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Are the Post Office (usps) Boxes Free?

are the post office (usps) boxes free?

Are the Post Office (usps) Boxes Free? 1

Free Boxes At Usps

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What is the Beverly Hills Post Office Area?

People are increasingly buying in the area for two reasons, said John Aaroe of Douglas Properties: "First, because of the Beverly Hills name, and second, because it's less expensive than Beverly Hills, which it adjoins." The BHPO has the same 90210 ZIP code as part of Beverly Hills but is just outside city limits, generally extending from a few blocks north of Sunset Boulevard to Mulholland Drive and Coldwater Canyon to Benedict Canyon Drive. (The BHPO is not to be confused with "Beverly Hills Adjacent," which is used in real estate ads for other areas skirting the city.) The Beverly Hills Post Office makes 3,000 residential deliveries in the BHPO area, 17,000 in the city, Postmaster Koula Fuller said. Realtors estimate the geographical size of the BHPO as about one-third the size of the 5-mile-square city. The Post Office area is also a hot market because it is what realtors describe as "countrified," and it has many more view properties and much more available land than Beverly Hills. "The Post Office area has become as desirable, depending on the property, as Beverly Hills," Perry said, "and it's more desirable than some parts of Bel-Air." Added Jeff Hyland of Alvarez, Hyland & Young: "I am sure there are people who prefer it (the BHPO) to Bel-Air and even Holmby (Hills), because you do not use Bel-Air or Holmby as a mailing address--you use Los Angeles. So there is a cachet or a plus to living in the Post Office." "Many people buy in the Post Office because they can not afford Beverly Hills prices," said Beverly Hills broker Mike Silverman. Added Bruce Nelson of Asher Dann & Associates: "Prices drop dramatically once you are out of Beverly Hills." "You can still buy a house in the Post Office, though it's a cantilevered tear-down, for $249,000," said Cecelia Waeschle of Merrill Lynch/Rodeo Realty. By comparison, the cheapest house in Beverly Hills is "a two-bedroom, one-bath with a one-car garage just east of the civic center at $550,000," Hyland said. The highest asking price for a house in Beverly Hills is $30 million, while the highest in the BHPO is $7.8 million, and several homes have been sold there in the last few months in the $5-million to $7-million category..........Upholstery beverly hills

Are the Post Office (usps) Boxes Free? 2

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Have a package sent to a post office instead of home?

It depends how it is being shipped. U.S.P.S will ship to your local P.O but Fedex and UPS will only ship to your house. I would call your post office and ask.

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Does the post office sell cardboard boxes for shipping?

Most of the time, Priority Mail is a few cents more than Parcel Post -- and they will GIVE you the box for it. You will probably come out cheaper with Priority Mail

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Am I pissing the Post Office off?

Nah. They are usually just kept in the back room with the rest of the packages

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Ups Package transferred to local post office question?

my package says the exact same thing. it says it was transferred to my local post office a few days ago. hopefully it comes today. i hope yours comes very soon my friend

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how do I follow up the international package I have not yet received?

1. If the item was sent thru standard air mail, you can check it in the post office. 2. If the item was sent thru a courier (like Fedex), you can check its delivery status from their website since you have the tracking number.

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What if I put the incorrect weight when weighing a parcel with Canada Post?

The receiving party might have to pay at the post office, or you will get it back. However, if you have a digital scale, there are pounds, and then the extra is measured in tenths of lbs. So, you can use that, but you have to change the tenths to ounces with a ratio of tenths to sixteenths. To make it easy to estimate, if the item is 40.9 lbs, just call it 41 lbs. An easier to post is to find out about a cheaper rate at a shipping store. I saw some people putting many items in a single box, and I think I heard about one cheap rate with a shipping company. But as you said online, use a scale, the package wo not come back if you over estimate the weight

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