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Can You Screw Up in Life and still End Up Being a Success?

Most people who are truly successful are not so due to a lack of mistakes, but rather a lack of the wisdom to learn from them. You should not forget your past, but you should not dwell on it either, It has been said that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. This usually applies to history in general but applies well to you specifically. Remember the price that you paid for those mistakes so that you will be sure not to do the same things again. You are at a great time in your life to set a course for success, so find something that you are passionate about, incorporate that passion into your long term plan and set some goals to achieve

Can You Screw Up in Life and still End Up Being a Success? 1

1. How do you fill screw holes when removing shower doors.?

You can also use tooth paste, let it dry and paint over it. If you do not have any of the other stuff

2. How did Obama manage to screw things up worse than Bush?

We tried to tell you then. But no! Racis' racis' racis'. Oh racis'. Racis' racis' racis'

Can You Screw Up in Life and still End Up Being a Success? 2

3. What kind of tool do you use to screw yourself.....?

DeWalt does it for me everytime

4. Did I screw up my Car engine entirely? Need some help?

To me, the not gross, but funny smell ,was hot antifeeze mix dripping out of the heater core, that has rusted out underneath the dash on the right hand side

5. Do you know of any good sites for learning about twin screw compressors in detail?

This Online book has good information

6. Grabit Screw Extractor- quality and availability in other brands?

Buy the Craftsman set... Good luck...

7. Buy or Sell: Vince will "screw" Cena this Sunday, leading to Punk re-signing with the WWE?

At this point? I am buying. That would be an incredible way to get CM Punk over as a true, blue-chip main event star heel. He's one of those guys who is certainly above the middle of the card, but has been dying on the vine a bit in recent months. He's obviously very talented and he's been given a multitude of opportunities to succeed, but for whatever reason he has not quite knocked it out of the park. After those last few promos by Punk, if he unites with Vince McMahon and screws over John Cena for the WWE Championship...that would be a great way to cement him the top heel in the company. After everything he said about the direction of the WWE, how it's not a good company like everyone think it is and is led to believe it is, if he sells that all down the river for the title and a lucrative new contract, think of how the crowd would react to him. Even though Punk has been the despicable heel for years now, even regular fans really bought into the things he's been saying the last few weeks. How often does that happen with anyone? To go the completely opposite way, to sell out his beliefs for money and gold, it would be like The Rock turning on Mick Foley back in 1998 at the WWE Championship tournament to side with Vince. Major heat would ensue.

8. What exactly did George W. Bush do to screw up the economy?

1. Massive spending in sectors that produce the least return for the US economy (ie nation building abroad. A complete neglect of infrastructure needs in our own country. 2. Redirection of government spending away from those with the highest propensity to spend and lowest propensity to import (ie the poor). Bush slashed things such as special needs education funding, child care. 3. Tax cuts concentrated on those with the lowest propensity to spend and the highest propensity to import (ie the rich). The theory went they would invest this money in the US economy - the reality was they did not . Growth in Gross Domestic Private Investment from 2001-2005 was amongst the lowest in recent decades - and from 2006 to 2008 was negative. 4. Neglect for his own regulatory boards - financial sector regulators saw their funding slashed by the Bush administration - and regulators complained about outright hostility from the White House to them doing their jobs. 5. Bush actively pushed the Home Ownership Society that drove the sub-prime bubble build up. That is an understandable mistake - and quite possibly well intentioned - but he then had the nerve to try and blame it on Democrats (which you evidently have fallen for - how are Dodd/Frank to blame for events that happened under a Republican congress and a Republican House and Senate? 6. Yes deficits were smaller then - but you should not be running deficits at all during an expansion. Bush inherited the largest budget surplus in history and blew it in a single year. Deficits are unavoidable during a contraction - but you are supposed to pay them off with surpluses during the expansion. Bush had the opportunity to do that but instead gave massive tax cuts for the rich to spend on investment in the emerging economies that created no jobs in the US, and in nation building and settling old scores in the middle East. Yes - he has been out of office for 4 years - but to believe that the impact of the worst economic contraction in 80 years is automatically reversed as soon as we have a new President is pretty silly.

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