork among the car loan vehicle description ect will be a key replacement form and have the number. and your local dealership may be able to get on internet and get code. thats what i did for my 96 chevy cavalier cost $6. other wise have you been trying to open with door handle or snag keys from ignition? is it electronic locks have a fob? maybe you can poke the button. before breaking a window or actually damaging your door seal try your dealership for rekeying.8. I got locked in the freezer at work, because the inside door handle was broken, can I sue?This got here approximately to me basically 2 weeks in the past, purely i became unlocking my vehicle door and the lock became frozen, so i attempted jiggling the main, shifting returned and forth attempting to loosen the ice up, did not artwork so I utilized slightly greater stress and snap. I additionally had slightly (perhaps a million/sixty 4") uncovered, yet not likely adequate to snatch with tweezers, hemostats, or needle nostril. So. i attempted rapid-drying adhesives, yet not large glue. i attempted a pair situations even though it became chilly exterior and the glue was not curing rapid adequate, i presumed i became gonna finally end up gluing the broken key into the lock. So, I grabbed so heat soapy water and a enamel brush from the residing house, and sat available and scrubbed off each and all the glue that i could desire to verify or get to. I went interior to get heat for a at the same time as. perhaps 2 hrs. I went returned exterior to objective the tweezers returned. lo and behold earlier I even have been given to my vehicle door I seen the broken key protruding some million/4". I yanked it appropriate out with the needle nostril. What got here approximately? The water that I used to scrub the glue off iced over interior the lock and pushed broken key out. What success! Now this might artwork in case you reside able with chilly temps. otherwise i could have been given get some extractors (do not wreck those off on your lock) or call a locksmith.
HCDE 451 // A1 Process Blog: Electric Screwdriver
PromptFor the A1 prototype, I was tasked with designing a handheld electric screwdriver with a variable speed control and digital display allows you to auto-select screwdriver shape and size. The requirements are as follows:variable speed control you decide the mechanism/interaction and whether it is fluid or distinct settingsscrew-driver selection mechanism (either digital or non-digital your choice) allows you to automatically select and switch between either Phillips or flathead shape and five different sizes of each shape (for 10 total screwhead choices)screw-driver direction selection mechanism (non-digital) to either screw in or unscrewdigital readout (monochromatic, non-touch sensitive) of number of screws screwed and screws unscrewed for tracking your progress as a handypersoncan be used right or left-handedproduct dimensions are a minimum of 6 inches long and must be able to contain a rechargeable batteryDesignOXO is a brand well-known for their easy-to-hold kitchen utensils and office supplies. Originally designing for people with arthritis, the founders of OXO aim to create products that are usable for anyone using their tools. With this in mind, I began to sketch the various screwdriver features. I thought of the various ways I could create affordances for the different parts: twists, buttons, knobs, wheels, digital displays, etc. I took into consideration the approximate size of about 56 inches and chose to place most of the features at the top of the screwdriver in such a way that the user would be able to hold it and view all their settings at the same time. I knew I wanted to incorporate a rubber grip and a circumference that would make the product easy to hold, so it was just a matter of choosing which affordances to select for the various features.PrototypeI decided that the features on the screwdriver would have to be consistent. Using too many different affordances (twists, buttons, etc. ) could be confusing. I chose to focus on a twist-based selector for the screwhead and size selectors. This was space-efficient and fit easily above the main part of the grip. I put in a small display towards the bottom of the handle, and placed the battery compartment at the base. The on/off buttons on the main part of the handle where it would be easily reachable.This prototype was built primarily out of cardboard from the Comotion Makerspace at the University of Washington. After cutting sheets of cardboard into rectangles, I was able to cover them in construction paper and roll them up to create a round handle and the twist-selection features of the top of the screwdriver. I drew icons on dot stickers and used them as labels for the settings on the screwdriver.Usability Testing at Home and in ClassI first tested the prototype with my sister, asking her to change various settings and pretend to screw things into a bookshelf. A usability test video clip of my sister could be found here. I was also able to gather feedback during a critique session in class where I was able to demonstrate and test my prototype with 11 different people. They wrote down their comments and suggestions on sticky notes.Findings and AnalysisAfter testing the prototype with a total of 12 people, the general consensus for what went well are as follows:Users appreciate the visibility of the various options on the screwdriverThe consideration to detail and placement was something users enjoyed and found made the prototype easier to understandAfter a quick demonstration of how to use the screwdriver, users found it intuitive and easy to understandHowever, it was clear that some parts needed improvement:The fragility of the prototyping materials made users hesitant to twist and turn parts of it with the fear that they may break it (as seen in the video above where my sister was reluctant to twist the top part of the grip)Some users found the icons confusing, and the labeling overall could be improved (such as changing speed settings 1, 2, 3 to slow, medium, fastA tapered tip could help guide the user to where they were screwing in the bitsI found that the overall design was effective, but it required minor tweaks to improve the clarity of what particular parts of the screwdriver do. With my limited type of materials, users found it difficult to determine which parts they could press: one user asked, Are the round icons digital or just labels?If I were able to create a second iteration of this prototype, I would consider using more varied materials, perhaps using shinier materials for buttons that clearly distinguish those affordances from other parts of the screwdriver
Problems of Phased Array Ground Penetrating Radar Detection System
Although GPR has been widely used in hydrology, engineering, environment and other fields, many basic theoretical and technical problems have not been fundamentally solved, so the real advantages of GPR have not been brought into full play.The main problems existing in GPR technology include:1) The detection depth is shallow, and the contradiction between detection depth and resolution cannot be overcome. Increasing detection depth means sacrificing detection resolution;2) Multiple spread and other clutter jamming are serious, and there has been no good elimination method, which exists in radars at home and abroad;3) The influence of medium unevenness is great and can not be eliminated, resulting in difficulty in obtaining necessary velocity data;4) The data collection method of single sending and single receiving can provide limited information for post-processing and interpretation.The above problems are fatal defects for GPR. Although many geophysicists, electromagnetic experts and geophysical workers have done a lot of research and improvement on radar antenna design, signal processing and underground target imaging, these works are only partial modifications to the existing GPR system. In order to develop GPR technology, we must update our ideas and solve the problems from the fundamental principle.In view of this situation, experts proposed to develop a new GPR system - phased array GPR detection system in 1999.The basic research idea is to replace the current monopole radar antenna with the phased array radar antenna by using the relatively mature military phased array radar technology. Its purpose is to gather the electromagnetic wave into a narrow beam to transmit underground (or detection object) through the phased array technology, and receive the radar echo signal reflected by the target by using the multi-channel acquisition technology, The advanced data processing is carried out, and finally the three-dimensional image of the internal structure of the detection object is given.Development prospect of ground penetrating radar technologyIt is worth noting that at present, similar products have appeared in the market, such as RIS antenna array series of a company, but these products simply combine multiple monopole antennas into array antennas, which is essentially different from the idea of phased array ground penetrating radar.Because the phased array radar converges the electromagnetic wave into a narrow beam by controlling the phase delay of each channel, the energy is concentrated and the wave front diffusion is small. Therefore, the detection depth of the phased array radar is much larger under the condition of the same frequency and transmission power; On the contrary, under the same detection depth, phased array radar can improve the transmission power, so its resolution is much higher than the existing radar. In addition, since the spherical wave transmission is changed to beam transmission, the influence of medium heterogeneity is much smaller.Secondly, the phased array radar works in a continuous scanning mode and can scan in multiple directions. Therefore, the amount of information is much larger than that of the existing ground penetrating radar. For some special detection work, such as the quality detection of embankment cut-off wall, its role is unmatched by the existing ground penetrating radar (monopole antenna radar can not detect the joints, forks and other defects of embankment cut-off wall at all).Because phased array radar is a multi-channel received signal, multi-channel superposition can be carried out, just like the multiple coverage technology of reflection seismic exploration. Therefore, multiple interference can be greatly eliminated, which is difficult for existing radars. The antenna of high frequency (600mhz-1ghz) phased array ground penetrating radar can be made smaller, and its advantages are unmatched by the existing ground penetrating radar in shallow detection.At present, the system prototype has been completed. The carrier free pulse working system with center frequency of 900MHz is adopted, and the transmitting and receiving antennas are separated. 16 (4 × 4) Transmit channel forming, beam aggregation and scanning 16 (4) × 4) The channel receives the echo, and the optional scanning angles are - 36 °, - 24 °, - 12 °, 0 °, 12 °, 24 ° and 36 °.The software part of the system has rich data processing functions. The main conventional processing includes filtering, gain adjustment, static and dynamic correction, deconvolution, complex signal analysis, time-frequency analysis, etc., and multi-channel data processing, such as velocity analysis, superposition technology, coherence analysis technology, array signal processing, etc. And weak signal extraction, target automatic recognition and inversion interpretation under various clutter interference. A large number of field experiments on concrete detection in Yichang Three Gorges dam are carried out. The experimental results show that the spotlight scanning function of phased array radar has been realized, the penetration depth is greater than 1.5m and the resolution is higher than that of ordinary radar.Editing: hfy
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