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Apple Watch Not Marking SMS Or Text Messages As Read (cant Sync Properly)? Heres How to Fix the Issu

- Under You Can Receive iMessages To and Reply From, deselect your phone number. You will be asked to confirm you want to remove the number from iMessage and FaceTime. Click Remove. I did not lose any messages or experience any other irregularities on any of my devices when I did this.

Apple Watch Not Marking SMS Or Text Messages As Read (cant Sync Properly)? Heres How to Fix the Issu 1

syncing a Dropbox to a linux server?

First question would be does your hosting company actually allow you to operate a long running userland daemon? Dropbox consists of a proprietary userland daemon and an open-source client. If your hosting account can not run the daemon then it will have problems remaining in sync.The second problem arises in that the existing released Dropbox client for Linux is a module addition to Nautilus the graphical file manager. There is an API, unsure as to the stability of documentation on said API, that will allow open-source clients to be developed that can communicate with Dropbox accounts. At this time I am unaware of any that would work from a hosted shell account.Updated to say I found this mention of experimental instructions for a text-based only install which may be usable for this situation but have not tested myself.

Syncing to a Box file via CARTO

You are right. CARTO's Box connector shows a maximum of 200 files. You can check the source code here. There is a couple of fixes requested that could solve this issue: Hopefully, one of these will be addressed soon.Disclaimer: I work at CARTO

Apple Watch Not Marking SMS Or Text Messages As Read (cant Sync Properly)? Heres How to Fix the Issu 2

iPhone 5 and Syncing Issues?

Me too! My Yahoo! e mail get admission to must be very vital to me! this is extraordinary, simply by fact my iPhone4 with ios6 would not have that predicament. easiest my new iPhone5! stable adequate. Now my Yahoo! e mail seems to be working! optimistically it is going to stay working, on account that the i could like get admission to to my yahoo e mail correspondence on my iPhone continuously. in the different case, i will ought to apply one extra e mail provider which would be suited with ios6 & iPhone5.

PTP 1588 VS SyncE

When they say PTP synchronises "clocks", they mean what we usually call "time-of-day clocks" but which normally are something more like "time since epoch X", often beginning of 1970, so it also tells you absolute time. PTP is akin to NTP but more precise; which is akin to RFC 868 time protocol, which is akin to "tell me the time of day please". If your time sync is close enough, you can use it for all kinds of things. PTP does picoseconds; NTP does milliseconds; RFC 868 time protocol does about 1/10 sec; operator pressing return at the sound of the tone perhaps 1/4 sec.When they say SyncE synchronises "clocks", they mean what we would normally call a "bit clock", which often just a square wave which controls the moment of sampling the data lines. The most common one of these (to network engineers) is probably the X. 21 interface, ubiquitous on older Cisco routers, optional on modern ones, where one of the signals ("Signal Timing") is the bit clock. SyncE is a variety of ethernet with additional bit clock

It seems the world didn't end ... I need something new to pin my hopes of change on ...?

Maybe the Mayan calendar was a few day out-of-sync with our calendar. Maybe tomorrow or the next day we will feel the wax being sucked out of our ears.

How do I delete only some of the music on my iPod Touch?

Connect your iPod Touch to your computer with iTunes, and then click on the iPod Touch icon in the column on the left. Next, click the Music tab and see that you can select "Selected playlists, artists, and games" from which you can select which groups of songs you want to be synced to you ipod Touch from iTunes. This is a nice way to do it, but I prefer to select the "Entire music library" and then click the Music icon under the Library section of iTunes and then pick and choose songs that I want synced to my iPod. You do this by going into List view and by selecting or deselecting the check boxes in the left most column of the View | as List view of iTunes. Select "View" from the menu while you are looking at your Music library, and select "as List" and you will see that all of your music is checked. Uncheck the music that you do not want synced to your iPod Touch and then sync your iPod again. The songs that you uncheck will be removed from your iPod. The songs will remain in your iTunes unchanged so that if you want to add them back later, then all you have to do is select the checkbox for that song and sync. Have fun!

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