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Are the TV Shows and Networks the Same in the UK As USA?

No, the Networks and the way TV companies work is totally different to the US, also there is a lost less advertising in the UK, like many countries you need a licence to watch TV but you get more, a 30 minute show on the BBC lasts 29 minutes not 21 as on US networks

Are the TV Shows and Networks the Same in the UK As USA? 1

1. Who is the hottest from the TV shows?

I've only seen The Walking Dead so Andrew Lincoln

2. TV shows you can watch online?

These are the TV show I know can be seen online. The A-Team Knight Rider The Odd Couple Adam-12 21 Jump Street Golden Girls Once Upon A Time NCIS NCIS: Los Angeles Pan Am Hawaii Five-0 Major Dad Emergency! CHiPs Family Guy Growing Pains Who's The Boss The Jetsons Blue Blood Charlie's Angles 30 Rock Kojak 227 Futurama There are sites like Comcast's own, Hulu, NBC's own on doing that and other sites known fot doing this. I do not remember which sites has which shows.

Are the TV Shows and Networks the Same in the UK As USA? 2

3. What are some good tv shows on Netflix?

friday night lights, hart of dixie, greys anatomy, one tree hill, or scandal are my favs


Grey's Anatomy!! best medical drama ever..and if ur into true blood or vamipire diaries then i would suggest u watch weeds...i love that show!!

5. is my taste in tv shows lame?

Well family guy and simpsons i agree with :0

6. What are your favorite old school tv shows?

Mine are Amen ,Alice and Mama's Family

7. Ipod tv shows won't transfer?

you have to authorize the computer you are using. you can do that to up to 5 different computers. you can do it from the menu bar in iTunes under Store. click on authorize computer, enter the name and password you used to buy the songs, then they will transfer. when they are done transferring, and your ipod is unplugged, you can deauthorize the computer if you want. but if you use the computer a lot, leave it authorized.

8. TV Shows with Female Main Protagonist?

Pretty little liars. Seems to meet your expectations however instead of one female protagonist there is a group of teens

9. Out of these TV shows, which one is your favorite???

The Suite Life

10. Looking for new TV shows?

Alias Heroes Haven (like Supernatural, it starts out seeming episodic but that changes) Orphan Black Once Upon A Time American Horror Story Luther Misfits Continuum Leverage Alphas Being Human (UK version) Buffy the Vampire Slayer The X-Files Dead Like Me Pushing Daisies

11. Good TV shows to watch?

Some series i can recommend are Smallville, Game of Thrones, Prison Break, Heroes... Smallville is about Superman in high school. The series has 10 seasons in total and the first 2 seasons are actually pretty boring. 1 villain each episode and almost no story, but when season 3 starts, true awesomeness arrives. Each episode and each season gets better and better and I do not think you would be disappointed... This is not only Lex vs Superman, but SO much more!!! Game of Thrones. Why have not you seen this one yet?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? WHY?! Seriously. 9.4 on imdb and not without good reason. This is the best written high fantasy of all times. Season 1 is a little (but only a little) slow, but only cause it is building up to season 2. Please watch this. Pleeeaaase. Prison Break is also an amazing show. You should really strongly consider it. Heroes. LOOOOOVE season 1. Not so much season 1 2 3. And you should also see Death Note. This is an japanese anime. Watched it myself a couple a weeks ago. Great english dub. Death note blew me away. I never see animes, i had never been in to animes, but Death Note is one good, intellectual, funny show with GREAT characters, maybe even the best characters ever. Please do not compare this show to Naruto or something like that. Death note episodes - 37 Imdb rating - 9 Listal rating - 8.2 My rating - 9,5. If you can see 10 episodes without being addicted, you can quit, but it is highly un likely.. Promise you, a must see!! :D Hope you decide to see any of these shows. All of them are great. Hope this helped ;)

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