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Any Ideas of What to Wear for New Years Eve in Las Vegas...? I'm 25 Small Pettie?

It will be cold if you are staying out-door I assume you will watch the fireworks so bring a warm jacket and you will need it. Wear layers coz inside of the casinos and hotels are quite warm and you will be fine just wearing a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, etc... wear jeans and comfort shoes. If you will do the walking (I assume everybody vacate in Vegas will do the walking) do not bother to wear anything in hills coz you wo not look nice you will only look silly...anything flats will be good. just wear something nice but comfortable. you know, casual chic will be perfect!! I just got back from Vegas yesterday for the xmas holiday. It was fun!! ;) have fun in Vegas and Happy New Year!!

Any Ideas of What to Wear for New Years Eve in Las Vegas...? I'm 25 Small Pettie? 1

1. Whats wrong with my 07 saturn ion?

To be honest with you, I would look at the door lock actuators. If your having issues with the dome light & alarm going off, could have a bad actuator. Usually it is the one that is opened the most like the left front drivers door. If your handy at mechanical things, take the door panel off & unplug the lock at the LF door. See if the problem goes away

2. Is it dangerous to be a door-to-door missionary in 2018?

In a world that has become ever increasingly dangerous, being an evangelizer of God's word can have its dangerous aspect. To begin with, our message of the good news has for the most part never been popular. As this system of things draws to its end, the world will continue on a dangerous path and will target God's serveants. Jesus Christ forewarned his followers to expect persecution, (john 15:18-21) and later the apostle paul said: "in fact, all those desiring to live with godly devotion in association with Christ Jesus will also be persecuted." (2timothy 3:12)

Any Ideas of What to Wear for New Years Eve in Las Vegas...? I'm 25 Small Pettie? 2

3. How to secure a sliding patio door?

drill a small hole in the top track that goes sideways into the door so you have a hole in the track that aligns with a hole in the door. Then you can put a screw, nail or pin of some sort there. Locked. If not that because you have no channel wall, try a hinge which you bolt one side to the door and the other lines up with holes that you had to drill upward, and then use screws to hold it in (so you have to use a screwdriver to remove) I can not see it so it is just some ideas that occur in my imagination. Mind you if they are glass doors, all this is kind of useless

4. Streetka beeps at me and loses power whilst driving, lambda probe replaced but still having the same problem?

First, obviously engine problem was not fixed with O2 sensors, need to get rescanned for real problem. Would suggest taking car back to wherever you had fixed, seeing you already paid them and make them fix for free. Beeping noise could be a door switch, either door needs adjusting or switch bad, check all doors to see if shut properly also boot lid. Most cars beep with key in ignition when door is open, or not closed properly

5. I need a fuse box diagram for a 2002 sebring?

I am not specifically familiar with Sebrings. However, If there are two fuse boxes, the interior one maybe located on the left side of the dash. You have to open the drivers door to expose the box. That is where they are located on both my Ram and Neon. Good luck.

6. What's the best way to sell iron doors in U.S?

Try selling them door to door

7. do i put heat lamp and light inside my tortoise vivarian?

research how to put up that wall and door, tell dad that you will help pay for it and help do it,(show research here) then hold your breath for the outcome

8. Where to waitress in Atlanta and earn a lot of money?

I am impressed that you are willing to work toward your goals. There are always opportunities in plenty for someone who is willing to do so. Aside from the usual babysitting and yardwork, here is an idea: Go to Costco or one of those warehouse stores, and get a large pack of either candy bars or maybe chips assortments (you know, Cheetos, Doritos, Lay's, etc). Say you do the math, and each bag costs you 70 cents. After school, go door-to-door and see if you can sell them for a dollar. It's important to have that $1 price, or maybe $2, depending on what it is, because people wo not put up resistance to just a dollar. Explain that you are raising money to get to camp on your own. The best time to go is right around dinner, when people are hungry. You might even wear bells, so that previous customers might hear you coming, and come out for more. If someone says they are not interested, thank them and move on, do not try to convince them. Anyway, after you sell one box, you can judge whether the scheme is viable or not. If you move quickly, you might be able to raise a lot this way. If you live in an unsafe area, this might not work for you. I raised the equivalent of what would be $50 a day doing this when I was your age. It's hard work, and you need the discipline to keep at it every day. But do not neglect your homework in order to raise money. That's killing yourself in the long term. Also beware of internet moneymaking schemes. Lots of scams out there.

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